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My Homework is Evil

March 20, 2011
By LULU2 SILVER, Petersburg, Illinois
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LULU2 SILVER, Petersburg, Illinois
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I have been telling my mom the same thing ever since second grade. I have been telling her forever. My Homework is evil! She never believes me. My name is Lucy and my homework really is evil.

It all started at school. My teacher, Ms. Rohn, gave me a worksheet. She was my math teacher.

A worksheet? I thought, I hope this doesn’t end up like the last five.

"Here you go Lucy," she said. My teacher looked like a witch. In fact she was a witch, so the kids thought anyways. She is terrible. She even had a pointy nose, and a hairy wart on her wrinkly chin. Everyone made fun of her.

That night I sat at the kitchen table. The homework didn’t move. “Come on,” I whispered. I still didn’t move. So I leaned over and looked at the first problem. The next thing I remembered was laying on the floor. Soaked with blood. MY mom was trying to carry me to the car. We were in. We drove to the ER. They carried me to the room and there I stayed for awhile. I was scared. I couldn’t see anything. Tears covered my face and covered my eyes.

“What happened?” the doctor asked. He went and got his rubber gloves on.

“My paper-” I paused.

“Your homework is not evil,” my mom said.

“But it is,” I started to cry. My mom was worried, but she knew that my homework was evil.

The doctor started to write down everything. “It’s not that bad, so I will let it go this time,” he said. I could finally see. I got up. Every one of my cuts were straight. I almost cried again. It looked like I was cutting myself. My mom walked out to the car with me. We went home. As we were driving everything was quiet.

“Why do you think your homework is evil?” she asked. I could tell that all her focus was on the road, but her head was somewhere else.

“Why do you want to know?” I asked. I sounded snotty. “You have no idea. It is just my math homework.”

“Is that why you are having trouble in that class? You use to be good at math,” my mom said.

“I still am. It isn’t me, it’s the homework.”

My mom sighed. I understood why she wouldn’t believe me, but I was serious. I looked out the window. My mom asked me tons of questions, but I dint answer her. I ignored all of her questions. She sighed and started to speed up. She always did that when she was mad. We got home and I slammed the car door behind me. Then I went inside.

I walked over to the table to get my paper. I walked over to it and it was covered with blood. At first I was scared. I didn’t know what to think. I heard the door open. My mom called my name and I looked back at the paper. I grabbed it anyways. I walked down the hallway and into my room. I laid the paper down on my desk and sat on my bed. I laid there looking up at my ceiling. Tons of things went wrong today.

My mom banged on my door. “Lucy!” She screamed, “Why is there blood down the hallway?”

I didn’t answer. My mom walked into the room and screamed again. I didn’t look at her either. My mom came over to my bed. She put her hands on her hips and stomped her foot. Her expression was fierce. I could see fire in her eyes. I was still looking at the ceiling when I pointed at the desk. My mom looked over and saw the paper.

“What is this?” she asked.

I looked at her. The paper was clean. I bit my lip. I had no idea what to say. I lied and said, “I was pointing too the door. Now get out!”

She sighed and walked out. I could tell that she was mad, but what was I suppose to do? I cant prove that my homework is evil, but I know for a fact that it is.

The next morning I grabbed my paper and went to school. I looked at my teacher. She looked at me. I felt sorry for Mrs. Rohn. She looked ugly. I didn’t know what to say to her. I walked over to her desk easily and slowly. I looked at her and she put her romance novel book down. I said, “Mrs. Rohn, may I tell you something in private?”

Mrs. Rohn was curious. I could tell in her eyes. “Yes my dear,” she croaked. Her voice was terrible. Half of the time she reminded me of a frog. I nodded and went back to my seat. I got out my books out of my book bag and I got my homework. I looked at it. It was finished. I was surprised. I didn’t do my homework and I know for a fact that my mom didn’t either. See I told you my homework was evil! Mrs. Rohn came around and collected papers. She stopped at me. “Did you do your homework this time?” she asked. In the past I hardly ever did my homework because my homework is evil!

“Yes I did,” I smiled at her and handed her the paper. Her eyes widened and put it under her stack. She walked back up to the front of the classroom. She set the papers on her desk and began teaching.
Then she said, “I am going to give you a review sheet. You may work in partners.”
What! I hated when we did that because review sheets were always the worst. She handed out papers and we all got in groups. I was grouped up with the dumb kids. Go figure, I always get paired up with them. I looked at my paper. “Number one,” I said to my group. “6a to the fourth divided by 3a cubed.”

They all looked at me like I was an idiot. Then I said, “It’s just 2a.” I began to write it down. The next thing I remember is that I was lying on the floor. Papers were flying everywhere and desks were turned upside down. All the kids were on the floor. Some were bleeding and some were bruised. I tried to get up, but I couldn’t. I was bleeding too. I looked down at my group. They were all bleeding as well. I ran to the teacher’s desk. She was on the floor too, but all she had was a minor cut on her cheek. I tried getting into her desk.
“AHH!” someone screamed. I heard footsteps, but I ignored them. I still shuffled my way through the drawers. I found the phone. The first thing I did was dial 911.
“911, what is your emergency?” some lady on the other end said.
“I’m Lucy, I am from Sherman high school. Every kid is down; there is a lot of blood. I don’t know what to do!” I was screaming into the phone. I didn’t know if that woman could hear me or not. All I heard was typing on the computer.
“Okay a police officer will be on their way. Do you want me to stay on the phone with you?” she asked.
I was too scared to say yes. “No, I will just wait till you guys get here.”
She said, “Okay. Stay where you are at. You might be our only witness to what is happening at that school.”
I said okay and hung up the phone. I kept it with me as I climbed under the desk. I stayed in complete silence waiting and wanting to if everyone was okay. It was awhile before anything happened. I was getting bored. My face was soaked in tears and my clothes were soaked with blood. I heard screams every now and then. I stayed put though. There was a time were I heard noises outside the door and creaks along the wall.
I got up. I was too frightened to reach for the door, but I did anyways. I wasn’t going to let this thing hurt me. I opened the door and walked out into the hallway. Paper was everywhere, but I didn’t see anybody. No blood, no nothing. There was only silence and the wind. The clock was broken so I had no idea what time it was. Every now and then I would hear papers blowing across the floor and footsteps. My school was silent. I decided to go back to my classroom. I climber under Mrs. Rohn’s desk and stayed there until the cops would come get me.

You might think this is weird, but the next thing I remember was my partner calling my name. I had fallen asleep in class. I woke up looking at him.
“Lucy, are you okay?” he asked.
I looked around and my class was all standing around me. “Yes, why wouldn’t I be?”
“Because you were screaming in your dream,” Mrs. Rohn said.
I looked around. Every kid was in shock. It was like I was screaming my head off. All of a sudden a cop came into the classroom. “I am looking for Lucy,” he said.
Everyone was looking at me like I did something wrong. I got up and went with the cop out into the hallway. “Did I do something wrong?” I asked him.
Then he said, “You called the police station saying that people were dead. When I came here everything was fine.”
“I didn’t call anyone!” I lied thinking I could get away with it. “You can ask my teacher, you can ask my group. I don’t even have a cell phone. I fell asleep in class and the next thing I remembered is waking up and everyone telling me that I was screaming my head off.”
He looked at me in a strange way. Then he said, “Okay go back to class.”
I did as he told me. I went and sat at my desk and looked at my group. The cop told Mrs. Rohn to come with him and she did. I looked at Cynthia, Michael, and Jake. All of them were looking at me the same way the cop did except I sensed fear in their expressions. “What happen?” I asked them in a soft tone.
“You told us the answer and when we looked up you were knocked out. Shortly after you started screaming and throwing everything,” said Michael.
I didn’t want to believe him. I really didn’t want to believe him. I looked over my shoulder at the door and seen Mrs. Rohn and the cop talking. Their shadows were the only thing I seen. Then I looked back at my paper. The only thing written down was 2.
After class I went up to my teacher’s desk. She looked up at me. We were alone. This was it; I was going to tell her the truth. After all what’s the worst that could happen?

“Mrs. Rohn,” I said, “Would you believe me if I said something that you might not believe?”
Mrs. Rohn took her finger and pushed her glasses up her nose. Then she leaned back in her char and said, “Try me.”
I gulped. I started to sweat. I was so nervous. I lost all of my words. I just couldn’t believe what I was doing. She wasn’t going to believe me, we both knew that. Mrs. Rohn looked at me and was waiting for me to tell her everything. “I think my homework is evil!” I blurted it out so fast that I didn’t think she would be able to understand.
Her face lit up. I knew she was hiding something. “Why do you think that?” she asked. Usually when something was funny the grown-ups would laugh, but Mrs. Rohn didn’t.
“Because,” I paused, “It cut me. I know it did. I seen it get up and cut me. It had blood all over it when I got home, but when my mom looked at it, it was all gone. Mrs. Rohn please, you have to help me.”
She eyes went wide. “Is this all of your homework?” she asked. I shook my head. Then she took off her glasses and set them by her book. “Honey, Lucy,” she paused. She began to sigh. She rubbed her left hand on her forehead. Now I really did know that she was hiding something. She just didn’t want to admit it, “How about this? I can come over tomorrow for dinner and take a look at it for you if you like.”
I was so happy that I nodded so fast that my head could have fallen off. I just couldn’t wait any longer. She looked at me like I was crazy. Then to break the silence she said, “I don’t know why, but that paper you gave me has all the right answers.”
I had no idea what she was talking about and I didn’t know if I wanted to know either. I just looked at her and said, “What are you talking about?”
She began to laugh and dig through her drawers. She pulled out a paper stained with blood on it. “Here it is,” she said. She handed me the paper. It was the same one from that one night. If I told her this was the paper, and many more would she believes me? “Do you have any idea about this?” she asked.
“Yes,” I gulped. I handed the paper to her. “This is the homework that is evil. It cut me a couple days ago.”
“I believe that’s called a paper cut, my dear,” she said. “It might have been a accident.”
I started to get angry. “No! It rose and cut me so bad that I went to the hospital. Why wont you believe me?”
The bell rang. I grabbed my bag and sprinted out the door. Go figure. I knew she wouldn’t believe me. A paper is dangerous. This was no accident. My homework is out to get me. I swear it!

The next night I sat in my room braiding my long blonde hair. My mom knew that my teacher was coming over, but she thought it was to talk to her about my grades. I put a bow at the end of my braids. Then I walked downstairs. MY mom was cooking turkey. I could smell it through the whole house. I walked into the kitchen to get the plates. I was setting the table when there was a knock at the door. It was Mrs. Rohn. We sat at the table talking for awhile. I can remember it like it was yesterday.
“This is some lovely cooking Ms. Collins,” Mrs. Rohn said.
My mom was grateful. “Thank you.”
I took their plates after they were done and went back into the kitchen. I stood there cleaning the dishes and listening to their conversation.
“So how is my daughters grades?” my mom asked.
“Not well,” my teacher said.
I could tell that when my mom was going to get made at me she would puff. “oh?” my mom huffed. It was different from normal. There was a crash. “Honey are you okay?” my mom asked. I knew right then and there that it wasn’t my mom, Mrs. Rohn, or me. The noise came again and again. “Honey! Knock it off in there!”
“It isn’t me!” I screamed back I stepped away from the sink and looked around the kitchen. Nothing. My mom came into the room and looked at me.
“What are you doing in here? Your making a lot of noise!” my mom was angry.

“it isn’t me,” I said again. My mom looked around and heard the noise again. Her eyes darted toward me. I shook my head. I darted my eyes toward the walls. I knew it! My paper was on the table. My mom caught my glance. She walked slowly over to the paper and looked down at it. It flung up and cut her face so bad that its started to bruise and bleed. My mom was running for her life. My teacher came into the room and saw her on the ground. Then she looked at me and then the paper. The paper was going nuts. It was going after her.

“Watch out!” I screamed at her.

She pointed at the paper with her index finger. Then poof. It was gone. I was in amazement.

“How did you-“ I paused.

Mrs. Rohn bent down next to me. She smiled a crooked smile. She touched my shoulder. It started to glow green. “I’m sorry,” she whispered.

I woke up in my bed the next morning. My mom walked into my room and jumped on my bed. “Good morning Honey!” She yelled.

Was I dreaming again? This can’t be! It all looked so weird. “Morning mom,” I smiled

She looked at me and smiled. When she turned her head toward the ceiling I saw a cut on her face. I knew this was real! “Lovely day isn’t it?”

I ignored her. “Mom where did you get that nasty scar?”

My mom went over to my closet mirror and looked at it. Then she looked back at me. “I don’t remember,” she said.

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