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morning the day walker

May 25, 2011
By H.N.L SILVER, Streetman, Texas
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H.N.L SILVER, Streetman, Texas
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Author's note: i got really bored and started to write.

Darkness what is darkness? I ask myself that all the time. But I seem to never figure it out. No matter how I try to be the person that my parents wanted me to be. But I could never change who I am. So my sister and me are hunting things that go bump it the night. Our parents where killed by the things we hate most. Demons of the dark. That is what I call them. But you might call them the soul suckers. Or the killers of the midnight hour. “Morning, you have to pay attention to what we are doing you never know what is going to happen little sister.” Eve my older sister tells me. And takes me out of my thoughts.

“Okay sister I’ll try to stay focused on the time and date we are in right now.” I tell her. Then a pale flash caught my eye. It was so quick that I could not tell what it was. Then it was in front of me. Gripping me by my throat.

“Leave now or she dies by my hands tonight little Eve. I know how much your little sister means to you. But you should have just stated away from here this night. Cause now you lost her to me.” The husky voice belongs to the THING that had me by my throat.

“Never will you have her. You evil soul sucking fiend. Now get your hands off of my little sister.” Eve tells the vampire who had me.

“No I believe I’ll take her for myself now.” He tells Eve and moved his hand from the front of my throat and puts it at the nape of my neck. Then he puts his arm under my knees and picks me up. “Now say good bye to you little sister Eve. For she will never be human after to night.” He tells Eve and then he jumps with me in his arms and off into the night I go.


Where am I? Why did he take me? Why does he want me? “Now it is time to change you my girl. My new daughter. Soon you will be all mine and never have to dell with the humans again.” The vampire holding me tells me. Then I fill the pain in my neck. And I fell the life leaving my body. Then I fill him go away from my neck. And I fill something sweet and strong being poured in to my moth. I grape the thing that the sweet and strong substance and sink my teeth into it. I gulp and gulp. “That’s good my daughter. Now you will live. No more. No more.” He chances over and over. But he took me away from my sister and my friends so now he has to die. So do I drink all his blood and live as the thing that killed mom and dad. Yes I will kill him. I sucked him dry then I turned and screamed into the night. I scream for hours on end.

“Morning is that you.” I hear Eve’s voice behind me. I turned with quickened speed that comes form the immortals. And only the immortals. “Morning, what happen to you?” Then her eyes narrowed into slits. Taking in the vampire’s body that just started to turn in to ash at my feet. “NO.NO you can’t be one of the soul suckers.”

“I’m sorry but I could not fight him. He put me under a spell. Then he turned me into this monster.” I tell her and I fell a stinky droppings from my eyes. And I moved my hand and touch it. I pull my hand away and there is blood. Blood coming from my eyes! I step over the ashes of my vampire father. NO he is never my father. And I walk to her. “Eve help me. Help me. My throat is hurting.” I tell her then I begain to fall but she grapes me.
“My little sister how could you become one of them?” She asks me. “Now I have to kill you, my sweet little sister. My poor little sister.” She tells me as she pulls out her dagger of her leggings.

“No. Eve don’t you see we can use her. And we can finally get ride of these things for good.” Eve’s boyfriend says to her. And grippes the knife out of her hand.

“Owwwwwwwwwwww.” I started to scream. I tried to move my arm but I could not.

“Morning what’s wrong?” Eve grapes me.

“She needs darkness now. She is starting to smoke.” Dave told Eve. “We need to get her under the ground now.” That was all I remembered of that day I was turned from a human into a monster that would kill anyone who ever hurt my sister well I am there. I
developed the power to stay out in the sun as long as I wanted to. I turned into what they call the first and only day walker. Of my kind. I started to go to school for the kids and I staded the same age. My sister went on to marry her boyfriend and have kids. But she died after they attacked us. In her dieing breath she made me the kids’ guardian.

“Aunt Morning, where is mom and dad. Where are they? I want mommy.” Mary my niece asked me. Her and David her brother looked up at me. With tears in there eyes.

“I want mommy to.” David tells me.

“Kids your mommy and daddy is with you grandparents in haven with the all mighty now.” I say with my blood tears in my eyes.

“Aunty you’re bleeding.” The twins say at the same time. They both put their fingers at my eyes and came away with the blood. Bout to put it in there mouth.

“NO.” I gripe their hands.

“Aunty what is wrong.” They ask at the same time again.

“Never ever but my blood into your body. NEVER!” I tell them. “Now let us see what we can do bout getting you two in a good school and home. And I will go with you but in a higher grade. Okay.”

“Yes aunty.” Mary tells me.

“Okay then now let us go someplace I know.” I tell them when I pick them up off the ground and hold them close. Then I run for our lives.

“Morning! Listen to the teacher before you get in trouble.” Sara tells me in a hush voice.

“Sorry I was thinking bout my kids the twins.” I tell her with out thinking.

“You have kids? Who is the father?” She asked me.

“I meant my niece and nephew.” I tell her. “Do I look old to be a mom?”

“No. Well kind of. It is just well seems that you miss one.” She is digging for something.

“The children’s mom and dad are DIED.” I was close to using the powers of the one I killed.

“Hey calm down please. Just calm down.”

She could feel the power growing inside me I guess. Why can’t people just leave me along? Especially when I’m older then them.

“Is there something wrong over here?” The teacher asked us.

“No but I do need to take my niece and nephew to the doctors now. May I go Mrs. Sib?”

“Yes you may go Morning.” She tells me after she looks into my eyes. I get up after she turns around and go back to her desk. I go to the elementary school to pick them up. After I pick them up I take them back home for their doctor appointment. The doctor we live with also supply me with the blood I need to drink.

“You must stop getting mad at people my dear Morning. You can’t keep getting mad at every single thing Morning.” He tells me when he hinds me the blood bag then goes to take look at the twins. I drink the blood in sips. When the doctor comes back he has a teenage guy with him. “Morning, this young men will take care of you and the children when I’m gone. So please help me to teach him the ways around here.”

“Yes sir. I will help him around here. And may I have I anouther bag I’m still hunger for it.” I tell him.

“Yes my dear. Shane goes get one from the fringe please.” He tells the teenager. Before he could move I was already coming back with one in my hand. I flase my fangs at them then I sink them into the bag and looked at Shane with my eyes turning red. Shane gulps a breath back. “Morning please don’t try to scare the boy.” Doc busted out laughing. “Sorry Shane but she don’t like anyone who trys to come in her life and upset it. It took her two years to warm up to me. So please don’t take it the wrong way. She was kidnapped then turned against her will when she was eighteen years old and her sister had those kids who grow to grow up to be who they are right now.” He tells Shane when I finished the blood and threw away the bag. Then there was the pain in my stomach that hurtled after I got full up with my meal. I hutched over gripping my stomach with pain. Gasping for air. “Morning are you okay please tell me.” Shane tried to touch me but I slap his hand away.

“Get away from me boy. Don’t you understand that I could kill you with just a look and you will never see it coming.” I hiss at him trough my teeth.

“Shane move away from her. And do it quick. She is right you can’t touch her right now. It happens every time when she fills up with out real food. But it never happen this bad. Get the kids out of the next room and do it quick. She never wants them to see what she is. Go now.” He yells at Shane. After Shane have left. “My dear, please what is wrong. Is the blood killing you again?”

“Get away from me old man. Get away from me. I’m a monster in human flesh.” I yell at him. “How can you stand to look at me? I drink blood to live and here you are always taking care of me. HOW.” I yell at the top of my lungs. “I-I-I-I” I turn around and ran to my room and the door close by the powers that are flowing trough my blood.

“Okay it is time for you to calm down Morning. This is scaring the kids so CALM down NOW!” Shane said coming into the room with a growl in his voice. He walks right to me and puts his arm around me and holds me to him. His body was warm with blood that flow trough his veins. “Come back to us. Come back to the kids. Come back to your family.” I could fell the plus of his blood in his veins. I lean into his hard body. A body made well. It was warm and hard. Never have I felt this hunger for any human. Never did I want to drink their blood for passion. I move closer to his chest. And he doesn’t even move. He doesn’t struggle to get free from me. Then I remember my promise to Eve. ‘Don’t ever drink blood of a human from there bodies. Or you will never be allowed to see my kids ever again.’ She had told me that when the twins where first born. How cloud I stand here lusting for a humans blood when I can’t even have it. Or I would never see my kids again. NO they are not mine. They did not come me. They were never in my body. And I thought them to be mine. Never they are Eve and Dave’s kids. “Take some do it I dare you. It mitt help.” Shane tells me bringing me back to the present. He moves to take his shirt off then the takes my finger of my right hand and cuts a clean cut on his chest. I was cout I wanted it. I move closer. Then the next thing I know is Shane being pulled out of my arms. And me looking into the face of Sara. The girl from my class.

“You are one of those soul suckers. And you where bout to drink his blood the poor guy never say it coming did he. Well demon let me put you out of you life. Cause my brother died doing this job and where is he. Died along with his wife. They died from you monsters. So tell me who are the kids. And who are there parents Morning and I’ll make this quick.” She tells me.

“Aunty Morning!” the twins yell coming into the room “Don’t you dare touch her you evil girl. That is out aunt and you will never harm her.” They say in time of each other.

“Kids leave now take Shane and run now. I will not have you two hurt. She is right I am a monster.” I tell them.

“If you are a monster then why did you always take care of us? Two years ago you held us in a tick blanket in the died of a blizzard and you kept us safe and feed. Tell us how is that a monster!” they say at the same time again

“What!” Sara yells at the top of her lungs. “Do these kids mean? That you stayed in a blizzard and kept them warm and feed all the time will you sat there in the cold. Even your kind can die of the cold and hunger.” She looks a Shane and sees the cut on his chest. “You didn’t take any of his blood did you? But I saw blood on you face. And I say your fangs.” Then she looks at the kids. “David. Mary. No it can’t be. Two years ago you died with my brother. Dave and his wife Eve.” Then she looks at me. “You look like Eve a little.” Then it comes to her. “You are her little sister the one who died more then eight years ago. But you didn’t die you where turned against you will and now you hunt you own kind. Morning the day walker. Now it makes since why you always leave early and why you never eat food at school.”

“Cause I can’t eat that stuff at the school cause it kills me and then I can’t take care of the twins and cause I love them that I will not let you take them from me Sara.” I tell her. The twins run to me and stand in front of me with their arms open wide.

They mumble “Air, Fire, Water, Earth, And Sprit. I call thee to us! I call thee to protect our aunt Morning. Protected her from this evil lady who is thing to take her away from us. So mote it be!” Then the elements they called started to swirl around us. Air was ripping trough my hair. Fire was warming my blood. Water was cooling my skin. Earth was moving under our feet. And sprit. Were my sister and Dave. No it was Mary and David’s sprit moving from their bodies.

“NO. Stop this now kids. Please. Stop it right now.” I tell them using my own powers from the blood I feed on just a few minutes ago and cancel the spell they case around me. “Stop right NOW!” I yell at the top of my lungs. And every thing stops moving and everyone stops breathing. “I had enough no more.” I tell all of them. Then every thing goes black. And I let the darkness commeasure me.


“Look Sara it is me Shane.” Shane was telling Sara. “She needs my blood to live. The blood she was getting started killing her. And she see need me to do this for her. She doesn’t know her powers. The power of family is all she knows.” I hear him tell her.

“What are you two talking bout will I’m tying to rest?” I ask them. Shane turned his head and looked at me with a smile that could melt any girls’ toes. He gets up and comes to me. And bends at the waist. Then he puts a bag of blood of blood to my lips then he turns back to Sara.

“She needs the blood to survive and keep her family alive through the twins.” He tells her. Then looks at me. “Hey by the way that’s my blood you are drinking. And you can’t have no more after that’s done okay.” He tells me with a smile on his face. What? What does he mean by that? I wonder. He most of read my face cause he says. “I mean cause you are not going to get hurt again if you don’t eat real food first before you get more of my blood. Cause now I’m your blood donor.” He tells me with a smile on his face. Oh gosh it’s the smile that warms my blood that has been ice cold for ten years now.

Then Sara gets up and leaves us saying. “Now that is just sick Shane.” If Shane heard her he most have not listen to her. Cause he just picks his shirt up off the ground. He didn’t put the shirt on cause I get up and pull it out of his hand. And toss it aside. I move my hands up to his chest and leave them there. Then I go up on my tiptoes had gave him a sweet little kiss on his lips. Then I move to pull away and get his shirt from the bed where it landed. But before I could drop my hands he had his hands there. On mine and holding them there.

“You thank you can just kiss me then leave it at that thank again Morning cause you have another thing coming.” He tells me with narrow eyes. He lenses his head down and moves his hands to my waist and pulls me to him for a long and passionate kiss. Then he jucks away from me. I guess I mitt have bealy nicked him with my fangs cause they where down and I haded his blood on my lips and my fangs. “Morning please doesn’t ever do that again. Okay. Now I have to get some fresh air. No don’t follow me.” He says to me then leaves. The twins come run in screaming. For help.

“Aunty come quick its Doc he is died down stars. And he was drained of blood.” They say in lord voices.

“Oh Morning my daughter come out quick or this young man dies right now along with this vampire hunter.” No it can’t be I killed him. No it can’t be. No. No. No. “Come out right NOW.”

“No Morning don’t. Take the twins and leave right now.” Shane’s voice came from out side the door. I put my finger over my lips and put the twins in the hiding place under the bed that I made for them if anything had ever happen to me then I walk out the door into the vampire who turned me in to this monster.

“Nice of you to keep us waiting my daughter.” The vampire tells me. Shane in his right arm and Sara in his left. “Now why don’t you and me go for a nice walk done memory lane? Meaby I’ll just take this young lady to take your place at my side.” He tells me and bends his head down to her neck and like it.

“Stop that you soul sucker fiend!” I tell him. With a growl in my voice but he just brings his head up and looks at me with snake like eyes.

Then he says with a smirk on his face. “Now don’t be that way to your father. I made you and I can kill you. You nearly killed me ten years ago so now I’m going to take what means the most to you. The family that you started to love after I killed your sister and her husband.” Then he just laughed with that evil smirk on his face still.

“No. You touch them and I WILL kill you. You evil son of the devil. You have already killed the Doc. But you will not take Shane, and Sara now cause I will use what I have to ripe your head of you shedders.” I tell him and Sara and Shane’s eyes go wide with wonder. I guess the never hard me talk like that before.

Then I start to fill my skin move. It starch and darken then chance color before their eyes. My eyes chances also. They become narrower then I could feel the power of my ancestor coming from my core of being. Then there is my hair, which goes from a nice light brown to a dark midnight color. My fingers become claws. And the next thing I know Sara and Shane are beside me. And the vampire was on the ground with his hands in the air with no one touching him. Then the vampire changes from the pale ice skin to an ash color and is ripped apart. The body parts are set on fire be the wind then vanishes from my sight totally. All that is left is his head that is in my hands and me setting on fire with noughting but the evil inside of me. The blood from the head is still on my hands and the word inside my head. ‘You are more than a vampire my daughter. And you are really my true daughter I am your true father. Good-bye my sweet little Morning. I hope we meet in the after life.’ Then there is Shane by my side with his arm around my waist and his other hand at the nape of my neck. His lips on mine. He is kissing me! Even after he show what I was. He still liked me. “No get away from me.” I say in a different launges to them.

“What did she say?” Sara asked Shane. “She is specking in a different tong Shane.”

I try again. “No get away from me. I’m still evil. You should not try to kiss me.”

This time he must have understood me. Cause he pulled away from me. "Morning you are not evil you are sweet and caring. You love with you hart and soul.” He tells me. Then asked. “What tong where you speaking earlier when you LOOKED evil?”

“That I do not know Shane.” I tell him. Then I look around looking for the twins. Then it came to me I look at my skin which is still changing colors. And my hands where still claws. I wiggle myself out of his hands and run into the restroom. I look at my reflection. My eyes where still blood red but fading. My skin was just turning normal again. And my hands turn back to normal but the most scary thing bout me was my teeth. The all was pointed at the tips.

“Morning. Come out before I brake down the door right now.” Shane yells trough the restroom door. Then he starts to bang on the door when I didn’t go open the door emidily. I walk to the door and open it when I change back to my normal state. My normal self. Yea right I don’t have a normal self after I was change into this monster of a being. “Morning please don’t do this. Don’t hide away. You are not a monster and never will be with how you have raised these kids. They didn’t see a monster when you saved them two years ago. They saw their aunt who raised them, as you own kids. And they love you like you’re their own mother.” He tells me. Then he pulls me into his arms and holds me there. The kids come out of the bedroom and ran to us. I had enough time to get out of Shane’s arms before the twins where at there. I swooped them up and into my arms. Holding them close to my chest. Oh god I love them with all my died heart. Shane must have read my face cause he said. “Your heart is not died. It still beats right now. And I thank that you are not a monster at all. An that is because how I see you with these kids.” Then he turns around and goes to the very last door and just walks into that bedroom. Guess Doc gave him it. Oh no Doc! I ran down stairs and trough the door that was open. There on the guard in front of the back door was Doc. He was in a pool of his own blood. Oh gosh not Doc. Anger was building in side me. It was a flam of hatred that made me start growling.

“Aunty. What’s wrong.” The twin asked me. But I was to busy getting up form the floor to realize that they where here in the room with me. When I get up I get outside as quick as I can. I go to the woods that were behind the house and run. I run for hours. Not slowing down tell I reach New York in three hours top. By then I cooled down and turn around to go back home. When I reached the front door it was jerked open when I barley touched the door handle. It was Shane. And he was mad as kin be.

“Where have you been?” he yell in my face. Then jerked me into the house then into his arms and kiss me very hard. Then he pulled away from me. “Where have you been, Morning you scared me. Don’t ever do that again please?” he asked me. I just pull away from him all together not talking to him. I move to go to the stairs but Shane grasped my hand and tried to stop me, but I just pull my hand out of his and grasped his neck and jerked him to me. Before I know what I was doing I sank my teeth in to his neck and gulped back big drinks. Then all I knew was someone pulling me off and dragging me out side to the back yard then staping me in my stomach with a silver knife. But all I felt was the pain in my heart.

“Die you soul sucker die.” It was Sara’s voice that was saying it. But with venom in her voice.

“Get off of her Sara. I grape her when she was mad at something. Let he go.” A very husky voice said. “Come on she was angry. So let go of her right now.” Oh that was Shane. But she didn’t. She just keeps on stapping me. Like she was the one mad. Finally after twenty more stapes in my stomach some one finally got her off of me and threw her acouch the yard. “Morning come on get up. Come on don’t die.” Then there was the pain in my stomach. Oh gosh it hurt. Then I felt my life leaving my body for the second time ever. “No. No don’t give up. Come on don’t give up on me please the kids need you. I need you. GET UP PLEASE!” he yells the last pit in my face. Then I hear I tearing sound. And I fell my shirt being pulled open. Oh he tore it in half. Then I feel my chest being wiped clean of the blood pour out of me. And then the dark coming to claim me. No I can’t die yet I have to keep the kids safe still. I heard crying behind me. I try to turn my head to see. But I already knew who it was. The twins. My kids. Well how I see them.

“Aunty please wake up. Please don’t die please.” Mary said crying.

“Aunty please don’t leave me. I love you so please don’t go.” David said crying to.

I tried to get my body to sit up bout it wouldn’t. Then I fill my hand being lifted from my side. Andy must be holding my hand. No wait he was using my nail to cut his wrist. Then he put the cut wrist over my mouth. No I will not drink any more blood. Not from him. No. But I must to live or I will never be alive again. Wait didn’t the vampire who turn me say I was more then just a vampire? Yea no I remember. I closed my eyes and reached in side of me. I tried to concentrate but with the none stop crying. I screamed, “Stop.” And everything stopped. Even the birds that was flying in the sky. The blood stop flowing out of my stomach. Then I felt my skin knitting itself back together.

“Morning?” Shane asked when I didn’t take any of his blood. He tried to put his wrist back over my moth but I would just turn my head side way. “Morning you have to drink the blood you lost to much and it will help you he-.” He was looking at my stomach now. Guess he saw that I didn’t need it now. The pain in my stomach had stop hurting now. I sit up and looked around taking in everything. Sara was on her side in looking at us in a death stare. Oh gosh she’s died. I get up and run over there. I bit into my wrist and put it over her moth. I felt it flow out of my wrist in down here throat. I help her sharow it. Her body started to trash and shake.

“Come on wake up Sara.” I tell her. After a few minutes of quite her eyelash started to flatter then she looked into my eyes.

“How am I alive? All I remember is being thrown across the yard and the life leaving my body.” Then she looked at my wrist. It was still bleeding. “You didn’t.” she looked back into my eyes. Then back to my wrist. “You did. You turned me into a monster.” She yells at me.

“No I didn’t your still human. The only way for you to become a vampire is for me to drink your blood then you drink my blood. But I didn’t drink any. I just could see you died. But you will have a longer life span of three years and that’s it. Plus you can’t get sick any more and you are stronger and faster now.” I tell her after I made her stand up. Then I added, “I’m sorry by the way. But your time was not to die yet. That comes later. And please don’t try to kill me no more. I have to keep the kids safe still.” Then I turn around and walk to the twins and go down on my knees and they where in my arms before anyone could move an inch.

“Don’t ever leave us Aunty Morning. We love you.” Mary tells me crying.

“Please don’t. If we lost you there be no one else we would love but each other.” David said. He also was crying. They both stayed in my arms for the next few hours.
When we where in the house together the twins and me went to my room and lade down in my bed. I waited for them to go to sleep then I get up and turn on my radio.
The next few months where total bliss. With Shane and Sara I had more teenage friends. And with the twins I became more of a mother to them but as their next birthday grew nearer and nearer there was something bugging me. But I had no clue what it is. Soon I had to give them up to someone who could give them a mom and father. But for now they where mine. On May tenth it was the twins’ birthday and I finally got them a horse they wanted. Will we set down at the dinning room table their was a knock on the front door. I look over to Shane and Sara but they shock their head. I get up and answer the door. There stood in the front door was a man in a suit with a tie and watch. But what scared me was the look in his face. “Miss I’m here for the kids. Its time they had a mother and father. And most imported a better home and school.” He tells me when I let him in.

“What I’m the best they have.” I tell him shocked.

“You may thank that but it’s not true. And some people say you have not aged since you came here. They thank you are a vampire. But it can’t be true. Cause there it is no such thing as a vampire. Am I right?” he asked me. Oh dam no what am I to do tell him or don’t. Then I saw it. The glint of fangs.

“Well you tell me, sir.” I say with a smug smile.

“Oh man you fingered it out so quick young one. Daughter of Ian. I am so proud.” He said laughing. “Now tell me have you learned all the powers that are inside of you yet?”

“Powers?” I asked him. Was he crazy or is he serious? I ask my self that.

“Yes powers. You have more then anyone of the vampires.” He tells me. “But the kids are going to have to go some place safe for now. Cause you and your blood donors are going to go some place where you can learn the powers. And the blood donors are doing with you.” He tells me.

“What are you talking about?” I asked him.

“Have you never heard of the profit? Oh yea you new.” He says to me. “Now go get the kids things ready to go I’m taking them now. Or do I have to go up there and get the ready.” He starts to get up.

“No let them be for one more night then I will get them ready okay.” I tell him.

“Fine. But I will be back at this time tomorrow.” He said and left. I go back into the dinning room and sit down.

“What’s wrong Morning?” Shane asked.

“I’m leaving tonight. Can you get the kids ready to leave tomorrow? But don’t get upset.” I tell him.
“You can’t leave we need you here. You are the one who takes care of use.” Sara said.

“I have to. I got to know who I am Sara. I am more then a vampire. And I have to know what that is.” I tell her.

“Aunty you can’t leave what is going to happen to us?” Mary asked me.

“Yea you can’t leave we need you.” David said also.

I just get up and go to my room. I pull out a backpack then I go to my closet and pull out all my closeth. And fold all of them. Then I go to my draws and pull all of that out of it. I put it all in the bag then I go and get the locket from the back of my closet and put the picture of Shane, Sara, Mary, and David and me in it with Eve and Dave in it also. I put the silver chain around my neck. I go to my desk and write a note.

I’m sorry for the pain I put all you in. you are
my family and I love every one of you but its
time for me to leave you all. I am leaving money
so you can keep the kids. But don’t leave this house.
If you do then please take the kids with you where ever you go
I love you all.


Then I go to my window and jump out. I land on my feet so quite that I could feel my powers inside of me. I walk away from the house to the road and turn around. I heard Shane in my room. Then the screaming from him. “NOOOOO.” Then I turn back around and just keep walking. Never to look back for a long time. It was time for them to go on with out me. It was time for me to become who I was. Then I heard the front door open. “Morning don’t leave please. I love you please don’t leave us.” Shane said running down the road to me. When he cot me he grasped my arm and turned me around to face him. Then he pulled me against his body and kissed me. Not one of those sweet kisses but a feriose kiss.

I pull away and said, “I have to go. If I go I can get all my powers under control and I can keep prataert you all so I have to go. Bye and I will tell you how I feel the next time I see you.” Then I turn around and walk away with out looking back.

The author's comments:
sorry so short but im working on the next one also. so just wait tell i get it just right then ill add it

My goddess I hate this. Sleeping in allys and feeding on humans around the ally I'm in at the time. 'Why did i leave home?' i thank. ' Oh yea i was indangering everybody there.' but still i miss them like crazy.
what are the twins doing i wonder. are they doing there homework or are they fighting Shane. oh goddess Shane i miss him like crazy also. i go to bed thanking of him and the twins. one day i'll see them again i hope. my eyes close and i feel asleep to thanking of houlding them again and kissing them also.

The author's comments:
i hae=ve to thank now. and thats all got so far hope u like. and yeai know its short but bear with me.

"Wake up Morning. wake up and come home to us please. the kids miss u and so do i. please come home" i heard Shanes voice when i woke up. then i heard the screams of the twins.
NO!!!!!!!!!! i screamed as i felt the pain form the hurt. i dont know what it is but i'm going home right now.


it took three days to get to the house where they where. it look the same as before. the big oak tree now had a tire swing and the house had a paint job. when i walk up to the front door aq really hot girl opened it. "Who are you?" she asked me.
"I'm Morning and this happens to be my house." i told her. "Now get out of my way little girl."
"No. and if this was your house i would have knowen because i have been living here for the past three years with my boyfriend Shane and his kids."
"His kids i happen to have raise them!" i started to yell.

"Eve what is it. who is there." Shane said comeing up behind her
"Some girl who said this is her house.

"What--. Morning is that you?" Shane ask finally looking at me.
"Yea. so where are my kids Shane? i want to see them right now!" i said phushing in side the house.
"Hey kids come down here please." shane yells up the stairs. then i hear foot steps runing.
"Your back. Dave she is back!" she yelled and both of them came and jumped on me.
"So you do know who she isw then Shane." the girl said. thats when i was tuching the kids i saw what she did to them. i saw her hit them in the face, the body, and her breacking their bones.
"You slut!" i said pushing the kids away from me and i jumped at her and bit her neck. i shank my fangs in so deep that when i did jerk my head away i nearly trow her toart out.
"What is she Shane?" -----------

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