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Journey back to the Lake

August 24, 2023
By MagsPinard, Cape Town, Other
MagsPinard, Cape Town, Other
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"It has long been my axiom that the little things are infinitely the most important."

-Sherlock Holmes


The novel takes place in Edwardian England and follows the life of young Maria Stone, an orphan, who lives with her aunt Claudette in a small country town in Derbyshire. But her aunt takes a position in the Lake District and Marias' life is turned upside down. Her aunt, however, has a past in the Lake District that Maria knows nothing about. Heartache and old grudges lurk in the shadows of the countryside.

Why is her aunt so secretive and why does the young Phillips boy upset her so?

  This book is about overcoming the pain of loss, learning to enjoy the present, and to have hope for the future. 


Journey back to the Lake

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