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Midnights in Rome

October 25, 2016
By Anonymous

«END OF THE DAY by One Direction»


Francis Colt has been in love with Cassia Fauster for as long as he can remember. She's the kind of love that's constant; unlike the past girls he's been with in his nineteen years of lifetime.


They have known each other ever since they were seven, both of their parents business partners as well as good friends. He has also been friends with her ever since; the both of them going to the same school until they separated ways a year ago for college; Francis going to NYU and Cassia pursuing fashion design in Paris with the extreme persuading she had to do to her parents.


It's been a year since he had seen her.

It's almost January first, and they're in Rome. Both of their parents attended a charity event in Italy and had their children tag along.


Francis was already ecstatic to find out he was going to Italy, and was then over cloud nine when he found out Cassia was going too.


Now the countdown is happening to welcome the New Year. The both of them find their way to the rooftop of the building Francis could not even pronounce.


"Hurry, Francis! We can't miss the fireworks!" Cassia shrieks as she holds Francis by her right hand as they run to the top with her heels on the left.


Francis catches up to her immediately as soon as her cold hand touched his. He shivers and doesn't know of it's the good kind or the latter.


They're finally, finally at the top after what seemed like a thousand steps to Francis. Cassia lets go of his hand as soon as she slams the door open, the both of them welcomed with the freezing wind.


Cassia runs to the edge of the rooftop, overlooking the twinkling lights of Rome. Francis stares at her, leaning on the door to catch his breath. He wonders why she isn't gritting her teeth with the cold. He wants to give her his coat; he wants to hold her in his arms; he wants to tell her he's been in love with her for years now; he wants to tell her everything because Francis Colt is staring at Cassia Fauster who is looking so perfect and flawless.

She's wearing a baby pink long gown with the back wide open, revealing her flawless skin, her dirty blonde hair barely touching her shoulders. She turns to Francis and stares back at him, the sequins on her gown creating a glint in his eyes.


She flashes Francis a smile which makes him weak to the knees.


I told her that I loved her, was not sure if she heard
The roof was pretty windy and she didn't say a word
Party dying downstairs, had nothing left to do
Just me, her and the moon


"I love you, Cassia." he croaks at her, but she looks at him with confusion. The wind's too loud and strong.

He's sweating. Why is he sweating? It's below ten degrees in the rooftop.


Francis walks closer to Cassia, positioning beside her. Her perfume wafts through the air; the same scent she's been wearing since middle school. It's almost making him dreamy. Francis ruffles a hand through his brown hair, glancing at Cassia who is staring at the lights, a smile flitting on her face.


Francis doesn't care about the lights in Rome anymore; or how he's a thousand miles away from home, how he's bound to return to New York in a few days. He doesn't care about the stars in the sky or how perfect the weather is.


He doesn't care because all he's seeing right now is Cassia Fauster and how her ridiculous smiles light up the whole world.


The countdown's just ended. It's midnight and the start of a new year. Francis is pulled back to reality; the people in the streets screaming and laughing and kissing, the party downstairs probably closing to an end. It won't be long before his parents call him to return back to the hotel.


All I know at the end of the day
Is you love who you love, there ain't no other way
If there's something I've learnt from a million mistakes
You're the one that I want at the end of the day


He removes his coat, draping it over Cassia carefully as he takes a step forward. Immediately Francis feels a cold coming but he sets it aside. He leans a little closer to her face he can see the freckles under her eyes.


"You look amazing," he whispers on her ear. Their closeness is tearing Francis into pieces because he can't touch her the way he wants to. He can't kiss her the way he's always dreamed of kissing her.


"It's probably the dress," Cassia replies in a soft voice as she inches her head up to look at him in the eyes. Her gray ones resemble a storm. Francis' blue eyes suddenly feel empowered.


He wants to tell her it isn't just the dress. It's her hair, her eyes, her skin, her smiles, her whole being.


"I made this dress, you know. For a project." Cassia giggles. Francis feels his chest contracting.


"Really?" Her talent never fails to suprise Francis. He's grinning at her, his arm slowly making its way to sling over her shoulder.


I've been alone with a lot of girls before, Francis thinks as he slings an arm over Cassia's shoulder. Why am I this nervous?


His knees are shaking because he's afraid she's going to pat his arm away but she doesn't.


At the end of the day
You're the one that I want at the end of the day


Cassia leans her head on Francis' shoulder and they scoot closer to each other. Then all of his fears go away.


"Hey, Cassia?" he whispers. Cassia blinks at him.

"I love you."


There. He's said it.


He's holding his breath as Cassia moves her head away from his shoulder.


She doesn't love me back, Francis whispers to himself as soon as he feels her head move.


But Cassia Fauster is moving her head away from his shoulder because she wants to kiss Francis. His arm slides down to his side and she moves her body to face him, moving her feet to stand on her toes.


Francis looks at her and he feels like he's about to die. Cassia raises her head just as he lowers his. Their breaths are mixing and the only thing Francis can see is her long eyelashes touching her soft face and her cheeks flushing pink.


Slowly, ever slowly, Cassia looks at him and touches her nose on his.


Francis doesn't know what's happening and he can't hear well because blood is rushing to his head and his hands are shaking as he wraps his arms around Cassia's soft body.


"I love you too, asshat." she whispers back at him.


Francis could climb mountains with those words.


He opens his eyes as wide as he can, a huge smile on his face. He can't believe it.


"Now kiss me, you idiot-"

Francis cuts her words because he doesn't need to be told twice. He immediately cups his hand on her right cheek, feeling her warmth cascade through his whole body.


He doesn't know how many times he's dreamt of kissing Cassia Fauster and now he is. His heart's pounding and he's forgotten how to breathe as his lips touch hers. Their lips move slowly at first and Francis smiles against her mouth.


He's too darn happy.


Cassia runs her hands through Francis' hair and he's thankful he didn't put wax on it.

Francis' phone rings loudly in his pocket and they have to break away from each other. He mutters countless sorry's at her and Cassia just laughs, her nose and cheeks turning pink.

As he answers his phone, he can't help but look at Cassia and her pink lips and how he's so ridiculously in love with her.

"Francis, darling?" It's his mom. "We're in the valet. It's probably going to rain so you better come down here already."

Cassia answers her phone, too. It's her father.

"We're at the ballroom. We're leaving in ten minutes."

They both shut their phones at the same time and Francis straightens his tie before reaching his hand out to her.

"Shall we?" he counters, a playful grin on his face as Cassia takes it immediately, grinning back at him.

He pulls her hand and together they run down the stairs.

Said the night was over, I said it's forever
20 minutes later, wound up in the hospital
The priest thinks it's the devil, my mum thinks it's the flu
But girl it's only you

They reach the elevator minutes later and Cassia hands him back his coat.

"It's over," she says to him, smiling sadly. "The night is over."

Francis can sense the sadness in her voice. They were bound to leave tomorrow. Francis would have been sad, too. Because as fast as they arrived, they were quick to leave the beautiful streets of Italy.

"This night is forever." Francis smiles at her, his cheeks turning red as he snakes his arm around Cassia's waist.

They're alone in the elevator and they have twenty-eight floors to go.

Cassia bears this in mind as she pulls Francis by the necktie. She doesn't need to stand on tiptoes anymore because she's worn her heels. She laughs at him and they disappear into a long, deep kiss.

They're both lovestruck teenagers and Cassia thinks it's so ridiculous but she doesn't mind. She's so alien to the feeling. They kiss until the elevator dings to an open. They break away like magnets afterwards, their hands entwined as they make their way through the throng of people moving to leave the party.

Francis' phone rings again and Cassia bites her lip, shrugging her shoulders and smiling at him.

"I'll talk to you soon," Francis whispers to her as he kisses her cheek. They separate ways afterwards.

He finds his way to their car seconds later, and his mom is checking his temperature for a flu because Francis is grinning ridiculously and his face is red as a tomato.

It's not the flu, mom, he wants to say to her. It's Cassia Fauster.

But words can't express his feelings then. He can't even remember the whole alphabet.

When the sun goes down I know that you and me and everything will be alright
And when the city's sleeping
You and I can stay awake and keep on dreaming

Francis Colt leans his head on the car window as his father drives into the streets. The city lights pass by like a blur as they move, and he's looking so dreamy while he thinks of Cassia.

He's only ever dreamed of two things; first, is to make his parents proud and two: Cassia Fauster.

Only now, she's not a dream anymore.

She's a reality.

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