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Ballerinas in The City

September 4, 2011
By MaiaraDiore, Denver, Colorado
MaiaraDiore, Denver, Colorado
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Favorite Quote:
“Their backgrounds didn’t define who they are, their hearts did.”
- Ballerinas in the City.


Serenity School of Dance, the dance studio Chloe basically lives at is so
shallow and stuck-up, they integrated the rundown, paint-chipped, cobwebbed building into a place where poor dancers were accepted but pay for what they get.  

Which didn’t make any sense because Chloe was the cherry-on-top of the whole dance school, why would she be teaching for the ‘charity’ class?

Either way, I still didn’t like the idea of separating the dancers just
because of their economic differences. Their backgrounds didn’t define who they are, their hearts did. Of course Chloe and the rest of Serenity School of Dance-aka Later Day Saints of Snots-disagreed with every little helpful request I made. So as Chloe sobbed about how she
wanted to be with the ‘actual’ dancers, I bit my lip and stayed quiet.

Mariah D.

Ballerinas in The City

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