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Diabolik Lovers || A Story Excerpt

February 24, 2016
By suburbvn-blues, Brooklyn, Connecticut
suburbvn-blues, Brooklyn, Connecticut
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Favorite Quote:
"All monsters are human."


Kazumi Fujioka is your basic, average girl. She grew up in a normal family, raised by a church with yher cousin Yui. She's as pure as a dove, seemingly innocent in all that she is. When she was sent off to live with a family that she never had any association with, she was more than skeptical, but went with it for her fathers sake. She never expected to find herself being sent to live with a family of vampires, who wanted nothing more than a measley blood sorce. 

Kou Mukami is one of those vampires, an idol, who is more than he seems to be. First meeting with Kazumi lead him to fall for her scent, her blood, the way that she tastes. Love isn't in the picture. Love has never been and never will be in the picture.


Diabolik Lovers || A Story Excerpt

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