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Death's Companion Chronicles of Blake Hunter

December 25, 2011
By L.A.Hashi BRONZE, burnsville, Minnesota
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L.A.Hashi BRONZE, Burnsville, Minnesota
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Favorite Quote:
"You see things; and you say, 'Why?' But I dream things that never were; and I say, 'Why not?'”

Author's note: This a vampire thriller,romance, and mystery.

The author's comments:
This is a rough draft, so if there's any errors my bad.

Death's Companion
Chronicles of Blake Hunter

“WHAT THE HELL BLAKE! GET OUT YOU FREAK” she shouted while grabbing a pillow and throwing it at my head. My infuriating roommate and her booty calls thighs were intertwined while her hair was entangles, like a birds nest. His skinny body was on top of hers and her arms were around his waist pushing him on. The bed sheets half covered their naked bodies as they froze from their passion filled activities to stare in shock and embarrassment at me. Well at least he was embarrassed unlike my roommate who smirked at me like she couldn’t careless who caught her. What a Whore, I thought.
“Don’t Blake me; this is my room too which doesn’t include Jack, Derek, Jacob and your latest conquest” I said, pointing at the current man between her legs. My roommate Tara pushed her lover aside, not bothering to cover her naked body with bed sheets and stood in front of me, naked as a blue jay.
“How I spend my time is none of your business wither it’s in class, in the library pouring over books like you or in the arms of a passionate man”, She smirked at me like she knew something I didn’t, “Why are you jealous, I bet your just green with envy”. I laughed so hard I was sure I was heard in every dorm in our floor. As I fell over from my hysterical laughter her face became crimson as she shook with angry. Her comment entertained me which fueled her anger and I was enjoying it immensely, so I laughed harder.
“I know you’re a whore, but I had no idea you were delusional. There is no reason for me to be jealous of that and do you know what you are Tara,” I looked at her expectingly, but when she didn’t answer me, so I continued, “ A cheap whore who disserves to be working on a street corner doing what you do best unsteady of going to this fine university.” She came closer to me and I braced myself for impact, but when she didn’t slash out I smirked and went to get my joking gear. When I came back with my black tights, black tank, black snickers, my iPod and my water bottle I confronted her again with a more serious tone.
“When I come back he better be gone and the next time you bring a guy into our dorm I will personally go to the dean to report him and all the other guys. And if that doesn’t get you expelled it sure as hell will get you kicked out of our dorm” I said while I plugged in my earplugs. She bit her lip and dug her nails into her palm to stop herself from arguing because we both knew what the consequences were if I did go to the dean and if she was smart she would keep her mouth shut. Satisfied with her silent agreement, I left our dorm to go on my routine jog.
I cut through Lindsey Hall. Once through the university gates, I veered toward Mystic Park, then stop dead. I stretched on a bench while thinking about my predicament. I was an orphan, so I spent most of my childhood in foster homes. During those dark times I never got anything, so I had to work hard for everything. I worked hard to graduate with honors and for months I prepared for my ACT’s, so that I could receive scholarships. I finally made it and I got a b**** for a roommate. While I studied she would play music loudly and when I asked her politely to turn it down she would do the opposite. We spent months fighting tooth and nail, but I had enough. I knew her kind; never work hard for anything while the rest of the world crippled themselves for every penny they earned. I scanned my surroundings, more careful this time; I tilted my head to listen. I took something out from my pocket, I carefully looked around again then I held out the small cylinder I removed from my pocket and pressed a button. A blade shot out. A nod of satisfaction, and I snapped it shut again, cupped it in my palm, walked to the head of the trail, and took off. Adele’s rolling in the deep fueled my speed, but I suddenly heard a snap. I stopped dead, so fast I stumbled. I held my switch blade out and squinted to see in the near-darkness, my gaze traveled both sides of the path search for the sources that made that sound. I cocked my head to listen, but I sighed softly when I heard nothing and shook my head to clear it. I should probably go back now, I thought. After I put away my blade I turned back around and head toward my dorm. After a couple of minutes I heard it again, SNAP. I stopped and turned around toward the sound with my switch blade out. Before my mind could comprehend it something tore the blade from my hands. What the hell, I search the shadows while my heart was beating a mile a minute. This time I saw a blur as it throw me against a tree. I fell limp to the ground. Agonizing pain shot through my body as my back and head got the full impact. Oh God, what was that? Not wanting to find out I pulled myself from the ground and tried to make a run for it. I didn’t reach two feet before something grabbed me and pushed me against a tree. It was a man with eerie red eyes with long teeth who painfully held my hands down while lifting me from the ground. What the hell! Are those fangs I thought, but sure enough four inch long fangs poked out from his lips. He pushed my neck to the side before whispering something disturbing in my ear.
“Do you want to be death’s companion” he whispered in my ear while nibbling on my neck. Before I could answer I felt his fangs pierce my juggler, I cried out from the pain. Before everything went dark I fought with my eyelids as they flutter close, but there was no use.

Chapter Two
I opened my eyes to a pitch dark room. I was on a cold table and from what I could make out I was surrounded by machines. I gasped when I turned to my left; a saw faced me and was two inches from my eye. I gulped as I accessed my surroundings; the room seemed straight of a Texas chainsaw massacre. There was a surgical table beside me that had needles and surgical knives on top of it. I was strapped down to the table, but that wasn't going to stop me. I tried to get out of the strapping’s by swing my body from right to left, I bet my lip as the straps dug into my wrists and ankles.
I sighed in frustration as what seemed like hours, but may have been mere minutes passed by and I was still stuck in this room strapped down on a table waiting for a serial killer to torture me. I would have screamed, but like a dungeon this place was probably sound proof. Oh God, no one would look for me- no one would miss me. I was an orphan, so no family and I was socially awkward which equaled no friends. The university would probably think I baled because the stress became too much,
Thanks to Tara my heifer of a roommate. I smirked to myself, she would probably cry as she told the dean lies. I bet she's relieved to know that I would never tell on her; well there was no way in hell I was going to let that happen which fueled my fight to survive. I started to bite on my straps, but when I didn't tear it a little I groaned in frustration. I held my breath when I heard footsteps and talking. I let out the breath I was holding after I realized it was coming from up stairs.
"You have to let her go Jack, before he comes home. You know he doesn't allow us to hunt anymore" a woman hissed.
"I know, but he'll never find out...come on Ava aren't you tired of living this half life. Remember the Victorian age, the mortals were offering themselves to us on the streets like vending machines. I'm tired of denying my thirst...let us feed it for just one night. Imagine her blood red as wine the warmth of it as it squirts in our mouth...the fear as our fangs sink into her lovely skin the feel of her beating heart which was like a humming bird... the glazed look she would give us as we drained her" a man countered.

" Mmm,the fear.I haven't drake from a freshly hunted human in a very long time" My heart was beating right out of my chest as I listen to them. Oh God, their cannibals and they're going to eat me for dinner. Pools of tears formed in my eyes as I finally comprehend that I was going to die, soon. NO! I screamed in my head-fight. My irrational mind only knew one thing at this moment-to get out at whatever cost. I froze when they came into the room. She has long curly brown hair which made her dark green eyes more mesmerizing. She was at least five foot seven with muscular built and soft delicate features. Her long straight nose complemented her aristocratic background. Her soft light pink luscious lips curved into a smile when she glimpsed me. Her smile unnerved me because it was so cold and unfeeling. But my attention was on him, the more dangerous of the two. He was unearthly handsome, yet his cold sadistic expression brought up red flags in my mind. I turned toward her when she came near me; she licked her lips as she inhaled my scent. Oh S***, she's hungry-I wonder if she'll fry me up or bake me, I thought. I shook my head to clear my thoughts and try to plan for my escape, even though my chances were slim to none now. I'll distract them and try to get them to untie by acting weak or unconscious then I'll attack. Yeah that sounds good, I thought.

"No it isn't a good plan Blake.You see we could take off your straps, but you'll never make it to that door. We're faster than you and stronger. Do you know why Blake Hunter" she whispered in my ear while licking my neck causing me
to shiver. Oh my God she just read my mind. They must have given me something because there was no way humanly possible for her to read my mind. I know it's ridicules for me to deny it, but my rational mind wasn't willing to believe the impossible. They couldn't be? It wasn't possible for them to be...
"Vampires" Ava whispered while I shook my head in disbelieve.
When she started to massage my neck while staring at my vein hungrily I moved away from her. Denial was strange human emotion because I still couldn't accept that she could read my mind. No human can do the things I say them do I knew that much, but vampire mind readers-impossible.
"You're right there is no way humanly possible for me to read your mind,but who said we were humans" she laughed at my shock expression. Great lunatics who thought they were vampires kidnapped me and on top of that their freaking cannibals-just my luck.It was easier for me to accept that they were just

"Were not cannibals where Vampires and I'm famished" the creepy man said while stalking toward me. I watch in horror as their fangs popped out of their gums. She pulled my face to look into her eyes.
She smiled at me sadistically before sinking her fangs into my vein. Ah! I screamed in my mind as I felt this burning pain which started form were she bit me. I fought by trying to pull my neck away from her, but she just dug her long nails into my arm, I cried out in pain as she sucked deeply.
After a short time he joined her. He ripped my leggings on my left led. He pulled up my thigh and held my gaze before biting me hard. I screamed until I was hoarse, but they never relented. I welcomed the dark numb abyss as my eyes fluttered closed. If I close my eyes and let go then I won't wake up to them because I had a feeling they weren't done with me. I lost the will to live when the pain became unbearable, so I tried embraced the chance to leave one way or another-then I heard his voice.
"What are you doing" he yelled. I closed my eyes as it became hard to stay conscious. I heard hissing, growling, snarling and a cry a pain before I felt his warm hand on my cheek. My eyes flutter opened to meet his dark blue eyes. His black curly hair was like a halo. His smile warmed my heart until it flutter to another level of existence.

"My guardian Angel" I croaked, he put his finger on my mouth to stop me from speaking. When I opened my eyes again I was on a bed and he was sitting next to me.

"Am I dead" I asked. He didn't respond at first, he just pulled my bangs behind my ear.

"No you aren't died, but Blake you have to go back to sleep" he said soothingly as he gently rubbed my arm.

"I'm afraid I won't wake up" I said honestly. He searched my face as he tried to figure out what to say. He cupped my cheek and looked deeply into my eyes.

"I promise you will wake you and I'll be waiting for you" he told me solemnly.

"You saved me".

"Yes" he said as I searched his eyes for answers. I tried to move, but I got a searing pain that shot through my body which caused me to moan loudly. He got up quickly as his arms hovered around me, his panicking eyes made me laugh.

"You have to rest Blake I haven't completely healed you."

"I will for two conditions".

"What are your conditions" he asked consciously. I didn't know if I was bold enough to ask him, but if I was really dead then it wouldn't matter. His luscious lips gave me the courage I need it. He smiled at me knowingly, I had the feeling he knew exactly what I was going to ask.

"What's your name"?

"Kyrian" he said with a husky voice.

"And your next condition?" he raised an eyebrow.

"Never mind" I blushed. I looked away in embarrassment. He pulled my face back and deeply kissed me. At first his lips hovered over mine, making my heart race faster. He pulled my hair back from my eyes. I moaned when his kiss grew deeper until I could feel him in my very soul. When he finally pulled back his blue eyes were fierce like tidal waves from our passion.

"Now sleep" He commanded me. I felt this deep compulsion to close my eyes, but I started to panic because I didn't want to wake up to them. I heard his soothing voice before my eyes closed.

"You won't.I'll be here when you wake up" he promised.

Chapter three
The Change

"What were you thinking" I yelled. Jack lay on the floor with a sliver chain on his neck and arms. His skin sizzled from the burning affects of the silver. Ava was sitting on the dining room chair while holding her sides to stop herself from bleeding all over the Persian rugs. The cuts on her face were healing slowly because I slashed her with the sliver I coat in my nails. Silver causes us to heal slowly it also burns us just as effectively as the sun.

"We were hungry" jack croaked. In a half a second I stood over him to step on his wounds hard. He groaned as I dug the heel of my shoe into his skin harder and the sliver slipped inside his wounds.

“You were hungry? How is that possible when I have humans here for you to feed from" I said viscously. As their master I'm obligated to feed those under my house hold, but unlike other masters I don't allow my underlings to hunt for their own humans to feed on. I hired humans who are willing to be fed on for cash, but they must never leave the house. I gave them money, a home and food; which is more than what they would receive if they were independent. I've been fighting for several years for human rights in our vampire senate, but it's never been passed. If it got out that I allowed my underlings to hunt, torture and feed on a human I would be ruined and the human rights bill would never be passed.

"There tainted! We wanted fresh blood and her blood is rare" Ava spoke for him. I turned my eyes on her; my gaze pinned her to the chair. She gulped when she saw my eyes; I didn't have to look in a mirror to know that my eyes were glowing green.

"You attacked an innocent girl because you want a more diverse food selection" I said slowly as I narrowed my glowing green eyes a notch. She shook her head vigorously and pointed at Jack speechlessly. I turned my eyes on Jacks black beady ones with a raised eyebrow. He licked his lips obviously thinking about how he hunted Blake which infuriated me more. The fact that he hunted her down and tortured her caused me to attack him again. I viscously slashed at his skin as my nails dug into his face I stared into his eyes.

"Blake is mine not yours if I catch you speaking to her again I will end you" I whispered. Disgusted by both of them I turned away from them to check on Blake.

"Agnos please take care of them" I told my sister before I entered Blake's bedroom.

"Of course" She said with a smirk.

When I entered Blake's room she was still lying on my bed except I notice she was now thrashing around the sheets. Her hands gripped the bed sheets and when she moaned painfully I felt my dead heart beat for the first time in a thousand years. I ran to her side and pulled her into my arms. She was burning up from the change, but when she started to cough up blood I realized her body was rejecting the change.

"Agnos" I screamed. Agnos walked in the room only to stop dead as soon as she saw the state Blake was in.

"What happened?" Before I could explain Blake coughed up more blood and started to shake uncontrollably.

"Just go get the healer" I yelled; Panic caused my powers to shake the room. Agnos flinched when the walls started to crack, but I couldn't help it I couldn't lose her. I just found her. Agnos stormed out quickly only to return a second later with the healer.

"Lay her down on the bed Kyrian" Laura said urgently. After I sat her down on the bed Laura examined her thoroughly.

“She’s rejecting the change because she isn't fully human" Laura looked up at their shocked face.

"What!" Agnos and I cried together. Laura put her hand over Blake's body to get a read on what she was.

“Mm, interesting she can't accept the change because she's a quarter Fae." What! No Fae has ever been turned before because they could instantly reject the change. Our Blood was poisons to them and it was against vampire law.

“You have to do something" I begged her.

“You know as well as I do that she won't make the change her Fae half is rejecting it. All you can do is make her comfortable because it's about to get worse" She said bluntly. No! Death wasn't a choice and if she was going to die then she would have to be reborn as a vampire. I pulled her closer to me as if I was trying to protect her from death itself.


As I drifted, I dreamed. Where I floated, under the dark water where I could feel everything all at once. My body felt like it was sinking; my lungs burning from the thirst-God make it stop. It started at my thigh, but now I could feel it in the back of my throat. I was parched; I need to drink water-something to quench my thirst. I'm dying, I thought. But why was it taking so long and was it suppose to hurt this much? For a blissful moment confusion overtook the pain and I felt nothing. Too quickly it came back with revenge. I screamed as I was thrown into a fire, I could almost smell burning flesh. Blood boiled as I fell into an abyss of fire and pain. I was sinking lower and lower into darkness while fire burned me inside out. As the darkness lifted pain broke out, it was like something was eating me from the inside. Lost in the pools of pain I conjured up the most heavenly voice. He was as beautiful and magnificent as any heavenly being. But I couldn't concentrate because of the pressure on my thigh; it was unbearable. I gasped as I struggled to break through the abyss, "Blake" someone cried. At first I thought I dreamt him, but when I felt someone caress my cheek I wasn’t, so sure.
“Please Blake, don’t you leave me” His voice trembled. No, this wasn’t right. It wasn’t supposed to happen this way, if I was dreaming than why was he sad? I tried to tell him everything would be alright, but I whimpered instead. I felt someone lift my leg and press down on my thigh causing me to howl in pain. This couldn't be heaven, could it?
"Blake please open your eyes" the agony in his voice tore at my heart. No, No, No! He shouldn't be in so much pain.
"You have to help her “ He roared at someone, but I didn’t hear a reply-his voice was the only one that had my attention.
“Please, please, please, Laura, please. I need her!" he cried one last time before I sunk back into the dark abyss; I tried so hard to tell him that it’s going to be ok, but I couldn't find my lips. As I sunk deeper in the deep pool of darkness fear paralyzed me; I didn't want to die and never see him again. I couldn't bear to hear him cry broken sobs, so I welcomed death with open arms. I thought it couldn’t get any worse, but I was wrong. I screamed until I was hoarse, my skin felt like I had a really bad sun burn. I couldn’t lie still; the sheets were like knives against my skin. As I thrashed violently, cool hands griped my legs and arms, holding me down. Make it stop, I screamed. But no one listen. When the pain became excruciating I prayed for death. Death was the end of this hell. When I finally blacked out tears ran down my cheeks silently. I wasn’t crying because I was sad, far from it I’ve never been happier. It was over and for once I wasn’t fighting the darkness.
“Everything is going too alright Blake. But you have to stay with me” He promised. I smiled to myself; I was glad that his voice would be the last thing I heard.

Chapter four Mutual Enemies Kyrian I was in my library pouring over some ancient mythical books that could maybe tell me how to save Blake when Ava walked in. "So you’re not going to do anything" she challenged me while I glared at her. She smirked as she walked up to me and tore the book out of my hands. I snarled in her face as I felt my eyes glow and she snarled right back before throwing the book out the window. I grabbed her throat and left her off the floor. "Do you dare push me right now?" I growled. In an instant she was out of my grasp and out the window. Before I could blink she was back with the book in her hands and smug look. "By the time you read every book in this library or any other library you won't be able to bring her back" she said with disgust as if the thought of saving a human was beneath her. "Why would you help me" I asked, clearly suspicious of her. She gave me a hurt look like I insulted her, but I growled at her to get to the point. " Fine...if that human dies then your going to be depressed and f*ing angry and it would really suck for me" she crossed her arms daring me to challenge her logic. Not really in the mood for her bullshit I walked away. "You have nothing to lose....and you'll never forgive yourself if she dies when this could have saved her "she said confidently. I turned my gaze back at her smug face; s*** she was right. "Well, what is your brilliant plan?" I said impatiently. "Seth". Seth’s manor was larger than Kyrian’s yet Seth’s wasn’t as exquisite or elegant. Seth lived in a small town in New England, but he was never home. When they finally got to the manor Kyrian was having doubts about asking Seth for help. Kyrian always hated Seth and his laid back consequence free attitude, but more than anything he hates that Seth is running a campaign against him. They had been rivals for as long as he could remember and only because Seth is an arrogant insensitive asshole who didn’t care about anyone, but himself. Kyrian knew Seth was doing his anti human campaign to push his buttons, but he couldn’t necessarily fight him out in the open. He would lose most if not all of his supporters. Even if Seth was bastard he was a powerful bastard who had the most powerful vampire clan. As soon as they got to the door Albert opened it and he bowed to Kyrian. “Your grace” he said in a low bored tone. “So you’re just going to ignore me Albert. You said I meant the world to you when we made hot passionate love last night” Ava said in a tear stricken voice. “Come this way his grace is waiting for you” Albert said, not missing a beat or glancing at Ava. Ava sighed heavily while they headed to meet Seth in his office. Seth foyer had a gothic style with blood red curtains and thick Persian red rugs. His living to Kyrian shock had a warmer tone with its silky light green curtains, dark green couches with exquisite gold carvings and a hand carved antic table with a large dark brown rug underneath. Above the love seat sat a beautiful painting by John Maler Collier. She was on the most magnificent white horse with its head held high. A red cloth with golden dragons imprinted on it lay on the horse, but it wasn’t worthy of her. Her creamy white skin was flushed from the cold matching her dark red hair. Her head was bowed as she wrapped her arm around herself in a venerable position while the other gripped the horse. Yet she wasn’t ashamed of her nudity, on the contrary her innocent’s was the cause of the flush that crept on her neck and cheeks. Kyrian wasn’t surprised that Seth owned this painting because he loved rare creatures and Lady Godiva was the rarest. He didn’t doubt that it was the original painting because owning a fake painting wasn’t his style. His second floor hallway was a museum of the best art known and unknown to the world. He collected most of them in his travels over the years and some was given to him by his subjects and fellow master vampires. When they entered Seth office he sat on the couch, but he wasn’t alone. He looked up at us when we entered his office and his tong swirled around her puncher wounds cleaning the blood from her wrist causing her to whimpered .She sat in front of him while he feed from her. Her blond curls bounced as her head lower each time he sucked deeply from her wrist. He slowly caressed her cheek and she moaned while push his head closer. “Oh Seth, don’t Stop” she whimpered. Kyrian eye’s narrowed when the scent of fresh blood hit him. The last time he had fresh human blood was over a year ago, but nothing could prepare Kyrian when an overwhelming hunger hit him in the gut causing his fangs to pop out involuntary. He was like a starving man lost in the desert and the first glimpse of food turning him into a rabid animal. Seth raised his eyebrow as he watched Kyrian struggle to control his hunger for human blood. When Seth finished feeding he bit into his own wrist and the girl drank from him. It wasn’t unusually for vampires to let their humans drink from them after feeding because not only did it heighten their pleasure, but it healed any mortal wound. “Amber you can go” Seth said dismissively. Albert grabbed Amber by the arm and tried to drag her out of the room, but she wouldn’t stop looking back at Seth. “Seth wait you can bite me anywhere you want, please” Amber cried out, but Seth ignored her cries as Albert practically dragged her away. She begged and cried obsessively for him causing her to become this pathetic, sad, and vulnerable creature. Her behavior wasn’t surprising because it was well known that vampire blood could cause any human become instantly addicted to it. Like any addict they were obsessed with their next fix, but unlike other drugs there was no other high better than vampire blood, not only did it heal any injury, but it would give them extra supernatural abilities. Seth moved to his desk with a huge glass window showing a view of the woods. Ava jumped on the couch while Kyrian stood by the door uncomfortably staring at Seth with disapproving eyes. “You’re not allowed to feed on humans” Kyrian growled. Seth chuckled at him not caring what he thought. “Still a prude? Don’t fret-Albert will erase her memory and take her home. By the time she comes out of the Trans she’ll have two hundred dollars and no idea where she got it from. It’s a win, win situation for everyone” Seth smirked at Kyrian’s disapproving expression. “So that makes it ok” Kyrian snapped. “Jealous? Bullocks, I don’t care about your morals. The council will never agree to your ideas. What kind of vampire doesn’t drink human blood? You’re a vampire Kyrian deal with it” Seth said impatiently. Seth loved to provoke him and he knew exactly which buttons to push to Kyrian’s annoyance. “I know what I am, but that doesn’t mean I can’t live above it be acting humane” Seth shrugged at Kyrian’s comment not caring about living up to his standers. Unlike Kyrian Seth accepted that he was a vampire and that he need human blood, but that didn’t make him a monster. He didn’t drain humans he only took what he need and paid them. Like Amber all the humans he ever feed on never experience pain instead they were enveloped in ecstasy. A pleasure that they have never experienced before and all of his humans left very satisfied, most wanting more. He never brainwashed them it was their choice to come home with him and if they were fooled by his good looks and charms it wasn’t his fault. Yet it wasn’t enough for Kyrian he wanted all vampires to be vegetarians, but that was never going to happen. Why suppress what you are when you can embrace it like Seth did. “Blimey, we aren’t humans and it’s time you dealt with it. Your pained tortured vampire look is getting old you keep it up any longer you won’t have any underlings to call you master” Seth snickered at Kyrian icy expression. “Kyrian the more minutes that tick by less time you have in saving your precious human” Ava rolled her eyes at their behavior, clearly annoyed. “So your humanities Savior now” Seth eyes sparkled in amusement. “No just one damsel in distress. Her name is Blake and she’s been turned, but she’s part Fae and it’s causing her to die” Ava said in a bored tone, not giving a damn about one more dead human. Kyrian glared at her insensitive attitude, but Seth’s hysterical laughter startled Kyrian. Kyrian sighed and put his hand through his curly locks out of a nervous habit. Ava was right they need to stop arguing because Blake didn’t have enough time left. “Look I need you to tell me what we can do to save her” Kyrian went into the mini refrigerator by Seth desk and took some AB- negative blood to quench his thirst. “This hasn’t happened in over two hundred years and the last time it happened the council made it against the law to turn someone who was part Fae” Seth said in a serious tone. Ava gasped at the mention of the council, but Kyrian’s frown deepened because he had never heard of a vampire that was part Fae and that was unusual because he was over two hundred years old. “How did it happen?” “Why did the council make a law against creating a vampire who was part Fae?” Kyrian asked at the same time as Ava. Seth sighed at their questions, he honestly thought they would get it by now, but he guessed they weren’t the smartest pumpkins in the patch. “Over three hundred years ago some Idiot vampire accidentally turned a young man who was part Fae, but the vampire assumed he was an ordinary human. Yet he wasn’t and because of that he had extra powers that even master vampires would dream of having. Since Faeries are born magical vampirism strengthens their magic and multiples it by hundred. That boy was the most powerful vampire alive and with that he could control the vampire council. He could rule the world and that made the council afraid. In retaliation they convince every clan that he would destroy them and their way of life, thus fueling their determination to destroy him” Seth’s eyes glazed over with a faraway look and his voice was strained. “They killed the boy because he was part Fae” Kyrian said in outrage. “Yes, well fear will cause anyone to do horrible things. The boy was the least of their problems. When the Fae found out about the abomination that they created they were enraged and shortly after the war of the species began. It was the bloodiest war in earth’s history. Blimey, even the humans could sense the tension that was brewing. The only way to end it was killing the boy and the council signed a treated with Fae stating that they would never turn another Fae” Seth finished. Ava stared at him in silence stunned, but the tension rolling off of Kyrian became worse when Seth told them what the council did to the boy. Kyrian wasn’t going to let the council hurt Blake if he had anything to do with it. The very thought of her broken still body caused him to be violent. “I won’t let them hurt her” Kyrian said in a final tone. “Even you can’t protect her from the council and the Fae court” Ava said gravely. “I will do whatever it takes” He snarled at them. “At what cost? Are you willing to sacrifice you life, your clan, and everything you’ve worked hard for? Blimey, Kyrian these blokes are dead serious” Seth snapped in frustration causing his fang to pop out. “Yes! If I didn’t know better I thought I heard concern in your voice” Kyrian snickered. “Sod off, I just need to know that you were willing to risk it all, so don’t get your Knickers in a twist. I wouldn’t want to risk my hid if this was just another crush-Prat” Seth grumbled. He poured himself a whiskey and took a hit before he spoke again, “I’m not certain, but I think Blake is dying because she needs Fae blood not human. Before they killed that boy the council found that the boy could only feed on Faeries.” “Damn” Ava voiced what Kyrian was thinking. “That’s another reason why the Fae wanted that boy dead. When he feed from them blood wasn’t the only thing he was gaining, for a short time he would acquire their powers” He said flatly. “I suggest we find a weak Fae” Ava took Seth’s glass and gulped down the rest of the whiskey. “You could do that, but Blake would be just as weak as that Fae” Silence descanted on the room and they both stared at Seth with wide eyes. “What?” Kyrian bit out. Ava chuckled while putting her hands over her head in a relaxed position, she enjoyed watching Kyrian enraged as long as it wasn’t towards her. “Blimey, Kyrian you can’t be that daft. Baby vamps are stronger if the vamp that turned him or her was a powerful master and it’s the same with Blake. The stronger the Fae the stronger she’ll be unless you want her to be easy pickings” Seth shrugged. “Alright I’ll find her one” Ava jumped up, eager to join him. “Can I go hunting with you” Ava stared up at Kyrian with big child like eyes. “No” He snapped before heading toward the door. “I can’t wait to meet Blake” Seth called out to Kyrian. When Seth heard him grinding his teeth together he chuckled. Seth couldn't wait for the next time they met because he loved irritating Kyrian. Frankly, it was easy and it wasn't Seth fault that Kyrian couldn't take a joke. Seth was sincere about getting better acquainted with Blake not only to brass off Kyrian, but to meet the women who could keep Kyrian on his toes. He was certain that Blake Hunter will keep things interesting in the supernatural world.

When Kyrian got to Nocturnal, a club for the supernatural community he sat at the bar and order himself V2; a wine laced with blood specifically for vampires. He glanced around the bar; it was pretty busy, Friday nights usually was. The werewolves hanged around the back away from the rest of the shifters which wasn’t unusual. Werewolves were dangerous they had least control of their beast and their tempers were legendary. Upstairs in their own private section the werelions looked their nose down on the rest of the supernatural community. The Fae normally wore a glamour, but at Nocturnal it wasn’t necessary because their policies. Nocturnal was enchanted by two witches and a very powerful Fae. The enchantment prevented everyone who came to the club to talk about what happened there. Unlike the supernatural beings humans would forget about the club upon their leave. As he scanned the room his gaze landed on the Faeries, without their glamour they were horribly beautiful. They had a dark beauty that could seduce anyone until they turned on you than they would become the ugliest of creatures. He searched for the perfect prey, someone who wasn’t very powerful, that wouldn’t have anyone miss them and tended to be a loner. It was nearly impossible to find a loner among the Faeries, they were usually in groups. Bingo, Kyrian thought as he stared a young woman who sitting alone away from the others. She wasn’t quit as lovely as the rest, but she still had their otherworldly beauty. Her curly brown hair hung over her shoulders in waves. Even though her glasses hide her eyes its turquoise color was hypnotizing. Her freckles were lightly sprinkled around her cheeks like stardust. Her plump cherry red lips quivered as these big were-bears approached her. Kyrian listen as they approached her, one of the men leaned toward her while the other sniffed around her neck. She flinched when one of them sniffed a stranded of her hair.
“Please, I just want to drink my cocktail in peace” She said in a quit vulnerable tone.
“Come on baby you aren’t fooling anyone we know exactly what you’re looking for and we’re it” He rubbed her back trying to sooth her fears.
“I-I don’t know what you’re talking about” She stared at them in shock. Kyrian finished his drink than went towards them. When he approached them they snarled at him while she gazed at him pleadingly.
“Are you alright?” Kyrian smiled at her reassuringly.
“Yeah she’s fine with us, so Piss-off!” One of the big bears growled.
“I believe I asked the young lady. Miss are they bothering you” She nodded causing them to simultaneously stand.
“Hey, break it up! You guys know the rules. If they lady say’s no than you need to leave her alone” the bartender Ryan yelled at them. He signaled some of the club guards. The room was silent as everyone watched them curiously. The two men quickly scattered as soon as the guards closed in. Kyrian walked away slowly only for her to stop him.
“Wait, don’t go” Her vulnerable tone caused him to feel guilty. He shouldn’t take advantage of her, but the thought of Blake’s broken body fueled his determination more.
“Are you sure you want me to stay” He asked almost hoping she would send him away.
“No, please sit” She gestured to the chair across from her. He smiled at her while taking his seat. Her gaze was lowered and her shoulders were crunch together in tension. She continued to stare down at her drink, not once did she look up at him.
“I’ve never seen you here before. Is this your first time here” he cupped her chin and forced her to met his gaze.
“No” She whispered. She pulled away and tried to hide away from him again. But he didn’t quit forcing her to meet his gaze because he needs her to open up to him. He needed her trust him or this would never work.
“Don’t hide from me. Your eyes are so beautiful and your hair is like the finest silk” he said soothingly while putting his hand through her locks. She smiled up at him shyly. Her sweat and innocent demeanor caused his gut to clench with guilt.
“Thank you” She blushed crimson to the root of her neck. He glanced around the club, noting the time. It’s been eight hours since the last time he saw Blake.
After inquiring about Rose’s family and work Kyrian decided she was the perfect candidate for Blake’s first feeding. There was chance that she wouldn’t survive and therefore he had to make sure no one would miss her.
“I hate coming to these places, but it’s the only way to meet someone who already knows what I am. It’s such a bother when you have to drop the supernatural bomb on an unsuspecting human” He said while grabbing her hand and caressed her thumb.
“I know, I don’t know why I came here, but I guess I just wanted to feel normal among my own people” She said honestly. He turned her hand over and lightly kissed the vain by her wrist. He smiled when he felt her heart beat faster.
“How about we leave and get some coffee together. We can be alone to talk without all this noise” His dazzling smile caused her hea7rt to flutter. She was sure he could hear the hitch in her breath.
“Alright” She croaked. He led her to the back exit and as the time to put his plan in motion came closer he started to have doubts. He swore that he wouldn’t do this again; he hated prey on the weak. After this there was no going back, no redemption, and no pro human campaign. Although saving Blake meant more to him than one life it still shook him to think of ending a precious life. He pulled her into the alley because no one would see anything. Since the light on the door was broken the alley was pitch black, but he could still see her. He doubted she would see him coming with or without light. With his strength and speed he could easily grab her by the neck while ripping her throat out. Her throat would be laced with blood as he took his fill; just thinking about it caused his gums to ache. He shook his head to clear his thoughts, not wanting to tempt himself. He pulled out the syringe, but when she turned toward him he hide it behind his back.
“It’s such a beautiful night maybe we should go for a walk instead of getting coffee” Her eyes shined dreamingly at him.
“How about the park” he suggested.
“Perfect” She practically jumped with excitement. She tried to tone down her excitement, but failed miserably. It’s been awhile since her last date and he wasn’t as good looking. To her Kyrian seemed like a Greek god with his dark curly locks and intense gaze that always made her heart flutter. She couldn’t believe her luck; she was certain he was out of her league when he walked into the club. When a friend referred this club to her she doubt she would find someone, but she was glad she listened. As they headed to the park she babbled no stop and she couldn’t help it. It’s been a year since her last date and she knew her game sucked. Who was she kidding she didn’t have game to begin with. When they finally entered the park they headed in a path that led to a beautiful spot she knew. Since it was almost two in the morning the park was deserted. The trees seemed to have a life of their own as they rustled; the night seemed more sinister as they went deeper into the park. The path grew narrower and endless which forced Kyrian to take action. He lingered behind her and she seemed to never notice as she babbled none stop. He stalked her form in the dark and creped behind her silently. He stopped breathing, so it wouldn’t alert her. When he finally was close enough to the vein on her neck he pulled the syringe out and quickly injected her with the drugs. Her gasped pierced the silent night as she fell limp into his arms.

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When Kyrian finally got home it felt like century to him. The house was in chaos, vampires from his clan were arriving nonstop. Ava must have called the rest of the clan just in case the council found out about Blake. The house was jam-packed, so it was hard for them not to notice the unconscious girl in his arm. He had hoped to sneak into Blake’s room, but as soon as he arrived conversions died and everyone stared at him. Several pairs of eyes peered down at him from the top of the stairs while other’s came to see what the commotion was. He knew what they must think; regardless he made sure his expression was blank. Taking the situation under control Ava quickly led everyone into the living room. Kyrian sighed; he prayed that this night wouldn’t get any worse. When he finally got to Blake’s room she laid still in her bed. she was hardly breathing and Kyrian had to strain his ear just hear her ragged breath. Her pasty pale skin and white lifeless lips caused him to worry. Doubts swarmed his mind and her weak lifeless body fueled his doubts. What if she was too weak to change? First time in nearly two hundred years he thought he felt his heart beat. He couldn’t bring himself to accept that possibility, he would do anything and everything to bring her back. Laura smiled weakly at him and gestured for him to lay Rose next to Blake. When he hesitated for a moment Laura squeezed his shoulder in comfort.
“I know this is difficult for you. You don’t have to be here” Laura said empathically. He shook his head stubbornly, since his gone this far it would be cowardly to walk way now. He watched Laura as she woke up Blake, his nose wrinkled from the foul smelling plant that Laura used to wake her up. Laura gently cut Rose’s neck, so that the sweat smell of her blood would force Blake to drink.
While Blake dreams became a blur of delusions she waited for him to come back. She wasn’t sure how she knew, but she could feel his presence near her. He was like a supernova amongst planets; his energy pulled her to him. She was sure he was another delusion, but she didn’t care anymore. His voice called to her soul and she wanted to answer him, but couldn’t. She didn’t have enough energy to speak and it didn’t frighten her. She had felt at peace with her fate. As she grew weaker the most delicious aroma hit her nose. She wrinkled her nose as she searched for whatever made that intoxicating perfume. She opened her mouth to inhale more of it only to be stopped by an all consuming hunger. It was like some had shoved a white- hot branding iron down her throat. She was parched. Instinctually she sunk her teeth into Rose’s neck and the thick, coarse texture of her blood caused Blake to suck harder. Like drugs the blood went straight to her head and she couldn’t stop. She didn’t know where she was or what she was doing all she knew was she need more blood. Like an animal she clawed into Rose’s throat, vaguely she felt her scream and this seemed to arouse her animalistic side. Blake couldn’t seemed to get enough blood into her mouth as she tore into Rose’s throat. Soon her lifeless body lay limp under Blake, but she couldn’t stop. She need more.
It was hard for Kyrian to watch Blake tear out Rose’s throat; she seemed to want to crawl into her as her need for blood consumed her. When Rose’s heart stopped beating he flinched, he naively hoped that they could stop Blake from killing her. When she started clawing at Rose’s lifeless body Kyrian tried to pull her away, but her snarl caused him to stop dead.
“She’s in the Trans Kyrain be careful” Laura watched Blake as she sized us both up. As she tried to figure out who was more dangerous he launched himself at her. He pulled her arms over her head while pinning her body with his.
“Quick Laura, go get the drug” Kyrian said as she thrashed under him. She kicked and clawed at him, but when she tore into his skin; he gridded his teeth from the pain. While Laura tried to stick the syringe in her vain Blake tried to bite her hand off. Finally what seemed like hours, but could have been mere minutes Laura injected the drugs into her vein. She fought to stay conscious, but when her body started to relax he eased his hold. He sighed in relief when her eyes fluttered closed. He cupped her cheek while staring at her in sadness. He knew when she woke up she would hate herself. When Ava walked into the room she yelled at them franticly.
“Kyrian what are you doing? Everyone is waited for you and their growing restless. You have to come down and explain to them what’s going” His body tensed at the mere thought of explaining this mess to them. He wasn’t sure how they would take it, but by law they were forced to obey him unless he released them. But Kyrian prided himself of being a fair master, so he believed in letting his people make their own chooses. He knew some would be furious because she would probably bring the council’s wraith upon them. Now wasn’t the time to be a coward, so he forced himself to follow Ava down the stairs.

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