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Young Blood: Ominous

October 20, 2018
By supreme-btch, Jakarta, Other
supreme-btch, Jakarta, Other
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Stormy nights can bring things unexpected-but never as unexpected as best friends who have broken apart since an untimely, mysterious death in the quaint, provincial town of Wolfwater in New Jersey.

Victoria and Spencer were just on their way to Spencer's Nonna when they meet ex-best-friend Alice dumped and crying in the middle of the road; Wesley's car breaks down in the middle of nowhere, requiring the assistance of the mechanic Nicholas.

All their problems and disputes are thrown aside as easily as snapping a finger when their lives are turned and shaken by a car accident--and an old, Victorian estate, home to the late Moonsons. An estate hunted by brave mobs and feared by common melees.

As they juggle their personal problems, more alarming ones surface. Spencer goes missing, Alice learns that her mother may have kept more secrets than she knew, and it is up to the other three to figure out why more people end up dead in the mansion, in addition to the many that is already dead.

Little do they know, they have chosen the wrong option when they braced themselves to venture beyond the polished walls of the Moonson estate.

Ethan H.

Young Blood: Ominous

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