May 24, 2011
By ToryWilier, alameda, California
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ToryWilier, Alameda, California
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My name is Tory Wilier. You won’t understand what I’m going to tell you. My life changed. Ok I know your not understanding what I’m saying right now. Gosh, ok what I’m trying to say is that I’m no ordinary girl. I’m special. Well I don’t know if you call it special. My friends and I have escaped the most horrible place called Wing Camp. It’s a place where they locked up peoples with gifted powers. Well this is hard to explain. If you’re not understanding this one bit. Let me explain it more slowly. Before I went to Wing Camp, I was jus an ordinary girl. I was in middle school; it was my last year of 8th grade. If you’re reading this book right now, well you won’t believe. The story I’m telling you will contain violence, mysteries, and other. Now I will explain to you what a Wing Camp is. It is a camp, but not just a camp. It’s a camp full of wizards and other.

[Tory hurry and go on with the story.]

[Ok I got it. Let me explain to peoples what’s happening.]

Sorry for the interruptions. I must be talking too much. So peoples who are reading this right now, well good luck, but I must warn you.
DON’T EVER PUT THAT BOOK DOWN!! Now let’s go on with the story shall we. Let’s go back a little bit of what happened.

It was 2 in the morning when I heard some footsteps. “Mom?”
No answer.

It was silent, so silent that I knew something was wrong.

“Mom?” I said again.

I went to my brother’s room. Hoping he was there. I didn’t like the house being silent. I mean everyday, it was always so noisy, and it was driving me crazy. If I heard some footsteps, then I can’t be wrong about anything. My brother’s room was jus across from mine, I turned over the doorknob. I opened the door and peeked inside.

“Mason, are you there?” I asked. No answer. Where is everyone?
I was shaking, something was definitely wrong. Something happened to them. I couldn’t stop shaking. I went inside my brother’s room. I went to where his bed was, to check if he was sleeping not hearing me calling his name. I pulled the blanket over. He wasn’t in his bed at all. Where could he be? I didn’t want to stay in that room any longer. I need to find them. What if they’re in the kitchen or in the living room? I encourage myself by thinking positive things. I started heading to my mom’s room. I didn’t say my parents room because I don’t have a dad. Ever since I was young, I don’t remember having a dad. I always asked my mom where he was and she would give me a face that shows sadness. I didn’t dare ask her again. My mom’s room was at the end of the hall. I turned the doorknob over, opened the door, and peeked inside.

“Mom, are you there?” I asked again. Again there was no answer.
There it was again. I was hearing footsteps again. Who is it? Is it Mason? Is it Mom?


The footsteps were getting closer. Someone was heading upstairs. I started hiding. I looked around my mom’s room. Gosh mom, don’t you have any place for me to hide. Where are you anyway?


I hid under the bed. It wasn’t a smart idea to hide under the bed. But what can I do. I have no brain to think one bit. And I was only 13 years old still attending middle school. Thump. I knew that it wasn’t my mom or mason. It was a heavy footstep making a loud noise. Neither my mom nor mason has that kind of footsteps. Yes, you think I’m weird to identify whose footsteps are. Let me explain, I have a very good ear. I can hear some things that are far away. I can also identify, well actually I can’t identify people’s footsteps but I can tell the difference somehow. Ok back to the point. The footsteps stopped. I was relieved for a few seconds then the door was open fiercely. It made a loud noise that it almost made me jump. They had me there. They freaking scared me to death. I didn’t want to peek outside the bed of how they look like. What if they look really ugly? Ha! I was about to laugh but I covered my mouth. This is no time to be laughing. I can be crazy sometimes but no not all the time.

“Where is she?” I heard a man say. His voice was kind of heavy and deep. So the man was probably around 30.

“I don’t know where she is.” I gasped. It was Mason. What’s going on?
I thought to myself.

“Boy, you can’t lie to us. Now where is she?” he asked again. I started laughing inside my head. How dumb can he be? Well I jus hoped he doesn’t look under the bed.

“I’m not lying. I really don’t know where she is. Look inside her room or something. But I’m telling you this, search all you want.” Said Mason.

“You have guts boy. A boy who loves his sister, he lover her so much, you would die for her?” the man asked.

I didn’t see how mason expression would look like. Mason loves me? You got to be kidding me. Mason and I fought all the time. I did love him even if we fought and get hurt. He was always by my side. Even when I was bullied. He was there for me.

“Yes I would die for her because there’s no other choice.” Mason said.
What does he mean there’s no other choice, I thought to myself. I was still trying to make sure they don’t find me. I can’t believe they never thought I would hide under the bed.

“You’re brave, very brave. Now find your sister for me. We won’t do any harm to your family.” he said. Don’t listen to what he said, I thought. What is mason thinking? Hurry up and do something about them. “Watch him for me” he continued.
Then I heard some footsteps leaving. I sighed in relief, but I still made sure no one would able to hear me because there are 2 peoples watching mason and I bet that mason is still here. I waited.

*30 minutes later *

What the heck? This is taking too long. My body is aching from laying under the bed too long. Mason hurry.

This is the worst day. Gosh Tory, I know your under that bed, you really suck when it comes to find as hiding place. No wonder you were always found every time we play hide & seek game. I sighed. Can’t you think of a better place?

[Tory: Be quiet Mason.]
[Mason: You know I’m right. Plus even now you still suck at hiding.]
[Tory: Get on with the story]

Now I need a plan how to get out of here so Tory can be safe and sound.
Now I need to look around and see if there’s anything to take this 2 guys down. Then I thought of a plan. I don’t think Tory is going to like it.

“Sir I know where my sister is, so can you let me guide you to where she is?” I said. I know Tory will get mad at me for this. Well she shouldn’t because it doesn’t really involve her.


Did Mason just say what I think he said? Did Mason know where I’m hiding? Gosh he’s good.

Mason!!!! What are you thinking? , I thought to myself real hard.
Tory?, I jumped and hit my head but luckily no one heard me. I heard Mason somehow. I tried to think again. What do you think you’re doing?
I got a plan to get you out safely, he thought back. I was silent for a few minutes. Then I thought back to him. I’ll believe you Mason; now hurry up because my body is aching from staying under the bed too long.

He was silent for a few minute, then his thoughts came back to me saying, I’m rolling my eyes you know, not that you can see me since your hiding under mom’s bed. Would you find a better hiding place?

I was silent for a few minutes. I thought it over. Maybe I should find a better hiding place incase when I’m in danger somehow. Anyways I thought back to him, hey! You suck at hiding too.

Better than you, he thought back to me again. Mason did have a point. He was better at hiding & seeks. Better than me. Last time when I was the seeker. It was hard to find him. In the end, he won and wasn’t found until we called out to him.

Tory Stop thinking, I can read everything you have on your mind. Now shut up and let me think of another plan to get us out. He sends his thoughts back to me. I was angry. He was reading every thought I’m having. If you have someone to read your thoughts that has every secret. Well good luck to you. But what worse is having your best friend reading your thoughts. Anyways I’m just saying. But no, I have to have my twin brother reading my thoughts. Gosh what a dimwit he is.

Hey that’s very offensive to me. His thoughts came. I thought back to him saying, STOP READING MY MIND!!!!

Ok calm down. He sends his thoughts to me. Then it was just me again, alone. Waiting for Mason to be done with his plan so I can be safe and start finding out what’s going on.


That was a shocking. I can read Tory’s mind. Well I first thought I was going crazy so I tried to send my thoughts to mom but it didn’t work. So I guess I can only read my twin sister’s mind and able to send thoughts to her too. Wow I feel special. But I need to find a way out so that we don’t have to die. Now I would risk my life for Tory and only for her. I loved her like a sister. Without her then I would probably die along with her too. Anyways I shouldn’t think about that right now. I should think of a way to get out.


Hi everyone! As you know, Mason here is telling the story. This is where are adventures begin. As a starter, we failed to notice that. Tory and I will save the world from our enemies. I am like Tory, I’m no ordinary human. I’m special, as in having super powers. Our adventures start by thinking of a way to get out from our enemies and find a way to know what’s going on. I will know everything soon, its either now or never.

To be continued in the next chapter…..

Message from Tory:

I hope you enjoyed the story for a while even though we didn’t finish telling you what’s happening. But let me tell you this, it’s only just a beginning of the story. It’s not the end and I hope you enjoy the next chapter of the story. 

Message from Mason:

Hey guys. Glad to tell you the story though we didn’t get to finish explaining because were out of time. I didn’t get to say much because of Tory here. She’s talkative. I hate it when she talks too much. I’ll hope you’ll like what’s going to happen next. Don’t worry. To those who are enjoying this. We hope your very patient. 

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