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Breaking Point

October 29, 2014
By JihyoHyun, Cupertino, California
JihyoHyun, Cupertino, California
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I tried to stand as the victims were being carried away in stretchers, but my knees betrayed me and I crumpled to the ground. The cold was agonizing, freezing my joints and locking my knees in place and making me feel like the air was being sucked out of my lungs. The place that was like my home five minutes ago now felt like a prison. The whitewashed walls closed in on me, trapping me in like I'm a cornered criminal. I tried to push myself off the ground, but today, gravity was against me as I slumped back to the ground, my knees shaking. The icy air cut through my lungs and stung my eyes as tears started to well up. I gave one attempt at escaping from this whitewashed prison but the weight of the images finally reached me and I let the cold air engulf my body as I faded into a world of darkness.


Breaking Point

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