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THE PURGATORY SAGA #1-People of the Fire

August 13, 2011
By prima, corona, California
prima, Corona, California
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This story will be about a 15 year old boy named Zachariah Davidson who has been brought to life in Purgatory after his death in the apocalypse. He doesnt remember a thing about his previous life, and he's living a life in Purgatory with a discouraged attitude, becoming closer to Hell than to Heaven. There will include demons, angels, spirits of all kinds, and a connection between the worlds of life and afterlife.
There are mysterious spiritual creatures known as "SoulBirds" and these creatures are bird-like spirits that come in fourtypes- earth, air, fire, water. They can either be angels or devils, and the angelic ones can help the spirits in Purgatory go up and cleanse themselves for Heaven, whereas the devilish ones lure them down towards Hell. There are academies in Purgatory that the spirits go through for purification and punishment. Zach will be faced with tough decisions to make in the afterlife, and he will find himself suffering, corruptiing, and tricked by all the different paths to take. His memory has been wipedoff and he remembers nothing of his mortal life before coming to this afterlife. But he is miserable, and all the more happens when te strange creepy janitor of his academy turns out to be his uncle, and tells him he is the son of the devil.....

Michelle D.

THE PURGATORY SAGA #1-People of the Fire

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