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May 9, 2021
By Mobin_salimi_1384 SILVER, Bandar Abbas, Other
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Mobin_salimi_1384 SILVER, Bandar Abbas, Other
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Favorite Quote:
"When you are afraid of something dive straight into it, because the intensity of abstaining from it is greater (worse) than what you are afraid of."
Imam Ali (PBUH); Nahjul al-balagha, hadith n.175

Author's note:

Level 5

I was sitting on a metal seat at the railway station platform, and I was not enjoying myself
because I was in the red. The air was hot and wet, seats were hard and the noise was terrible -
horns of trains and the shouts of passengers were making my headache. I was down in the
My old friend, Ali was on the coming train and he asked me to come and go sightseeing
with him. I came, because he was an old friend - though we met together once in a blue
The train was come. I heard a gun's shoot and a man fell on the aisle of the train. I pushed
through the crowd to the train and went in. I saw a young man.
I shouted to a white collar worker to telephone for an ambulance. The blood seemed to be
coming from his back, blow his right shoulder. By the time the ambulance men arrived to
take him to hospital, his breathing had stopped.
It was two hours later. Amount number of blue boys had come from the city police to
question the witness to the murder. I told them my parts in the events.
There were lots of blue and white out of the station. Ali was waiting for me in the parking
lot. He looked blue. "Can we talk?" He said.
"After I drink coffee in my house"
We went back together to my apartment, and I had a bath. When I joined him in the living
room with two cups of coffee, he was listening to the radio.
"Who was the dead man?" He said.
"Mr.Rafiee, from the DMV; did you know him?"
"No. Do the police know why he was shot?"
"Not yet. Why is this important to you, Ali?"
"Oh, no special reason" he looked very anxious. Actually I wasn't with him.
"Ali, do you know who did the shooting? At first you were in wagon No.4. Then the staff
changed the passenger's seats, and nobody knew who was in which wagon. I think they are
shooting at you not Mr.Rafiee. Who wants to kill you?
"No one!" He screamed blue murder. He was silent for a few minutes. Then he said:"sorry.
It was just such a shock. I'll try to control myself."
At midnight, I left him in the living room and went to bed. I have been burning with a low
blue flame all night until I went to sleep; because he didn’t tell me anything.
The telephone woke me at 5.30 a.m. a male voice asked for Ali. "I don't know who you're
talking about," I said.
"If you don't want to wake him, give him this message. He was lucky yesterday. We want
his money by twelve O'clock, or he won't be so lucky a second time." I heard the sound of the telephone being put down. Ali had heard the red flag, and now he
was running away. It was a mystery to me what the man talked about and why Ali ran away.
At noon, the telephone was rung. It was Ali. "I'm in the pink. Don't worry about me."
I called a friend in a police department and gave Ali's number to him to find his address. He
cut through all the red tapes and gave me the address. I thought that call was a green light to
me; and I didn’t want to waste my golden opportunity. So I went there.
Everything ran like clockwork. Ali was in our old gym; that was for 10 years prior. He was
sitting on a chair by the wall, looking at the floor. I joined him.
"Mobin!" He said frightened. "If you are alone, I have to talk to you."
"Ok, I listen."
"I don't like to red herring. Well, I was born to the purple and I was blue eyed boy in my
family. I'm in black right now. And also I have a jealous cousin. He is green with envy."
"Hey! Stop! At our first meeting, you said that you were born in a poor family. Are you
trying to brown me off?"
"I know. That just was a white lie. But now I'm whiter than white. I was in hot water."
"Ok, don't whitewash. Continue!"
"Well, My cousin is a black sheep in my family. He is drug-trafficking. He sells drugs in
black market; and in black and white he wants my money."
After some more talk with Ali, I had some reasonable grounds for arresting Ali's cousin. So
I called the police and let them know about everything.
After all, everything was looking up and Ali gave me some money for solving his problem.
Now I was in black.

Soon after I helped Ali to solve his problem. I got a mount of money from Ali and after that
I was in the black. I'm a detective, a private detective and that's my bread and butter.
I bought a big house with a big garden for my reunions. I bought it for peanuts.
At first, I separated the wheat from the chaff; then I moved in.
There, I met my neighbor. He was a peach and he was the salt of earth in one sight. He said
that house was a lemon.
"You can fix that house by yourself, that's a piece of cake; but that is a fishy house and
something unusual were occurred in it." He said.
"Your words are full of beans. Don't try to teach your grandmother to suck eggs." I said it
to myself quietly.
At night, I was at home. The garden was dark because the lights were broken. And there
was nobody in the sentry box. I made my bed then I went to the toilet.
In the toilet, when I was washing my hand, I saw a man behind myself but when I turned,
there was nobody. I went bananas. That left a sour taste in my mouth. So I went to the garden
to change my mind.
I was drinking my coffee in the garden. Main door was opened out of the blue. I didn’t
know beans about the history of that house. I was in a pickle. A tree was fired in the garden
out of a clear blue sky. Now I felt yellow.
I went to the garden. In the middle of the garden, near the sentry box, I saw a dead body.
He was the watchman. He was lying in a large pool of blood. It appeared that he had been
killed by a knife through the heart.
I went to the guard room. There was not much to see in the room. The big cupboard
contained his clothes and some cheap shoes. On the table beside the bed were a lamp,a clock
and a book.
"Hey Mobin! I came from Ahmad and I want to cream you."
"Who are you talking about?" I said. "When it rains it pours. Why did you come to my
house?" I was in the jam.
"Ahmed is my boss who sent him to Graybar hotel."
"Ok, ok; don't give me that applesauce, you, potato head. Go to the point or go fry an egg."
Then I called the police very quietly.
"I heard you are the greatest thing since sliced bread. But I come hell or high water, because
you are going to die. And an hour later, you will have gone to hell."
"Don't butter up myself, you, apple polisher." I have been talking with him until the salt and
peppers have come. Now I got out of the jam.
In a nutshell, I believed that old saying, you can catch more flies with honey than with

At 6 o'clock on a Mordad afternoon, I was drinking my coffee after I took a forty winks.
The phone was rang, like a bolt out of the blue. Someone was saying something bad to me.
He was Bardia, my old classmate for 20 years prior. He was a number cruncher.
I wanted to kill him because he killed my best friend 5 years ago. On second thought, I
really wanted to kill him.
So, I started to made preparations for my first murder. I knew murdering people is
dangerous because I'm a detective.
First, I invited Bardia to my house as a friend reunion.
I didn't want to kill him by the numbers. Then I put two and two together; so, I turned from
the window; and began to run water into the bath.
I had also put up the little shelf over the bath Wichita held their bottles and creams and a
small blow dryer. It was a cheap one, and it was as black as ace of spades. But it was old and
I turned it on now. Then I went out of the bath. The controls for all electricity in the house
were inside a cupboard in the kitchen. I opened the door carefully and pulled up the handle
which turned off the electricity. (As you know I'm a detective; I wore gloves, so that I
wouldn't leave fingerprints.)
Back in the bathroom; still using the gloves, I put blow dryer in the bath, at the end of the
bath, of course, you could still see it. It looked as if it had fallen off the shelf by accident.
"Oh Bardia, come on, I'm on seventh heaven to see you and I feel like a million dollars.
I opened the little bottle, and poured the liquid into the bath. I turned on water again, and in
a moment the bath was full of bubbles, smelling strongly of roses. They covered the blow
dryer completely.
"Hey Bardia, sorry man. I was preparing to have a bath and sadly I had blue balls a few
minutes ago."
"Ok,no problem. Also I take a bath nine times out of ten."
"That makes two of us."
"Are you alone?"
"Yes I live lonely."
"Well, what's your bread and butter?"
"I'm a detective but that isn't a nine to five job. You know, I have a sixth sense to my job.
I'm second to none."
"You?detective? Pull the other one. Stop saying these applesauce. You need to be brought
down a peg or two."
"Don't forget that, two can play at that game." I said it to myself.
"Mobin! Can I have a bath? The weather is hot."
"Sure, why not. Go there." And I showed him the bathroom. He went in and locked the door, as I expected. I walked slowly to the electricity box.
My hand, covered with the glove, was on the control.
"One,two,. . .three." I said, and I pulled the handle down. A small explosion from the
electric point in the bathroom told me that the electricity had gone off. Then everything was
After a time I went and knocked on the bathroom door.
There was no answer, no sound, nothing.
Now I had to prepare the second stage. After an hour I let the police know.
The police said that was accidently and I wasn't guilty.
Now, I was like a dog with two tails. I was on cloud nine.

After my first murder I tried to come back to my simple life, in fact my dog's life.
My office in town was being painted, so I worked at home that next week. On Friday
morning there was a knock at the door. I opened it. At first sight I thought the watchman was
alive again, and standing on my doorstep. But then I realized that this was a man in his forties
with a fattish face.
"I'm your watchman's father." He said.
"Please come in. I'm so sorry about what happened."
He couldn't speak at first, then the word came slowly "my son was shot." He began to cry.
When he was calmer I asked, "what do the police say about it?"
"That isn't important. Why was he in your house instead of on holiday?"
"Do you know more information?"
"Before he came to your house, his friend had called him. And they had been talking about
a girl. Actually, as far as I know, my son was a lone wolf and a cold fish. His friend was
Parsa. He was as quiet as a mouse too. You are a private detective - I want you to find out
who's reasonable for his death."
"Police here are very good at their job. I'm sure they're doing everything possible."
"I'm not so sure. I have butterflies in my stomach. I can't go home until I know someone
here is looking into this. Please."
I said I would do it. After all, I already had a strong interest in the case.
After a day, I found Parsa, the boy who had called my watchman.
"A little bird told me, you know something. How long did you know my watchman? "
"About a year, I just met him during reunions."
"Did he have a girlfriend?"
"He went out with lots of girls."
"But no one special?"
He shook his head, not looking at me.
I tried again. "We can talk until the cows come home. He is said to have enemies. I
expected he told you about them?"
"No, he didn’t. We aren't close. He went his way and I went mine. I just know he was really
a bookworm and he worked like a dog."
"Parsa, you are really pigheaded. People get murdered for a reason. There was something
going on. I smell a rat. Let's talk turkey. I would like to be a fly on the wall. Can't you help
"Ok, that was Hasan; he wanted to find him. That looks as if Hasan gave him a large
amount of money."
So, I got Hasan's picture from Parsa. One day, I was driving in a street, I saw Hassan on a yellow Ford out of the blue. He sped
past me, and I chased after it. He was a chicken.
He turned off the road onto the rough ground beside it to pass the slow-moving traffic. I
followed him. He was watching me in his driving mirror. Perhaps that was why he didn't see
the workmen and their heavy vehicle right in front of him - not until it was too late. He was
as blind as a bat.
He ran straight into the vehicle, with a crash that made my blood turn cold, as I brought my
Toyota to a safe stop.
Everything went to dogs. Hassan died at the exact spot where he had killed his first victim;
and now he was dead.
It's a good template for my probably next murder. I'm a dark horse as I am a copycat at all.

After that day, I wanted to meet my friend in the police department. I visited him once in a
blue moon. I was over the moon because Hassan had died.
When I went to his room, he was dead to the world. He was down to earth and really
hard-working but nothing to write home about.
"How is it going man?"
"It's a mystery to me, where is Hassan?"
"Hassan?! He had gone to hell!"
"No, he was alive when ambulance men came; and they took him to hospital. But he went
away from hospital the next day."
"As he killed my watchman, I want to find him."
"You are taking your life in your hands. You are making a mountain out of a molehill; don't
flog a dead horse."
"It isn't a matter of life and death. I do that until the cows come home.
So, I prepared the ground to find Hassan.
I found Hassan in a hotel. Hotel got in on the ground floor; and the hotel gained the ground.
When I went to the hotel; there were oceans of passengers. I get an en suite. That was up to
snuff and satisfactory. They didn't go downhill though hotels are thick on the ground in this
Hassan was working in the garden as a tourist guide. There were two staff in the garden, as
well as Hassan. And there was another man, small, with black hair, who walked around
watching people, to make sure they didn't damage anything.
So one night, I went in half an hour before the garden closed, with a sharp pocket-knife in
my pocket. I hid myself in the shadow and listened to men as they got ready to leave except
Hassan, because he slept in the garden.
When I heard the door shut and the key turn in the lock, I waited for a moment in the
beautiful silence. Then I went to Hassan's room to kill him but he wasn't there. That was the
top of the iceberg.
I tried to get out. But both the front and the back door were locked, and there were no keys
anywhere. I was up to creek. I used the toilet, and I went to sleep on a chair.
I woke up early, and had another look around.
When the garden opened at 8.30, I was hiding behind a tree. Members of the public began
to come in, but I waited until 9 o'clock before I felt it was safe to join them. I left, without a
goal. So my plan bit the dust. I was sick as a parrot.
Two nights later, I went to the garden at ten p.m. and bought a ticket. Ticket was dirt cheap.
I bought it for peanuts.
As the visitors went out, I sat in a dark corner near Hassan's room. I would kill the man
first. When the man walked past me, I stepped forward and put my arm around his neck.
He made only a small sound. I pressed his neck with my hands until his body fell to the floor. Then I pulled him to the
dark corner.
Then I went to Hassan. The job was more difficult, because Hassan fought hard, but I
managed to knock his head against the wall.
They all seemed to be dead. Blood was pouring from the heads of two men.
Then Hassan moved a little. I opened the pocket-knife and pushed it into his neck four
I buried the man in the garden and carried Hassan to the toilet and put him in. God, he
looked funny.
At last it was done. I smiled. I was out of the woods. Then I realized that every part of my
body was tired. Now that I had the keys I could get out, go to my suite, and sleep well in bed.
I wanted to be ready to enjoy tomorrow. I was the cat whisker.

I woke up after that night. I was thrilled to bits. Now I was sure Hassan had died, so I went
sightseeing in that city. That evening, I went to a flophouse near the green belt. I wanted to
stop over that flophouse.
There were 6 buildings in the flophouse: a big main building and five other room's.
When I got out of the taxi, it was absolutely pouring down and that was clear to me because
the sky was a bit overcast. I heard the wolf howling and I feel something strange in my bones.
At that time, a minibus came to the quad. There were 12 students with their teacher. I heard
the apple of the teacher's eyes was her cousin. You see, blood is thicker than water.
I went to room No.5. The boss had the room cleaned. After an hour I looked for something
because I want to do something by kicking. I found two cables behind the TV.
At first, I connected Antenna but it didn't have any programs. So I connected the HDMI
cable to the TV. An alert was shown up that "CCTV is being shared." I clicked on number 1.
I was being seen in room No.1. It was empty. Room No.2 was empty as well as room No.1.
Room No.3 was being cleaned by some stranger. When I clicked on room No.4, lights were
being turned on and off. I heard a sound from the speaker on TV. When one of the girls opens
the door. By the time, the killer killed one of the girls with an ax. And the other girl was
black and blue.
The electricity had gone, out of the blue; but TV was still on. It was shown:"we all will die
here!" I was as white as a sheet.
I knew if I escaped from the front door, he would kill me. Sadly, the signal was weak and I
couldn't call the police. I wanted to escape from the bathroom. But it had been locked. That
was a bitter pill to swallow, I was between the devil and the deep blue sea.
So, I ran from the main door. I was walking toward my van; suddenly I saw the killer. He
was like the Joker. I was in shock. When the killer started to walk, I ran to the house.
I saw he was walking toward the room slowly by the window. At first, he threw a stone to
the window then he knocked the door. He wanted to brown me off. After 5 minutes, there
was no sound, nothing.
Suddenly he started to break the door with his ax. I was sick and tired but I had to escape
and I had to use my gray matter. At the same time, I went to the bathroom to break the
window too.
I twisted my ankle because everywhere was as black as coal. But I escaped from room
No.5. Then, I found some thick woods and ran toward room No.4. I broke into it. Killer
followed me and also there was somebody else walking behind me. I definitely knew that I
was being followed.
I jumped to room No.4 and I locked the window because if I had locked the window
correctly, it wouldn't have been opened easily.
I ran to the quad's door but it was closed. You know, the situation was serious. Something
had to be done before it got too late. I went to the main apartment quietly. There was nothing on the first floor except some
chairs and a desk.
I went to the second floor. It was too dark. So, I turned the light on. Music started to play
and the toys were moved. It seemed like toys were made by human's skin. Actually it was an
indoor amusement park. I looked yellow, the music made my headache.
I hid behind one of the systems. I was like the white on rice. I wish I didn't come here.
When I found a telephone and a phone jack, I called the police. I would have gone from
there sooner if I'd had a strong signal. I waited there until salt and peppers came and the blue
boys arrested the killer. Now I gave the killer a taste of his own medicine.

I went to my house after that night. I started to do something because I didn't have any
projects by that time. I planted vegetables in the yard; and I bought one sheep to keep grass
short. And those made me bushed. I snowed under with the work. There was only one thing that was a pain in my neck. My neighbor, that potato head. He
always got me hot under the collar. You know, I'm head and shoulders above him. That
helped me to keep my shirt on. When I cleaned my shed, I found a door. There was a cellar in my house but I didn't even
know about it. That was on the shelf. I found an old paper. It was written on it: "throw the
grapevine, go to the creek. You could find treasure!" It meant the treasure was exactly under
my neighbor's house. I put that under my hat. I had to find that, come rain or shine.
So, I broke the ice. I called up my neighbor; and invited him to my house for dinner;
although he was breaking up.
He came. He dressed to kill. "I don't sell my house." He said. "I have had it for 30 years. I
can't understand why you want it?"
"Don't beat around the bush, you are killing time. I'd just like to make my house bigger." I
said. "And I think you will agree with that. The price I offer isn't bad - 3,200,000,000 Toman
for about 80 meters. You won't get such a good offer again in your lifetime. You have your
head in the clouds if you want more."
"Ok, but give me some deposits. I would buy a house with it when I get a mortgage too."
He said.
"Thank a million, you know, I've been left holding the baby." I said.
After two days, I weathered the storm but he shifted his ground out of the blue. I lost my
shirt. I had to call it a day. I want that house, come rain or shine.
I called him up again. He arrived alone. In fact, he was strolling.
I acted quickly. I had my heavy gun ready, what I saved for a rainy day. And as soon as my
neighbor was inside the door; I charged and I hit him on the head several times with the end
of the gun until my neighbor was dead. I was up a tree.
Then I put one arm around his body, and pulled him to the garden. In the nick of time, I
buried him there.
When I done my murder, it looked almost the same as before. As I went back to the house,
I turned around many times to admire my work.
I had solved the problem of what to do with the body.
Then I went there but I found nothing there. That just was a trick. Someone pulled my leg.
That was the last straw. I might need to go on a trip and turn over a new leaf.

I've Had A Few Adventures In My Life. 2 years ago, some of my friends and I went to a
mountain to find some medicinal plants. At last we arrived to the mountain peak. We had
been driving for an hour. It wasn't raining when we went there. The sun was shining. But it
had been raining. So the ground was wet and there was a rainbow. It had breathtaking views.
In fact, I was very thrilled to see that Universe. Some of my friends stayed near the cars and
made a camping area. But my friend, Mahdi and I went to the valley because after the valley
there was a meadow and we could pick up some medicinal plants. We just had a knife, a
lantern, and a canteen. We were talking and laughing together since Mahdi got silent. He
said: we were lost! Yeah we were in a strange place. The situation was bad, but it could have
been worse. We had some items that could help us to survive. At first we found the north
direction by using astronomy and by looking up at the big dipper, a famous part of the
constellation Ursa Major. So that Mahdi asked me: what shall we do? Shall we walk to the
north direction? and I answered him: we might as well. I don't want to wait here.
So we started walking. After some walking, we saw a house and went to it. It was a nice
house, with a big garden. Inside, there were eight rooms, but all the windows were broken.
And also the toilet was stopped up. You know it was really disgusting and I felt nauseous.
Soon after the sun went down, the rain came again. I sat near the window of the living-room,
watched the rain and thought about my friends and my unclear future. Mahdi came and sat
next to me and put his head on his legs, looking sad. The Room was dark behind me and the
only noise was the noise of the rain driving down out of the night sky.
Suddenly, the door was knocked. I asked Mahdi to bring the lantern and I went to the door;
but when the light came, there was nobody there. When I turned, I thought I saw a face
looking in through one of the windows from the garden. It disappeared quickly.
So we went through the living-room and I went back to my chair and my thoughts by the
window, not very happy about the face at the window, the strange visitor in the rain. At
eleven O'clock Mahdi said he was tired. I was tired too, So we got up to go to bed.
The rain started and stopped again all night. I slept very lightly and I had bad dreams. In
my half-sleep I dreamt that somebody was calling me in the night, asking me to help him.
Then I woke up, cold with fear, and found there was nobody there. I slept again but woke up
suddenly when I thought I heard the sound of someone crying. I ran through to Mahdi's room,
thinking he was ill or that he wanted my help, but he laughed at my fears and told me to go
back to bed. I didn't sleep again after that.
Mahdi came into the room, out of the blue! He said he knew there was something very
strange about this house, and he wanted to know what it is. Suddenly he stopped talking, his
eyes on the corner of the room, above the empty bookshelf. `well, look at that!` he said quietly. I turned and looked up. There was a small door. I
carried the lantern across to the corner of the room where the door was, watching it carefully
all the time. Mahdi took the knife and climbed up on the chair. He pushed open the small
door and put his head and arms through. He had the knife in one hand to hit everything.
I heard Mahdi say: I can see nothing … Hello! What's this? There's something up here …;
and I saw him pushing at something with his hand. Suddenly, Mahdi climbed quickly off the
chair and stood next to me.
"I think" Mahdi said slowly "it was a man; a dead man. And this piece of paper was next to
him". It was written on it: "if someone comes to this house. He or she will be frightening and
after reading this paper you will have gone to hell! Yeah you, the reader of this text".
Then Mahdi said: "it's ridiculous. It's rainy out here too. Let's go to sleep in another room".
All other room's doors were locked except room No.4. I followed Mahdi up to the room. I
was afraid when he opened the door.
Fortunately, everything was very nice inside and there were two beds in that. But then I
saw two pictures near the bed, and the same cold fear came back. One picture was of a
woman, old and with white hair, as I often saw in horror movies. The other picture was of a
man, his face was ill and angry. I looked at the picture of the woman for a long time - she had
dangerous eyes and they followed me round the room. And also the pictures had two golden
frames. And Mahdi wanted to carry them out and sell them.
But when we tried to carry it out, it was very, very heavy. We couldn't carry it. We put it
down on the floor. We tried again to move the picture. I didn't want to look at the woman's
face as we moved her picture through the door, but her eyes were more dangerous than
before, her mouth was blood-red and the picture was heavier and heavier. We left the picture
outside the door of the room.
At about 3 O'clock, I went to bed. I was tired and I thought I was ready to sleep. Without
those pictures in the room, I was happier and I didn’t think about her dangerous smile or that
dead man. I closed my eyes and slept.
I woke up suddenly; I don't know what time it was. The Room was very dark and for a
minute I didn’t know where I was. Then, with sudden fear, I remembered. A light came on
and I saw a woman, I recognized her, she was the woman in the picture. I saw dangerous
eyes, the blood-red mouth, the smile …. She put a cold hand on my neck and spoke.
"So, you are here in my room! And you didn't pay attention to my notice. Yes, I waited and
waited for you, then I stopped waiting, but at last you came. I'm going to have a good dinner
… I'm thirsty … I'm hungry … I'm happy that you came, after all this time…"
Again she put her cold hand on my neck, and then her face came slowly down and her teeth
started to cut into me … I was too weak to move. her mouth was leaking. It was not Saliva, it
was blood. But suddenly I knew I had to get away quickly. I hit her hard in the face and at
the same time I jumped out of bed and ran toward the window and I jumped down from the
second floor.In spite of the escape, my leg was broken and Mahdi sprained his ankle and got
some bad injuries. Out of the blue I saw a tent faraway near a creek. In that, there was a Park
Ranger and he helped us. Then I asked him about that house and he answered us in horror: "eight or nine years ago a
woman died in that room in that house where you stayed. Five times the government tried to
destroy that house … but each time somebody saw the dead woman's ghost at night, with
blood on her mouth and a dangerous smile. Then we knew that she killed people and drank
their blood. The government didn’t want to try to destroy that house any more, so I buried her
dead body under a tree in the house's garden. There she stays, waiting quietly, sometimes for
many years. But people say she visits young men in the meadow, and she brings them here. I
think you know what happens to them when they arrive…".
In conclusion, although it was scary, we got some useful adventures and you can't get my
feelings unless you try it. Try new experiences and come out from that dog's life.

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