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With Chains.

October 4, 2011
By LostElegy BRONZE, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
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LostElegy BRONZE, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
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Author's note: I got bored in some grade and spent the whole year writing it. I was young and into horror. It's not good but I got good reviews.

The author's comments:
I am NOT breaking this into chapters.

Hello. I am Chizue Makikio and I'm 16. People call me Chi for

short. I shall tell you my story of "saiyou no basho no". There

were 9 other people. Five girls including me and five boys. The

boys were Akio, Yuiko, Yasuo, Toshi, and Makoto. Akio he was

17, Yuiko was 16, Yasuo, was 16, Toshi had a twin sister, he was

17, Makoto, he was 16 too. The girls were Me, Yuki, Suki, Miya

and Kagami. Yuki, she was 17, Suki, she was 16, Miya was 16,

Kagami she was Toshi's twin, and she was 17. We were all the

best of friends and kept together as a group.

One day in the mall we had meet another girl from school.

Kohana a very nice and calm person who isolated herself from

most others but talked a lot when she had the chance. She had

something important to tell us. "Hey guys! I was looking for you!

Well basically there's this place near the forest that is abandoned

and people think it's haunted and I'm holding a contest to see

who can stay in there the longest and survive because my dad

as you know owns the Harimagi Company and needs a perfectly

budget thingy so he's letting me hold this! Do you waana go?"

We looked at each other questioningly. "OF COURSE YOU

WAANA GO! How stupid of me to ask! So here are the directions

and the picture of the house and rules. I will be watching at all

times and there's a surprise when you get there!! Ohhhhh~ this

is gonna be fun!" Then she shoved a paper in each of our hands.

She started to walk away until she remembered something and

said “Oh! And if you DON'T come then let’s say something bad

happens. Kaayyy? See ya there!" Then she merrily skipped

away. Toshi and Kagami shivered. "Well f*** now we have to

go, unless you’re willing to call her bluff." I said. Yuiko's eyes

gleamed with joy and surprise. "Cool! A 500,000 yen ($5533.50)

prize! "Awesome." we all said in sync. "So Chi you gonna go??"

said Akio in a sort of concerned way. "I will. Sounds fun a week at

uhh... 'nido chansu no saiyou no chuushin' hmm." We continued

our day with our papers hidden from the world forgetting about

them slowly.

The next day came as I started to wake up with the sun

shining gently down on my face and a note on my chest. I

picked it up and unfolded it. "Oh yeah... It's the invite thing."

I said. I folded it back up and threw it somewhere into my

room. I continued life happily until 4 days later. I got a call from

Kohana saying "Tonight's the night~! The night we start our

contest! Will you survive the horrible secrets of the saiyou no

chuushin?" "S***!" I said. Quickly I gathered a weeks’ worth of

clothes and entertainment. Like a portable plug-in t.v., a video

game system with games and my controller everyone else would

bring theirs, my cell phone, my ipod touch and ihome to go with.

Then left my house at 6 p.m. in search of "nido chansu no saiyou

no chuushin".

(Day 1)

30 minutes later I had arrived at the house. The 6th one there.

After 10 minutes every one but Kohana was there and we all

chattered away. Not a care for anything. A limo slowly pulls up

and with help from the butler out emerges Kohana. The limo

drives away and leaves us all here stranded. Then we all started

to walk in.

Everyone got a room and unpacked their things. After we all

meet downstairs for a History talk about the saiyou no chuushin.

In celebration we played a well known children's game. It was fun

Miya's was the oni. She had gotten in the center of the room then

closed her eyes. We formed a circle around her, then we started

to sing the song "Kagome Kagome, Kago no naka no Tori wa.

Itsu Itsu deyaru?" Suddenly the earth started to quake beneath

our feet. Miya opened her eyes and all of ours closed. Everyone

that had made the circle fell onto their knees. Miya screamed high

pitched and loudly. We all fell face first to the ground. After Miya's

long one breath scream the ground stopped. “We are so NOT

playing that game again!” said Kagami. “I know! Freaky how Miya

started the quake and ended It." said Toshi teasingly. "Shut up!"

Miya said aggressively. Then we had all gotten up to our feet. "I

brought the T.V. you guys." I had announced. I hooked up the

TV. I brought games and the game system. We watched TV and

played games for 2 hours. We all started walking to our rooms. It

was a good-ish day. I fell asleep on the lumpy mattress.

I looked around and rubbed my eyes. "Morning already?" It

was pitch black outside. "Guess not" I said shakily. I left the room

and went toward the kitchen. The walls decayed as I walked.

There was no stair case. Only a door, I opened it. I saw a child.

About the age of 6 sitting on the cold floor, she looked up at me

with sapphire eyes. Her hair was in twin drills that were a shade

of blue. The bows that held them together were black with a pink

stripe down the middle. She whispered "Leave now" and

disappeared into thin air. Nothing else, I stood shocked. My

mouth was wide open. I walked to where she once was. I heard

crying. I hid behind a pillar and saw another little child. Only this

one was crying. She had short brown hair and doctors

surrounding her now. "I'm sorry but you have just lost the game

sweety." One of the doctors pulled out a machete. So sharp and

shiny. The little girl tried to crawl away fast but the other doctors

caught her. They kept her kneeling and pulled her head back by

her hair. Another doctor got duck tape and shut her up with it.

The doctor with the machete moved the blade in the moonlight

and smiled. He held it back then swung right for her neck. All the

other doctors moved their hands in time. Slice. Red splattered

against the wall. The child's decapitated body fell to the ground.

Where her tears just where is now black. "Get the next kid." the

doctors said. Then they threw the other child's head in a corner.

The blood was cleaned up swiftly. It looked like nothing had

happen. Then the twin drilled girl from earlier came in. She

looked innocent. In her hand was a worn out teddy with one eye.

They played a game. She won. They said to her "May we borrow

your bear?" Quickly she replied "Never," she backed away. "I saw

what you did!" Then she quickly ran out through the circle. They

sprinted after her and held her up by her arms she struggled to

be free it was no use.

"Let’s keep her she could come in handy."

"Where do we keep her then?"

"In the basement."

Then started they dragged the girl out of the room. I realized

then I was frozen. I tried to move no use. Then I tried to scream.

Nothing, I was stuck. When the girl was finally out of the room

she had dropped her doll in front of me. It was a one eyed teddy.

I went and picked it up. I could move again and it was the little girl

that helped me to see. I followed on the little girls trail. I needed

to talk to her; she has a key I need. I arrived at the basement.

I looked left and right but I couldn't find the little girl. "Hello? Is

somebody there? I heard you!" she had said, obviously scared.

I followed the sound of her voice. "You-You shouldn't be here..."

she said. "Leave now." again she warned me. "I need your

help to do that though." I said. She looked at me curiously then

sighed. "I guess I should tell you. We are linked as one. I am

a child of the house. My name is Kiki. The problem is this isn't

your time. You are a ghost I can only see. Your friends are each

connected to a child in this house. They will not know the things

you will see. It is evil here. Watch out." "Why?" I said. "Just do."

she quietly replied. Her eyes began to water as she looked away.

Something is grasping my neck. It's getting to tight I can't breathe.

Please someone help me. I fell into a pool of blood. I started to

cough like mad. I felt a machete against my neck.


and quickly came up from the bed. I looked around. I was still

alive. Everything was normal and I-I was holding her teddy. I

looked at it with more detail. It was purple and dirty. It had a black

hat and scarf. It's one eye still gone. I looked at it from the back.

Blood! I dropped the doll. My hands were covered in the warm

rich feeling liquid. I stopped breathing. Akio rushed in. "CHI!!"

He stood shocked. "What the ... f*** happened?" We were both

breathing heavily. The bed was drenched in the blood. I got

up ran and hugged him. He still sat there in shock. Then soon

after Kagami and Toshi came in. "Oh My GAWD!!" screamed

Kagami. "Woah...” said Toshi. Yasuo also came in. "Chi...You

okay?" he said shaking scared. Makoto stood in the hall. Miya ran

in next along with everyone else. "CHI! THAT'S FREAKY MAN!"

They all stood and stared. I stopped hugging Akio and looked

around. "I-I I didn't do this." I mumbled. I was silent like everything

else. It mocked at me and made others agitated. Miya smiled at

me but I just looked down and started to tear up. I knew how Kiki

had felt. I still needed to know more though. "We will establish

this tomorrow" said Yasuo. "People are just tired it's probably a

mirage thing." said Makoto. "Chi can sleep in my room tonight...if

she wants?" said Akio. “Uhhhhh... Sure that'd be nice." I replied.

Everyone dispersed and left to go back into their deep sleep.

I followed Akio and as we arrived in his room on the bed there

was the teddy. We stood shocked. I ran and grabbed it. Akio

said "Did you put that in here? Wasn't it in your room?" ”I didn't

put it here. I was with you.” I looked at it closely again excepting

there to be blood. Nothing, no blood but still dirty and tore. It was

cute actually. It was fluffy too. I decided to keep it. Akio smiled.

He thought it was funny for a 16 year old to adopt a raggy and old

teddy bear. I didn't care. He set up a bed for me with some extra

things he brought. Peacefully we both fell asleep.

(Day 2)

I woke up in the morning and sunshine danced around

the room. Then I looked over to Akio's bed. He wasn't there.

I sighed. Then I smelt something. It was...Delicious. Mouth

watering...AMAZING! Like an angel tickling my nose. I smiled

and sprinted toward the delectable smell. Out the room, opened

the door, down the hall, I was getting closer. Down the steps

make a left and I was there. The smell of pancakes bacon and

eggs lingered around the room. I smiled as I got 10 warm loving

Hello’s and Good mornings. “Hello All! So what’s for breakfast?”

I said eagerly. “Guess.” Miya said sarcastically. “Awesome food!”

I replied happily. I search around for a place to sit there was one

open I guess Akio had saved for me. Then as I thought about

walking over I saw Kiki. Sitting in my spot! She made a funny

face at me then smiled. I made a face back at her forgetting there

were people in the room. They looked at me like I was a maniac.

Akio just laughed though not judging. I smiled and blushed

brightly. “Sorry. It’s just Ki-“ I almost revealed myself. “I mean the

uh thing was uh yeah. I don’t know. So can I eat?” Akio patted

the seat and just when he did Kiki disappeared. I walked over

happily and attacked the food. It was even better then it smelled!

"Looks like someone was just a little hungry this morning." Yuki

had said. "Maaaaybe...." I said with a smile.

After breakfast I got changed. Then we all meet down

stairs. "Today we have to do SOMETHING!" Yuki said

loudly. "Well there is always Chi's old room..." Suki said with her

words that lingered around. Kagami gulped and had a frightened

look on her face like she had seem a heard of ghost. She had

turned white. "It's okay Suki you don't have to go. I'll stay with

you down here." Her twin had said comfortingly. "Okay." she had

hugged him and dug her face into his chest. He laughed a little.

Then awkwardly in a single file we walked up steps. I got to the

door. Chills ran up my spine when I grabbed the handle. I looked

back and everyone's face looked fearful. Also like they were

anticipated to see it. Slowly I opened the door.

There was no blood that we had seen. It was clean. Perfect,

like my own bedroom from home. "Wow. Chi did you clean up?"

Yukio said sarcastically. "No it's still here. I know it." I replied all

too seriously. I looked around for the blood. I felt it as if it was my

own. My blood was cold and ran all too fast. "There." I said after a

long fearful silence. I pointed to a corner. They all looked to where

I had pointed and slowly their eyes grew wide with horror.

In the corner there was a giant maroon colored blob. It

looked as if it were lashing out. It kept moving like a whip. The

blood became black. It grew and started to cover the walls in the

room. It locked the door. Akio went to the door and tried to open

it. Lights flashed before my eyes. Everything was fuzzy and got

lighter. I fell to the ground. “Oh my god!” someone shouted but it

was too blurry for me to make out who. I couldn’t move something

is wrong. I blacked out.

When I woke up there was no one around me. ‘Huh?’ I

repeated sleepily. Then was a sharp pain in my leg. It pulsated

through me. Paralyzed again, I expected someone like Akio to

come help me. Still there was no one. In the air the smell of blood

and ash lingered. I wanted to follow it. But I couldn’t. I knew where

I was. I was back in Kiki’s time. I wonder if I had disappeared from

my world. Was I still there in the room? What was happing?

Kiki walked slowly towards me. “Chotto!” she replied with

happiness in her voice. “Chotto?” I replied curiously. “So why am

I here this time?” I said to Kiki. “Because I got bored, but I do see

that I saved your life!” she still seemed happy. Then to put the

cherry on top she innocently smiled and laughed. I looked at her

curiously. “Oh right, the paralyzed leg thing, sorry.” I could feel

my legs again and the rest of myself. “Follow me!” she started to

dance away. I started to limp after her. It’s a weird feeling being

paralyzed then un-paralyzed. It was so hard to move for now. She

kept moving so fast. I could barely keep up. “Come on slow poke!”

she said jumping around. I ran towards her. I had finally reached

her and I was out of breath. She opened a door. I lingered in. It

was so nice and peaceful in here. There were 10 kids 1 teacher.

5 little boys and 4 little girls the teacher was also a girl. She was

sitting reading them a story. Kiki followed in and closed the door.

“Hello Kiki. Welcome Back.” The teacher had said. She had

a sweet voice. It sounded like an angel’s. “Thank you Mama!” Kiki

had replied. The kids warmly opened up a spot for her in their half

circle. She smiled and she had continued reading to the children.

They really seemed nice. A little boy raised his hand. “Can I

go now? I can’t keep still here forever!” He called out. My first

thought well there’s Yuiko’s linked child. “Hush now Keiji. You can

pick the next activity.” The teacher said. I looked at all the kids.

They were so happy. How was this place evil?

The teacher finished reading and stared in my direction. Kiki

looked at me too. I looked confused. All kids slowly started to look

at me. Then the teacher smiled and waved good bye. The kids

mimicked her actions. I smiled and waved curiously. Little did I

know I was turning into pixels and disappearing from my feet up.

“Chi? Are you awake?” I heard. It was still to fuzzy for me to

make out whom. “She’s awake!”A girl said. “Shhhhhhh!” another

person said. “What?” I replied. “Chi!!” I felt a tight warm hug and

tears flowing to my shoulder but they weren’t mine. I yawned and

blinked a couple of times. I put my head on the person’s

shoulder. “Do you know how badly you scared us?!” Toshi said.

Akio said to him “Shut up! She awake now right?! Isn’t that all that

matters!?” I realized then Akio was the one holding me. He

looked me in the eye and felt my forehead. Quickly he took his

hand away. “She’s burning hot. Someone get ice or something.”

He said seriously. He then picked me up like a child. I was too

weak to get up on my own but I didn’t want him holding me. I

whispered “Can I has some ramen?” He laughed but I was

seriously hungry. “Pleaaasee.” I begged. “Okay, but first you

need to get better. You look pretty bad.” He said. With that

Kagami came up with a bag of ice. Akio gently placed me down

on his bed and put the ice on my head. Then everyone left the

room. Right outside I heard “Grrrrr,” then someone hitting their

face “‘you look pretty bad?’ Who in the right mind would say that

to a girl!? I’m so stupid!” I figured it was Akio, when will he learn

already. I sighed and then rolled my eyes. I knew i was not going

to sleep. I couldn't and I certainly would NOT! I had to figure out

the truth why did Kiki call that lady "Mama" if this is a saiyou no

chuushin? How did she make them all that happy? Why were

there doctors? In the beginning Kohana had lied to us about the

saiyou no chuushin, but why? I hate that word now. It's too

confusing, because it’s all I wanted to. The stupidest little word. It

mocked me as I thought of any possible answer that could make

ANY sense at all!

When nothing came to mind I decided to take the ice off my

head. It was starting to hurt anyways. I sat up and used the wood

wall as a support. I was still too weak to get up. There was no

noise though. I tried standing up for the first time. It felt like I was

as light as a feather but my feet were 10 million weights trying to

keep me down. I couldn't let it keep me down though. I stood all

the way up and I was feeling better. I let go of the wall and almost

fell but I put my hands out like a balance and kept up. It was really

weird how this worked. I kept them out and walked out of the

room. I stopped keeping my arms out and felt normal now that

I left that boring man cave. I went down the steps. No one was

awake; they all had fallen asleep on the cushions. I giggled at the

sight. Then slowly I took a key and I tip toed over to the door and


When I got outside it was snowing. I smiled at the sight; it

was pure white and the stars in the sky shown like fire flowers. I

walked out of the house and towards the gate. My hair slowly got

covered in snow. It gently floats to every item showing. I opened

the shiny black gate with care and head out. I was still hungry so

with the little yen I had in my pocket i went to the nearest ramen


I ordered a small but got a large in return. "I'm sorry. I don't

have enough to pay you for that." I said shyly. "That's okay a

young man said he'd bought it for you." said the man behind

the counter. I looked to my left and at the far end of the counter

was a young man. Dark black hair and stunning hazel eyes. I

started for awhile and started to blush. He slowly started to look

at me. "EPP!" and I quickly looked away. My face was really red!

I felt his gaze upon me. I looked at the ramen and picked up the

cup. Slowly and carefully looking at the cup I walked up to him. I

looked up at him and sat beside him. I pushed the cup towards

him. "Huh?" he replied. His voice melted into my brain it was

perfect! "You bought this right?" I said stuttering like a fool. "Yes I

did. You looked hungry." he said sweetly.

“Well I am but well you bought it, and it's really big so you can

have some."

"Thank you but I've been here awhile so I'm not that hungry."

"Oh well you sure?"

"Positive Enjoy!" he smiled brightly. "Thanks Uhhhhh uhmm


"Oh! Right I'm Kyo, nice to meet you."

“Hello. I are Chizue~ but call me Chi!"

He blushed a little. We talked the night away. The ramen was

finished. As we were about to leave I tipped the man at the

counter and so did Kyo.

We held hands as we walked away from the stand. We talked

like no tomorrow and I kept my head on his shoulder. The streets

we walked on were dead in the night. No person was awake at

this hour that we knew of until a person passed us. Then the

person stopped turned around and faced me. "Chi!" the words

exclaimed happily from the mystery person. It was Akio. "Who the

hell is this?" Akio was really surprised. "I'm Kyo, and if you don't

mind we were on our way." Akio grabbed my arm tightly. Kyo

look at Akio surprised. God what a better time Akio could have

had. "Chi I've been looking for you. You're sick. You need to get

home." I sighed, Please don't let this become fight. "She's just

fine. I treated her to ramen and we've been walking for an hour

nothing bad has happened. Chill dude." Kyo said defensively.

Akio was quick to tug me away from him and throw me into his

own arms. The anger was intense; it lingered in the air around the

two. I was waiting for the snow to melt around us. I began to feel

litterer by the second like I was just a prize to win to them. “Can

we please go?” I pleaded. “Chi shut up for 5 seconds I need to

teach this guy some manners.” Akio said. Then he threw me to

the side and I landed in a snow pile. “If you can touch me.” Kyo

said tauntingly.

Then just as a flash both Akio and Kyo charged at each

other, they slammed each other in the face with their fist. Blood

ran down from the injuries they had received as they slid from

impact and running. They both got up and panted looking at each

and only each other. I still sat there in terror. Blood paint both

their faces and the ground. They slowly started going for each

other until I winced and turned into a ball I couldn’t watch it.

Everything turned black and white like an old movie. I looked up

and they were frozen as was the falling snow. Nothing but me

moved. I poke a snowflake and it disintegrated and I stood

shocked. Kiki appeared beside me with a kitsune mask on and a

katana. I knew it was her by her hair. I looked at her curiously. I

guess behind the mask she smiled because then lighting fast she

made me sit back down in that same spot like earlier and cut

Kyo’s and Akio’s ankles, then their faces twice. I sat shocked by

her actions. Then she took of the mask and threw it at me. It

landed in my lap. It was sprayed a little with their blood and time

restarted. They both fell to their knees as blood flowed out of

them like a waterfall. Face first on the ground they lie in pain. It

was a red waterfall that poisoned the snow turning it to a pure red

color. I panicked then saw Akio’s scarf. I ran to it and ripped it into

4 pieces. I tied two of them on Akio’s ankles. Then I rushed over

to Kyo and wrapped two on his cuts. He gave me his cell phone

and then dropped his hand weakly into the blood covered snow. I

called 911.

They sent an ambulance that arrived late. The boys had

passed out from blood loss and the snow covered the red that

chilled me to the bone. It was now a part of the earth and would

be forever. As the ambulance drove away I picked up the kitsune

mask. I looked at it puzzled, its design was perfect as well as the

shape texture, everything. Why would Kiki have this? There’s that

word again. “Why?” it haunted me for hours as I walked silently to

the hospital with the mask in my hand.

I asked the lady at the desk what room they were in. She

said 586; I thanked her and started up to their room. I wasn’t

shocked when I walked in and the curtain separated them. I kind

of giggled at it.

I checked on Akio first. He was sleeping and everything

looked fine on his heart beat thing and all. I looked at him one last

time before checking on Kyo and he grabbed me by the neck and

held me close to his chest. I started to silently flip! He wouldn’t let

go of me! I sighed and he slept talk and said “Shhhh, Chi its okay

you don’t have to cry. I’ll always be here.” God he dreamed about

me too what’s next a shrine? I slipped out from his grasp.

Then I walked over to Kyo’s side of the room. He was

fully awake. “Chotto” He said. I jumped. “Chotto” I replied. “Here’s

your phone back and I took it out of my pocket and handed it to

him. “Thanks” he replied. “So why are you awake already?” I

asked trying to continue the conversion slowly. I was bored and

puzzled, I didn’t understand what was happening at the house but

Kyo just made everything better. I know I just met him but I forgot

about everything that happened when I was with him. I was at

ease. “Well when you came in the door was pretty loud. Plus I

heard you struggling from Akio. God only knows what HE dreams

of. What’s his problem anyways?” “Well. Me and Akio go way

back, we were at a festival together and then we found a tent, we

went in and found a lady. She gave us matching necklaces but

little did they know they were magic and told us of how we feel

about each other. His glowed bright red and brighter, mine

however was a little dimmer, but still the same shade was. She

took it back and told us to join hands. We did as told and we

looked into each other eyes. We were blushing and smiling as a

warm sensation flowed in an eight around our hand and united us

as one. Making us destines for marriage but I didn’t believe it I

didn’t want to. He did all too much though, he grew more

attached to me and protective and I didn’t like him I really just

think he’s getting too clingy and all…since then. And so yeah

basically that it’s really stupid and there’s more im just

embarrassed.” There was a brief silence. “Wow. Is he uhh?” then

Kyo impersonated a special person. I laughed because he looked

so funny, then he stopped and quieted me down. “Don’t forget

your lover is still sleeping!” Kyo whispered jokingly.

We were talking for the longest time. It was great and I

forgot about all my troubles. Until I heard Akio waking up, my first

reaction was to shut up Kyo I didn’t mean to but I covered his

mouth and slowly mouthed “He’s waking up!” Kyo nodded and

smiled, I let go of his mouth. I tip toed to the middle point between

the curtains trying to go to the chair by the door until Kyo

screamed the loudest and most frightening scream that scared

the living hell out of me! I jumped and landed on Akio’s chest.

Then Akio was fully awake and I was blushing red while Kyo over

there was laughing his ass off. He knew exactly what happened

but he open the curtain and looked anyways. It was hilarious to

him. Akio smiled and hugged me. He was really happy but Kyo

fell out of his bed, I didn’t understand why I only fell on top of him.

Turns out Akio was a little happier than I thought and my skirt

was no trouble for him. I smacked him across the face and got

up. God like I said he never learns. I thought of how I could scare

them both. My first thought was Kiki. I smiled evilly at the thought.

Kyo got a glimpse of me smiling and his eyes grew wide with

fear. I slowly turned my head towards him but I noticed he was

too concentrated on what was behind me. I giggled Kiki was

beside me and was making the mask from earlier float from the

chair to me. Then to top it off she possessed me which is weird

and put the mask on me/her and says in her own

voice “sayounara watashi noanatani onii-sama” Then all I heard

was THUMP, GASP, and the sound of air as if it was going really

fast. I saw Kiki’s feet and then I had realized I fell on the ground,

Kyo and Akio both gasped but then Kiki charged after them. I

watched thinking don’t kill them! She fazed through them making

them go to sleep. “Wow.” I sighed. Now I was stuck with two

sleeping people god. It took awhile but I picked them up and

dropped them in their hospital beds and tucked them in. The

nurse had came in and said “visiting hours are over.” “Arigato.”

She led me out of the hospital and I walked back to the horrible

place I had to live in for 5 more days.

When I got there I felt horrible. I was hungry and cold and

bored, so I cooked up dangos for my dessert then walked up

stairs and froze. The scent of blood seemed stained in the halls.

Why couldn’t I smell it before? Is this another one of Kiki’s

flashbacks? I got a pounding migraine and fell straight to the

ground and curled in a ball. It hurt more than the fires of hell

burning in my brain. I knew it was the blood scent that did this so

I crawled to a wall and used it as a balance to get back up. Then I

used my shirt as a mask, the migraine didn’t hurt at much then. I

tried walking downstairs again but it almost made me fall down

the steps so I walked the other way. Every “wrong” step I took the

migraine hurt worse. When it completely stopped hurting I had

reached Yuki, Suki and Miya’s room. Something wasn’t right so I

looked in and I was right.

I looked in at the room and I was so shocked. Yuki’s bed

was over by the wall, there was a light over it and a picture on the

back wall. Suki’s bed was against that wall with another picture

over that bed. Miya’s bed though was “different” it wasn’t under

a light but there once was a light there and her wall had blood

dripping everywhere. Miya was under most of her covers. There

was no blood on the bed. The one picture fell on Suki’s and made

her head bleed. “Owwwwwww!!” she yelled out loud. It woke Yuki

and it scared the living s*** out of me! “Really!?” I yelled.

“I was sleeping!”

“I’m sorry! That just really hurt though.”

“Well your bleeding, Miya’s wall is covered in blood and it’s-.”

I got cut off then. They had looked already though. They

were straight up shocked in their bed and I was just looking as

the silence was even worse than earlier. I turned around and saw

Miya had a huge blood stain on her pajamas and was floating

behind me. In her hand was a blade. Her eyes were white, looking

dull but together her expression said death is coming for you. She

looked horrible, with wrinkles around her lips and underneath her

eye lid. It was puffy, saggy, old-looking, weird, disgusting, and

scary, all at the same time. I jumped backwards when I first saw

her and fell on my ass. I was breathing deeply and then I noticed

there was already blood on the blade. It was her own for gripping

it to tight on the actual blade part. It was old, rusty and stank of

blood. I backed away still on the floor though then she swung at

my neck and missed by a hair. I stopped breathing and got up

and ran to a wall it was the only place to go. I couldn’t hear myself

think. Everything was spinning Yuki, Suki where are you…help

me please. I can’t feel anything, am I flying? It feels so, like no

gravity is there to keep me down but I felt like barfing. I fell to

the ground being the klutz I am (did you realize it yet?). I looked

up and there still stood Miya, the new Miya distorted and ugly. I

shook in fear of her with blade in hand she drew it back. I closed

one of my eyes not wanting it to end but wanting to see it.

I sat the as she took the blade and shoved it through her

own stomach and twisted it. Blood showered over me. It was

delightfully warm and yet scary. I couldn’t take it all in she killed

herself. Thud! She fell; I crawled over to her and pulled the blade

out of her. I threw it across the room and looked at her. She

returned to her normal old self. I wept on her as she died slowly

on the floor. I couldn’t have saved her. I cried myself to sleep on

her cold lifeless body knowing she would never return.

(Day 3)

Early morning I woke up. Everyone was still soundly asleep

and I was on the hard wood floor drenched in blood. I walked

around to find some hope there was still someone here. Miya

was now dead and blood still stained in the halls I looked into

Yukio’s room to see if even he was still alive. Nope not even

him. The room was painted with blood but no body and a bloody

rusty blade. I looked at the blade and noticed it was a blade that

had a handle that was so familiar. It was the doctors from Kiki’s

time; they still roamed the halls and had killed off Miya and Yukio.

Every other room was blank until I approached the last room. I

walked in slowly and carefully, the floor boards creaked loudly.

When I walked in the room was bright and multi colored.

There was 6 kids laughing and smiling in a circle. It was so

peaceful in there. I was so serine. I lingered into the room a little

more. The all warmly greet me but Kiki was nowhere to be found.

Also some other kids from before were missing like Yukio’s linked

child. I was uneasy, I had that feeling of something’s gonna go

down soon, and it isn’t going to be pretty. Still though something

urged me to keep going into the room, I did as I thought I should.

When I got in everyone ran up and hugged me joyfully. One of

them looked up and said “We’ve been waiting a long time for you

Chi!” They cheered so happily. It was as if the nuclear war was

over. I didn’t speak but they grabbed my hands and joined their

own. They brought me over to a table. It was small round and

brightly colored. I sat on the floor around the table like all of the

kids there. “Drink tea with us Chi!”

“Yes please do!”

“Enjoy dangos to!”

“And ramen!”

“The severs will be out in a second Chi!”

The all called out something. I thought it was really cute, all

the little kids were so happy. Then the severs came out with 4

plates, a drinking glass, and a bottle. "Enjoy! This is our gift to

you!" they all said at once. Knowing me that's exactly what I did. It

was so delicious. All the food kept coming and coming but I had

not taken a sip of my drink yet. It smelled sweet and enticing but

the color of the drink was a dark purple. I desperately needed a

drink so I took a little sip. It tasted like heaven and felt so smooth.

It was plain out addicting I needed more! "Kyaaaaa~!! It tastes so

yummy!" I couldn't help parading. It was just so perfect. I drank

the drink by the cups. 1 cup, 3 cups, 5 cups, 8 cups, 20 cups I

drank in total!

All the kids were looking and giggling looking so innocent. I

smiled politely back. I got light headed. My eyes were heavy but I

couldn’t close them. I felt like puking and I realized my head was

swaying a little. “I-I think the drink was bad.” I struggled to get up

from sitting on the floor. “It’s not bad, we just poisoned it.” said

one of the kids. I stood shocked, “wha..?” I was too tired to speak.

I almost fell to the floor; I stood up wobbling and shaking. They

wanted revenge for something. That I knew but I didn’t

understand what had happened, or why. I was standing still

shaking and holding the walls “Wh- Why? What did I do?” I

managed to barley say. “It’s what you will do. It’s nothing we want

happening, so we plan to kill you.” I was still shock struck from

earlier. I stumbled to the door. I fell down and hurt my shin. I

couldn’t get up this time. Something was wrong with it. I was on

the floor pulling at the door. It was jammed, it wouldn’t budge.

The kids started to close in on me. I fell completely on the floor

my eyes half open. Was this my atonement for some wrong

action I had done wrong? I passed out from the pain and shock.

In my dream I was falling. I never stopped I was falling

towards a light. I realized I was wearing a different outfit, it was a

white dress. It had a beautiful pattern that seemed like a vine and

crawled around the dress. It came up to my knee and hugged my

torso a little. Breathing was becoming harder, but still I was falling

into the bright white light. My hair was flowing gently in the wind

as I thought about my whole life. A blue light surrounded me. It

was beautiful, just as it did I reached the bright light.

(Day 4)

Then I was awake, and gladly alive.

I looked around the room everything was white. My head

was spinning, I felt horrid. My stomach started to cramp and the

pain was killer. There were white pills on the white table next to

me. I didn’t take them, I don’t trust it. It may not be worth it. I sat

in the bed I was on in the first place. It seemed like a hospital. I

closed my eyes and consternated on the whiteness of the room. It

was just too dull.

When I opened my eyes it looked like a rainbow attacked.

There was a plus on the door that was red, the pills were red on

the top and blue on the bottom, how original, then there was the

table that was wood colored but light wood colored. The blanket

I had was white; my only thought was wow how sad. The floor

though was red BRIGHT red. I sat up straight and cracked my

back. Everything felt right and normal. I stood up to really see

where I was. I started to walk away from the comfortable bed until

I almost slipped. I fell then caught myself on a wall. I didn’t notice

anything at first. I thought I was still drugged from those kids. I

used the wall and walked to the door and left the little room.

I got out and saw a lot of nurses and a desk. Yep that was

defiantly a hospital I thought.

“Excuse me nurse which hospital am I at?”

“You’re at the one hospital with Kyo and Akio. They told me to say

that to you.”

“Ohh? Thanks then?”

I left to go to Kyo and Akio’s room. I wonder how they were

getting along. I hope they were fine and then I got to their room,

CRASH BANG POW SHATTER! Oh lord what could ever so

possible be happing.

I slowly opened the door and they were on the floor cracking

up pissing themselves (not literally though). Their room was

a disaster! Uneaten food, empty containers, sauce, popped

balloons, mystery fluids everywhere! “EWWW!!” I screamed.

Akio stopped laughing and sat up straight shocked. Kyo though

laughed so hard he couldn’t even hear me. Kyo was purple from

laughing so hard it looked like he was about to s*** himself from

laughing so hard. “I’m a little afraid to ask but what the f*** did

you guys do to this place!?” I said commandingly. Kyo was almost

done laughing and Akio looked around in shame. I sighed thinking

why I came here again. I looked at the floor and it was white with

some of the tiles being green blue yellow and rarely any red. I

looked back from where I had walked and saw a bright red path

follow me. I was in complete shock Akio started looking at me like

something was wrong. I felt as if something was. I was going to

faint. Kyo fixed himself and finally realized I was here and caught

on fast that I’d been there awhile. I didn’t know what I missed that

was so funny but it finally was old to him. Akio and Kyo made eye

contact and had spoken words without their voices.

Kyo quickly cleaned off one of their beds and returned it to

normal hospital standards. Akio picked me up and held me like a

baby. I tried to stay awake but it got harder and harder to do so.

My eyelids were heavy I heard few words from them. “That’s not

suited for Chi!”

“It’s all we can do now!”

“But Chi is a princess and needs to be treated as one it’s not


“You can watch her, then if it’s so unsuitable and tell me what to


“Uhhm Okay!”

They place me down and listed items to get for me. I didn’t

need them one of them was like a fleece blanket but in an ocean

blue color nothing else because it “complements my eyes”. There

was a lot of other stuff to but it was a long list. I could tell it was

Akio who was watching me. He sat next to me while I laid in the

hospital bed. I rested my head on his chest since he took all the

pillows. He was surprisingly warm. He wrapped his arms around

me and smiled. It was like having an electric blanket wrapped

around you only it was a really close friend. I feel asleep in his


I gently awoke and yawned. The hospital room was still

and quiet. I had a blanket over me the blue one. Akio was still

holding me though and Kyo fell asleep in the other bed. The room

was still a mess and they were leaving. I had to get out of Akio’s

grasp. I didn’t want to wake him up though. I grabbed a giant

teddy they got for me and substituted it for me. Now I had to clean

there room and help them.

I recycled everything that could be and trashed the rest. I

wonder how everyone at the house was. I tied up the trash and

put it in the hall way. Then I scrubbed the floor and washed the

windows. I organized all of their things and left yen for the broken

things I couldn’t fix. Once I finished cleaning I got back into Akio’s

arms and fell back asleep. You couldn’t have blamed me it was a

cold morning.

In my dream I was wearing that white dress again. It was snowing

and I was bare foot. I felt like someone else though. I walked

around the dead streets. The lights were on and no one was

home. I felt my hair bouncing so I knew I wasn’t myself. I’d never

have my hair up. It’s weird I know but I had to find out who was I?

I walked a little faster and stopped when I found a shop.

It was a pastry shop. I looked into the glass. I was Kiki but

I hadn’t known what happened to her. I haven’t seen her for

days or her bear. The baker came out of the shop and saw me

staring. “Shoo! Shoo away with you! You dirty child!” her yelled

at me. I ran away from the baker. I stopped in front of a toy shop.

I started to look in there was a purple bear with a black hat and

scarf. It was in a bin saying “Clearance”. I was cold and shivering.

The shop keeper saw me and invited me in. He gave me the

teddy and a blanket.

“Tha-Thank you kind sir. How shall I repay you?”

“Can you do me a small favor and deliver these 6 letters to

the Bakery, Deli, Flower Shop, Hat Shop, Book Store, and

Orphanage. Okay?”

“Yes, thank you again!”

“No problem little girl.”

I left to go deliver the letters. The bakery was close so I went

there first. I approached it like before and the baker came out

again. “What are you doing here? Scram! Go! Leave!” he yelled

violently. I waited for him to be done. I calmly walked over to the

man and said plainly “This is from the Toy man. He said give

this to you.” I was scared. He looked confused and gently took

the letter from my cold hand. He slowly opened it and skimmed

through the letter. His face grew with surprise. He quickly rushed

back into his store. I slowly started to walk away. “Wait little girl

take this!” he said warmly with a smile. He offered me a warm loaf

of fresh bread and a basket to put it in. “Good luck little one.” He

said. “Thank you!” I replied generously. I broke off the tip of the

bread and ate it on my way to the deli.

I turned left and right looking for the deli. It took me 15

minutes but it felt like an hour. When I approached the shop I had

only about ¾ of the bread left. A man came out from the shop. He

was puzzled. He went back into his shop and got a giant sausage

link. He gave it to me and took his letter then left me.

I shrugged it off and ate some of the sausage. I left to go to

the flower shop. I was getting thirsty so I stuck out my tongue and

swallowed some of the snow flakes. I arrived at the flower shop

and a frail old lady came out.

“Hello Dear, How may I assist you?”

“This is from the toy man.”

I handed her the letter. “Why thank you.” she said. “You’re

welcome.” I replied. “Wait here,” she continued, “I’ll get you

some nice … and these will help too!” Her voice faded as she

prepared her gifts. It was so nice that everyone was being so

kind. She came back out with a bouquet of flowers. “Wow, they’re

beautiful ma’am!” I said. It was art wrapped up into a bunch of

flowers. “Hurry along and go to the last 3 stops. Good Luck!” she

called out. I hurried along and thought nothing of the words.

When I got to the hat shop it seemed closed. There was

no light on and I knocked but there was no reply. I slid his mail

through the door crack. A hat appeared in front of me with the

words “Good Luck” on a piece of paper attached to the black of

the hat. It was a gray hat that was normal but matched well with

what I had collected.

Now I started marching away to the book shop. My bread

was getting cold but half way done and the sausage was

disappearing to. It was neatly put into the basket the baker had

given me. The bread somewhat peeking out, the sausage next

to it and the flowers sat on the opposite side the teddy rested in

the middle. I was wearing the hat and the blanket. I had reached

the book shop when an old man came out and gave me a book.

No words he spoke. In return he snatched his letter and rushed in

like something was about to kill him. I placed the book behind the


I continued on to the final destination. It was the orphanage.

I got to the huge sleek and shiny fence. I pushed a door open and

hesitantly wandered in. I looked around the garden. It was pretty

amazing how it looked. I thought it would look even better with

some care in the summer.

I approached the door scared. I rang the door bell and

waited. Then the huge door started to become ajar. I saw a lady

appear. She wore a night gown and slippers.

“Hello. Are you an orphan?”

“No ma’am I live with a great family but here is a letter for

you. It’s from the toy man.”

“Why thank you, such a sweet little girl. Come in.”

“I can’t momma told me not to go into other people’s houses

without an adult whom I full know.”

“It’s okay I just wanted to give you a little tea you seemed

parched with only eating bread and sausage.”

“Well I sort of am.”

“Come in, Come in!”

I nodded and followed the woman in. She seemed nice and

welly mannered. I sat down in a chair and she did too. Some

severs brought us tea and sugar cubes. We talked for a long

amount of time about my family and future. I was going to help the

world with the intelligence my parents would have prepared me

with. I don’t know what happened but I think I fell asleep.

(Day 5)

I woke up and I was me again. It felt great to be 16 again instead

of 6. I wonder how the story ended. I looked at my surroundings.

I was back at the house. The little saiyou no chuushin whom

secrets lie in the decaying walls. I screamed "AHHHHHHHH! MY

STUFF IS STILL AT THE HOSPITAL!!" Akio slid by the door and

then walked in.

"S*** Really?!"



"Fix it!! Pleaaaasseee."

"Okay we'll leave now."

"One minute I have to get changed"

He sighed and walked out. I smiled and started digging through

me clothes from something cute and fresh to wear. I put away the

dirty clothes and began to walk out of the room until I thought of

the teddy. I then jumped onto the bed grabbed the teddy and then

left. When I found Akio we left tthe house and started towards the

hospital. We made a left turn instead of a right.

"Uhh, Akio I think we’re going the wrong way."

"No we aren't"

"But the hospital was the other way."

"I know." He said with a smile. "Close your eyes and get on

my back." he said happily. I was puzzled but did as he said. After

about fifteen minutes he put me down on the ground. "Okay open

your eyes!" he said. I slowly opened my eyes. When I looked I

saw a huge building. It was unbelievable! I was blown away by it;

it was like 2,000 stories high!

He grabbed my hand and presented proudly "Welcome

to Ometesando Hills!" My jaw dropped, it was the mall. "Why

did you take me here?" I asked. "New clothes." he plainly said.

I sighed "I'm not going shopping, I don't want to and you can’t

make me." "Too bad I guess" he said then he picked me up

and slung me over his back. "You suck" I said. He just walked

Right into the mall. We stayed in there as nothing that eventful

happened. He picked me out some clothes made me try it on

nothing I care about to tell you. As we were leaving the mall

though all the electricity blew out.

There was a giant steel ball above me. This was a decoration

though and it had many holes and looked like it was made with

pipes or many rings put together. They put lighting on the thing so

at night it would sparkle and light up the mall a little more. It fell on

me and I was stuck. I couldn't move it I couldn't get out the only

hole I could get through is the one that got me stuck in it but I was

glad I was alive. Akio looked frighten scared and totally blank.

Nothing moved it was so still and quiet. I stopped breathing. Two

figures appeared in front of me. It was Yuki and Suki but then

there were two more it was Miya and Yuiko. My eyes were tearing

up as I looked deeply at them. The 3 girls were wearing tattered

night gowns that were bloody and old. Yukio was wearing a suit. I

backed up father towards the other side of the cage.

I turned around, still nothing moved and all I saw was the

complete circle of 5 other little kids surrounding me. There was

a couple that looked like twins they had something chained and

bound. It was motionless as they dragged it through the dead

frozen halls of the mall. My vision wouldn't stay focused and I

was scared. I was totally numb with no way out the situation and

all I had wanted for it to all disappear I needed a hero now Akio

wouldn't even bother though he couldn't if he tried. The children

stayed into the dark and hummed a soothing song. It was just

enchanting. I felt like I was floating. I couldn't tell though my eyes

were too heavy to keep open and I quite frankly didn't want to.

As some random person told me once "It's better to be stupid

the truth kills the world". I just fell back and felt like I was dying

peacefully. I almost saw the light until I heard the rattling of dirty

rusted chains.

I saw nothing but bleak dark black as I kept my eyes

shut not a care for the world. My head ached with the thought of

my end coming soon. The bleakness I saw soon became a shade

of blue. My eyes forced open to watch what was happening. The

bound thing was floating and surrounded by the blue light. It

wailed out a high pitched screech that seemed from the dawns of

hell. It was Kiki as she float mid air so did I. The thought of yelling

came to mind but I couldn’t I still couldn’t even breathe. It didn’t

serve as a problem though. I was cold, freezing really but no

goose bumps or anything. Kiki helplessly fell to the ground and

landed with a huge thud. I gently floated down on to my feet.

When I got to the ground and on my feet I stumbled onto the back

of the cage. I hit myself hard against it and fell. I thought I saw

more people and then soon realizing I did. There were more

people. They were doctors and they slowly crept behind the

children. I watched all of this happen. They pulled out there sharp

blades one by one in a synchronized order. Up they threw there

shining blades. They had thrashed them down almost too

violently. It was a pleasure they felt as they committed their horrid

deed that lingered in the air. The next thing I saw was another

shinning light flash by bouncing off the walls. The doctors and the

remains of the children, gone. Something sliced the cage right in

front of me. Time started moving forward again. Akio was by me

and I was standing in shock as I realized who was in front of me.

It was Kyo! He looked so irritated like he had a horrible day. I

stood silent as tensions raised fast. Kyo took my hand and

dragged me away from Akio. Akio followed behind and yelled at

Kyo for awhile until he pulled a gun on him and plainly said “Shut

up.” My eyes grew wide with horror. What was he going to do?

He kept pulling me as I just walked in fear. Akio stayed in that

same spot with all my bags. Kyo murmured “I’m sorry.” His eyes

looked pleading like all he needed was forgiveness.

“You saw all that didn’t you; the lights, the scream, those

doctors and the chains?”

“Yes I did, do you know what it means?”

“It has to do with that place your staying at. I’ll show you.”

He kneeled down and I jumped on his back as he dashed

off from the corner of my eye I saw Akio concerned and

disappointed. Before I knew it we were at the house. I jumped

off his back and calmly walked in with him. Toshi’s dead body

lay cold on the floor. Blood all of the stair case we figured he had

fallen and died. Just then BANG BANG Kagamine appeared at

the top of the steps. Gun in hand she dashed down the steps and

confronted us panting. “The… Damn b****… Kohana turned…

Run!” Kyo and I went to the kitchen. We were greeted by blood

stained walls and a drenched dead body; bullet holes made

through the decaying walls shinning a light into the next room

and the outdoors. The body was Makoto’s. All my held tears were

about to over flow. I had almost nothing left it was only me Akio,

Kyo, Makoto, and Kagamine. From what she had said Kohana

turned on us. I fell into Kyo and cried, anything I could have ever

possibly had anything was gone. All chances at a happy life with

someone as a friend faded into a state of no sanity. I felt the

guns end against my head. I let go of Kyo and grabbed the gun.

I snatched it from the person and swung violently. Beating them

to the ground and destroying everything out of anger. They were

halfway dead until I realized it was Makoto. He couldn’t speak any

more. I felt horrible. He panted barley breathing.

“I-I’m sorry I didn’t know it was you. May you join the others

and live in a happier place.”

Just then I shot him dead. Kyo just lead me to a door in the

kitchen. Then we went down a flight of steps. It was the basement

and there in the middle was a giant metal machine surrounded by

skeletons run by children’s brains. “They had sold this place over

to some twisted scientist. They called and believed themselves

to be doctors. They built this machine from all the children’s pain

and lives, so as this machine stands so there memory of pain

and death remains. Wanting them to get revenge, and you you’re

the target, the strongest of them all.” Kyo explained “I need to

help me tear it all down.” Click. “I can’t let you do that.” Kohana

had said. Holding her gun to Kyo’s head she was at the perfect

point. “See I’m related to the doctors and apart of them. This is a

great creation only missing one part. Chi. It needs her to create a

new generation but without her it is nothing.” A tear gently glided

down my cheek. Kagamine burst through the door “Got cha!”

she exclaimed. Kohana smiled evilly “Then shoot.” Kagamine

started to shake. Kohana turned around and laughed. Squeezing

her eyes shut they both pulled the trigger. They both shot each

other dead a straight head shot. Kyo turned his head Akio came


“Chi your okay right?”

“I’m fine.”

“Good.” He said.

“So Chi, will you help me?”

I closed my eyes. “I,” my words lingered. “won’t” I was forced

to say. Kiki had appeared in front of me visible to them too. We

both cried at the same time. I fell to the floor as Kiki looked up

at them. Her eyes glowed with anger. “Everything here took my

future away from me. I intend to take all yours.” With that she took

her katana in hand and shoved it through Akio. Twisting it she got

showered in blood loving the cries of pain. Kyo sat with me. I told

him to go. He said “What about you?” I replied “I’ll be fine.” With

that he escaped. As for myself I grabbed a gun from my dead

friends hand and shot myself. Everyone else had moved on into

the light but I stayed with the children in their pain. Waiting for the

next victims I wrote on the walls in the basement…

“There is no light tonight.

The darkness swallows all whole.

Enclosed and caged now,


Please play with us.

We would love to keep you.”

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