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Hunted (Edited Version)

September 17, 2013
By Meko8195, Dover, Pennsylvania
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Meko8195, Dover, Pennsylvania
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The pressure makes us stronger, the struggle makes us hunger; the hard lessons make the difference...and the difference makes it worth it.

Author's note: I had written this piece awhile ago but had to edit it due to the horrible grammar. Fix most of the issues so I hope you guys like it!

The candles flickered lazily; their soft glow brought the only life to this sullen room. As if in a trance my finger brushed over the flame. It had been three days since the hunters had invaded my home and now I was stuck in a small underground cave.

"Sis I'm hungry," my little sister, curled up in old bed sheets, moaned. I quietly crawled over to her and started to stroke her hair.

"Shhhhh…..I know, I know….but the hunters are still in the house." She squirmed at the sound of the word "hunters" To tell the truth my mouth felt foul just speaking of them.
"Are we going to die?" She asked in pure innocence. Her voice was sad and I knew what she was thinking of.
"We all die eventually."
"I mean like mommy…." I stayed silent, unwilling to tell her that we probably would.
"I don't know." She sniffed loudly, and then curled back up in the blankets. I continued to stroke her hair till I knew she was emotionally stable. After all I was the only thing she had anymore.
I sat quietly and listened to the scraping above, praying it would stop. My little sister, Leanne, complained about the noises a lot. So did I….. But then again I probably shouldn't. After all, the fact that they were still making those noises means that they haven't found us yet.
"The noises….when will they stop" Her voice was slightly muffled by the blankets but I could still hear the yearning in her voice.
"When the hunter's go away," I answered quickly.
"When's that?" My gut dropped. I knew what I could tell her. I could tell her that they wouldn't leave till they have devoured our mom completely…every limb, organ, and bone. I could tell her how we might not even make it out of here alive because Hunter's have a talent for finding hidden witches and were flesh eating monsters who take pleasure in killing. I could tell her everything but I kept it from her. I didn't want her to become terrified, I wanted her to believe we were going to be okay. I couldn't make her suffer.
"I don't know….I guess after they lose interest in our house."
"I want my dolly…," She whimpered. I had to instantly push away my gut instincts to help my poor baby sister. If I went up to get her dolly the chances of me coming back alive were slim and if I died I would never be any help to her.
"When the hunter's leave I'll get it" Her small hands clenched the thin sheets. Slowly and unsteadily her back rose and fell….was she crying? My heart dropped to my stomach. Maybe I could get her doll. It was only across the hall. Maybe I could even get some food on the way. I was going to have to get some soon anyways; we were dreadfully low on non-perishables, and the perishables "perished" already.
Time ticked by and soon enough Leanne was asleep. Now I could sneak out and grab what I needed. I listened for any movement upstairs. …Nothing. That's good; I needed them asleep if I was going to accomplish this without dying. I stopped stroking Leanne's hair and gave her a kiss on the head. I knelt down to whisper in her ear but I decided not to disturb her. If she woke up she could get worried and follow me. It's probably better if she stays in her deep sleep and doesn’t know of my disappearance.
Now, do I even dare go and grab the food? I didn’t want to take any more chances but I didn’t want to have to make another trip later. I defiantly didn’t want to go in the kitchen since my mom was in the room next to it…..but I would eventually have to go in there. I was so conflicted that I could feel my body jerk with every new thought. What am I supposed to do?!?
My mind reached out to everything, memories of my mom, my responsibility over Leanne, and my fear of dying. I couldn't NOT starve so I had to get food… but at the same time I think my luck was running pretty thin. If I went and got the food I could run the risk of getting discovered. If I didn’t go I would definitely starve….or die of malnutrition.
I decided what was best for us. We had to eat…so I grabbed a sack from the far end of our hide away. I tied it to one of my pants loops and hung it at my side.
"Ok…" I breathed in steadily. I was about to do the most dangerous thing I have ever done. I looked up at the ladder. There was only one entrance to the house…and this was it. Hopefully they didn't decide to sleep in the room above us.
I started climbing the ladder. It started shaking and creaking with every step. God this thing was old. Too bad I couldn't use magic to make it more stable.
I lifted the tile at the top when I get there. Swiftly I got out and checked the room. No one was here. That's good, I thought. At least if there not in here I have a chance.
I walked into the kitchen first. It was the closest room to me and we needed the food more than Leanne needed her doll. The first thing I checked out was the pantry. That's where all the non-perishables were. Canned fruit, cereal, chips, pretzels, candy, and air popped pop corn...yum. Now for the fridge. I turned around and nearly drop my sack of food. A hunter was in a chair facing the pantry. I stood frozen. Was he going to kill me???
Luckily, he was asleep. I let out a relieved sigh. Then I felt a strange feeling fill my stomach. It was like fire….. It was…a lust to kill. I look over at a knife that was carelessly left on the counter. It was covered in blood….My mom's blood. I grabbed the knife and pointed it at the hunter. I should just kill him. He was one of those beasts who killed her; One of those horrible monsters that have taken over this world and have killed millions of witches. A tear fell from my eyes. He should be dead. He didn't deserve to live. I walk towards him and the whole room starts to glow. His hands radiated a dark red…the color of blood. I clench my teeth. This "man" worked for that Creature who took over this world, the one who ordered the witch association to be assassinated. He…he killed everyone I know…he's killed everyone I loved…and he's now hunting me and Leanne.
Leanne…No. I couldn't kill him. It would risk our safety. I backed up and dropped the knife. I couldn't….I couldn't risk it. Tears swell in my eyes. Why..... Why does he get to live? I turned away from him and go back to our hideaway. It just wasn't fair the way I was living. Hiding, from a fate that was unchangeable, I was pathetic. Heck, the only thing keeping me safe was this necklace I wore. It hid all my magical energy from them. I looked at it. It was just a tiny crystal heart with a rune in the center.
I dropped the bag of food down into the hideaway and continued to think about the necklace and my fate. Could I really escape from here with it on…or does it just dim down my magic? I guess it doesn't really matter. If the hunters saw me leave this building they would know I wasn't human.
I went to get Leanne's doll. It was just down the hall. All I would have to do is not look when I pass the dining room. Then I would be spared of looking at my mom's corpse. I swiftly passed the dining room with my eyes set straight. I did it. Now all I had to do was grab the doll.
I looked around Leanne's room and located the doll. It was an ugly thing. Covered in dirt, droll from when she was a baby, and probably 3 trillion germs that were deadly to the human species. I grabbed it quickly. I was more worried about the hunters than getting a disease from the thing.
I walked down the hallway and jumped when I heard a noise. Was it a hunter? I look around and noticed my mistake. My mother lied there bound to the dining room table. Her stomach let out a horrible stench and I nearly puked at the smell. Her guts and one of her arms littered the floor. My eyes went wide for a second. Then I saw one of the hunters taking a midnight snack. Hearing the small gasp of air I took made him look up at me. I ran.
I'm dead. I'm dead. I'm dead! I say to myself as I ran into the hideaway. I started climbing down the ladder and made my second mistake. I used magic to move the tile back in place.
"She's in here! I can sense her magical energy!" I jump down to the bottom and shake Leanne awake.
"WAKE UP!" I yelled out.
She jolted awake and fear covered her face. "what's wrong….sis???"
"I made a mistake…I'm so sorry Leanne…..I was…I was so stupid" I started crying loudly while I pulled her up.
"what…what are we doing?" she asked in pure confusion.
"We're getting out of here. We have no choice." I said as I pushed her to the emergency escape.
"But mom said…."
"MOM SAID KEEP SAFE! NOW WE HAVE TO GET OUT OF HERE!" Terror filled her face and tears swelled up in her eyes. "Please Leanne….I need you to trust me."
"She's down here!" I heard the hunters say. Then I heard the sliding of the tile.
"GO!" I yell at Leanne. She started crawling through the tunnel and I hurried inside as well. We had to escape.
At the top I heard her gasp. "What are you doing Leanne? RUN!" I started getting out of the tunnel myself when a dry ashen hand offers assistance out of the tunnel.
"Need some help?" A voice chuckled. I gasped when I heard the Hunter's voice and tried going backwards but it was too late. The hunter plucked me out of the tunnel with hardly any effort. I struggled against him but it was fruitless. Hunters were immune to most magic and once you're caught you're as good as dead. "My my…aren't you full of spunk. I bet your Magical power levels are high too. He brings my wrist to his mouth and sinks his razor sharp teeth into my flesh. I scream out in pain.
"SIS!!!" Leanne called out in agony. I looked from my bleeding arm to her pale face.
"Sir…What should I do with this one?"
The hunter raised his head from my flesh and wiped his lips. "Kill her and stow her meat in the freezer. We will dine on this one for the week." My mind filled with my need to protect her and I did what any sister would do. I saved her life.
"You can't kill a human." I said in a voice as strong as I can muster.
"You're not human. Your blood is filled with magic and I can sense your magical energy." The hunter sneered.
"I know…I know I'm not human. But Leanne is. She was born without any magic. She's a human"
"Test her for any magical energy." The hunter growled.
"She's negative" I laughed in my mind. Of course she came up negative. Witches don't develop magic until they're 13 or older and Leanne was only 5 years old. Good thing the hunters had no idea about that stuff.
"Then take her to a human adoption center" The hunter sighed in anger.
"sis…." Leanne said in a whisper. I smiled at her.
"You'll be okay…." She shook her head in anger.
"No! Sis…you can't leave me!" Tears formed in my eyes.
"I have to… here…" I shook loose from the hunter while he was off guard and threw my necklace on the ground before he could grab me again. "That was mom's, dad gave it to her. It's yours now."
"But….but sis!" Tears streamed down her face to match my own. A hunter picked up the necklace and started pulling Leanne away. "SIS! NO!!! LET ME GO! I WANT TO STAY WITH MY SISTER!!!!" She screamed while she tries pulling away from the hunter. I started crying so hard that I collapsed to the ground.
"I'm sorry Leanne….I'm…I'm so sorry." The hunter pulled me up and started leading me into the house. I tried fighting but I knew there was no use. There were twenty of them in this house and a million all over this world. I had no chance, especially now that my necklace was gone.
I shivered when I saw them shove my mom's body out the window. They took the rope and tied my wrist and ankles. Slowly they lifted me to the table and chained me down. My stomach showed beneath my shirt that had lifted slightly during my struggle and I had to close my eyes to avoid all the hungry stares from the hunters. I knew what was going to happen.
"Any last words…witch?" I opened my eyes to look straight in his face. I wanted him to know exactly what I mean when I say my final words.
"Yes…. Witches will rise again and the hunters will fall. We are the ones who belong here not you creatures." I spat at him and he laughed.
"Goodbye witch." He raised his knife and I closed my eyes. My thoughts lingeedr over to Leanne who will be able to live a happy life now. With that necklace, even if she did gain her powers, no one could sense her. She was safe…and that made me feel better.

Leanne… be happy……… please… that's all I ask…
I felt the knife plunge into my heart and I felt my shirt grow wet with my blood. I gasped out in pain. And felt my life slip away slowly out of my body. The hunter chuckled slightly and then all went dark.
We will meet again Leanne…….I promise.

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