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the gods

January 24, 2019
By ZachCorwell, Independence, Oregon
ZachCorwell, Independence, Oregon
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Before there was our planet there were the the six gods, each having mastered one of the elements. With all their power, they could create planets and destroy planets at will, so with their power they created our planet and people, and for themselves they created a golden temple where the people shall worship them. There the gods split the people into six different villages: the earth village, the fire village, the wind village, the ice village, the water village, and the light village, each having a temple of the god that made the village.

But there was an evil lurking in the shadows. There was a 7th god. The dark god. He carried a staff that would use the god's power against the other gods.

That night, one of the gods got a vision that the dark god would destroy the villages, so he decided to make an army of humans. He would teach them how to use the elements and fight the dark gods army of skeletons, zombies, and phantoms. He sent a message to the other gods to assemble an army of humans. He wrote, “We will need to keep the villagers safe, those that cannot fight. And human soldiers are not enough. We must make magic soldiers that are made out of concentrated magic to create a humanoid form made of magic. It's been 200 years since we created this planet, and 100 years ago a meteor crashed. When I investigated I discovered that it could be used for this exact purpose, so we will use it to make a, indestructible army wall of magic. We will meet in the earth village in 3 days.”

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the gods

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