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Slipping Away

May 4, 2011
By Shadowangel BRONZE, Allendale, Illinois
Shadowangel BRONZE, Allendale, Illinois
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"The only things that are a sure thing in life are; Life, Death, Taxes and Neal Greentree is a beast on a skateboard!"


Jesse was a happy and outgoing little boy. He had many friends and enjoyed the outdoors. Then one day he gets letter stating that his father had been killed in the war. Jesse then isolated himself from teh world. He lost almost all of his friends, and he ignored his family for the most part, only coming out for dinner and for school. Then Jesse got an email, from an unknown sender, telling him to go to a certain address. When Jesse gets there, he gets one hell of a surprise

Tags: Death/loss

Alan G.

Slipping Away

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