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The Afterlife of Beck Lovett

April 10, 2012
By SpringAhead GOLD, Phoenixville, Pennsylvania
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Author's note: This is the second book in my series the afterlife, so I hope you afterlife fans enjoy it very much! :) ps. If you are first looking at this book, you can find the first and be less confused by clicking on my screen name, and finding the novel The Afterlife of Faylene Harps)

The author's comments:
Are new relationships forming?

Beck walked down the narrow infirmary hallway to Wolf’s office. He remembered being there so many times. The many times Fay had gotten injured, he had gotten injured, and where Fay’s mother lay now. He vowed to himself he wouldn’t let it happen again, even though he knew he couldn’t protect her from everything. She was a bridge, so it’s not like she was a delicate flower. She’d been getting excellent training from the bridges that lived there, including him. She was smart and strong, and could protect herself if need be. Hell, she could always protect herself, and yet . . .

“Beck, I’m glad you came so quickly.” Wolf said, standing from behind his desk as Beck entered. Wolf looked older than ever. Beck noticed that he needed his cane to stand from his chair now. Something he never needed before. It scared him for times to come.

“I guess I was just curious to see what you wanted.” Beck replied, refusing to look at only Wolf’s eyes-his grayish yellow eyes that were unmistakable his own. Beck knew no one else with eyes like Wolf’s. It was his secret trademark.

“Sit child.” Wolf said, so together they both sat-Beck on the couch facing Wolf’s desk, while Wolf sat slowly back in his desk chair. A moment of silence past between them, then Wolf spoke up. “So how are Fay, and Colt’s training sessions going?”

“Great!” Beck exclaimed, glad to be talking about something good. He thought he would have brought up something completely different. “They’re both picking up the material on demons with amazing speed, you wouldn’t believe it Wolf!”

“That’s great, I’m really happy for you beck . . .” Wolf said, wearing a smile that looked like it took some effort. There was something else on his mind, and Beck had a pretty good idea about what it was.

“You found out about the link, didn’t you?” Beck asked. Wolf looked away, and when he looked back his eyes were full of sadness.

“I don’t believe you when you say the link is broken Beck. Links just don’t hold fast one day then break in a fraction of a second. The only way a link could dissipate that quickly is if you have love at first sight for someone else, but even then it takes the link to the other person to dissipate. Why are you lying to the others?”

“Because I can’t protect her Wolf,” Beck said looking away from him. When he looked back his eyes were full of strain. “She’s a bridge, so it’s not like she’s not going to see some action, fighting and bloodshed. I wish so badly I could shield her from that all because of the way I feel. I just figure if I tell the others my link to Fay is gone then maybe I’ll start believing it too. . .”

“But you can’t just deny it Beck. It will only haunt you more and more.” Wolf replied gentle.
“But because of us she suffers more!” Beck said, his voice rising. “Every single day she has to put up with training, and then has her mother in the infirmary to deal with! I can see the pain in her face Wolf! I just wish I could take it all away, but I can’t!”

“Her mother’s case is very unfortunate, but . . .” Wolf started, however Beck cut him off.

“Unfortunate! It was because of our carelessness that her possessed body was able to wander around the streets, be left dumped in an alley by whatever the hell possessed her in the first place, and still lay half-dead in a coma!” Beck shouted.
“And we still don’t know why that thing that possessed her mom led Fay to death! That’s the most frustrating part! That thing that possessed Fay’s mom was supposed to be a demon but it took Fay straight into Death’s un-feeling hands! This is the thing I’m talking about Wolf! I can’t protect Fay from everything, and as each day goes by she gets closer and closer to death!” Wolf sighed, and breathed in deeply. He knew how the boy felt. He knew what it was like to care for a girl who was constantly in danger. However sympathy wasn’t what Beck needed, it was answers, and gratification.

“Look, how’s about this? I’ll allow you to accompany Fay on every mission she does for the bridges here. I can’t promise the same if she gets sent to the Golden Gate . . .”

“They want her at the Golden Gate?!” Beck exclaimed.

“Yes.” Wolf admitted. “They believe, along with Hunter Cold, and Death that she knows the Enigma of the Ages, and want to question her for it. Along with that, they want to train her more expertly because they believe her capabilities are beyond those of a normal bridge.”

“I can’t believe this.” Beck breathed out, not wanting Wolf to hear the utter despair in his voice. “How come you never bothered to tell anyone?”

“It was mentioned to me in passing, but I don’t know for sure.” Wolf said. “And if I were you I would want to keep it on the down low or you’ll regret it.”

“Are you threatening me?” Beck asked, now not even bothering to hide his disbelief.

“No, I’m warning you. If you let it slip that Fay might be leaving for California you will get more then threats from the Golden Gate.” Wolf said coldly. At that Beck stood, and left the room. He couldn’t take it anymore, and he didn’t want Wolf to see him crying. He had to stay strong for Fay’s sake rather than his own. Besides, all the others believed that his link was broken. Little did either of them know that Lina, who was now out of breath from running to catch the elevator, had listened to every word of their conversation.

~ ~ ~ ~

Colt was given a room on the floor below the infirmary hallway. Fay’s mom needed the room more than he did, so he was happy to give it up for her. Overall Colt was happy. He was living in this new place, the hideout, with these people called the bridges. Basically awesome earthbound angelic-like ninjas who brought “lost souls” from their grave sites to heaven, along the way kicking some serious demon butt. To him it was a new adventure waiting to happen.

Colt strode down the long hotel-like hallway to his room. His mind was uneasy, and his thoughts were hurried. He was just visiting Fay’s mom with Fay were she burst into tears again. Colt felt so sorry. His parents were safe and happy, thinking Colt got a four year scholarship to some fancy boarding school that offers summer programs. He imagined his own mother in that bed, looking dead, and being unresponsive. He had never felt more empathetic.
Colt got to his door, and was about to open it, when there was a huge flash of light, and none other than the girl he had only heard about Torrin Bonds stood in front of him. Even though Colt had lived at the hideout for a month he had still never come face to face with Torrin. He heard she was the devil’s spawn from most however to him she looked like something delicate with a tough shell on. She appeared at the door next to his, Beck’s room, using the method of transportation only known to bridges called flashes. Colt had just learned about it from Wolf the other day.

“Hey! You scared me!” Colt said indignantly, rubbing his eyes, and blinking repeatedly. They were watering, and giving him white patches here and there. Torrin looked at him, and was surprised to find that the Colt Brenner she had heard about was exactly how her dad, Wolf had described it to her. He was tall, strong, with Golden blond hair, and ocean blue eyes that looked deep and beautiful as they sparkled in the light.

“Uh, sorry, didn’t mean to do that. Not used to flash yet newbie?” she asked.

“Apparently not . . .” Colt replied, still rubbing his eyes. As they began to clear he was able to get a good look at her. She had shagged, and layered black hair with streaked of bright red going through it. Her ears were pierced a few times over, and he could swear there was the slightest hint of a tattoo under the shoulder of her long sleeve t-shirt. She was pale, lanky, and tall, but not as tall as he was. He could look straight into her dark hawk eyes. Even through all that Colt found something interestingly
attractive about her. She was different.

“Newbies,” Torrin said rolling her eyes, while turning away to knock on Beck’s door.

“Hey! Stop calling me a newbie! I’ve been living here for a month!” Colt piped up defensively. She turned back to him and smiled ever so slightly.

“What are you going to do about it?” Torrin asked. Colt had no trouble coming up with a smooth flirtatious answer.

“Well I would challenge you to a fight, but you’re a girl so . . .” Colt said, looking away.

“Excuse me! I happen to be the best d*mn fighter this stupid hideout’s got!” Torrin snapped back, walking over to him, and getting in his face. He smirked at her over confidence. She was close to him now. She could feel his warm energy flowing through him. She felt herself drawn to him in a way so different then she was drawn to Beck. It felt more real, and hot. Most of all she felt above all else she wasn’t on a one way street anymore.

“Prove it,” Colt said, looking down at her completely fascinated by her. She leaned into him, as if she was going to kiss him, and he fell for it. He leaned back, and at that final moment she kicked out and luckily slamming his stomach. He fell to the floor, clutching it, while laughing at himself for being a moron. He looked up at her, as if to say what the h*ll!?

“You said prove it. I hope you learned your lesson newbie.” She replied, winking at him, and walking back down the hall. For some reason she lost the impetus to talk to Beck Lovett, and felt a new impetus to talk to Colt Brenner. Most of all when attempting to reach into the mind of Beck Lovett, she found a brick wall blocking her path. At that moment she felt free and as high flying as an eagle. She started to sprint down the hall to the elevator, letting her senses and emotions take off into something new. Colt just stared after her, bemused, yet smirking all at the same time.

The author's comments:
You see a different side to Beck in this chapter. A side that was revealed slightly in the last book, and more so in this one.

The darkness cradled every nook and cranny of Morris Cemetary, Skipton. It was the kind of darkness that you felt defenseless in. It seemed to not only take away your sense of sight, but your hearing, and smell too. The only thing that seemed to work was your sense of feeling. It was on high alert, telling you something was lurking around every corner. However that was only because of fear and nothing ever good came from fear.

These were the things Fay reasoned with as she crept low to the ground on the cemetery, drawing closer to the woods that formed the perimeter of the cemetery. It’s not like she wasn’t scared, the difference was letting it show. Besides, she, Beck Lovett, and Colt Brenner were on their fourth mission together. Their objective-to take a five year old girl to the haven before the werewolf holding her prisoner takes her kicking and screaming to the abyss.

As you know Fay’s had her experience with the haven, the abyss, death, and Hunter Cold. It had only been three months since Beck had rescued her from the paradox, and she had already gone on almost four whole missions. She knew what she was against, and she was ready.

“Well bridges, I expected you to come but I didn’t expect your recruits to be so in-experienced. I thought I would be worth someone with a little more fight in them . . .” a deep man’s voice called across the silent graveyard. His voice seemed to bounce off the tombstones, rattling in Fay’s ears again. He could sense they were there, inexperienced, but he didn’t know who they were. She could feel it. By then she had ducked behind a large tree. Crouching, she peered around the corner into the darkness. There was nothing.

After beck rescued Fay from the paradox Wolf determined it wasn’t safe for her to live in her normal home anymore. On top of that her mother, who disappeared after the fight with death in the counselor’s office, was found beaten senseless, and in a coma in the alley behind The Afterlife. She was lying in what was once Colt’s bed in the infirmary hallway in the hideout. Now, she and Colt Brenner were living at the hideout with the others, training together. Colt was sat down one day a few days after Beck rescued Fay from the paradox and was told everything. To Fay’s surprise he took it pretty well. From there he was confirmed a bridge by a simple blood test, and then put on Fay’s side to train to become a bridge. Colt’s parents were convinced that he was at boarding school on scholarship while everyone else thought Fay, and her mom had moved. At least, that’s what Beck had tricked them into believing.

In her training Fay learned Bridges have certain special abilities that make them above the average human. First off, bridges have the ability to reach into the minds of humans, and mess with them. Not for their own amusement, or to confuse them, but for their own safety. Most bridges were more physically fit then the average human. They were more street smart, and could think on their feet quicker. Next there was the light transportation, or what the bridges call flashes. It was the angelic way of transporting yourself from one place to another in a matter of seconds. Then there was something called the feather effect, which was when a bridge becomes as light as a feather yet stays completely whole as a person. This keeps them from falling to their deaths, drowning, and gives them a great fighting advantage. Lastly there’s the one thing that always puts them above the humans-it’s that bridges are less prone to original sin then humans. This is because they are closer to the divine and that with less temptation they are more focused on their mission instead of turning away from it and joining Hunter Cold in the abyss.

So far Fay has learned to use the feather effect, and how to flash. She’s miles past Colt whose still struggling with both. She’s also learned to use her athletic ability for her instead of against her. Right now, both were helping Fay in a great many ways. The one thing’s she’s learned on missions was to trust her leader, and wait for a signal. If you couldn’t see anything, you wait for the one who could.

“Beck Lovett and a new apprentice? Seriously? This is the best Wolf has for me? You’ve got to be kidding!” the voice laughed, shouting into the night again. This time Fay didn’t wait for a signal from Beck. She advanced forward a little more and ducked behind another tree.

In the distance she was a light, and shadows charging and smashing at each other. Fay took this as her cue to creep closer.

As she got within ten feet of the scene she saw in an instant. The werewolf was holding Colt by the throat while Beck charged at him with his wooden silver. The Wolf snarled, and dropped Colt, dodging the sword. Worst of all, the girl was nowhere on sight.
Fay stared at Beck from behind the tree, drawing her sword out of its holder. It came to life, ready to strike. She stared at Beck, hoping he would notice her. Out of the corner of his eye he saw her silhouette, and smiled ever so slightly, not enough for the werewolf to notice. His back was to Fay so when he transformed from a half man into a full wolf Fay was spared the gory parts. All she saw was the puddle of blood fall to the ground as the werewolf ran at Beck. Werewolf demons only take a few seconds to transform, but it’s so gory it’s almost impossible to watch.

Beck slashed at the wolf with his sword forcing it to stop and fall back. He slashed again and again, drawing it closer to Fay. Her heart raced, as she stepped from the tree, and raised her sword to strike at it. With one final strike from Beck it was close enough. In that in instant she ran out of her hiding place, and slashed down on the wolf. In a bloodcurdling scream, and billowing dust that followed the werewolf was banished to the abyss were it belonged.

Beck and Fay locked eyes and smiled at each other. They both relaxed, breathing sighs of relief. Colt came to and sat up, looking at Fay and Beck, wondering if it was over. His confused look sent both Beck and Fay into fits of silent laughter.

~ ~ ~ ~

“I gotta say guys, that one was pretty scary.” Colt said, walking in the middle of Fay, and Beck through the woods and back to the cemetery.

“Come on, man up!” Beck encouraged, while draining Colt’s ego all the while. “Last week you fought a vampire demon and won! I think they’re way scarier then Werewolf demons.”

“You’re both wrong, shadow demons are the worst! You can’t pin them down!” Fay argued. Beck and Colt just laughed, nodding in agreement.

Another thing Colt and Fay learned about in their training were demons. Beck was the one who actually taught them the four different types of demons, Werewolf, Vampire, shadow, and guardian. Werewolf and Vampire were pretty obvious to Fay and Colt who both enjoyed sci-fi books about then, knowing that it was all true was the hard part. Beck mainly focused on shadow demons. Shadow demons were the shadows of lost souls who were beyond all help, because Hunter Colt had converted them over to demons already. The difference between them and most demons was that they weren’t of Hunter Cold’s own creation and spawned from the world rather than from the abyss. That made them especially effective against bridges. The other type Beck taught then about was guardian demons, specially designed demons that Hunter Cold molded himself, rare and powerful.

“Have either of you seen the girl yet?” Beck asked, as they came to the graveyard. Both Colt and Fay shook their heads, as they squinted their eyes to find the girl.

“She was freed from the demon the moment Fay killed him, and she’s a five-year-old girl so she can’t have wandered too far out of the graveyard.” Colt said.

“Let’s split up and look for her grave. Maybe she thinks she needs to guard her body like most young lost souls do.” Fay suggested.

“Good idea.” Colt agreed. Together the two of them walked from the edge of the woods and into the graveyard, leaving beck behind. He quickly walked to catch up, walking in a different direction then Fay and Colt, not wanting them to split up in the first place.

Beck kept walking, scanning each tombstone for the name of the girl, Susie Norriston. She was the prized possession of her parents, and would probably have a grandly decorated tombstone. Why cancer strikes the ones so young is a mystery to me, Beck wondered as he walked on.

He came to a large tombstone, and found her name next to him. As he walked up to it he saw her. She was standing beside it, looking innocent, and scared. Fay was right, Beck thought again. She is guarding her grave.

“He said he hurt me through my body.” The little girl whispered.

“I won’t let him get near my body. I’ll protect it, for my parents . . .”

“He can’t hurt you through your body Susie, no one can. It’s not part of you anymore. He’s gone anyway, he can’t hurt you anymore.” Beck said gentle.

“Did you send him to the abyss?” Susie asked. “He said it was a happy place where everyone wants to go. He said he comes from there and he really wanted to go back, but he couldn’t go back without me because that’s what his daddy wanted. He said he’d do whatever he could to get there, even hurt me . . .”

“Susie,” Beck whispered pretending to place his hand gentle on her cheek. She felt his warm energy but he could only feel pain. However he grinned and bore it for the little girl. In the distance Fay watched him, hearing every word he said. It echoed across the yard.

“He lied to you. The abyss is a cold and dark place where no one wants to go. He comes from there because he’s evil. He wanted to make you evil too, but you’re not evil Susie. You could never be evil.” Beck replied.

“Why? Why would he try to turn me evil then?” Susie cried. “Why would he try and hurt me?”

“Ssshhhh.” Beck said gentle, kneeling down to her. “He’s a bad man, but he’s not as smart as you and I. He doesn’t know the things we know. His daddy doesn’t tell him these things because he doesn’t know either. They think they can take advantage of people like you and me. It’s how they are.”

“Why doesn’t anybody tell them? Why can’t they leave us alone?” Susie asked, her eyes filling with white, vapor-like tears.

“No one tells them because that’s how the world is. If things were to change, and the bad were to become good there would be no place for me to exist and take you home. You would never be able to find the way to the place you’re supposed to go.” Beck explained. Susie looked utterly confused.

“Where am I supposed to go? Why? Is it like the abyss?” She asked, in a very genuinely worried tone. Beck smiled.

“No. It’s a place so sweet it’ll fill you with joy. It’s so light and bright sometimes you can hardly see. You can never be sad there or bad because it’s so great you’ll never ever want to be those things.” Beck said.

“I’m scared.” Susie replied, tears welling in the back of her eyes. Beck offered her a hug and she came into him, touching his skin, searing him into agony. However he grinned and bore it. She began to cry her white tears into him, each one filling him in more and more pain. He tried too hard to comfort her, making comforting sounds as she cried into him, stroking her hair.

“Now Susie, I need you to come with me okay? I need to take you to the place you need to go now.” Beck said gentle. Susie pulled away from him, and nodded, smiling. Beck stood, and looked at Fay, who was watching from a distance. She nodded at him and called for Colt who was standing a little farther off.

The author's comments:
Evilness face off. I have to say I especially enjoyed writing this part of the book. :)

The darkness of the abyss failed to please Hunter Cold very much anymore. It swirled around, in anger, releasing new demons into the world, yet still stayed perfectly cold. That familiarity bored him. He gentle pressed a cool rag to his burns “the one” had given him only a few weeks earlier. They were healing, but the process was slow, touching a holy like that was serious business. At least he wasn’t fully banished to the abyss. If that were the case he would have an uprising on his hands.

“Hunter!” an all too familiar voice rasped. Through the darkness wisps of shadows came through like a cloud breaking through another. A hooded figure came through the darkness, a scythe wrapped in what looks like an arm at his right. His presence in the abyss radiated off of him and into the darkness around himself, it looked as though it were weakening him.

“What do you want?” the hunter snapped back, knowing full well the betrayal of his once close ally.

“I want to know why you sent demons to undermine my authority!” the hooded figure shouted, his voice rasping as he spoke. The voice itself was neither man, nor woman’s voice, rather something in-between, always shifting between the two.

“Oh can it!” The hunter replied.
“I didn’t complain when you almost killed Faylene Harps, now did I. You had one of my own betray me for your cause, and you didn’t hear a single peep out of me!”

“That’s because I have power over you, power that you and your wretched little minions will never know, or even dream of possessing. I could kill you if I wanted. If my orders changed . . .” the hooded figure’s voice whispered in reply. At this the hunter screamed bloody murder.

“YOU HAVE NO POWER HERE DEATH! In this place I AM IN CONTROL!” the hunter bellowed. At the moment the hunter stepped off of his throne of darkness, and approached the hooded figure. The figure itself was much taller than the hunter and could easily look down on him if it had eyes. However the hunter was not afraid. The figure wrapped its long arms, around its scythe, and readied it, in case the hunter attacked.

“I will no longer keep watch over your domain while you search for that insignificant little girl.” Death said calmly. “You are on your own from now on. I have my own matters to attend to . . .” He tried to turn and walk off, lowering his scythe, however the as soon as he did the hunter was on him, using his powers over the darkness to grab him by the middle, and spin him around.

“We had a deal death! I learn the enigma of the ages, and we both share the glory! Have you forgotten so quickly?” the hunter snapped at him.

“No, I have not forgotten.” Death replied coldly. “However this glory is no longer in my category of absolute need. My position itself is alone a glory. People are dying right now, and I still have my control. I do not need glory . . .”

“Then what do you need?” the hunter asked. “I can give you anything in the world your heart desires!”

“CAN YOU GIVE ME LOVE HUNTER!?” death bellowed, knocking the hunter backwards, forcing him to release his grip on death. When the hunter did not reply, only looking at death with pleading eyes, death just scoffed at him.
“You are nothing but a thing of pity. You do not even control the place you supposedly own. The place itself has a mind of its own, having its own greedy desires, and temptations just like the evil you are. Look at this place! At this very moment it is trying to draw my power away and use it, like I am just some pawn! Like my power could be transferred to your ever spawning demons, Ha!” The hunter breathed deeply, trying to control his anger. He knew the loophole out of this he just didn’t want to play it.

“Well then how about this then,” the hunter said, beginning to pace by his throne as he spoke. “In the agreement we created you pledged to watch over my domain while I do my work in the search for the enigma of the ages. I was generous to offer you something in return . . . However in that agreement you are forcible bonded here by the powers of hell while I search, did you know that death?” Death’s darkness shrouded face gave away no emotion, but underneath he was stunned. “And now in the end you will get nothing.” The hunter added in.

“No, that is not possible. Hell has no control over me!” Death shouted back angrily.

“You are still able to attend to your own needs my dear friend however some form of your presence still must remain here while I search. If I leave some form of you is drawn here by force, and that is not a command, it’s a fact.” The hunter replied, grinning darkly to himself. He knew he had won this battle. Death was angry, but he refused to show it any longer. If he played his cards right, he could get out of this situation.

“I am too weak right now . . .” the hunter continued, still evilly grinning, ear to ear. “But when I am ready and able I will be on the hunt for Faylene Harps again, which means you will be stuck right here, in some shape or form.” However something else made death smile as well, looking just as sneaky as the hunter did.

“Not if I kill her first my dear friend . . .” at this the hunter’s face fell. The tide had just turned, the hunter knowing full well it was against him.

The author's comments:
Long Chapter title, short Chapter. I think you'll be finding a lot of them in this book . . .

As the haven’s light dimmed then lit up again, like the firey glimmer of a newly polished diamond, Fay Beck, and Colt knew Susie was safe in the light. They looked at each other, smiling for the hard day’s work they had accomplished. They all had changed out of their Bridge gear now, and back in their normal clothes again.

“Well gang, I would stay and chat but I am beat. I’m getting some Advil for my throat and then going to bed.” Colt said, yawning. He slowly walked out, stretching and groaning in soreness as he went. Fay just smirked and went to follow him, however Beck caught her arm. She whirled around to face him. They were so close now. Fay awkwardly took a step back, chuckling, while Beck reluctantly did the same.

“I got you something.” Beck said bluntly. Fay gave him a happily surprised/confused look.

“Well this is random. Why?’ Fay asked.

“Just because,” Beck said smiling as he backed away towards the cabinet in the corner with all the bridge gear in it. He turned around and opened it, pulling out a wrapped present, about as big and as wide as a calendar. He handed it to her.

“I can’t believe you got me a present, this is really random.” Fay said again, while gentle tearing at the paper. Beck waited in anticipation for the scream. The other day they were talking about The Beatles. They both had agreed that they were the most amazing rock band ever, and had agreed on the best song, Let It Be.

“Uh . . . Beck?” Fay asked, pulling out a calendar with male models slapped across the cover. However it was old, and almost gritty to the touch.

“Look closer.” He said encouragingly. When Fay looked a second time she screamed, louder than she ever would have seeing a lost soul.

“A John Lennon autograph!? Beck! How did you do this? Why are you giving me this? Why not keep it?” Fay asked, in complete disbelief.

“It was my dad’s girlfriend’s. They went to a Beatles concert and got that signed along with an original Let It Be single, but that’s before she left him, and he became a drug addict . . .” Beck said, the last part ending in barely a whisper.

“Wait what?” Fay asked, wanting to know what he said. She heard the depressed tone in his voice as he spoke. Beck tried to hide it but it didn’t work.

“Nothing, just go enjoy your gift. Try not to stare at those male models too much.” Beck replied.

“Not until you tell me what you said, and what you meant by it.” Fay said, refusing to take no for an answer. Beck sighed, and sat against the cold metal table in the lab. He remembered it too well, and hated it so much. He didn’t want to go back to it, but for Fay he would do anything. Seeing the pained expression, Fay spoke.

“Look, you don’t have to tell me your family drama if you don’t want to.” Fay said, walking towards him. She gentle placed a hand on his arm. “But if you want to talk I’m here to listen.” He looked into her eyes with admiration, and thanks.

“Thanks.” He said, smiling.

“You’re welcome.” Fay mumbled, finding herself lost in his eyes again. However this time she found he was lost in her eyes as well. There was something about Beck Lovett that was different about the other boys she’s met. He was special.

At the last second she pulled away, take her arm away from Beck, and walking away towards the door. To Beck it felt as though the polar opposite side to the magnet that he was walking away from him and he couldn’t draw her back. He wanted to follow her, and be there for her. He wanted to be her everything, and nothing.

“You know sometimes I wish I had a link to your mind Beck Lovett,” Fay called out, from the doorway. She had stopped, and turned back to him.

“Why?” Beck asked.

“Because your emotions are so hard to read, I wish I could dig them out of you whether you like them or not.” She replied, smiling at him as she walked away down the hall. He stared after him complete disbelief. She had never put him in that position before. Usually it was him who did the smooth talking, and had the rebel attitude. This time she had him smiling to himself not only because of the pure irony of the situation, but in confusion and yet in happiness. . .

If that wasn’t a hint of interest he didn’t know what was.

The author's comments:
Plot twist :)

Lina stepped out of the darkness and into the streetlight’s glow. She walked along the main road of Skipton, alone. Her heart thundered in her chest, almost in the beat of a bass guitar. She knew he was coming, yet she still wondered if he would ever show up. All she wanted was to get this over with. Another month’s worth of stolen holy water and betrayed secrets out of the way.

“I’m here!” Lina shouted out into the street. No human was around to hear her shouts. All the bridges were safe in the hideout. “I have it! You can come out now! I’d actually like to go home and sleep for a little while!”

“You have no home, my dear girl,” a deep gurgling voice whispered, as a shadow of a man, as black as night stepped out into the light. He ran up to Lina, being right in front of her in an instant, staring her down. Lina did not back off, instead holding up the glass bottle of the precious water. He snatched it from her grasp, opened the bottle, and poured a drop onto his skin. As soon as the water touched his skin it made a loud hissing sound. He grabbed his hand in agony, yet smiled at the sight.

“That’s right girl, but that’s only half your deal. Tell me the latest bridge news.” He said, rasping. Lina stared back at his snow white face and long sharp fangs for a second, in pure hatred. This was the worst part of their visit, the deal. It always brought her back to the memories of her life before the bridges. When Jonathan Lochrie, Lina’s father, was still a mortal, and her mother, Katrina Lochrie, was still alive. That was also before Jonathan killed her, and almost did the same to Lina. . .

“Beck, Colt, and Fay saved a five year old girl the other day.” Lina starts.

“Aw, how sweet . . .” her father replied sarcastically. “And insignificant! Come on stupid girl! You know what kind of information I want!” As he said this he grabbed Lina’s shirt threateningly and stared her down, baring his fangs as he did so. This reminded her of just only four years ago, when he did the same thing, only then he was holding a knife, bent on murder. However in the last second Wolf flashed in, and attacked her father, hurting him to almost the point of death. At the last second, he whisked Lina away to the hideout in Skipton were she was kept safe ever since. That is, until her father found her again.

“They . . .they . . .they . . .”Lina stuttered unable to let herself give up the information she heard on the elevator, going up to face her demon of a father.

“WHAT IS IT!?” he shouted, right in her face. Lina felt a huge wave of his rancid breath pass over her, while his loud vampire demon yell, making her shudder down to her very core.

“The golden gate,” Lina whispered, tears coming to her eyes. “Want Fay to come to California.”

“Why?” Jonathan snapped, dropping Lina to the ground as he did so. He was asking himself just as much as he was asking Lina.

“I don’t know,” Lina answered, acting truly unsure of what was going on. However she knew that if she mentioned in the slightest way that Fay might know the most powerful secret in human history, Fay was done for, and so were the bridges in Skipton.

“It cannot possible be for training, Wolf is one of the most capable trainers in the bridges,” Jonathan muttered to himself. He began to pace back and forth in the street, one side to the other. “She must have something they desire or vice versa, something valuable.”

“Fay’s mother is still in the infirmary,” Lina chimed in, although she wasn’t quite sure why. Jonathan stopped and turned to her. His eyes were inquisitive, yet fierce. He quickly came to Lina, and picked her up again, his long jagged nails piercing the veins on the inside of her arm. She gasped, wondering whether she would also become a vampire demon.

“Relax stupid girl! You only transform if I bite you! You are not worthy of that . . .” he snapped at her. She breathed a small sigh of relief however this only made Jonathan angrier. He snapped at her arm, drawing her close. Instead of feeling the warmth from his body she only felt the cold undead air around him. There was neither rhythmic heartbeat to fall in time with, nor any love as he held her close. Not like any normal father should.

“You listen to me very carefully girl,” he whispered in her ear. Each breath of his was like an icy chill of northwestern air following down into the cool pacific. “Play your cards right, and make them trust you like you always have. Pay close attention to Fay though. Watch her every move like a hawk, and report every single detail to me next month. Do you understand?” Lina nodded, but only slightly. With that, he threw her angrily down onto the hard pavement, and took off into the night. However, his voice still rang in her ear, as if he was right there still, whispering in her ear. “Remember girl, one false move, and you and your precious bridges are dead. I am watching you.” Lina didn’t dare move for a few minutes afterword.

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