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The Princess Rescue

June 24, 2021
By vitobarquero, San José, Other
vitobarquero, San José, Other
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As the kingdom of Pomphelia fights a brutal war against goblins, teenage magician Tika is summoned by the queen, who gives her yet more devastating news: Princess Sedia has been kidnapped by the goblins’ forces. The queen is now placing her trust on Tika to bring her daughter back, along with four others who are joining the search: Ander, a handsome young swordsman; Edgar, a skilled but defiant archer; Lalian, a sweet and quiet healer; and Ophie, a friendly troll.

The group sets out on their journey all the while struggling to work together as a team. Meanwhile, Tika has a strange feeling about the whole thing. She believes the princess’s kidnapping was not out of pure villainy, but instead has a deeper purpose. Will this group of fighters succeed in rescuing the princess and uncovering their enemies’ motives, or will they fall and leave Pomphelia with fewer warriors to defend its walls?

Álvaro B.

The Princess Rescue

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