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Diabolik Lovers || A Story Excerpt

February 24, 2016
By suburbvn-blues, Brooklyn, Connecticut
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suburbvn-blues, Brooklyn, Connecticut
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Favorite Quote:
"All monsters are human."

Author's note:

I loved the anime that this character is found in, so I ended up writing a rather lengthy fan fiction, so out came this cute lil excerpt.

“Oh M-Neko-Chan~” Kou’s voice echoed through my bedroom as the blonde boy leaned up against the door frame. “Ta-Da!” He cheered happily as he moved his arms forward. In his hands was a bouquet of flowers that varied greatly in color, but mostly consisted of red roses.
Despite him seeming so cheerful, I knew better than to trust him and his two-faced nature.
”O-Oh, Kou-Kun…. What do you want?” I responded in a questioning manner, not really sure on how to process all of this. Kou, being an actor, was very good at acting like he was trying to do something nice and wanted to be kind to me, to anyone, but he always ends up showing his true nature one way or the other. So, what was this about?
A soft laugh escaped his lips as he closes his bright blue eyes for a moment, before he proceeds to make his way over to the edge of my bed. He places the roses on to a small sector of my night stand, before looking down at me, his bright blue eyes staring into my own.
“Why do you think I want something from you, Kazumi-chan?” He asked in his usual melodic voice. Hmmm I don’t know, maybe because you always require me to do something for you or just use me as a food source, I thought to myself, shaking my head to try and push the thought away as my gaze broke away from his.
“Maybe because of your whole ‘give and take’ policy…. even though you never give anything.” I muttered that last part under my breath, glad he didn’t notice because his mood would’ve changed significantly if he did. That was one thing that confuses me about him, his mood and personality. He wasn’t bipolar, that was out of the question, but how could one being just flip back and forth between being someone so sweet to someone who’s willing to put you through the worse form of torture? I’ll never know.
Kou wrapped his arm around my shoulders as I thought, and pulled me closer to his side as his blonde locks fell before his eyes like they usually do. For his moment his right eye flashed bright red. similar to the lights on top of a police car. He was trying to read me. From his past, Kou was given a magic eye when he was changed into a vampire, for what reason I have no clue.
I’ve always managed to catch a glimpse of this happening periodically, and due to the very “research” I’ve done on him, I’ve conducted a small theory that the reason he has this eye, the magical, one, is because he gouged out his real one when he was a child. How depressing. However, he didn’t hide the role that his eye plays very well, obviously.
“What? It’s a principle of the world Masochistic Kitten.” He purred as he started to nuzzle his head into the crook of my neck like a kitten would. A small percentage of me wanted to push him away, while the other, the portion that belonged to me heart, decided against it.I cringed ever so slightly as I heard him sniff at my neck before exhaling blissfully.
“You just can’t find something else to eat, can you?” I muttered once more. He just ignored me as he slowly started placing kisses onto a small section of my neck, peppering his soft lips across my skin. I stayed speechless as he flashed me a cheeky grin, before finally sinking his pearly white fangs into my skin, initially sending a spiral of shivers along my spine and a whimper of pain through my lips.
This wasn’t anything out of the ordinary for me, or for him, I’ve become accustomed to the feeling of his fangs demolishing the already weak structure that is my body by drinking my blood, I’ve been living with him and his brothers for quite some time now, and ever since I’ve walked through the mansion's front doors, all I’ve been treated as is nothing more than a glorified blood bag.
My eyes slowly started to feel heavy as the vampire clutched onto my arms, soft gulping sounds rumbling from his throat as he kept his fangs in my skin, and his lips connected to my neck. How strange it was of me to actually enjoy such a gesture from someone who could be so cruel and unforgiving.

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