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Black Ice Blue Blood.

March 21, 2011
By ObssesedArtist, Whangarei, Other
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ObssesedArtist, Whangarei, Other
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"Sophie! Come back here!” I laughed as I chased after my friend through the crowded streets, and then stopped in confusion; I lost her. Suddenly out of the corner of my eye I saw a glimpse of a white skirt and I sped after it. Once I reached her, the people around us were screaming and running in all directions. “What is happening” I yelled over all the noise. Just as she opened her mouth to answer a man grabbed me by the neck and I was dragged off my feet. “Sophie!” I choked as she screamed and ran after me. “Delilah! Where are you!” she yelled as I lost sight of her. The man had a vice-like grip around my neck as he dragged me past a dead guard, to his destination. I kicked and struggled against him, but the vice remained unmovable. I swung my arm around and hit the man in his side but he just tightened his hold and kept on dragging me along. My eyes blurred as a clawed against his arm for air, and then all of the screaming died down as I lost my sight and drifted off into unconsciousness.

When I awoke I was slumped in a sitting position inside a carriage, as I opened my eyes further I received a blow to the side of my neck and I drifted back out of consciousness. When I awoke again, two men were holding me in a standing position in front of a cloaked girl. “What is it this time Tayrius?” She sighed. The man to the right of me spoke: “She is to become one of us.” He grunted. “What! This weasel of a girl is to become one of US?!” The cloaked girl shrieked. “But of course Zalien, That was Daelek’s orders, obviously you knew? Perhaps is it that you are worried that she may take a higher rank than yours!” Tayrius challenged. “What!!! No one could even dream of becoming as high of a rank than that what I am, let alone it happen!” Zalien yelled back. “Now now, we must be going. You can resolve your conflict after we are through with this one.” The man on the left interrupted. “Very well Carius.” Zalien sighed and stepped out of the way. Carius and Tayrius dragged me along while I yelled in protest. Most of the people we passed started at me in question as I did every thing I could to get out of the men’s grips. Once we entered the building I stopped yelling or fighting and just walked quietly along until we reached another man. “Daelek.” Tayrius quietly called, Daelek turned around and walked up to me, he smiled a sickly sweet smile. “Delilah I presume?” He asked as he held out his hand for me to shake. I said nothing. Daelek stood uncomfortably holding out his hand until he realized I wasn’t going to shake it. He dropped his hand. “The reason you were brought here is because we want you to become one of us.” Daelek explained.

“I have none of the skills you require” I coldly replied.

“Nonsense!’’ Daelek chortled “Tayrius has been watching you for the past week and He says you would make a good assassin.” Carius chuckled. “That was nothing.” I snapped. “Well if that was nothing I expect you know even better?” Daelek challenged. “Even if I could become one of you, I would not accept.” I retorted.

“Oh. No one said you had a choice Delilah.” Tayrius snickered.

“Show her where to get her robes.” Daelek sighed as he walked off. “Now are you going to walk or am I going to have to carry you?” Carius chuckled. I sighed and followed him into another building. I walked into the small room and locked the door. Once I was changed I walked with Carius to the blacksmith and was given some weapons. Then Carius showed me the training grounds and left me to join a group of excited people around my age. “Right today we are going to learn how to hide.” The instructor announced loudly. I knew I was an excellent hider, and if I hid close enough to the gates perhaps I could escape. “I will give you two minutes to hide. You can only hide in the training grounds.” I groaned and knew that would cancel out my chances of escaping. “The Last person found gets promoted to the next rank.” Everyone starting talking in hushed voices. “Ok your two minutes starts … now!”

Everyone scrambled in all directions. I slipped past some kids, walked to a small secluded corner, and climbed up the tower. Then I sat quietly beside a huge silver bell. The viewpoint was great as I could see over the training grounds. I spotted a few kids in pathetic hiding places. “Ok two minutes is up!” the instructor yelled, he then turned to see Daelek and Tayrius. The instructor bowed. “We are practicing hiding skills” he informed them. Daelek merely nodded as Tayrius scanned the training grounds. The instructor hobbled off to a clump of bushes and pulled out a student. He then walked around to some cargo boxes and found another two students. The instructor grinned broadly as he had managed to find every student, then Tayrius asked. “Where is the new student?” The ‘last’ student found sighed and walked off to his friends. The instructor walked around a bit more until he started to panic. Daelek had 3 other men join in the search. I sat and watched them scurry about franticly searching every corner and every surface. After an hour or so I got bored of their searching. Then Daelek walked back to the training grounds and called all the men. While they were talking I grabbed a pebble beside me at aimed at Daelek. As I threw the pebble it went off balance and smacked Daelek right in the eye. He jumped , covered his eye and swore. The 3 men looked in the direction the pebble had been thrown. “Must’ve been a bird.” One mumbled; I snickered from behind the bell. Daelek carried on swearing as he left the training grounds and went back inside. The 3 men decided to give up on the search and went to the cook’s house to get some supper. I walked back around the bell and sighed as I saw the sun sink, Hiding didn’t really sound like a good idea now... I huddled against the wall to the right of the bell and fell asleep.

As the morning rays touched my face my eyes flicked open and I stood up. The training fields were deserted. I sighed and looked at the roof of the cook house. The roof seemed quite sturdy and safe. I took a running jump and landed on the roof. Tiles starting falling off as I climbed up the roof. Once I reached the top I slowly started descending; but as my foot touched a misplaced tile I slipped and landed on my back. I slid down the roof and grabbed the gutter piping just in time. Suddenly I heard two girls walk underneath me; I held my breath and hoped they wouldn’t look up. As they walked by they started discussing where I was. “But they haven’t like found her have they?” the brunette asked. “Nah, apparently not.” The other girl snorted. “But then does that mean she gets promoted to an even higher rank?” The brunette gasped. “Not that I know of…” the girl replied. A high pitched whistle interrupted their conversation as it echoed through the base. “Looks like we’ll be training a bit earlier today…” the brunette commented. “I guess so.’ said the girl. ’Let’s go!” As they ran off I gasped for a breath of air and crawled back onto the roof. My head spun as I tried to breathe normally. After a few seconds, I leapt onto the next roof and carefully climbed over, then slid down the palm tree and landed in on the rim of a pond.

As I caught my breath a pair of hands grabbed me by the neck and dragged me backwards. I choked and struggled for air. “gotcha.” Came a voice form behind me. It was Tayrius. I stamped on his foot and kicked back in his groin. Tayrius yelped and dropped me. I scrambled to my feet and chucked him in the pond. My eye’s widened as Tayrius’ body was completely submerged by the ponds’ depth. Once his head broke the surface of the water he grabbed for my ankle to pull me in, but I jumped in time and dodged his attack. Suddenly I looked up and noticed Carius was standing on the other side of the pond, leaning against the door frame of the building, He made no attempt to help Tayrius or even catch me. Tayrius was struggling to get out of the water as the sides of the pond were covered in algae. I broke into a run and headed for the gates. “OI!” Carius yelled as he chased after me. I dodged past some horse manure and jumped over a haystack. As the gates came into view I saw a shadow leap towards me out of the corner of my eye, suddenly a wet body dog piled me to the dust. Carius pulled me from under Tayrius and locked his arm around my neck and my waist. “You!’ I gasped.’ You’re the one who-

“Stole you from the city?’ Carius guessed.’ Yes I was.”

Carius carried me to the main building as Tayrius followed glaring at me every now and again. Once we reached Daelek, Carius was midway of letting me go but then decided against it and merely placed me on my feet.

“Oh you found her.” Daelek smiled. “Yes she was by the pond and she tried to make a runner.”

Tayrius replied. Daelek looked at Tayrius and then asked: “why are your clothes soaked?”

“Because she shoved me in the pond.”

“I guess you are right when you said she was a good fighter.” Carius snickered.

“Shut. Up.” Tayrius growled.

“Ah, the joys of brotherly bonding.” Daelek chortled.

I stared at Tayrius and then looked up at Carius, although their names sounded the slightly same they looked nothing like each other. Tayrius had straight black hair, blue eyes and a darker skin tone. While Carius had loosely spiked blond hair, green eyes, was taller, and had a slightly bigger build than Tayrius. “Oh Delilah, not in that way. No, Carius and Tayrius are related in the brotherly bond of the clan. Not by their mothers.” Daelek answered my thoughts.

“Can we get back on topic..?” Tayrius sighed. “Oh yes! I almost forgot.” Daelek muttered.

“Anyway since you were the last found Delilah, As Mordecai promised, you will be promoted to a higher rank, but I would first like to know where you hid.”

Daelek smiled. I merely shook my head. “Please?” Daelek asked.

I sighed and then answered. “On the tower next to the training grounds.”

“So you threw the pebble?” Carius asked surprised.


I looked at Daelek and noticed the small bruise on his eyelid from where the pebble had hit him. “I must say you have a very good aim...” Daelek commented.

“Can we go already?” Tayrius moaned. “Yes you may leave.” Daelek muttered as Carius turned and carried me down the stairs.

“I didn’t know you were so clingy.” I muttered. “Only doing my job” Carius chuckled. Once we left the building Carius placed me on my feet again and loosened his grip. I shoved his hands off me and walked to the training grounds. As the weeks passed i concentrated hard in the classes in hope that i could higher my rank. I knew that when we all got along i felt quite content here. It was wrong but i couldn't push the thought away.

One morning i was walking past the main building when Carius came from behind me and picked me up.”Surprise!” he chuckled as he carried me into the building “put me down” i yelled as i kicked and wriggled. He merely chuckled and placed me in front of Daelek. “what do you want?” i sighed. Daelek smiled and handed me a book. I started at the black leather cover and noticed it had my name written on it in scrawled gold lettering.

“what is this?” i asked as i opened the first page to find it blank.

“This is your life reading.” Daelek replied. I flicked through the rest of the pages and noticed they were also blank. “why is it blank?” i asked.

“i do not know.” Daelek said softly. I handed him the book and he placed it on the bookshelf next to lots of other books that had golden names on their Spines.

“Would you care of telling us about you?” Daelek asked kindly.

I sighed and looked down.

“where are your parents?” Carius asked. “dead.” I whispered.

“You're an orphan?” Daelek questioned. “yes. since i was 3 i have been told that my parents were murdered the night after the king died. I was left on the streets until Sophie's mother found me, she took pity and cared for me until i turned 12 then she caught a fever and died the night supposedly after my birthday.”

“what do you man supposedly and who is Sophie?” Carius asked.

“Sophie was like a sister to me.

No one knows my exact birth date.”

As i looked up i noticed Daelek was filling the black leather bound book that had my name written on it. “Where were you born?” Daelek asked. “I do not know.”

I sighed. Daelek wrote quietly for a minute then asked me. “what was your parents names?”

“My mother's name was Maria, and My father was Nigel Jones.”

Daelek dropped my life reading as i finished saying my fathers surname. “Nigel Jones.” He repeated. I took a step back and bumped into Carius, which made me jump. “Nigel Jones.” Daelek said again. I stood still as Daelek entered a world of his own. His eyes flicked about as he stared at the ground. “What was your fathers job?” He asked after a minute of silence. “i-i don't know.'i stuttered' I was told he didn't have a job.” Daelek walked towards the bookshelf and looked at the shelf which had blue leather books on it. He pulled out a tattered looking one and opened it on the table behind him. Daelek skimmed through the book, “Father of Daryl and Nigel Jones.” he mumbled. “do you know what this means??” Daelek asked me excitedly. “no?”

“Your father was the king's son! which means your are an heir to the throne!”


Daelek sighed then chuckled.

“Would you like to go to your family?” He asked.

“wait- what??” i spluttered.

“Do you want to go home.” he asked.

I stood still, assessing my thoughts. “who killed my father.”

I asked. “Daryl i presume. He probably wanted the throne so he murdered your father in order to get it.” Daelek answered.

“Is he still alive?”

“to this very day.” Carius confirmed. “they have been looking for you, you know?” Daelek mentioned. “Should i fetch a carriage?” Daelek asked.

“no.' i answered.' I'm not going to live in a murderers house.”

Carius picked me up and hugged me. “we were worried you'd leave.' He chuckled ' You know most of us have taken a liking to your presence.”

“Except Tayrius.” i mumbled as he put me down. “actually Tayrius likes you too but he just doesn't like to show it.”

I left the building soon after and went to training. “Today we are going to practice attacking.” Mordecai announced. Once all the excited chatter died down, Mordecai greeted Daelek and Carius, who stood on the sidelines and watched. “right any volunteers?” Mordecai asked.

Every stayed silent as he scanned the crowd. “Right we'll start with the highest ranked.” he muttered as he grabbed me and pulled me to the fighting ring. Inside there was two assassins, obviously of a higher rank as their weapons were of a better quality and value. I sighed as i climbed over the railing and turned to face Mordecai. “what am i supposed to do?” i asked.

“use what you got to bring them to the ground.” He replied.

I turned to face the two eager men and knew this wasn't going to end well. The first man advanced to me as i drew out my sword. “when im through with you, you'll be begging for mercy.”

The man snickered. As soon as the man lost my eye contact i ran towards him and kicked him in the gut. He dropped his sword and fell to his knees. “who's begging for mercy now?” i smirked. Once he opened his mouth to retort my foot made contact with his jawbone. A loud snap echoed through the training grounds as the man crumpled to the ground. Suddenly i received a painful slash down my back as the second man attacked. I spun around and received another blow but this time the man hand punched me in the face. I collapsed to the ground and was kicked in the stomach as he towered over me in victory. I grabbed his ankle and yanked him off the ground. He landed next to me with a loud thud. I stood up and walked to Mordecai. “Well done student, you have fought well.' he congratulated' Perhaps you should clean yourself up.”

“im fine.” i replied. Mordecai nodded then turned to the group and asked who was next. Almost everyone shot their hand up in a split second. “Typical.” i muttered as i walked to the side.

“Delilah.” Carius called. I walked over to Daelek and Carius as the next student got into the ring. “you fought well.” Daelek praised me.

I nodded and turned to watch the next student. Daelek left soon after the student was taken out of the ring, bleeding severely. “You were amazing.' Carius commented 'I've never seen anyone fight so good.”

“uhh thanks i guess.”

“could you teach me?” he asked excitedly. “what? But you're an even higher rank than me!” i spluttered. “exactly! I need your help.' he lent over and whispered in my ear' im not an excellent fighter”

“i see.”

“so could you help me? Please?”

“I'll think about it.”

“Yesss! thank you so much!”

“ I haven't said yes.”

Carius chuckled and turned his attention to the next student who had just brought down her first opponent. “can i ask you something?” Carius asked as he turned back to me.

“umm yeah?”

“When you hid for a whole day. If you were in the tower, then why did Tayrius find you by the pond?”

“well i climbed over the cook house and the main building. Then slid down the palm tree.”

Carius stared at my wide eyed.

“what?” i asked.

“not even our Rank has learnt how to free run.” He answered


“jumping from building to building, thats free running.”


Carius then looked at my back.

“the cut is pretty bad.”

“I'll be fine.” i assured him.

“why is there bruising around it?” Carius asked.

“don't all cuts have bruises?” i asked. “yeah, but not very dark ones.” Carius noted. I sighed . “Delilah, what happened?” He asked seriously. “ i slipped on the cook house and slid down the roof, but i caught the gutter piping and climbed back up.”

Carius stared at me with his mouth gaped open. I stared at him until he regained he senses.

“you need to get you patched up”

“im fine.”

“no your not.”

“im not going.”

“You don't have a choice”

“since when did i?” I almost shouted. “Delilah, please.” Carius asked quietly. I balled my fists and gritted my teeth. “Fine.”

Carius smiled with relief and led me to their 'doctor'. As we walked in i smelt the smell of methylated spirits, Suddenly my heart raced and i started backing away. “Delilah, it's ok.” Carius assured me. I breathed deeply and tried to calm down. “what is it this time?” Asked an old man with bushy grey hair and a matching moustache. “hey Jax could you please do a patch up?”

Carius asked as he pushed me forward. Jax stared at me in confusion. “i aint' seen you here before.” he noted.

“She's new.” Carius added.

Jax replied with a “Hmph!”

and turned me around to check out my back. “What's the damage?” Carius asked.

“The cut is pretty deep. How did she get it?”

“from Jarred.” Carius sighed

“typical.' Jax scoffed' Well it looks like it'll properly heal in about a week.”

“a week!” i shrieked.

“it's fine Delilah. Calm down.” Carius said as he held my shoulders. Jax walked into another room and brought out a needle. “Since the cut is quite deep and full of dirt we are going to have to clean it.”

“No!”i gasped as i tried to back away. “It's just a needle.” Jax snorted as he wiped the tip clean.

“no i refuse-

“Delilah. you promised.” Carius interrupted. “No i didn't promise anything!”

Jax sighed. “I see you have a phobia of needles.”

I slowly backed away.

“well im gonna have to clean the wound, you know.” He replied

“I'll be fine.” I replied as i edged to the door. “No, you won't.” Jax replied. Carius slowly walked to me. “please Delilah, It wont be painful. Just a small prick, thats it.”

I shook my head as i backed away more. “Delilah.” Carius warned. Just as i was about to bolt out the door Carius grabbed my wrist and pulled me back, then pinned me to his chest. I kneed him in the groin, he groaned in pain and held his grip tighter. Jax walked behind me. As soon as i felt the needle make contact with my arm i kicked Carius in the shin and broke out of his grip. “stop.” Jax held Carius back. I held my head with both hands while everything spun, I started loosing my sight and collapsed on my knees. Jax walked forward and placed a cloth over my nose and mouth. I tried to back away but Carius was preventing me from moving. The smell overwhelmed my senses as my eyes drooped shut and i lost consciousness.

When i woke up i was staring at the ceiling. “you ok?” Jax asked as i sat up. I silently nodded as i looked around, I noticed a man lying on a similar stretcher a meter away from me. Jax followed my gaze, “He's dead.”

“oh.” I replied softly. “So why did you join us?” Jax asked while he was cleaning his knife. “i had no choice.” i sighed ,annoyed.

“Carius brought you here?” Jax asked. I nodded. “'bout time.” Jax muttered. “what?” i asked.

“nothin'” Jax sighed. I was about to reply but my head started hurting. I clutched my head and groaned. Just then Carius walked in and saw me clutching my head. “Delilah, what's wrong?” He asked. as he quickened his pace to reach me. “It's just typical anesthetic symptoms.” Jax assured as he walked up to the stretcher. I climbed off the stretcher and Jax stood in front of me. “touch my hand when it stops moving.” He instructed as he started moving his hand around in front of my face.

I touched it when i saw it stop. And then touched it again the second time. Suddenly my head felt as if it split open I gasped and fell to my knees while i was clutching my head. Jax took a step back while Carius lifted me back on my feet. “where does it hurt?”

Jax asked. I slowly unclenched one of my fists from my hair and placed it on the most painful spot. “That's close to where she got punched.” Carius noted while Jax stood silently. “hmm thats not right.” Jax commented. “What do you mean?” Carius asked. “I would have expected the pain to be in the back of her head.” Jax walked to the table and opened a bottle of tablets, He handed me two from the bottle with a glass of water. I placed them in my mouth and took a gulp of water. I handed him the glass back and he placed it on the table. “can i go?” I asked. Jax considered the thought. “i guess, as long as you have someone with you.” He said slowly. “I'll stay with her” Carius volunteered. “If anything happens then bring her back ok?” Jax told Carius.

“understood.” He replied.

As we reached the door Jax added “ Oh, and i think it would be best if you didn't do training today.”

Carius nodded then we walked out of the door and i walked to the pond.

As i sat on the rim of the pond Carius sat next to me. “have you decided?” He asked

“What?” i asked.

“about teaching me how to fight.”

“oh, uhhh i guess it would be ok.”

“Yusss!” Carius smiled.

“how good are your balancing skills?” i asked. Carius stopped smiling and thought for a bit.

“Ok stand up.” i instructed him.

He stood up and faced me. “Hold one leg out and balance on the other.” I added. Carius obeyed at stood still for a couple of seconds before almost toppling over. I chuckled “Not very good then.” I smiled. “can i try again?” Carius asked. “Go ahead.” i replied.

Carius lifted one leg up and stood still for a bit longer then lost his balance. I stood up on the ponds rim and lifted one leg up and balanced for a longer time, then i hoped of the rim at looked at Carius' shocked face and chuckled. “How do you do that?” He asked in amazement. “The trick is to look at something thats not moving.” I replied while i sat down. Carius tried again, this time staring across the pond at the palm tree. I silently watched as he beat my time. “Good.” I praised as he dropped his foot and smiled. Carius tried it on the ponds rim, and managed to beat his own time again. “How good are you at climbing?” I asked.

“Delilah' he sighed' that has nothing to do with fighting.”

I shrugged and he chuckled.

“ok what do you want me to do.?”

He asked. “Climb up that tree.” i pointed at the palm tree behind him. He managed to reach the top in two tries. “good, now do that faster.” After an hour Carius could balance for a minute and shimmy up the tree in 27 seconds. As we walked back the Jax's office, I saw Jarred. Carius followed my gaze and sighed. “Jarred is one of the most aggressive assassins we have.”

I nodded and turned into Jax's door.

“how was she?” He asked Carius.

“Just fine.” Carius smiled back.

Jax examined my back then sighed. “Delilah no monkey business ok? Or the cut will reopen.” I nodded. “I'd prefer it if you stayed the night here” He noted. Carius nodded as Jax lead me into another room. I sat on the bed and Jax left. “Are you gonna be ok?” Carius asked.

“I'll be fine.” I assured him.

Carius nodded then left. I lay on the bed slowly. It was painful to lie on my back so i turned on my side and shut my eyes.

When i woke up i got up and greeted Jax. “You should go to the changing rooms and get your robes cleaned.” he added as he saw my blood stains on the white robe. I nodded and walked outside. As i reached the changing rooms The Lady looked at me suspiciously before handing me a new set of robes.

Once i had changed i handed her my old set and left.

Carius was waiting outside. “Jax said you'd be here.” He smiled.

“Can i do training today?” I asked. Carius frowned “are you sure you're feeling ok?”he eyed me cautiously. I nodded confidently. He sighed and walked me to the training grounds and then stood on the side lines. Mordecai greeted me.

“Delilah, you weren't here yesterday, but i told the students they could have a day off today.”

“thats ok, I'd like to train today.”

I smiled. “What would you like to train on today?” He asked.

“attacking.” I replied.

“are you sure?” He asked.

“Yes, I'd like to practice a bit more.”

“very well but just tell me when you want to stop.” Mordecai added as he called Jarred and Tayrius. Once i climbed in the ring and pulled out my sword, Jarred attacked, I ducked quickly and kicked him in the stomach. He stumbled back and hit the post. I then targeted Tayrius, He dodged my first swing but not my second. He yelped as my sword sliced his side and clutched the area to prevent it from bleeding further, I hooked my foot on the other side of his leg and pulled him off his feet. Jarred ran up and tried to target my back again, I ducked his attack again and swung my sword at him, he tried to dodge it but moved his head right in the way of my attack and received a deep gash on his cheek. I punched him in the gut and shoved him to the ground. Mordecai clapped as i looked up. “well done Delilah!” He congratulated. I looked to where Carius was standing and saw Daelek standing next to him.

I wiped Tayrius' blood of my blade on the side of the post then put it away. Once i got over the post, My head started spinning. “what's wrong?” Mordecai asked.

“i-i don't feel so good.” I groaned as i collapsed to the ground. “Delilah!” Carius yelled as he ran up to me. I groaned as Mordecai ran to go fetch Jax. “Delilah, stay awake ok?” Carius told me as i clutched my side. Once Jax arrived i lifted my hands and saw they were covered in blood.

Jax sighed and told Carius to pick me up. I screamed as his hands touched my back, Carius quickly carried me to Jax's office while i my eyes blurred. Once Carius walked in Jax looked at me and fetched a needle, “No. Please.” I gasped. Jax injected me with no struggle at all as the pain had made me weak. “i-i can't feel my legs” i gasped as the pain doubled. Jax sighed and disappeared. then reappeared. “Carius, she needs to stay awake.” He told her while he disappeared again. I groaned as the numbness was replaced by pain. “Delilah.” Carius called as my eyes drooped. He gently shook me in his arms to wake me up. I opened my eyes again, but then shut them and blacked out.

My eyes fluttered open as the room came into focus. “hey sleepy i thought you'd never wake up.”

I looked up and realized i was still in Carius' arms. I yawned and looked at Carius. “are you ok? He asked.

“yeah.. i think so.”

“you took a bad fall.” He noted.

“can i get up?” i asked.

“uhh Jax said you had to lie down.” Carius replied.


“you were supposed to stay awake.” He playfully scolded

“sorry.” i smiled.

He chuckled and stroked my head. “Carius.”


“what is the real reason you brought me here?”

“What? It was Daelek's ord-

“Please tell me the truth.” I intervened. Carius sighed and continued to stroke my head.

“I can't.” He said softly. I looked away and Carius hugged me gently. “how's Tayrius?” I asked.

“what?” Carius asked.

“i cut his cheek.”

“oh that, he'll survive.” Carius replied. Jax walked in, “How is the patient? He asked Carius.

“hmm Curious and Chatty.” He chuckled. Jax sighed and pulled out another syringe. “Not another!” I moaned. “Sorry but you need it.” Jax replied.

I started Wriggling as Jax came closer, Carius clamped me down as Jax injected me in my arm, then left. “you've got some grip.”

I commented. Carius chuckled and stroked my head. My eyes stared to droop as the drugs entered my veins. I fought against the drowsiness. “Delilah, go to sleep.” Carius hushed as i opened my eyes for the third time. “I just went to sleep i don't want to sleep again.” I moaned.

“It's half past eleven.” Carius sighed. “Aren't you going to get some sleep??” I asked. Carius did not reply. “Do you sleep?” I asked. He sighed and looked away. I was about to ask him something when he placed his finger on my lips. “Ssssh.' he hushed' Go to sleep.” He then shut my eyes and stroked my head. I tried to fight off the sleep, but failed miserably.

I was standing in a dead garden of some sort, as i looked around i saw Carius lying on the grass.

“Carius.” I called as i tried to shake him awake. But his eyes remained shut. I looked up and saw Daelek, He was walking away from us. “Daelek!” i called as i ran towards him. When he turned around i realized it wasn't Daelek, but Jarred. I stopped and stared at him. He stared Curiously back. “where is Daelek.” I finally spoke.

Jarred pointed a to the right of me i turned and looked over the railing to see nothing. I turned to face Jarred but he wasn't there. Suddenly i felt a cold hand caress my cheek. I froze in fear. “He didn't have to die.” Jarred said softly.

“what do you mean?”

“Daelek didn't have to die.”

He repeated. I gasped as Jarred breathed down my neck and sent chills down my spine. “Mmmm, you smell good.” Jarred chuckled as he pressed his lips against my neck.

“what did you do to Carius?”

I asked. Jarred chuckled and placed a strand of hair behind my ear. “what did you do to him.” I asked again. “Gave him his wish.” Jarred lent down and whispered in my ear “To become immortal.”

“Carius would never want to become immortal.”

“My mistake, that was my wish. After all i am the angel.'

He chortled' Mind you i doubt he tasted as nice as what you would.”

Suddenly i heard a groan. “Carius!” i gasped. As i tried to run to him Jared held me against his chest and breathed my neck again. “where are you going?” He snickered.

“Let. Me. Go.” I growled.

Jarred sighed and let me go. I ran to Carius and bent down by his head. “Carius.” i called.

His eyes flew open as he stared at the sky. “Carius?” His eyes were a coal black. I stood up and backed away from him as he got up and stared at me. As soon as i took another step back Jarred grabbed me again. “he's not himself.” he warned me. “I want to talk to him.” I replied.

“im telling you, he won't recognize you.” Jarred sighed as he let me go. “Carius?”

Carius stood still and looked around the dead garden. “Carius are you ok?”

Carius looked back at me again. “I'm fine” he sighed.

I turned to Jarred in disbelief, “You said he wouldn't recognize me.”

“I lied.” He shrugged. I gasped as Carius' cold hands slid down my neck. Jarred tilted his head to one side as he stared at me. He then walked up to me, “hold out your hand.” He asked. “what? no!” He sighed and grabbed my hand. “You're bleeding.” I tried to pull my hand away but Jarred held it firm. “no..” I gasped as Jarred lifted my wrist to his mouth and Carius' lips edged close to my neck. Jarred chuckled and looked up at me. “this may hurt a little.” Suddenly they both bit me at the same time, i screamed in pain as the venom entered my bloodstream and stopped my heartbeat.

“Delilah!” Jax yelled at the top of his voice. My eyes flew open and i sat up. Jax sighed with relief and sank back into his chair. I took a deep breath and shuddered. “nightmare huh?” asked Jax. I nodded. “well you woke me up for sure. Boy, do you have a voice.”

“was i screaming?” i asked.

“Twice.” Jax nodded.

“what time is it?” i asked as i noticed Jax was in a blue and white vertically striped nightgown. “It's about the crack of dawn.” He yawned.

“I'm gonna stay awake.” i sighed as slipped my legs of the stretcher to stand up. “Oh no you don't. If you're gonna stay awake then you're gonna have to lie down.” Jax sternly advised me. I sighed and gently lay down. ax stood up and left while i lay still and thought about my nightmare until i fell asleep again.

bend your hand back.”

Jax instructed. As i obeyed a blade flicked out from underneath my wrist. “Those suckers wont know what hit them.” i snickered.

“You are not allowed to use it in the base grounds.” Jax warned.

“Do you mean we get to go out of here to use it?” i asked.

“You go on missions to do stuff and if you have to kill someone then i presume you are allowed to use it.” Jax muttered.

I thanked Jax and ran out of the building to Mordecai. “What is it this time Delilah?” He asked.

“I would like to learn how to use this.” I said as i showed him my newest blade. “Now that is a very good blade.” He smiled as he walked me to some dummy's. Mordecai showed me how to approach the dummy and how to use the blade in one go to attack. Afterwards i practiced until i could do it with my eyes closed. Then i thanked Mordecai and left. “Delilah” a voice called. I turned to see Tayrius walk up to me.

“Daelek would like to see me?' i guessed. Tayrius nodded. “Typical.” i sighed as i walked into the main building and up the stairs. Daelek was standing behind his Table when i entered.

“Have a rough night?” Daelek asked. “No.” i replied.

“Delilah, everyone woke up to you screaming.” Tayrius snorted.

I stared at Daelek. Suddenly i noticed his eyes, they were a dark black. My eyes narrowed as Daelek walked forward. “What happened last night?” He asked.

“I had a nightmare.”

“what kind?” He asked.

“Quite an interesting one.” i replied. “How so?” Daelek asked, curious. “Because it showed me something.”

“what is it?” Daelek asked me eagerly. “It showed me what you are.” i replied. Daelek's lips curled evilly. “Oh and what do you presume i am?” He chortled.

“An angel.”

“I thought all angels were nice?” He snickered. “No, not all.”

“I see.”

I could have sworn i saw Daelek lick his lips, just then Carius burst in. “Delilah!” He almost yelled in surprise. “What?” Daelek sighed. “Delilah, stay away from him, he's a-

“Oh she already figured that out” Daelek interrupted as he stepped forward and placed his head by my neck. “Mmmm Jarred was right. You do smell nice.” I gasped. “I didn't bother asking you more about your dream because i have the ability to see other peoples dreams.” He snickered as I froze. “Daelek, leave her alone.” Carius growled.

Daelek ignored Carius and wrapped one of his arms around me while using the other to caress my neck. “Daelek!” Carius shouted. “What?” He asked.

“Leave her alone.”

“But she smells sooo good!” He moaned as he prevented me from moving while he kissed my neck, just like Jarred did in my dream.

“Daelek, you told me to find her, because i knew you were going to change me. And the only deal i would except to being dammed to live for eternity, was that i would have someone to share it with.”

“I remember that as if it was five seconds ago.” He sighed as he moved his hand away from my neck and placed it gently on my shoulder. “Let Delilah go.” Carius repeated. Daelek considered for a second, then he grinned as he remembered something. “Daelek we made a deal.” Carius growled.

“Well perhaps you should have been more specific in the deal because i do not remember at any stage of the deal that you said i couldn't harm her; and you know that i have a very good memory.”

“No!” I gasped. As Carius leapt to grab me Daelek shoved me and sent me stumbling into Tayrius' arms. “Tayrius please escort Delilah to my office.” He said in the sweetest voice that made me want to throw up. Tayrius dragged me down the stairs as i struggled in protest.As we reached the bottom of the stairs, I reached for my sword, but it was gone. “To slow!” Tayrius chuckled. I shrugged as i jammed my hidden blade in Tayrius' arm, as i could not reach his neck, He yelled in pain as i broke free of his grip and ran to the door. As i reached it Jarred was standing in the way. “Jarred move!” Jarred simply stared and smiled. “Jarred move!! Please!!” i yelled.
“To late.” he snickered as Tayrius pulled me to the ground and broke my bottom rib. I screamed as he dragged me to the door opposite to the exit that Jarred was blocking. He opened it with ease and dragged me inside.

The room was about the size of the training grounds,The walls were replaced with book shelfs and hundreds apon thousands of books were neatly stacked in every shelf At the back of the room there was a grayish iron cage that stood behind a large marble table.. As we reached it i realized it wasn't iron but it was made of rotten skeletons. Tayrius opened it and shoved me inside. He then locked it and stood beside it. Suddenly the door flew open and Daelek and Jarred walked in then Jarred shut the door and locked it. As they came closer i noticed Daelek's robes were tattered, i guessed that Carius had fought him. Daelek walked over to a part of the bookshelf wall on my left. He was searching the bookshelf's speedily

checking over some of them twice. “I thought angels had wings.” i groaned, as my rib started to ache. Daelek froze for a second. “only heavenly angels have wings.” He answered, then continued searching. “ah hah!” he smiled as he found an green book. As he pulled it out and placed it on the table the cover fell off the table. He shrugged and kicked it away. Daelek flicked through some pages. “Tayrius open the cage.” he said quietly. Tayrius turned the key and opened the cage. Jarred walked in and picked me up, i whimpered as his hand touched my side. “you broke her rib.” Jarred noted as he placed me on the table. Daelek moved the book close to my head as he read the book silently. Suddenly the door broke open as Carius stormed in. Daelek left the book and ran towards Carius, Slamming him against the wall and sending an avalanche of books that landed ontop of him. Jarred locked the door again and Tayrius joined in the fight. I slid off the front of the table and ran up to Tayrius and aimed my blade at the side of his neck and i jumped on him, sending him crashing to the ground, just as i was about to kill him Jarred head locked me and dragged me off Tayrius. I choked as Jarred grip tightened. “Carius!” i rasped as i clawed against Jarred's arm. He grabbed my bladed wrist and loosened his grip around my neck slightly, i gasped for air and noticed Tayrius and Daelek were dragging Carius to the Skeleton cage. They shoved him in it and locked the door. Jarred placed me back on the table and Daelek picked up the book. I groaned as the pain increased. “Tayrius broke her rib?” Daelek asked. Jarred nodded as i squirmed in pain. Tayrius sighed as Carius rattled the cage. “Why are we waiting?” Tayrius asked.

“We are waiting for Zalien.” Daelek replied; Daelek then sighed and left the room. “Let her go!” Carius yelled as he rattled the cage. Jarred walked over to the cage and stared at Carius. I slid off the table the moment none of them were looking; i started running to the door. Jarred jumped over the table and raced after me. Suddenly the door opened. As Zalien walked in my body froze. Jarred walked up behind me and stood a small distance away. “Come now Zalien, we don't have all day.” Daelek sighed as he walked to the marble table. Zalien didn't move but kept eye contact with me as she shut the door. She then broke the contact by walking past. In an instant i crumbled to the floor like a rag doll. Jarred locked his arms over my arms and around my waist. He lifted me up and walked over to the table then placed me back on it. I tried to move but every part of me was limp and unmovable. I gasped as Zalien touched my broken rib. She smiled and then snapped the one above it. My screams echoed around the room. Zalien placed her finger on my mouth and leaned over. “Pouvez vous apprécier votre mort” she whispered in my ear.

“Pouvez vous en vouloir le vôtre” i spat back.

Zalien shoved me off the table. I fell part way but then was caught by Jarred. Tayrius opened the cage and Carius bursted out of the cage and jumped at Zalien. But as soon as Zalien looked at Carius, He landed on his feet and remained rigid. Jarred walked to the middle of the floor and placed me down. He then grinned and stepped on my leg. A sickening snap made my heart race and while i screamed Zalien made my body stand upright, hovering millimeters off the ground.

Tears slid down my cheek as Daelek walked up to me. He lifted his hand and wiped one away. “You know i was surprised you didn't want to leave here... I guess you now regret not taking the opportunity.” Daelek waited for a moment, perhaps considering his thoughts. “What did Zalien tell you?” He asked quietly. “Enjoy your death.” i replied.

“and what did she reply Zalien?” Daelek asked as he turned to face her. “May you resent yours.”

Daelek chuckled, he then stopped and looked at my frozen posture.

“I guess it's time.' Daelek sighed. 'Pity, you were such a nice student... But now you will be a nice snack.” I choked as the invisible grip that held me in the air tightened. Daelek stepped behind me and brushed away my short dark brown frisky hair. Zalien stepped forward and Carius followed, but remained in a rigid position. The invisible grip loosened as it was replaced by Daelek's he then lent closely and bit into my neck. A scream filled the air and ringed through my ears, Suddenly i realized that it was mine. My heart stuttered as the venom entered my bloodstream, and slowly stopped altogether. I gaped for air as my lungs froze. It was ice. Black ice that spread to my heart. It froze everything in it's way. My neck felt numb but still stinged. After what seemed to be forever, Daelek let me go. I crumpled to the floor. Daelek chuckled as my eyes started blurring in and out.

Something was pouring out of my neck. A black sticky substance that seemed to crawl slowly to each and every injury i ever had.

How could i feel so much pain if i was dead? Nothing could be better than death right now. But the ice kept on creeping slowly and painfully to my motionless heart.

Suddenly my body lurched. i gaped for air as my lungs burned. The black ice slowly reached my heart. The venom creeped under my body and entered my wound across my back. i writhed while Zalien and Daelek chuckled. Suddenly the pain doubled as my lungs filled with cold air. I found my voice and screamed. Daelek jumped as he was the closest. I shut my eyes and gasped for air faster and faster. My lungs froze from the black ice and i remained still as the ice stopped after it covered my entire heart and finished off my lungs. My hands balled into fists as i shuddered. Suddenly the floor felt so warm, too warm, but no matter how much it burned at my skin i remained cold. I shivered as it got colder. Then it stopped altogether. I lay still and unmotionless on the floor. “Is it done?” came a voice.

“I think so.” answered another.

Without warning Someone bent down to me and placed their index and middle finger on the side of my neck that wasn't bitten. “No pulse.” acknowledged a voice. It was Jarred. “What now?” asked another, whom i guess was Tayrius.

“We wait.” said Daelek.

“What have you done to her!” Carius gasped as my skin started tingling. “The thing you were to afraid of doing yourself” snapped Daelek. “I bet you never even told her you were an immortal.” Zalien sneered. “I couldn't.' Carius sighed.'how could she love a monster.”

“well now she should be able to, she's one too.” Tayrius snickered.

Carius growled.

I heard a door creak. “Daelek. The blacksmith wants to speak to you. He says its urgent.”

I felt venom trickle out of my mouth and down my chin.

“What is happening-

“Tell him i will be there in a second” Daelek snapped as he shut the door then walked back.

“Delilah.” He called.

My eyes flicked open. Everything was in such great detail. I stared at the roof in such interest as i could see every single brush stroke, every paint flake and dust mite. “Delilah.” Daelek called again. My eyes flicked to him, His irises were blood red.

I stood up and looked around the room. Carius stared at me in horror. Jarred smiled as Zalien sighed. “Delilah' Daelek called as he walked to my side.' Do you know that man?” He asked as he pointed at Carius. I stared at Carius as he begged quietly for my acknowledgment. “Where is my life reading?” i coldly replied

“Here.” Daelek chuckled as he handed me a red and black leather bound book. “Daelek your eyes, they're red.” Tayrius exclaimed.

“That is because i drank the blood of a royal. Now i have invincible strength.” He grinned.

“This is wrong” i murmured as i skimmed across the pages and read what Daelek wrote. Daelek handed me a pen and i rewrote the story on the next page.

“You changed her!” Carius yelled as he tried to writhe his way out of the grip. “To an angel, just like you.' Daelek snickered 'Wasn't that part of the agreement?”

“Daelek i don't think she's an angel.” Jarred noted suspiciously.

Daelek looked into my eyes. “They're silver!” he exclaimed.

“Which means only one thing.” Jarred said.

“She's a vampire.” finished Zalien.

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"I see said the blind man as he peed in the wind, it all comes back to me now!"

Hey! This is great! Are you going to keep going?

on Sep. 21 2012 at 8:12 am
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Wow. Just reading the summary sounded really good to me. I might take my time to actually read it. Seems like it will be a good book.

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luv u, thnks

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will do.

The second book has the same main character (Delilah)

But the rest of the books have a different main character and set of characters, they're still linked together tho.. :P

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ok, can you tell me when you get it up I would love to read it.

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If you dont stand for something
You'll fall for anything- Suckerpunch

Thank you!, this is the first book of the seiries, im currently working on the last book, hoping to get it up once im done :)

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"good things come in small packages" =)

It was really good. Once I started reading it I could not stop.