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Secrets Misunderstandings, and Forgivness

January 30, 2011
By Jesssss_, Cherryville, North Carolina
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Jesssss_, Cherryville, North Carolina
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Friends are like stars you cant always see them but you know they are always there.

Author's note: I had an assignment in english to write a short story and it ended up being fourteen pages long, so I thought hey why not keep going and see where it ends. I just hope anyone that reads this will love it as much as I do (I know I wrote it)it is my first, so tell me what you think, and any changes you think I should make.

I’m so glad my mom made me, my little brother Jonathan, and my little sister Katie move from this horrid place in Florida. We are going to live with our grandma Helen in Massachusetts until my mom finds a job she can keep. My grandmother lives in a beautiful house in a small town, her house are three stories it is a nice orange color with green shutters and oak doors, that is all I remember from my last visit years ago but I am sure it's all the same."I will find a job, don't worry you guys you will be just fine without me." My mom tells us as she helps Katie pack up. I sulk around silently as I have for the last month and a half. For the past month and a half all I could think about is Jonathon. Jonathon is the boy that broke my heart! He lied to me then dated my enemy what a traitor!

"Arianna stop moping around some boy is not worth all of this silence. You used to love to talk what’s wrong with my Ari-Bear?" "Ari-Bear" is my nickname from mom but I absolutely positively hate it!!!"Mom I’m perfectly fine! Mom really I know he isn't worth it." I say smiling, while thinking how true it was even though he was totally gorgeous. I am all packed up and ready to go to a foreign place I have never been. I pack all my favorite things in my cute suitcase I have had since I was little. Thirty minutes later we hop aboard the air-plane. I made sure that I had seats with my siblings. My brother and sister slept the whole flight. "Wake up Katie" I say as I shake her to wake her up then moving to my brother to wake him up "get up! We are here" I say. They both leap with excitement to see our grandmother on my dad’s side of the family.

She greets us with a warm smile even though it is very chilly. I think I prefer warm weather more but it will have to do because I know I’m going to be here for a while. "Hi kids! I just couldn't wait to see all of you!" she says with great joy. If it were my other grandmother she would probably be all sarcastic because she doesn’t like kids much, she especially doesn't like teenagers. She takes our bags to the nice blue four door truck. We all hop in once she is done putting our things in the truck.

"So how are you kids doing?" She asks triumphantly."Fine." we all chime in happily. "I can't wait to let you see my house Arianna" she says speaking directly to me as if I were the only one going to her house. "What?" I ask bewildered."Didn't your mother tell you your brother and sister is going to your aunt Victoria’s?" she said. At least I'll get some privacy (my siblings are nosy!!!).

"No I didn't know 'till now" I say slamming a colossal wacky smile on my face. The little ones snickered. "What are you laughing at?" I say cracking up at myself. It was a joyful ride on the way to Aunt Victoria's house. I am so overjoyed but I don’t know why, but I'm glad that I am it just makes it easier to settle into my new life. Victoria doesn't live to far from grandma but it is an hour apart almost. I slept the whole ride; grandma had to wake me because I didn't realize we are at her house.

I get out of the car wavering because it is hard for me to walk after sleeping for what seemed forever, I grab my bags out and follow grandma to my room I will be staying in. The house is exactly as I remember it except there is one or two extra stories to the house now. My room is nicely painted in lavender with matching bed sheets. I put away all my things then plop down on the bed, until grandma calls me. "Come down Arianna I have a gift for you!" I jump off the bed excited to see what it is "What Is It!!!!" I say jumping for joy. This is totally unexpected!

"Just go outside and you will see." she says. I start out slowly wondering what it could possibly be then I gradually start walking faster. I opened the door and oh my word! It is a Mustang not the car I've always wanted... but it will do! "Thank you, thank you, thank you" I squeal. "You are very welcome" she says while handing me the keys, I grab them planning on taking it for a drive so I can explore. "Is it ok if I take it for a spin?" I say smiling happily, while giving the car a stare down, it is purple an awesome color! "Yes you can! I don't mind." She says eyeing the car.

I thump into the car, inspecting everything it is a convertible with leather seats, a nice cute little air freshener, and built in seat warmers, that will help a lot in this cold weather!!! I pull off driving down the long winding driveway. I pull out of the driveway and head towards the city (Thank God this thing has a GPS!!!!). I am heading for this little shopping center somewhere not far from my grandma's house. When I pull in I see all the stores it has a restaurant, a DQ, and a few little non-popular shopping stores it's nothing fancy. I get out to do a little window shopping to see if any of the stores have anything cute, that’s when I see the perfect pair of boots they are adorable and great for cold weather. I speed walk to the door and float right to the boots right when I reach out so does someone else so I hop on them like a cat leaping on its prey, that way I am sure I will get them.

I reach them just in time when a rude voice interrupts my moment of victory "EXCUSE ME!" the skinny, trampy looking blonde says "You snooze you lose" I say trying not to laugh, I let my evil side take this. "Whatever!" she says I almost die laughing because this girl couldn’t be kidding when she said 'Whatever'. I walk over to the checkout counter so I can get out of here before she comes back for more trouble. I smoothly slide out of the store and the parking lot headed for Starbucks so I can get a warm drink. It's just a few miles later until I pull into the Starbucks; I go through the drive-thru so I can get it and leave quickly. I order a mocha latté and squeal out of the parking lot (the people here drive Crazy!!!!!).

I stop to MapQuest a mall in the area "ping" and there are, I head to the mall in Boston because I want to get away for a while! I start out towards the mall driving for what seems like forever!!!!! I arrive at the immense building, it's like four stories high, and it is a nice burgundy color much fancier than the one near my home. I go into the cutest stores; I was going to grab this cute jacket when I get a call from grams... "Hi how are you? How is the shopping going?" she says in a suspicious tone, I think she is predicting how much I went over my limit, "Everything is fine" I almost say in a whisper, but I don't because then she would definitely know. "Good. Well I can guess you spent a little too much because that is how normal girls are your age, so do not worry I have it covered." 'A little too much' was an understatement! "Ok! Thank you for everything grams." then I hang up before she can say anything else because I’m feeling a little guilty.

I hurry out to my car not looking at any of the stores, afraid I might see something else, before I leave I put on a few things on that I bought. I start out back to grams house. When I get to the nearest gas station I stop and fill up, when I got finished I pulled out and got caught by a yellow light uhhh could this get any worse I thought but it didn't get worse it got better. This nice Dodge charger pulled up beside me but that's not what made my day, it was the guy in it. He is so handsome! He has dreamy brown eyes that I could swim in all day if I could, he had nice brown hair medium length, he was smiling so I could see his nice white teeth, and then I realized he was not only smiling he was laughing. Then I realized I was staring with my mouth wide open, gaping at him.

I felt my face getting warm oh no this is so embarrassing I thought. Then he pulled away still staring at me smiling with a wide grin, when I finally realized the light turned green everyone behind me was honking their horns. I don't know why I didn't realize the light was green because he drove off. I take off with my foot all the way down so I can get away, I feel like crying that is how embarrassed I am! But I will get over it. I drive the speed limit home that way I don't get a ticket. School is only like three days away, this will be my last weekend before school. I take a scenic route and stop near a river to get some fresh air, I get out feeling queasy. I walk around for a minute.

As I start to walk towards my car I see something on the ground I don't know what it is, so I walk up to it. It struck before I could realize what it is, I let out a loud shriek, it didn't hurt but I’m deathly afraid of snakes. Everything suddenly turned black, all I can remember is the picture of the snake striking, and over and over it plays in my head. When I wake up I am not sure where I am but my best guess is the hospital because they are always plain. There are a lot of machines in here but I don't see any need for them all it is, is a snake bite.

When I fully gain conciseness I see that gorgeous guy sitting on the other side of the room at first I think it's a dream but of course I'm not right. "Hello I am Alex" he says smiling, I remember his pretty smile from my embarrassing moment "Um, I found you when I was going by where you were, I saw all the blood and panicked once I saw your car" he said, Wow I thought he must really care, just the way he said it is like he liked me, but I'm not going there if he likes me oh well. "Yeah it was only a snake bite. Where did all the blood come from?" I say looking at him with puppy eyes as if I was in trouble and didn't know why. He smiles his cute little smile that I feel like I know too well and says "Well I guess you passed out when you got bit, but you hit your head on a rock it was pretty bad!"

"Oh my word," I can't believe it! He stops smiling; it is cuter when he smiles! "Oh yeah, my name is Arianna." I say smiling. "It's nice to meet you Arianna. So I will be here if you need anything and here is my number if you ever want to talk when you’re out of the hospital." He says with a really serious face. He hands me a slip of paper and walks out but before he makes it all the way out of sight I call out to him "Hey Alex!" I say. "What?" He says while turning back to me. "Could you find my cell phone for me I have no idea where it is." I say giving a hopeful smile. "Sure" he says gliding through the room. He looks through my things and finally finds it in my purse.

"Thank you" I say. "You’re welcome" he says as he stalks out of the room. I call grams to tell her what happened. "Hi Grams" I say quietly "Hey sweetie what is going on? Where have you been?" she asks with her voice raised a little. "Well um, long story short, I stopped for fresh air found a snake got bit by it and passed out and hit my head on a rock try that on for size!" I say with a humorless laugh. "Oh No, I am guessing you are at the hospital but how on earth did you get there?" she said in a puzzled tone. "Well this guy Alex found me and brought me here, he seemed really nice" I say smiling to myself thinking of how adorable he is. "Oh Alex yes he is a nice young man." she said with her voice emotionless so I can't tell what she really thinks about him but it seems like she thinks he is okay. I fall asleep for a while until I can't sleep anymore.

When I awake I see grams and her smiling face I love her enthusiasm! I attempt to sit up but it doesn't work out so well. "Whoa there, don’t try to sit up." a familiar voice known as my grams' says who thought it would feel so great to hear her voice after sleep. I smile "When can I leave I am ready to go NOW!" she looks at me surprised. "Okay then we will get you right out Miss Garlond" an unfamiliar voice says, I look up to see it was a nice tall broad man with thinning gray hair. "It's Arianna. I do not like to be called Miss Garlond." I say not meaning to sound rude. "Okay then Arianna be ready I will be back in about fifteen minutes so you can leave" He said.

I swiftly get my clothes on. "Where is your car Ari?" Gram asks, when this question arises I don't know the answer. "I don't know I will call Alex when we get home and ask him I don't feel like calling now." I say looking at her with a sick look. We ride the elevator down when the doctor came back. We walk through the parking lot to her truck. "I am so tired and it's only Saturday!" I say in my complaining tone. "Well at least it is not Sunday, then you would have to go to school with a concussion." she said "Yeah I know" I say in agreement. The rest of the ride is silent. When we arrive back home grams pulls in, really hate all the bumps in her driveway because my head hurts.

"Oh my word how did my car get here?" I say surprised. “I am guessing Alex” gram says, while putting the truck in park. Gran helps me out of the truck. We walk inside, her house is so nice and fancy, it has a nice wrap around couch in the living room, a big kitchen with all the cooking items you could imagine, and I love the dining room it is totally original. I go straight for the couch. I pull out my cell phone and call Alex. "Hi Alex it's Arianna I just called to say thank you... for everything, so thank you." I say. "No problem, any time." He says. "Well, thank you again! I guess I'll talk to you later bye!" I say cheerfully. "Ok! Just remember if you need anything just call me or text me." He says in a happy but yet macho tone. "Ok thanks again bye." I say then hang up.

Sunday goes by in a blur and then it's Monday, first day of school YAY, not! Gram wakes me up at about six o' clock or a little earlier. I get up and walk groggily to the shower. The warm water on my skin is so soothing. I get out dripping wet, and put on my clothes. I stare at myself in the mirror for some reason, I have light reddish hair and brown eyes I always wear my hair down, it is naturally strait so it’s easy to deal with. After I stare at the mirror for a while I go down for breakfast.

"What's for breakfast?" I ask grams while finishing the last couple stairs. "Well good morning!" she says smiling sipping on her coffee "Well I made toast eggs and there is some juice or milk in the fridge." she says looking up at me from the newspaper. "Okay." I say with a smile. I get a piece of toast and an egg, and orange juice. I eat in a hurry, I finish and walk to the door about to leave but gram interrupts me, "I already got you a parking ticket so that is already taken care of." she says. "Thanks grams!" I manage a smile I feel like there is a rock in my throat, I am so nervous! I walk out almost forgetting my backpack and purse, grams calls to me "Forgetting something?" she says in a joking tone. I go back and get my things and stop to tell grams bye “Thanks grams, for everything!" I run out to my car. When I am all settled in my car I crank it then flip through radio stations and stop on a station that is playing my favorite song, "Just the way you are" by Bruno Mars.

I pull out of the driveway putting on some heat, it's like winter and it's only August. Massachusetts is nice, especially the small town grams lives in, and on the way to school I see a small diner, a coffee shop, and a grocery store. I finally pull up to an intersection near the sign of the school. In big gold letters it says Crenshaw Heights High School. The school is just one story because it is a small town so there are not many people. I pull into the parking lot going slowly so I can see my number, my number is 27. Number 27 is not far at all from the school.

Before I am able to pull in to my spot a Dodge Charger cuts me off flying through the parking lot. Alex! I think to myself. As soon as I see him I am going to confront him! .....Before I get out I wrap up in my scarf and jacket. I carefully get out of the car and grab my things. I hurriedly walk towards the door right before I reach it I slip on the ice but of course before I fall someone catches me, it always happens in movies. It is a tall black haired guy wearing a brown and white striped shirt and jeans."Be careful" he says staring at me in the eyes, I just stare back like a total moron! "Thanks for the words of wisdom" I say laughing and smiling. He chuckles "You’re welcome!" he says while helping me pick my backpack up, while I pick up everything that was in my purse. "Do you need any help with your classes?" he asks. "No" a familiar voice says from behind me "I have got it covered" he says now standing beside me.

"Thanks anyways" I say giving him a nervous smile. "Ok catch ya later" he says giving Alex a look of envy. "Hey I didn't catch your name!" I yell after him. He turns around "It's Jason." he says with sad eyes. I think he might like me like me that would be a problem! I kind of like Alex... A lot! "So what’s your first class?" he says in that charming voice I love. "It says Spanish three with Mrs. Dupree." I say holding up three fingers. “Okay I know exactly where that is I have it first too.” He says annoyed. “What’s wrong with you?” I ask looking up at him. “It’s just that class… I hate it!” he says staring ahead. “I don’t think that’s it.” I say in a teasing tone smiling up at him. He still hasn’t looked at me yet; he is still thinking and looking ahead of us.

“You’re right maybe it’s not, but still it’s the truth.” He says finally looking down at me. The rest of the walk was pretty silent. When we arrive Alex shows me where to sit he sits somewhere else, I am disappointed because he didn’t sit with me. When the bell rang the teacher walks in she looks nice enough. “Okay class, since this a small town you should all know about Arianna moving here over the summer. Now let’s get to work!” she says while sitting down at her desk. Everyone sits down and begins the work from the white board. I certainly feel greeted.

“Pssssssssst” I look up it’s the girl in front of me. “Hi I’m Liana Jones everyone calls me Ana though.” She says giggling, she is so happy! “Oh nice to meet you I’m Arianna as you know.” I mumble. “So if you need any help I will help you. What class do you have next?” she whispers. “Um, I have English with Mrs. Wilkes.” I say looking at my schedule. “Oh, good I know where that is I have it next too.” She says. “Ok thanks but um Alex was going to walk me there but you can.” I say, I am not going to make it obvious that I like him.

I sit there working on a Spanish assignment when this girl interrupts me. “Oh gosh she is such a dork. The new girl, she is not even cool thinking she can just come here and take Alex from me!” a high pitched squeaky voice says then I realize it’s the girl from the store. On no! I don't say anything I just listen some more. "Yeah I know" says one of her drones. "If she doesn't back away I will hurt her." the "tramp" says. I laugh and the whole class stares at me. I just smile at all of them. "Oh my, what a weirdo!" tramp says. I look at her and blurt out "What could you possibly do if you mess with me I’ll squish you like a bug." I say laughing. "Is there a problem Arianna?" Miss Dupree says. "There might be." I say looking at tramp and laughing my head off! Everyone just laughs with me. "That is enough class and Arianna!" she yells. I slide down in my seat. "Beeeep" the bell for second Yes!

"Come on" Ana squeaks. "Ok" I say smiling at her; I know I will be able to get along with her! "Hey Arianna!" says Alex walking up behind us "Can I ask you something? In private sorry Ana." he says running his fingers through his hair. "Sure." I say coolly. "What was all the laughing about back there?" he asks looking like a lost puppy. "Um nothing," I say smirking, still thinking about what I told tramp. "Yeah, Sure nothing..." He mumbles. "Ok well I will be strait with you." I say pausing for a moment. "I like you... a lot! Um, I heard tramp or whatever her name is, saying how if I didn't back away from you she would hurt me blah blah blah... that got the wheels turning in my head and a lot of funny things popped into my head... and yeah." I say feeling a little embarrassed. "Oh!" he says then walks away... ok he definitely does not like me, or at least if he does I can’t tell.

While walking I get lost in my thoughts and accidently run into this girl and knock all of her stuff out of her arms. "Oh! I am so sorry!" I bend down to help her pick up her things. "My name is Arianna. Hi!" I say cheerfully. She doesn’t say anything for a moment. "I’m Hailee." she says so quietly it's almost a whisper "shouldn't you be hanging with the popular people?" she asks in a mutual tone. "Um I can’t stand those types of people. Sorry that was a little stereotypical." I say in deep thought. "Oh ok good" she says brightening up a little bit. I smile at her "Can you help me find English with Mrs. Wilkes?" I say. She is a little taller than me; she has black hair with red highlights. "Sure" she says. "Thank you bunches." I say, in such a great mood.

We walk there making a little small talk I learn she goes to the same class as me. Since she is in the same class I might get to tell her about the tramp thing and ask her a few questions... she seems really nice! "Ok class! We will be in groups of two today get in your groups." she says to the class, good thing tramp isn't in here! "Hey Hailee want to be partners?" I say while looking around at all the other people moving desks and picking partners. "Ok!" she says, moving her desk next to mine. "Oh I have a few things to tell you. I feel like we will get along great." I say grinning from ear to ear "Ok, the first thing is about this girl in my first... tramp or at least that’s what I call her." I say.

"Oh what is it about? Could you describe what she looks like?" she says smiling back at me. "Everyone freeze! Ok, we are uneven in groups. Who would like for Miss Cooper to be in your group?" she says interrupting our conversation and sweeping her eyes over the whole class. I raise my hand "We wouldn't mind having her in our group!" I say. "Thank you Miss Garlond." she says to me. The girl, which I do not know her name, grabs all of her stuff and walks over to Hailee and I. "Hi I am Arianna." I say. "It is nice to meet you. My name is Danni." she says emotionless. "Danni is an awesome name!" I say and I finally get her to smile. She has pretty nice white teeth she may be at least an inch or two shorter than me, she has caramel color hair and blonde highlights.

"Thanks! So I know nothing about you, tell me a little bit about yourself." she says. "Yeah that would be great!" says Hailee looking from me to Danni. "Um ok... I am from Florida. I love the sun. I love being happy all the time and I can't stand people that judge or preps and jocks." I say looking back and forth at them they both had an "I’m interested" look on their faces. "That’s cool!" Danni says. "Yep... well that's me for ya!" I say. "Well you sound like an interesting person." someone says from behind me. I turn around to his smiling face. "Hi! Jason!" I say looking at him. "Hey sorry I dodged into your conversation." He says I just laugh. "It's ok." I say turning back around. "Hey I'll talk to you later since I have school work to do." He says. When he says his last few words Hailee hands me a note. It says He is so cute and he talks to you he has never talked to me. I'm basically invisible! I reply, No you are not! When my work is done you won't be! Lol! I pass it back to her wanting no reply.

We finish our work earlier than everyone else, mostly because we weren’t talking the whole time. “So how are you going to do this?” asks Hailee? “Well I am contemplating it in my head. Don’t worry you two will be together if it’s the last thing I do.” I say still thinking about it. “Okay thank you! I don’t know but I feel like we’ve been best friends forever!” she says laughing from her happiness. “I know.” Puts in Danni, I didn’t think she would say that.” Thanks you guys!” I say feeling like I finally fit somewhere. I start thinking about if my mom gets a job I don’t want to move back!

“Okay we have to all hang out sometime.” says Danni. “I think we should go to the mall for some bonding time.” says Hailee. “Okay I think we should I will drive us there. Is Friday after school good?” I say anticipating going. “How about tomorrow after school?” says Danni writing it down “Friday is too far away!” she says frowning. “Yes let’s do this.” Hailee says. “Okay I will call both of you tonight and let you all know what my grandma thinks. I need your phone numbers.” I say pulling a piece of paper out of my backpack. I write down Danni first and let her write her number, and then I write Hailee and let her write her number down. “Okay that’s good thanks guys.” I say looking at each of them than shoving the paper in my pocket.

“Who is walking you to third period?” Hailee asks. “Um, I think I am going to go find Alex so I can ask him something.” I say not wanting to offend either of them. “Oh you like him don’t you?” Danni asks. “Maybe just a little,” I say feeling my face go warm and a smile appearing on my face. “Awe how cute!” says Hailee. “Yeah well he is the first guy I saw when I came here and he rescued me…” I say dropping mid sentence, wanting to say no more. “Awe how sweet.” they chime together. I look at them finally getting to see what each of them is really like.

“Okay subject change.” I say wanting to change the subject badly. “Okay how about our trip… We should check out an hour early that way we can get a good start to the mall.” Danni says with Hailee agreeing. “Yeah…I don’t know how my grandmother will like that.” I say unsure of what she would say. “Well we will just have to wait and see. Bye guys.” “Beeeep” the bell for third rings I rush to go find Alex. I run out bumping into someone and falling on my butt. I look up and what do you know, it’s Alex.

“Hi” he says in a ruff tone. “Hi” I say perkily “You are just the person I am looking for.” I say as he helps me off the floor. “Why?” he asks. “It is because I need help getting to my next class.” I say looking up at him. “Don’t you have friends for that?” he asks, I take it as “I don’t like you so get away from me”. "Uh ok I'll just find it myself then have a nice life!" I say storming away. Before I can get all the way up the hallway he runs up behind me and grabs my elbow. "Wait, I'm sorry it's just all too complicated!" He says in deep thought.

"What is so complicated that I couldn't understand?" I ask sarcastically. "A lot of things about me... some of these things which I can not under any circumstance tell you that is why it would be hard if I date you... Because I couldn't be completely honest with you," He says with a look of regret on his face. "I mean don't get me wrong I really like you too." I cannot believe he actually said he likes me!!!!!! Now we are alone in the hall no one in sight the late bell has already rang. I stop in my tracks to capture all of my thoughts floating around in my head, while leaning against an ugly yellow locker. He stops a few steps in front of me.

Everything is going in slow motion, when he glides back to where I am he blocks my way from anything and everything. He brushes his lips lightly against mine, everything fitting so perfectly. "We better get to class. I think we have the same one and tramp is in it sorry to say." He says smirking. "Okay... This is going to suck but at least you are in my class." saying just to catch his reaction and to see what he will say. He does his cut little smile I love "Well it certainly won't be a problem for me either since you'll be by my side or at least I hope you will be by my side." he says with his cute face on.

"You know I will be right beside you.” I say smiling up at him. When we walk in Riley Ann Rudissill (tramp), eyes us with her mouth wide open. “Hey Riley you might want to close your mouth before a bug flies in.” I say laughing. Alex already at our seats is laughing a lot! “Now class sit down Arianna just because you are new doesn’t mean you can get away with anything you want.” She says staring at me. “I am sorry but I didn’t say I could where would you get an idea like that?” I say in a sweet tone. Mrs. Dillinger, the biology teacher, doesn’t reply she just gives me a long stare down, and then starts class.

“Okay class the person that is in the desk beside you will be your lab partner. Let’s get started!”She yells. Today is just a good day, because all we have to do is copy notes. Class lets out in thirty minutes so I start a little small talk. “So you can’t tell me anything about yourself?” I ask lost. “It’s not that I don’t want to because I really want to.” He says looking away. I don’t want him to think I am desperate to know because I am not! “Well its fine I don’t mind.” I say knowing it’s the truth he can tell me what he wants to I don’t mind, I just really would like to know everything. “Really?” he asks confused. “Yeah I don’t mind at least you were strait with me about the part where you can’t tell me.” I say really meaning it.

“Thank you for being so considerate.” He says in gratitude. “It’s no problem.” I say. “You know what Arianna?” He says grinning from ear to ear. I love the way he says my name it’s like magic. “What?” I say playing along. “I want you to be my girlfriend.” He says looking down blushing probably hoping my answer will be yes. I look strait into his eyes “Of course I will.” I say, while going crazy inside. He just smiles. “So” I say breaking our silent stares, “Want to go see a move Friday?” I hope with all my heart he says yes. “I most certainly would love to!” He says cheerfully.

I think of how mad Riley would be if she actually knew at this moment. I was so nervous; considering this would only be the first relationship I have had in a while. “Do you want me to walk you to your next class?” He says. I think for a moment deciding to say no so I can vent everything to the girls. “Yeah, that would be great.” I say not meaning to but I probably won’t regret it. “Okay.” He says in an adoring tone. “I can’t wait for tomorrow!” I say not thinking because I didn’t mention a shopping trip with the girls to him. “Why is that?” He asks looking at me with curiosity. “Well because me and the girls, which would be Hailee and Danni, we are going to the mall to hang out. It’s so we can get to know each other a little better.” I say smiling thinking of how great it will be. “Oh that sounds like fun I hope you guys have fun.” He says.

This is awkward for both of us, for him because he can’t tell me everything. And it is awkward for me because I have not been in a lot of great relationships. “Thank you.” I say after a moment. When the bell rings I get my notebook for biology and pick up my backpack. “Let me carry that for you.” He says. He is so sweet! “Thank you!” I manage a smile. Butterflies flutter around in my stomach as we walk. While walking through the hall Hailee walks up to me. “Hi!” she says with a look of amusement on her face. “Hey.” I say smiling looking at Alex from the corner if my eye. “I have to talk to you about you know what.” She says looking from Alex to me.

“Okay, I think we have the same class next I’ll meet you there.” I say giving a hopeful smile. “Okay.” She says. She stomps away in her little black dress she is wearing, disappearing down a different hall. “So what was that about?” Alex asks. It’s only me and him in the hall together again, what is up with this? “Well she likes Jason…” I say looking up at him thinking of ways I could get Hailee and Jason together. “She shouldn’t he is bad news!” He says. I can tell he didn’t mean to say it, because he knew something that I didn’t, but will soon find out. “What’s that supposed to mean?” I ask hoping he would tell me. “I cant it pertains to the part I can’t tell you about.” He says looking down into my eyes; I just stare back into his beautiful brown eyes.

“I really wish I could.” He says with sad eyes. We arrive at my class in a minute or so; I said nothing else after what he said. He stares deeply into my eyes as if searching for something. We quickly brush lips lightly and gentle, and then he leaves to go to his class. I walk in grabbing a seat next to Hailee. “Hey sorry about that I have some things to tell you!” I say looking over at her. “Hi! It’s okay. Anyways, Jason, I can’t even be around him without blushing I feel so helpless sometimes.” She says staring at her paper. She lifts her head up a little and says “I feel like I can tell you anything so how about I come over today and hang out. I have a few weird things about myself I feel like I need to tell you.” She says in an unsure tone. “Okay I'm cool with that. Hold on and I’ll text gram and ask her.” I say pulling out my phone; I send it just in time. “Okay let’s get into our studies.” The teacher says I just stare at her like she’s crazy.

I pull out a piece of paper to write a note because everyone is so quiet. So if you didn’t know Alex asked me to be his gf. I said yes. He is soooooooo sweet! I write and pass it to Hailee. She reads it and her eyes get wide in amusement. She passes it back. It says what!? Oh my Gosh! I can’t believe it…Now you have the boy you wanted…all we have to do is get mine lol. I write back Yep I am still working on that one! I hope I can convince him to date you…but don’t worry it shouldn’t be hard! I pass back as she reads it Mrs. Harlem interrupts her “What is that? I hope it’s not a note.” She says walking to Hailee’s desk. I answer “Yeah, it’s a note so what you can read it to the class. I don’t care!” I say knowing since I’ve said this she won’t read it aloud. “Okay I won’t read it out loud this time but I better not catch you passing notes again.” She says exactly what I predicted she would.

The rest of the class I work on the work that is assigned. The rest of class goes by fast and silent. The bell rings and I hop up to leave dumping everything into my backpack, I love it, it is purple, and purple is my favorite color! “My gram said yes so come on.” I say hurrying out to find Alex. Not realizing I walk past him. “Looking for someone?” He comes up putting his arms around my stomach. I pivot around to get a good look at him, and his gorgeous smile. “Hey.” I smile at him while hugging him. “Eww could you guys stop.” Hailee says giggling. He smiles over to her then kisses me, but not as lightly as the first couple times. My head is spinning from the kiss, not wanting to ever stop but he finally releases me. “I will walk you to your car.” He says grabbing my hand tugging me forward. “Come on Hailee.” I say looking back to her. “’Kay I'm coming!” she yells back smirking.

We walk slowly to my car with Hailee in front of us. When we arrive to the car we hug and kiss for a few minutes. With butterflies in my tummy I manage a goodbye, “Bye!” I say not wanting to let him go. “Bye beautiful.” He says releasing me from his grasp. I sigh and slide into the car, cranking it up and the heat also. “It is so cold.” I say shivering. “You get use to it after a while.” She says rubbing her arms. “Maybe I won’t.” I say with a sudden outburst of laughter. I have been so happy since Alex asked me to be his girlfriend. She just laughs with me. On the way home we crank up some Bruno Mars and B.O.B, and we sing along loudly and tonelessly.

We arrive to the long drive way, I pull in moving kind of slow. I push the button to the garage door and carefully drive into it. “Okay let’s go in.” I say grabbing her by the wrist dragging her to the door. I walk in with her behind me, the house smells so good. It smells of cookies, and chocolate, and goodies. “Hey gram we are here.” I yell not knowing where she is. “Well welcome home Miss Arianna. Welcome to our home Hailee.” She says with a slight smile looking over Hailee. “Thank you Ms. Garlond.” Hailee says. “You’re welcome, Okay so there are cookies and all the goodies you would want in the kitchen.” Gram says. She is a short lady with short reddish hair; this is where my red hair comes from. “Thank you gram,” I say leading Hailee to the kitchen.

“Make yourself at home.” I say grabbing some cookies retreating to my room. Hailee grabs some cookies too and follows me to the third floor. I plop down on the bed leaving her a space to sit beside me. “Okay so what is it that you wanted to tell me?” I say excited to learn what she had to have privacy to tell me. “Well you’re going to think I'm crazy…” she says nibbling on a cookie. “No I won’t!” I say trying to reassure her. “Well, okay if you say so…I am a Lioness as in female lion.” She says looking up to see my expression. I just burst out laughing. “I told you.” She says standing up from the bed “If you don’t believe me then I’ll just show you!” She says closing her eyes concentrating on something. Then she starts to shiver and violently shake.

She becomes a big lion; I stifle a scream but hold it in so gram can’t hear it. “I told you.” She says. I get dizzy thinking of how impossible this is then everything goes cold and black.

Why do I always pass out? I feel something trickling on my face it is water. “What in the world.” I say not believing any of this. It’s all too much to take in, especially because she is a Lioness. “I can change back if you’d like.” She says. “Yeah I would be a little bit cooler with that.” I say with a humorless laugh. She shifts back and looks at me with pleading eyes to still be her friend. “WOW!” I stare at her in amusement what on earth does this entire junk mean? Does it mean that there are other humans that can shift to a Lion or Lioness? This is a lot to take in!

“So does this mean there are other people like you?” I ask looking at her still in shock of this even being possible. “Yes there are.” She says looking happy she could finally get it off of her chest. “So like what kind of others are there?” I ask. “There are a lot of others, some not so good like the Lions, Lionesses, Tigers, and tigresses are. There are also Mahishas these are scary buffalo demons, and all the creatures of the Wampanoag culture. ” She says. “This is so weird!” I say she gave me a worried look. “Promise you won’t tell.” She says biting her lip. “I promise. I won’t even tell Alex. My lips are sealed.” I say looking at her still standing there by the bed.

“It’s getting late I better take you home.” I say. It is five thirty pushing six. “Okay let’s go.” She says shoving the rest of her last cookie in her mouth. I grab my keys and my cell phone heading to the stairs. “Doesn’t this house have an elevator?” She asks dreading the walk down the stairs. “Actually yes it does. I say smiling at her looking at me gaping. I just smile walking her to the elevator. Pressing the first floor we start going down, down, down. On the way out I tell gram I am taking Hailee home and spin out of the driveway. Ring ring “Hello” I say into the phone. “Hey sweetheart,” the voice replies. “Hello.” I say smiling.
“You’re talking to him aren’t you?” she whispers to me I quickly nod and she giggles. “Who is that?” He asks obviously knowing who it is. “It’s Hailee she has figured out I am talking to you.” I say looking over at her smiling. “Well you want to go grab some coffee and hang out for a few minutes.” He says “It’s on me and Hailee can come too.” He says, to bad I can’t see his expression right now. “Okay I’ll see ya there Starbucks right at the edge of town right?” I say trying to pay attention to the road. “Yes I will see you there Love you and be safe.” He says. He said Love you that is a big step for me so I can’t say it back even though I could feel he wants me to.
“Bye.” I say and click off the phone feeling my face getting hot because I didn’t say it back. “Oh yeah I forgot to mention. Danni is a Tigress.” She says with a contorted smile. “Wicked.” I say already use to the fact, I might as well warm up to it too because I'm not loosing any friends just because of that one little thing. “Yeah it’s a little different from being a Lioness.” She says. “That’s so cool! I want to see it…I think it’s just so interesting.” I say looking for the turn onto the road leading to Starbucks. “It’s not all too interesting it kinda hurts when you shift and it’s just a lil bit scary.” She says it dragging out ‘scary’.
“Where are we going?” She asks confused looking out the window. “Oh” I laugh a little “We are going to Starbucks to hang for a few minutes.” I nervously smile over at her. “Okay anything to keep me from home longer.” She says lifting one eyebrow. I turn into the Starbucks a few miles later. Alex is already parked and inside warming up, I can see him through the window. “Oh he’s here. What are you guys going to do smooch the whole time?” she says laughing. “Oh yeah you know it.” I say making her laugh more. “Okay let’s go in.” she says. I jump out speed walking to the door. When I'm in I walk up to him and wrap my arms around him, letting him wrap his around me.
“Hello beautiful.” He says greeting me. I love his greeting every time he sees me he says ‘Hello Beautiful’ I couldn’t be in love with anyone sweeter. “Hello handsome.” I flirt back smiling and hugging him tight. “Are you afraid you might loose me because I'm not going anywhere?” He says smirking. I don’t let go either. “How do I know that?” I say really scared he might leave me for Riley. “Riley is way prettier than me. Why pick me.” I ask really wondering. “Because trust me you are beautiful that beats pretty any day.” He says all I can do is smile. Hailee clears her throat. “I'm sorry Hailee” I say turning around in his arms, he knows I don’t want him to let go. “So what do you ladies want?” He asks politely. “I want a mocha latté.” I say looking at Hailee for her answer. “I want a Vanilla Bean latté” she says licking her lips. “Okay ladies now tell that to the cashier.” We give our orders and go to the table. I sit down across from Hailee and beside of Alex.
“So I can’t wait until the trip tomorrow!” Hailee says. “Me either!” I say. “Not my favorite topic.” Alex says sitting there smiling. “Yeah I know!” we say simultaneously. We share laughter and conversation for fifteen more minutes. “Well I think it’s time to go.” I say not wanting this time to end. “Okay I will see you later Ari-Bear He says seeing if his nickname annoys me, surprisingly it doesn’t, especially when he says it. “Bye Alex!” it takes me a moment to get the words to come out, “I love you.” There that wasn’t so bad! “I love you too.” He says, it’s a little awkward but it expresses my feelings for him. Then he kisses me it was like a make out scene in public, when we finally part lips I am gasping for air.

“Don’t eat each others face off!” Hailee says laughing. “I will don’t you worry.” Alex says. I hug him and peck him on the lips one last time before I walk to the car. I drive slowly to Hailee’s house trying not to miss any turns. At exactly eight I arrive at her house, she jumps out and runs to the door pulling out a house key, I am assuming her parents are asleep. I wave goodbye and drive home in a fog. I go to sleep when I get home with no dreams at all, not even about Alex.

I wake up to a bright Wednesday. I hop in the shower, and get ready for school fixing my hair today. I walk downstairs to get some breakfast and I find gram and Alex waiting for me at the table. There sits Gram in her usual bathrobe holding a cup of coffee and reading the daily newspaper, and Alex…Alex looking hotter than usual.
“I came by to pick you up for school.” He says casually. “Well thank you but you know I'm leaving school early right?” I say. He pokes his lip out. “I have already got it planned out Arianna, I will come get you and your friends drop you off here and then you can go.” She says barely looking up from the newspaper. “Thank you gram I love you.” I say hugging her. “You are welcome Arianna.” She smiles a smile that says to go. “I’ll be right back you two.” I say starting up the stairs to the third floor. I grab my purple pack as I call it, and ran down to meet back up with Alex. “Bye gram.” I say blowing her a kiss. We get in his Charger starting off to school the whole ride we held hands.
School goes by in a blur. The shopping trip was so fun we had our laughs. After the mall we head back to my house so Danni can show her Tigress form. I hate going to that mall because it takes to long “So what all are we going to do when we get to your house?” asks Danni Staring up at me and Hailee from the middle seat in the back. “Sorry you had to sit in the back this time next time you get shotgun.” I say turning onto a road leading to another road that will lead to another road, and so on and so on, until we are at my house. “It’s Okay!” she says happily.
I drive onto the road leading to gram’s drive and speed up to get to her house faster. Two minutes later we are in the garage ready to go to the backyard for Danni’s shifting trick. “Here bring your stuff in before we go to the backyard we can use the elevator.” I say feeling like the leader from follow the leader or Simon says, a little kids game. “Okay let’s hurry!” Hailee says. I throw our shopping bags in my room hurrying back to the elevator. “To the first floor.” I announce. The elevator seems to take for ever maybe it is just all of the anticipation.
I lead everyone to the backyard grabbing a cookie on the way out the back door. “Don’t worry if I moan in pain.” Danni says smiling humorlessly. Danni stretches like she is about to run a hundred laps. When she gets done stretching she concentrates on…being a Tigress I guess, then her body starts twisting like a balloon animal and she transforms into a well you know Tigress. “Rawrrrrrrrrr!” is all she could say. It’s kinda creepy how her body can change into something so foreign yet it seems natural for her.
“Wow that was so cool!” I say smiling at her. “Hey guys I have some homework to work on and you guys probably do to so I'm going to take both of you home.” I say just wanting to sleep. “Okay.” They say in sync. I take them home then get in bed. I get a text from Alex. Are you driving to school or what? I hit the reply button you can come get me if you want. A minute later he texts I will! Love you by goodnight! I reply Goodnight and I love you too! <3. I put my phone on charge and gently drift to sleep. I wake up before five which is way early for me, but oh well at least I'm up.
I take an extra long shower today and get ready slowly, oh how good it feels not to be in a rush. I run downstairs and make some toast and scrambled eggs finishing them in five minutes. I get up and go upstairs to brush my teeth. I take the elevator back down and put my things by the door. It should be about time for gram to wake up so I perk some coffee. Waiting for Alex takes what seems like forever. Ding dong goes the doorbell I jump up and look out of the peep hole, it’s him! I grab my things and burst out of the door flying into his arms, almost knocking him down he catches my legs and carries me to the car.
“I love you so much!” I manage to say before we lock lips, every time he kisses me butterflies flutter around in my stomach, his lips are soft, he smells like the outside air fresh this is what he always smells like and I absolutely love it. We stay the way we are for about three more minutes and then he cups my face in his hands, “You are the most beautiful person ever… and I can’t keep that secret from you anymore. I will tell you when I get in the car.” He says and shuts my door for me. He hops in and starts the car. “Okay. You cannot tell any—“I wont” I say before he gets the whole sentence out.
“I am a Lion. I have control over it so you don’t have to be scared Durga is my Goddess and she chooses the people worthy of the power she can give. I understand if you don’t want to date me any more.” He says in a rush, how in the world he could even think I would leave him, I don’t know. “What? I love you too much to give you away to any other girl I would just be jealous if I saw you with anyone besides me, and I love that you’re a Lion it just makes you more unique and beautiful.” I say looking at him still astonished he would think I wouldn’t like him anymore.
“I love you” We stare at into each others eyes while sitting in the school parking lot, until Danni and Hailee interrupts by tapping on the window. “Hi guys.” I try not to be so harsh on them because I haven’t given them that much attention lately. “Hey” Danni says as she opens my door. Alex is already out and walking towards school, I love Alex for that he gives me some space for my friends, most guys would be like me, me, and only me! “Bye” I yell at him. “Love you!” He yells back.
“So what’s up guys?” I ask them. “There is this really hot new kid his name is Seth!” Danni says. “And the best part he has a hot brother! He is like so perfect for me his name is Luke.” Hailee says. “Go for it!” I say. “What?” They both say faces scrunched up. “Ask them out you never know what they would say.” I say in a daze.
“Good Idea.” Hailee says. “Yep!” I say walking towards the school.

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Favorite Quote:
Friends are like stars you cant always see them but you know they are always there.

Thanks I didnt think it was that good so I have since then stopped working on it now i think i may finish it. I'm working on a different book right now:)

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This is awesome when will you be done