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Soul Slayer

July 29, 2011
By headoverheels44 SILVER, Dickerson, Maryland
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headoverheels44 SILVER, Dickerson, Maryland
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Tis ran around the house like a madman and I could hear Jamie following him. She screamed at him to stop every few seconds, which influenced him to keep going. They had already gone past my door at least 15 times, even though it was five in the morning. To try to keep their noise from reaching me I had stuck a pillow over my head and pulled it over my ears. Then I heard something swing, which was followed by the sound of something breaking. I quickly sat up in my queen-sized bed and felt like killing the two kids outside my room. I had listened to their steady pace of running so long that I now knew when they were going to come by my room next, so I walked over to the door of my room and waited like a tiger for it’s prey. When I heard them only a few feet away from my door I opened it and jumped out to the foyer like a crazy person. I snatched up Tis and he yelped like a small dog, and then proceeded to squirm like one in my arms. I grabbed Jamie’s arm and she squeaked. In her hands was a large broom. “What the hell is going on? And what did you break!” I yelled at them and they seemed to shrink. They stared at each other until Jamie spoke.
“Tis started it! He wouldn’t shut up and I knew you were still sleeping! I tried to quiet him, really I did! But he bit me!” She protested and I looked at her for a moment.
“How does him biting you lead to you swinging a broom around and breaking something?” I yelled.
“I had to get revenge! I wasn’t going to let him get away after he bit me! You didn’t let him get away when he pinched you!” She yelled and I sighed. I looked at her and shook my head.
“Go to your room, Jamie. I’ll come talk to you after I deal with Tis.” I said and she scurried to her room. She slammed the door and then the hall went quiet. I set Tis so that he was standing on the ground and then sat down so we were looking eye to eye. “Why did you bite Jamie and why were you running in the first place?” I asked him.
“I was trying to be superman! He can fly so I was trying to too! But Jamie got in my way and wouldn’t let me fly anymore.” He grumbled and I sighed again. I set my hand on his head and slightly smiled.
“Jamie was just trying to let me sleep, Tis. It was wrong of you to bite her,” I said and he nodded with a frown, “Now, next time you want to fly can you wait till I’m awake? Then I’ll help you. How does that sound?”
“Great!” He agreed.
“Now I want you to go tell Jamie you are sorry for biting her, okay?” I asked and he nodded. We walked to Jamie’s door and Tis grabbed my hand. He was pretty cute for a 4 year old, but very obsessed with superman. I knocked on Jamie’s door and she opened it. I let go of Tis’s hand and he looked at Jamie.
“Sorry I bit you, Jamie.” He grumbled and Jamie slightly smiled with victory.
“It’s okay.” She said back and I looked at Tis.
“You should go to you room and pick out your clothes for school, okay?” I asked and he scurried off. I went into Jamie’s room and shut the door. She sat on her bed and I sat next to her. “Jamie, when I chased Tis for pinching me I really shouldn’t have. I should have done something more adult about it and I’m sorry I acted like such a bad role model. I’m really trying to work on that.” I said and she smiled.
“It’s okay. You’re still in high school, so you have a while to work on being an adult.” She said and I smiled.
“Now, what did you break with the broom?” I asked and she looked ashamed. She handed me the broom in her hands.
“I’m not sure.” She said as she looked away.
My hands went automatically to my hips as I stood. “I’ll go look. You should get ready for school and then could you help Tis get ready?” I asked and she nodded. I walked out of the room and down the hall. I walked around the house until I finally found what was broken. It was Hajji’s mother’s favorite glass vase. My face whitened as I realized what it was. I quickly ran to the kitchen and got out a small grocery bag. I went back to the shattered vase and used the broom in my hands to sweep the pieces up and into the bag. I went back to the kitchen and put the broom up against the wall as I went to the second drawer in the kitchen. I grabbed out a thing of clear glue and sat down at the small 4-person table in the middle of the kitchen. As I took out the first piece of the vase the front door opened. Voices flooded the fairly quiet house.
“Hajji!” A lady yelled and I was startled. I dropped the piece of the glass vase and it slit my index finger on my right hand. I took a quick breath in and held it until the main pain passed. Then I quickly picked up the piece and put it back in the bag. I went over to the sink and started cold water. I put my finger under the flowing water that turned red as it touched my blood. The whole sink seemed to be covered in red water as I heard two people walking into the kitchen. I looked up to see Hajji, a very handsome man who owned his father business whom was also my land lord that let me stay in his house with only a payment of taking care of his two children and was liked by a lot of girls, and his assistant Yuri, a very beautiful lady whom was very smart and very rich that hated Hajji but had to put up with him because he was her boss. But no one ever said she had to put up with him kindly, so every time she was with him they were arguing. They were both in suits fitting their gender and were carrying brief cases. When I looked up Yuri smacked the back of Hajji’s head with her suitcase in anger. “What the hell were you thinking? Being rude to our manager like that!” She yelled at him without even realizing they were not alone in the room.
“He insulted me! I wasn’t going to let him off!” He hollered back.
Yuri put her hands on her hips as she stopped in the middle of the entryway to the kitchen. “Well mister high and mighty! I’ve got something to tell you!” She started to yell and then she noticed me. Her cheeks turned hot pink as she dropped her suitcase and her hands went to cover her mouth. “Hope! I didn’t realize you were here!” She explained sorrowfully, “I’m sorry you had to hear us!”
Hajji frowned at her. “She’s a high school student, for heaven’s sake! She can handle us fighting! Stop treating her like a child!” Hajji argued.
“So? I hate my dear Hope seeing me act in such an angry manner!” She said as she came over to me. “I’m sorry, my love. I didn’t mean for you to hear us fighting.” She apologized as she walked towards me with open arms.
“You lesbian! Don’t touch her!” Hajji yelled as he ran to us. He stood in between us and Yuri frowned.
“You can’t keep Hope to yourself forever you know! She will become mine!” Yuri complained as she crossed her arms over her chest. I turned off the water running on my finger and quickly grabbed a paper towel. I turned to Yuri and smiled.
“Please don’t fight you two.” I said and they both looked at me. Yuri’s eyes immediately went to the paper towel and she looked back at my face.
“What did you do to your finger?” She asked me.
“Nothing. It’s fine.” I said with a smile and she smiled too.
“Well I have to go, I have to clean up the mess Hajji made at the office.” She said and then walked out. “Bye bye, love!” Yuri called to me and then she shut the front door. Hajji turned to me and smiled.
“Why are you up so early? I was expecting to be the only one up.” He said.
“There was an accident this morning, so I had to fix it.” I said and he looked concerned. He looked at my finger and then at my face.
“Care to explain?” He asked me and I sighed.
“I’m really sorry, Hajji.”
“For what?”
“I accidentally broke your mother’s glass vase. I’m really sorry.” I said as I looked away, but then I heard the two kids running down the stairs. Usually they would immediately run to Hajji and hug him, but they stopped at the entrance to the kitchen.
“Hope what are you saying?” Jamie gasped and I looked up at her.
“I was just telling your father what I did. Don’t worry about it, Jamie.” I said and she ran to Hajji. She looked up at him with a brave face.
“Hope is just trying to cover for me, Dad! I broke the vase! It’s my fault!” She protested and Hajji looked at me. I quickly went over to Jamie and knelt down so I was looking her in the face. I put my hand on her head and smiled.
“But it happened because I was immature and you followed my example, Jamie. This was not your fault. It was truly mine. I am the one to blame for your actions towards Tis and that lead to the breaking of the vase.” I said with a kind smile and she blinked back tears. She knew I was trying to protect her and she felt bad that I would get in trouble for her actions this morning.
“Hope…” She started to say and I stood.
“It’s okay, Jamie. Just let it go.” I said and she nodded. I put my hands on my hips and tilted slightly to the side. “Now, the bus will be coming soon. Are you both ready?” I asked and they both nodded. I looked at how they were dressed and smiled. “Okay, go grab your bags.” I said and they scurried off. I went over to the fridge and pulled out a red superman lunchbox and a green, girly lunch box. The kids came back with their bags on their backs and I handed them their lunch boxes. The three of us went to the front door and they ran to the corner to join the group of kids there. My friend Miss Fall called Jamie and Tis to her. I waved to her and she waved back. I knew they were safe with Miss Fall, so I went back inside the house and closed the door. I felt something wet hit my foot and I looked down. Blood from my cut finger had filled the paper towel fully and was now dripping. I quickly put my hand under the paper towel to catch the blood that dripped off it as I ran to the kitchen. I threw the paper towel away as I passed the trashcan on my way to the sink and then hurried over there. Hajji watched my vicious scurry through the kitchen and he saw the blood. When I put my hand over the sink Hajji came over to me. Before I knew anything my finger was in Hajji’s mouth and he was sucking it. I could feel my face burning from embarrassment but Hajji didn’t notice since his eyes were closed and he was paying all of his attention on my finger. “Hajji…what are you doing?” I asked, as I blushed more.
His eyes didn’t open as he answered, “The only way to heal a deep cut like this quickly is with saliva.” He explained and I quickly made myself stop blushing. I could feel his tongue moving around my finger and my blushing started again.
“Hajji! It’s fine! I can just put it under water!” I said, as I blushed more. His eyes opened and I quickly stopped blushing. He took my finger out of his mouth and then quickly put it under the water he turned on. I stayed by the sink as he went to the table. He laid his coat on the back of a chair and I quickly looked away. I focused on my finger but I was distracted when I felt something warm around me. I turned my head to the side to see Hajji’s head lying on my shoulder. I looked down at my waist to see his arms wrapped around me. He was hugging me and I felt embarrassed but kept myself from blushing. He was looking at my finger, but spoke to me.
“Is it really all that embarrassing for me to suck your finger?” He asked, “I saw how much you were blushing.”
“It’s just weird. What if Tis or Jamie came back inside to get something and saw you doing that? They would think something was happening between us.” I said and he looked at me with odd eyes that I could not tell what they held.
“Do you not feel what I do between us? I think there is something very big happening there.” He said and I blushed. I quickly focused on my finger.
“Hajji, I do feel what is between us and I have for a long time. But this feeling can’t stay. I can’t allow it to.” I said and he looked confused.
“Why not?”
I sighed. “You’re mortal, Hajji. I’m not.”
“So? I know what you are and I really don’t care if we’re different.” He said and I looked at him as I held back tears.
“If I end up like my brother I will have put you through worse regret if our emotions towards each other keep on. I can’t let myself get close to anyone because there is a very high chance I will endure the same fate as my beloved brother.” I said and then put my non-cut hand on Hajji’s arms that hugged me. “If I die it will hurt you three. I could never handle that or accept it. I love your children and I’m starting to fall for you.”
“But what if you don’t die, Hope? Do you want to live your life with no one close to you?” He asked me.
“I’d rather do that then take the risk of hurting you.” I said as one tear ran down my cheek. “I’m sorry.” I turned off the sink.
“Hope…” He said sorrowfully.
“Please, just let me go.” I whispered and he did. I went over to a cabinet and took out a bandage. I put it over my cut and then quickly went up the stairs. I put on my makeup and got ready. Then I grabbed my white shirt, red hair bow, black skirt, backpack, and high heal black shoes. I quickly went downstairs and stood in front of the doorway. I slipped on my shoes, set down my bag, and looked in the mirror near the door. I clipped my hair bow in and fixed it. I turned around to grab my bag but was stopped by Hajji who was standing there and staring at me. “Hajji?” I asked quietly and he immediately pushed me against the wall next to the mirror. “Hajji!” I gasped.
“I can’t hold back anymore. I want you so badly.” He whispered in my ear and then I felt his hands pull on the top button of my shirt. He undid it and then followed with the next one as he slightly bit my ear.
“Hajji! Stop!” I called and his face lifted so that he was looking at me.
“I can’t. I love you.” He whispered and then his lips touched mine, as my third button was undone. As his tongue moved in my mouth his warm hands moved inside my shirt so that he touched my whole upper body. His hands stopped at my hips as his tongue moved more. He moaned as our lips parted and then went back together. When our lips moved apart for the 8th time I quickly turned my head to the side and he kissed my neck.
“Hajji! Please! This is wrong!” I whispered and I felt him move from my neck, as there was a knock on the door. I pushed him away from me and went to the door. I buttoned the three buttons of my shirt and then opened the door. The mailman handed me the mail, tilted his hat, and then walked off. I shut the door and Hajji grabbed my wrists. I dropped the mail on the ground as I was pinned. Hajji looked at me in concerning way.
“Why are you telling me to stop?” He asked. “Your body and soul are calling out to me telling me this is what you want.” I looked away from him and at the mail on the ground. “I love you so badly and have used all the strength I have to keep myself off of you for this long, but now that I know you feel the same I want to take over you and make you mine. Do you not want that?”
“No Hajji, I don’t.” I lied and then pushed him away. I quickly went over to my bag and put it on my shoulder. I went to the door and then stopped with my hand on the doorknob. “Let’s just pretend this didn’t happen. For Tis and Jamie’s sake. I’m an older sister in their eyes. I can’t be having an affair with their father who is engaged! I was a fool for letting these stupid emotions get in my sight of the future I am trying to obtain!” I said and then calmed down. “I have my cell phone with me, so contact me if you’re going to see your fiancé today. If you are I will come back and take care of the kids.” I said quietly. “If you don’t call don’t expect me back until you leave for work.” I quickly opened the door and shut it behind me. Then I ran to school and got there as the bell rang. For all of my morning classes I cleared my mind.

Lunch came and I went to the roof of the school. No one went up here because it was very windy, so it was the perfect place to meet my friend who wasn’t allowed on campus. When I went up there I shut the door and my friend came around the corner. She was a very beautiful vampire who was assigned to watch me since we were close friends as kids. She had on a red suit and I assumed she had just come from her college campus a few miles away. She came up to me and smiled. Her fangs were small for once, which made me feel better.
“How have you been, Hope?” She asked me and I smiled.
“Fine, and yourself?”
“Pretty good. So I got a hold of my friend I told you could help you get in contact with our king.” She said and my face brightened. “I have arranged for him to meet you at the entrance of the school after the last bell. He will tell you how to make it so you can get in touch with the king.” I hugged her and she hugged back.
“Thank you, Ruby.”
“As your protector and friend I have to help you, don’t I?” She asked and I smiled. She left after that and I went back to the mortals. All of my afternoon classes were a blur. I was too excited to meet this new vampire today. Finally my reprieve came as the last bell sounded. I quickly got my stuff together and went outside to look for the vampire I was supposed to meet and he stood out pretty well. He had on saggy jeans with a nice shirt, which stood out since everyone else was in their uniforms. I quickly went over to him and immediately felt his soul. It was covered with the scent of blood and the urge to hate. His soul was very dark and it made my stomach twist, but I ignored it. I walked over to him and smiled.
“Are you Ruby’s friend?” I asked and he nodded. I put my hand towards him. “I’m Hope. Thanks for coming to meet me.”
He shook my hand and smiled. “Satashi.” He said and then let go of my hand.
“Well I have to find out where we can go talk. Give me one second.” I said and he nodded as he lit a cigarette. I took out my cell phone and listened to my one missed message. It was from Hajji.
“I’m not gonna be home to get the kids so come over and watch them. Bye.” Hajji said angrily and the message was done. I put up the phone and smiled at the vampire.
“We’re gonna go to my house, if that’s okay?” I said and he nodded. “Alright.” I added kindly and we walked quietly to Hajji’s house. When I got there it was dark, so I turned on the lights and we went into the kitchen. He sat across from me at the 4-person table and stared. “So, Ruby said you could get me in connection with the king.” I started.
“Yea. He’s actually my grandfather.” Satashi said and my eyes widened.
“So you’re the second in line for the throne?” I asked and he nodded. ”Wow. I’ve never met any purebloods other than Ruby before.”
He smirked. “How do you know so much about us if you’re a soul slayer?” He asked and I smiled back.
“I’ve grown up with learning about vampires. All of my family did,” I said, “So do you think you could make it so I can get with the king to talk?”
“I don’t see why not. You’re the only left of your kind, so we need to keep you or who will protect us in the future?”
“Yes, but I’m supposed to die this year. How are we going to stop it?” I asked and the front door opened. The two kids ran into the kitchen and startled Satashi. I felt his soul call out to their human blood and my heart nearly broke. Satashi stood up so fast that I didn’t see him and I quickly stood. He made a powerful dash towards Jamie as she went around the corner. “Jamie!” I hollered, “Get out of here!” She saw the monster coming towards her with his fangs fully grown and I felt her soul freeze. She was frightened stiff. I used all of the power in my weak and fairly powerless un-mortal body and went to Jamie. I got in front of her right before Satashi was going to bite her, but something went wrong. Satashi bit into my neck and I froze. I quickly came out of the daze his pureblood bite put me in and looked at the two frightened children. “Jamie! Tis!” I whispered through very heavy, painful breaths, “Go to Miss Fall’s house! I’ll come get you when it’s safe! Go!” They ran out of the house faster than I had ever seen them before. I knew they were brighter than most kids and they knew a lot about the un-mortal beings that lived near them. They wouldn’t call the police like most and Miss Fall knew about my situation. She wouldn’t let them call anyone and they would all just wait at her home until I told them it was safe. The only problem was the other neighborhood kids. Unlike Tis, Jamie, and Miss Fall’s kids, whom all had un-mortal mothers, none of the children knew about the un-mortal beings that were here.
Satashi’s eyes turned from a usual red like any regular feeding vampire, and to a an odd gold color that I had never seen before, but assumed he had gotten the sickening effects from my soul slayer blood he was drinking. But out of instinct he couldn’t get his teeth out of my neck, so right before I died of too much blood loss I quickly pushed him away. His body shook from the sickness that was coming over him. It was a lot like food poisoning to those who do not drink blood. He ran off with incredible speed and was gone. My limp body hit the kitchen floor and my tears started. It took me a few minutes to finally gain enough strength to sit up, but once I had I slowly stood with the help of the wall nearest me. My breath was heavy and painful. It sent tears down my face, which I quickly wiped away. Once I had gotten myself under control I decided I should go tell the kids it was safe, so I slowly made my way over to Miss Fall’s house. Every step felt like a marathon to my pained body and it took me about two minutes to get to the neighbor’s house. I was thankful Miss Fall didn’t have stairs to her porch and slowly made my way to the door. I rang the bell and Miss Fall quickly answered. Her eyes were bowling balls. She looked at me from head to toe in a sickened way. Then she quickly brought me into her home.
“Hope…dear god!” She whispered through the hands over her mouth. I blinked back tears as Tis and Jamie came into the hall near the front door. They quickly ran to me with their arms fully open and faces covered with tears, but right before they got to me Miss Fall stopped them by grabbing their arms and they looked at her. “Kids, don’t touch Hope yet. She’s very weak right now.”
“Hope!” Jamie cried as more tears went down her face and Tis joined her. I kneeled on the ground and looked to see if Satashi had touched them. When I didn’t find anything I looked up at Miss Fall.
“Miss Fall, they’re not used to these kinds of things. They’re frightened. They need me.” I said and she let go of them. They came to me and lightly hugged me as they cried. I hugged them back and they cried more.
“Shhhhh.” I whispered to them. “I’m sorry you had to see that you two. Please don’t cry.” I said and they looked at me.
“Who was that man? Why did he try to hurt us?” Jamie asked me.
“He was actually there to help me, but the scent of your ½ human blood called to him.” I explained.
“Vampire.” Tis whispered and I nodded.
“Are you okay, Jamie? Did he touch you?” I asked and she shook her head.
“But you got bit, Hope! He took your blood!” She argued.
I put my hand on her head and smiled. “As long as you didn’t get hurt, then it’s alright.” I said and she cried again.
“Hope! You saved me!” She whispered and I smiled.
“I would never let anything harm you, Jamie. Or harm Tis. I would rather be hurt,” I smiled, “You’re my siblings.” They hugged me again and I looked up at Miss Fall. When they let go of me I spoke to Miss Fall. “Can you take care of them in the future, Miss Fall?” I asked and she nodded.
“Why does Miss Fall need to take care of us?” Tis asked.
“You two almost got hurt today because I live with you. Soon I will have to leave to keep you and your father safe. When I found out I was going to have to leave soon I asked Miss Fall to take care of you for me and she agreed.” I explained.
“I want to go with you, Hope!” Jamie protested.
“Yea!” Tis agreed.
“I can’t let you guys do that. You’ll get hurt.” I said and they looked sad.
“Dear, can you stand?” Miss Fall asked and I nodded. I tried to get up and it seemed to be going well until I was stopped by a shock that came from my bite marks and went down my spine. I cried out and quickly sat down on the ground with a loud bang. Miss Fall gasped and the kids looked sad for me. Tears streamed down my face as I put my hand on the bite marks and started breathing loud again. Miss Fall quickly came to my side and put her hand on my leg for comfort.
“Dear, just stay down until you get enough strength.” She said and I wiped my tears away. I nodded and she got up. “Come on kids; let’s go get something for Hope.” She said and the kids left with her. I lay back on the wood floor and focused on my breathing. The kids didn’t come back with Miss Fall for a while, but then the doorbell rang. Miss Fall, her kids, Jamie, and Tis went to the door and opened it. A man in a black suit came in and Miss Fall talked to him. I couldn’t see who it was from the ground, so I just watched the group. Then Miss Fall pointed towards me as she shut the door. The man turned to show me it was Hajji! My heartbeat sped and I tried to keep from looking shocked. Hajji walked over to me and kneeled beside me.
“Miss Fall called and told me what happened.” He explained and I looked at Miss Fall, who stood behind him.
“That wasn’t necessary, Miss Fall.” I said and she shook her head.
“You can’t even sit up now, Hope. I had to call Hajji.” She said and Hajji nodded.
“I’ll carry you back to the house.” He said and then came towards me. He started to pick me up with both of his arms and something pinched a nerve. I winced and he quickly stopped what he was doing. I looked away as he watched me.
“My friend will be coming for me once she finds out what happened. You can go back to your fiancé, Hajji.” I said and he frowned.
“I’m not going to let a single vampire near you again, Hope. Not after what happened today.” He said and then finally picked me up without hurting me too badly. He carried me to his house and the two kids followed. When we got to the house Hajji laid me down on a couch in the living room by the kitchen. He went to the kitchen and the kids followed. “You guys should go upstairs and get your homework done. Then you can help me with Hope, okay?” I heard Hajji ask the kids and they agreed. They ran upstairs as Hajji came back to me with a wet paper towel in his hands. He put the towel against the bite marks in my neck and it stung. I breathed heavily till the stinging calmed down. My whole body felt weak and I had trouble seeing people’s souls. Hajji sat down next to my couch on the floor and just watched me.
“Hajji?” I asked and he kneeled so I was looking right at him.
“What is it?”
“Could you hold my hand?” I asked and he looked shocked.
“But what about…” He started to say when I stared at him and he stopped.
“I just want to see something, that’s all.” I said and he nodded as he held my hand. I closed me eyes and looked straight into Hajji’s heart and soul. From his heart I felt love for his kids, love for me, hate for his fiancé, and curiosity. His soul was still as warm as ever but called straight to my soul for love. It was bright like usual, but something turned it slightly different. It took me a moment but I finally dug up what it was that was damaging his soul. He was scared, sad, and worried about today and about Miss Fall telling him during their phone call that I had asked her to look over this family once I’m gone. I had learned too much and my heart wanted to heal his heart. I quickly let go of his hand and tears rolled down my face.
“I just have so many questions.” I replied.
“Why do you hate your fiancé? Why do you love me so much? Why is your heart and soul being affected by my injuries and my leaving?” I asked and he stared.
“I don’t hate my fiancé, I just don’t love her like I should. I’m just marrying her for the kids and I’m now thinking that loving you would work better for the kids and me,” He started, “And I don’t know why I love you so much, I just do. I’ve tried to forget about you and ignore my feelings since you moved in, but it hasn’t worked. I’m too much in love with you.” He finally finished. “Also I can’t stand the thought of you being hurt. I should’ve been here; then this wouldn’t have happened. And the whole thing about you leaving just hurts me and scares me a lot.” Hajji pulled a ring out of his pocket. “By the way, I’m not engaged anymore.”
My heart skipped a beat, which hurt my weak body. “But why?”
“To show you that I want you and only you.” He said smoothly and tears warned to cover my cheeks but I kept them at bay.
“I don’t want this Hajji.” I lied.
He smiled. “When you looked into my heart you confirmed my conclusion. I felt that you love me more than I love you Hope. I didn’t think that kind of love was possible. But you’re trying to keep me at arms length so I won’t be crushed if something ever happens to you.”
“Why are you making this so hard?” I asked with a sigh.
“Because I’m stubborn and too in love with you to let you go this easily.” He whispered to me as he leaned closer to me, but he stopped when we heard both kids running down the stairs. He moved back to where he had been and looked at them. The kids ran to me and sat next to their father kindly.
“Are you feeling any better?” Tis asked me and I smiled.
“Seeing your face makes it better.” I said back and he blushed. I laughed and Hajji smiled. Then I looked at the concerned Jamie. “Now, Jamie. I want you to forget about today and what happened. It isn’t you concern. Okay?” I asked and she nodded. The doorbell rang then and Hajji stood. I quickly grabbed his arm and he looked at me. “Don’t. It’s not for you.” I said and he frowned.
“Is it a vampire?” He asked angrily.
“It’s my protector.” I said and he looked confused. I got my cell phone out of my pocket and called Ruby.
“Hello?” She asked.
“You can come in. The door’s open.” I said and the line went dead as the door opened. The beautiful vampire I knew so well came inside and I saw her eyes start to glow in the dim lighting because of the falling sun. “Ruby. Calm down.” I said and she nodded her head as her eyes stopped glowing. She came over to me and all three of the humans stepped out of the way, but then Tis stepped in front of Ruby.
“Are you here to hurt Hope?” He asked and Ruby smiled.
“No young one, I’m here to help.” She said and Tis moved out of her way. Ruby sat on the ground by me and smiled. “Satashi came to my place about an hour ago to tell me you poisoned him.”
“What! I didn’t poison him! He asked for it!” I protested and she laughed.
“I guessed as much.” She laughed and then looked at my neck. “He got you at an odd angle. What were you doing?”
“He tried to take one of my mortal’s blood and I got between him and her before he could, but he got hit with my poisonous blood.” I explained and she smiled.
“He’s still not very good at controlling his urges.” She said and I nodded. “But you’re really weak. Can you feel this thing around you?” She asked and I nodded.
“You mean the death cloud?” I asked and she agreed. “It’s been here since my blood loss. I lost too much that if I were human I would’ve died by now. Luckily my soul saved me.”
“Then this’ll hurt, but I will fix this.” She said and I nodded. She turned to the three humans watching. “But you guys cannot interfere, okay?” She asked and they nodded. “Hold still, Hope.” She said as she leaned to my neck. She kissed the marks there and then spoke. “This’ll be painful.” She whispered and then her teeth sunk in. She had gotten blood before she came here and was now giving me the extras she was holding for me. The blood made me feel less weak, but not fully recovered. She took her fangs out and stared at me. “Is that enough?”
“Yea, thanks Ruby.” I said and she put her hand out to me. I took it and she slowly helped me stand. I hugged her as she hugged me and then she looked at me oddly.
“He’s outside.” She said and my eyes widened.
“He still hasn’t told you how to get to the king or meet him. Without that you will die by next month.” She said and I looked at the ground. She put her hand on my shoulder and squeezed it slightly. I looked back at her to see her serious. “We’re not losing you like we did with the rest of your family, Hope. Now are you gonna talk to him or not?” She asked and I frowned.
“One second.” I said and she let go of me. I went over to the three mortals. “I want you guys to stay behind Ruby. She will make sure Satashi will never get to you.”
“But she’s a vampire! We can’t trust those people!” Jamie yelled at me.
I smiled at her and set my hand on her head. “Jamie, you can trust Ruby. She is my best friend and will guard you with her life.” I said and Jamie went with the other two guys to stand behind Ruby.
“Satashi, you may come in now.” Ruby called and he walked in the front door. He came to me and looked at Jamie. His eyes turned red and his fangs grew. Jamie whimpered at the sight. Before I knew it I had slapped Satashi across the face. He looked at me with shock and anger.
“What the hell was that for?” He hissed through his teeth.
“You’re trying to feed off that girl again! That’s what’s wrong! If you’re not careful I’ll give you a taste of my blood again!” I warned and he calmed down. “Now we need to finish our conversation.”
“Yea. We left off with you asking me how we were going to save you, even though you don’t even have a month left to live.” He said and I nodded. “As you know my grandfather is much too old to help you, so my father will be the one. Unlike me, he cannot be affected by your blood curse. He will take your blood from you and mix it with his; the only problem with this is you will be without blood for about a minute. When we tried this last time with your brother he failed to live because he was not strong enough to make it through the process. We have to first find out if you can make it. We have to know how powerful your slayer soul is.” He said and I frowned.
“My brother had a weak soul because he would not open it to any vampire to make his soul and the vampire’s soul stronger. But I am different. I opened my heart to Ruby.” I said and then looked at the ground. “When you people made me watch my father and brother during the process, I noticed one thing was different in them than in me.” I looked at Satashi again.
I shook my head. “I don’t know how to describe it. Something was different in their soul’s color when they got on that operation table. Weather it was fear, joy, or curiosity I do not know. But their souls glowed a color I had never seen before. It was a gold color I hadn’t seen before.” I said. “I’m still looking into that.”
Satashi got really mad and yelled. “We don’t have any time left! There’s no time to figure it out! We have to do something before your soul gives out! We only have 20 days remaining! And you’re the last of your kind!” His eyes glowed a deep red and my mind flickered. I stood there for a moment and then gasped.
“Oh my god!” I called and Satashi looked confused. “You’re eyes! When you took my blood earlier! They turned the same color as my brother and father’s souls before the surgery failed!” I called and then calmed down. “That must mean without our blood our souls are killed by poison that is left in our blood stream. But how can that be?” I asked myself and Satashi brightened.
“I will have my father look into that.” He said and I nodded. “But I will come to get you and Ruby in two weeks.” He added and then looked at Ruby. “Come on, I need you to drive me home.” He said and she nodded. The two of them left and I shut the door behind them. When it was over my heart was heavy and my brain was speeding. I looked over at the three behind me and the two kids ran to me. They hugged me tightly.
“You’re gonna die!” The cried through their tears. I sat on the ground so they could fully hug me and they did. They cried more and I soothed them until they finally stopped. Tis sat in my lap and Jamie sat on my side with her head on my shoulder.
“I didn’t want to tell you guys until the end of this month. I’m sorry you had to find out so suddenly.” I whispered to them quietly.
Tis looked at me sadly. “But why are you going to die?”
“Honey, it’s just time for me to pass on. I’m going to try to get a surgery that might keep me here with you guys for a little longer.” I said.
Jamie looked at me too. “But what if the surgery doesn’t work? What will happen to you?” She asked through many sniffles.
“I will join my family in the next life, that’s all.”
“You have a family?” Tis asked and I smiled.
“Of course I do silly.”
“But I’ve never met your family.”
I looked at him sadly. “Well my parents died long before either of you were born. But you both did meet my brother.” I said. “Jamie was 5 and Tis, you were 2. It was Christmas and my brother took me over to your house to meet the new baby named Josh.” I said and Tis brightened up.
“That’s me!” He called and I laughed.
“That’s right. My brother wanted to introduce me to his best friend’s new baby boy. Also it was the first time I ever met you, Jamie.”
“But why did your brother bring you to our house for Christmas? You had family then.” Jamie asked.
“Well all of my family has passed away and my brother knew he only had about one more year to live, so he wanted to introduce me to the person who was going to help me once my brother was gone. And guess who that was.” I said and they perked up.
“Daddy!” The hollered and I laughed.
“That’s right. Well, when my brother died a year and a half later I came to live with you three and I’ve lived here since.”
“Do you have any younger siblings?” Jamie asked.
“No. I was the youngest of my family.”
“That guy who was just here, he said you were the last of your kind. What did he mean?” Jamie asked curiously.
“Well I’m not human, as you know. I am a special type of un-mortal person. I’m called a soul slayer.” I said and they looked confused.
“What’s that?” Tis asked.
“That is a type of person who’s main goal in life is to protect humans from spirits that come back to claim their souls and to figure out how someone is hurt, sick or just how they are feeling.” I explained.
“But how can that help the vampires?” Jamie asked and I smiled.
“For most vampires my existence means nothing, but to the royal family I am very important. I can make sure the soul of the passing king goes to the new one so the pureblood power the king has will stay in the family.” I said and they nodded.
“Can you see my soul?”
I stared at Jamie for a moment and then smiled. “Yes.”
“What does it look like?”
“It is one of the warmest souls I’ve ever seen. It is a beautiful green and white color. The white means you are pure and trustworthy. The green means you are kind, caring, and an all around great girl.” I said and she brightened.
“What about me?” Tis asked.
“Your soul is very special Tis. It is not the same as your sisters, but it is very interesting. Its color is orange and blue. Usually those two colors don’t go together, but in you they do. The blue shows that you are healing from a horrible thing of the past. The orange shows you are brave, strong, and a very great boy.” I said and the looked at both of them. “But both of your souls send me a very good message. They both tell me your life after this will be much different, but very rewarding. I’m extremely happy for that.”
“What about daddy’s soul? What does it look like?” Jamie asked.
“Well your father’s soul cannot be read, dear. It is what my kind call a ‘hirugami’ soul.” I said. “Your father’s type of soul only comes along every few million years to not even ten people.”
“What’s so different about it?”
“It is not one color, it is all of them with a white and black middle. For your father I cannot tell what his life will be like or what exactly he is, but I can tell what harp on his soul. I can see how it changes and which color is brighter for the moment.” I explained.
Hajji stared at me oddly and the kids just looked shocked. “Is that why your brother had you live with us?” Tis asked.
“No, my brother did not even have a strong enough soul when he met your father to see he had a ‘hirugami’ soul. I was the one who told him that. But when I did he just smiled and said, ‘well that explains why he is such a nice but odd person.’ For a while that confused me, but once I started living with the three of you I understood.” I looked up at the clock to see it was already 6. I took Tis off of my lap and slowly stood. I slightly wobbled and Jamie quickly grabbed my hand to steady me. I smiled at her.
“You okay?” She asked me because she was concerned.
“Don’t worry. I’m fine.” I said and then looked at all three of them. “So what do you guys want to eat?” I asked and they looked shocked, but then thought for a moment.
“Spaghetti!” Tis yelled and I laughed.
Both Jamie and Hajji nodded, so I went to the kitchen slowly. I took a container of spaghetti sauce from the freezer that I had made last week and shut the freezer door. I started up a skillet to get hot on the stovetop and put the frozen block of sauce in the middle of it. I heard Tis run up the stairs and then Jamie came over to the kitchen. She walked over to me and blushed. “Can I help?” She asked quietly and I smiled.
“I’d love your help!” I gushed and she smiled. “Do you want to do noodles or sauce?” I asked.
“Noodles.” She replied and I got out a large cooking pot. I put it on the stovetop and started a second burner. I grabbed a box of noodles and set them by the cooking pot. I grabbed a measuring cup and filled it with hot water. I poured it into the cooking pot and waited for it to boil. Hajji walked in and smiled at the two of us.
“Hey, Jamie. Can I talk to you for a second?” He asked sadly.
“Can you talk to me with Hope here? I have to watch the water.” She said and he nodded. She watched the water intensely while listening to her father.
“Well, today I broke up with Kelly. I just wanted to make sure you were okay with that.” He said and I could tell Jamie wanted to look at him and talk, so I went to her side. I put my hand on her shoulder and she looked up.
“Jamie, you can talk with your father. I’ll watch the water.” I said and she nodded. She sat at the 4-person table and Hajji sat across from her.
“Why did you break up with her? You were engaged to her.”
“The only reason I really did propose to her was because I thought you kids needed a mother. I don’t love her, Jamie and when I thought it through I realized it could hurt you two if I did this.” Hajji replied.
“It’s okay, dad. If you didn’t love her, you shouldn’t marry her.”
I felt Hajji’s eyes watching me as he spoke. “But I’m thinking about dating again, would you be okay with that?”
I felt Jamie look at me also. “Like who?”
“Would you be okay if I dated Hope?” He asked her and my face burned. I turned to Jamie and looked straight into her soul for the truthful answer.
“You like Hope?” Jamie asked and I felt her heart tear in two directions. Her aura around her soul turned to a jade color and my stomach twisted. She thought it would be good for her dad to be happy, but she didn’t know how it would affect the relationship between the two of us. I had worried about it too.
“Honey, I’ve liked Hope for a long time. I just had trouble actually telling you.”
I turned back around and saw the water boiling. I put the noodles in and watched them move in the churning water.
“I really don’t know how I feel about that. Could I think it over?” She asked in a mature manner as she got up. I quickly turned to Jamie.
“Hey, Jamie?” I asked and she turned to me. I looked her in the eyes as I walked over to her and smiled. “You should open your heart to your soul. It will help you understand what you are feeling.”
“Hope…” She whispered in sorrow.
I put my hand on her shoulder. “Jamie, your opinion and Tis’s opinion on this is all that counts in my book. If you think this will hurt our friendship then I won’t go through with your father’s request. He is your father, Jamie. He’s one of the two most important people in your life right now; I know my father was for me. But I also know that he truly cares about your opinion in this, so think it through, okay?” I asked.
She hugged me tightly. “But there are three important people in my life right now. You are one of them, Hope. I want the best thing for all three of you.”
I smiled. “That means a lot to me, Jamie.”
“Do you love daddy?” She asked.
I looked her straight on and nodded. “I shouldn’t love anyone, Jamie. But I cannot resist your father. I’m sorry if you were not looking for that answer, but it’s the truth.”
“How do you know?” She asked. “How do you know you’re in love with him?”
I smiled. “Because I would die for him, Jamie. I would die for any of you. But for your father, I would do anything to make him happy. That is why I have never let anyone know I love your father because it may harm him in the future.”
“I think it would be good for you two to date, Hope. You love each other and I’ve always wished for you to be my mom.” She said and I held back tears.
I looked into her heart this time and saw this is what she wanted. I bent down and hugged her. I felt something cold against my bite marks on my neck and looked at Jamie. She had put her hand on it. “Does it hurt?” She asked me.
“Sweetie, this isn’t my first vampire bite. My skin will heal tonight and you won’t even know it happened.” I said and she smiled. She went up the stairs after that and I turned to Hajji. He was standing and smiling at me.
“You just proved everything I told you this morning.” He said and I blushed. I quickly looked away and frowned.
“Whatever.” I said as I closed my eyes and tried not to blush anymore. I was startled when I felt Hajji hugging me again. He slowly moved us towards the wall of the kitchen and pushed me against it. I looked at him to see he was still smiling.
“We feel the same for each other, Hope. I won’t hold back anymore, since we’re dating.” He said slyly and I tried to keep him away as he tried to get closer.
“I never agreed to date you!” I protested as he shushed me.
“Do you want the kids to come down and see us like this?” He asked and I shook my head. “Then give in quietly.” He whispered and, to my luck, the doorbell rang. Hajji grumbled and let go of me. I went over to the cooking sauce to see it was all liquid again. I stirred it as I heard the front door open.
“You’re an ass, ya know that?” I heard Yuri say to Hajji.
“You always know the worst time to come to get me, don’t you, Yuri?” Hajji grumble back and Yuri snickered.
“Shut up, Hajji! At least I’m nice enough to come get you!” She argued as she walked in. She came into the kitchen and I smiled at her. “Hey Hope!” She gushed as she ran to me, but Hajji quickly grabbed her arm.
“Don’t touch her, Yuri. She’s mine.” He barked and she looked at him in shock.
“You asked her out?” She asked him and he nodded. She quickly pulled out of his grip and ran to me. “Did he really?” She asked me.
“Well he never really asked…but I guess yea.” I said quietly and she smiled.
“Good. He needed to get his act together.” She said and Hajji’s jaw almost hit the ground, but he did not protest.
“Yuri, do you want to eat with us?” I asked and she brightened.
“Oooo! Spaghetti!” She said happily and then nodded. “I’d love to!”
“Hajji, could you go get the kids?” I asked and he nodded. He left and went up the stairs. He came back down with both of the kids in tow. I put the 4 of them at the table and they all looked at me as I put plates of spaghetti in front of them.
“Aren’t you going to eat with us?” Jamie asked. “You always do.”
“I’m not very hungry and I have my end of the year tests starting in a week. I have to go study.” I said and then looked at Yuri. “Tell me when you two are leaving. I’ll be in the living room.” I grabbed the grocery bag with the broken vase in it with me and left the kitchen. I went to the entrance of the house and got my bag then I went to the living room and sat down at the couch with a coffee table in front of it. Truthfully I had already studied for my classes’ during the past week and did not need to study, but I had to fix the vase. I started by getting the glue out of the bag and pouring out all the pieces.

“We’re leaving, Hope!” Yuri called as she walked out of the kitchen. Hajji followed her and they looked at me. Hajji stared at the almost rebuilt vase. “I’ll have him back early this time.” She added to me.
“Yea. The manager is coming in at 1 so Hajji needs to be out of there or we will have a reoccurring battle,” She explained, “Expect him by midnight.”
“Okay.” I said kindly and then Yuri quickly pulled Hajji away. The two kids ran to me and sat on either side of me on the couch. I took the last piece of the vase onto the hardening sculpture. It stayed and I smiled. “Finally.” I whispered and Jamie smiled.
“Good job, Hope.” She said kindly and I smiled back at her.
“Is all of your homework done?” I asked her and she nodded. I turned to Tis, who was on my right. “Did you?”
“Yep.” He said happily.
“Alright, then let’s go get you kids in bed. It’s almost 9:30.” I said and they jumped up then we all went up the stairs. Jamie went to her room to take a shower and I went with Tis. I helped him into the bathtub and then started the water. Once it was at a good level of water I turned off the faucet. I took out 3 bottles of Mr. Bubbles and 3 old cups. I poured the three different colors into the cups and handed them to Tis. He let out his own impersonation of and evil scientist’s laugh as he started his experiments with the colored bubbles. He mixed the colors in odd ways that it turned into a color with no name that he would then give a name. Tonight he used a little blue and lots of red and green. He stirred it in one of the cups and came out with an odd brown with a hint of blue.
“Burshted!” He yelled with another evil laugh then he poured the ‘burshted’ colored bubble mix into the bathtub and used himself as a mixer. When he was done oddly colored bubbles came from his oddly colored bath water. He played a little more and then I grabbed his 2 in 1 shampoo. I washed his hair and fully washed his body. I then drained the water and he got out. I grabbed his superman towel and wrapped it around him. I dried him and then he looked at me.
“Hope, are you gonna be my new mommy?” He asked and I froze.
“What makes you think that?” I asked curiously.
“Yuri was talking about you and Daddy being together and how you might be my new mommy. Is it true?”
“I don’t know honey.” I said and he hugged my arm.
“I want you to be my new mommy.” He said as he looked at me.
“I know.” I said and he let go of me. I put him in bed after that and left him. I walked down to Jamie’s room and she was in bed. I walked over to her bed and she smiled at me. “Goodnight Jamie.”
“’Night.” She replied and I left.

I went to my room and changed into a pink tank top and a black pair of sweatpants. I lie down in my bed and read a little, but about an hour later the doorbell rang six times really fast and it startled me. I quickly went down the stairs and opened the door. Miss Fall was holding her two sleepy kids hands as they leaned against her. She seemed out of breath.
“Hope…a hunter…heading this way!” She said through deep breaths and I quickly let them in.
“Sit down in the kitchen Miss Fall. I’ll hide the children.” I said and she nodded. I took her kids hands and they unconsciously followed. I took them to Jamie’s room and she quickly woke up. She rubbed her eyes as she sat up.
“Hope?” She asked in a yawn.
“Jamie, I need you to watch the kids, can you do that?” I asked and she nodded quietly, “I’ll go get Tis. The three of you stay here.” I said and then ran down the hall of upstairs. I went to Tis’s room and picked up the sleeping boy. He slept on me as I walked back to Jamie’s room. I gave her Tis and then went to my room. I ripped my sheets off my bed and quickly brought my huge mattress to Jaime’s room then I set it on the ground. I put Miss Fall’s two kids on it and saw Jamie had put Tis in bed with her. She looked shaken.
“What’s going on, Hope?” She asked quietly.
“Someone is coming here that could kill all of us, Jamie. He is here to kill me because he does not want the vampires to get a hold of my power. I have to defend everyone here, so Miss Fall came over because any magical person is not safe right now. I will send her up here soon to protect the 4 of you.” I said and then started towards the door when Jaime grabbed my arm. I looked back at her to see fear.
“But you can’t fight someone right now! Especially by yourself!” She protested.
“Jamie, I already told you. I would do anything to keep the three of you safe. If I have to die I want it to be while I am protecting you and Tis.” I said and then walked off. I went down to Miss Fall and she was stable again. I sent her up to help the kids and she said the man was almost here. My heart stung with excitement, fear, and curiosity as I waited for the door to open and the battle to start. I had already made it so I could use all of my power at any moment and waited. Finally the time came as the door swung open. A tall, muscular man stood there in a long black trench coat. He stared at me.
“Are you the last soul slayer?” He asked in a gruff voice. I nodded and he smiled.
“And you are the hunter who has been sent to kill me because I can help your enemies.” I said and his face turned grim.
“Smart girl, too bad it’s a waste.” He said and then a stream of green light came towards me. I quickly reflected it with a barrier of shimmering gold that I had made in an instant. I threw three streams of gold at the man and he dogged all of them.

Sweat poured down my brow as I stood on the blood-covered stairs. My arms were raised to my sides so I blocked the whole staircase up to Jamie and Tis. The hunter, who had lots of injuries, smiled at me. “Out of my way, girl. There’re vampires upstairs.”
“Over my dead body!” I yelled as my body shook more. Even though we had only been in battle for almost 30 minutes we were both covered in wounds. Mine were severe, blood was spilling out of my back and flowing slowly down the stairs because the hunter hand hit me with a strike and sent me flying into the stairs only a few minutes before. My body wanted to give up and die, but I wouldn’t allow it. I stood there and the hunter walked closer to me. He threw a green stream at me and I used my arms to take the impact. I flew to the top of the staircase and the hunter started up the stairs. I quickly stood as my body shook. The hunter laughed as he walked.
“Give it up! You’re going to die soon because of the amount of the blood you’re loosing! This is over! You’ll die and I’ll win with a few vampire’s deaths’ to add to it!” He laughed and my body urged to die. I quickly scrounged up all the power I had left.
“This isn’t over until I’m not breathing, hunter!” I yelled and he laughed more, “I’ll die before I let you touch those vampires!”
“Why do you protect vampires? They only use you.”
“The ones I am protecting are different! They are my family and the only thing I live for! I will never let you touch them!” I yelled as he stood only a few feet from me.
“Oh yea?” He asked and another green stream hit my stomach. I hit the door to Jamie’s room and broke it. The five people in the room screamed as I fell into the room.
“Hope!” Jamie cried. I looked up at her and saw myself through her eyes. I was like a beaten angel covered in blood. I could see how truly dead I looked and I felt a fire spark within me. I quickly stood and my eyes turned gold. The hunter walked into the room and smiled as he saw my eyes.
“You’re not dead yet?” He asked with a laugh.
“We just got started, Hunter!” I yelled as I felt my body urge to kill. All of the sudden my body felt like it was being controlled by someone else and I couldn’t feel my heart beating anymore. I put my hands on top of each other in front of me and pulled them apart. A gold line shimmered in front of me and I grabbed it. The line turned into a gun in my hand and I pulled back the release. I pointed it towards the hunter and smiled. “Say goodnight!” I yelled and then shot 12 times in a row at the hunter’s heart. It hit him and he did what all un-mortal beings do once they are dead. He disappeared with a scream and my body wanted to give out. Miss Fall ran to me with Jamie not far behind her. I was sweating all over and covered with blood. My body was shaking uncontrollably and I felt sick as I finally had control over my body again. Jamie cried in relief and uncertainty. She thought we were all going to die when the Hunter had come into the room. I put my hand on her wet face and she looked at me. “I didn’t intend for any of you to see that. I’m sorry.” I apologized and then looked at Miss fall. “You should go home.” She nodded and the three of them left. When the front door shut my knees hit the ground as tears filled my eyes. Jamie quickly followed me and still looked at me. “Jamie, I need you to call your father. I can’t take care of you two right now.” I said and she quickly grabbed the phone on the nightstand. She dialed the number and listened.
“Dad?” She asked. “It’s Jamie. Are you on your way home?” There was a quiet moment; “I’ll give the phone to Hope.” She said as she handed me the phone.
“What’s going on?”
“There was an attack. Are you almost home?”
“I’m leaving Yuri’s car right now.” He said and then I heard the front door open.
“Come upstairs.” I said and then hung up the phone. Hajji’s footsteps stopped at the stairs and I knew he saw the blood. But his footsteps kept on after a moment and he came to the room. “Jamie, go with Tis to his room and sleep with him. Company is what you need right now.” I said and they left. I sat on the floor, as Hajji’s eyes finally understood what had happened. He quickly came to me and sat down next to me.
“What the hell happened?”
“A hunter tried to come kill me. He used his magic to send me against the stair and then we got up here. He felt the presence of everyone else and tried to get to them. He got into the room, but then I killed him.” I whispered quietly.
“How badly are you hurt?”
“I can’t stand.” I whispered and Hajji carefully picked me up. He carried me down the stairs and put a blanket on the couch. He laid me on the blanket and my back stung. He sat down next to me on the couch. I looked at my body and thought of the kids. “I’m sorry, Jamie.” I whispered and Hajji’s hand touched my cheek.
“They’ll be okay. They’re used to odd things happening.”
I shook my head. “It’s not that. They saw me kill someone and saw me dieing before them. Jaime truly thought we were all going to die.” I said and then wiped a few tears from my face. “I let that kind of deadly harm get too close to the people I love. Jamie was so scared that her soul sent my head spinning! I can’t believe I was so weak!”
“You weren’t weak! You won!”
“No, I shouldn’t have won. I was going to die and I think I did for a few moments. That hunter and I both knew who was going to win the minute my back was hit against the stairs, but I had to save those kids and I guess my body let it die because someone took over my body when I was thrown into Jamie’s door. I had no control over my actions and that is the only reason I won. Someone helped me and used my powers in a way I didn’t know.” I said quietly.
“Should I call someone?” He asked and I shook my head.
“I can’t be helped by Ruby or anyone else until I have a few days of rest.” I said quietly and he nodded. I sat up and he helped me. “I’m going to wash this blood off. It’s making me ill.” I leaned over and kissed Hajji deeply. He held me softly in his arms and I kissed him more. He was about to lean me over, but then remembered my injuries. He let go and I smiled. “Can you help me to get into the shower? Or should I go get Jamie?” I asked and he helped me stand.
“I’ll do it, but can you walk?” He asked and I shook my head, so he picked me up and brought me to his bathroom that had a large shower in it. He stood me by the shower and I tried to pull my tank top over my head, but my arms hurt. I quickly stopped and Hajji took a hold of the shirt. He slid it off me to show blood, sweat, and bruises. I was bare except for a black bra but I slowly turned around.
“Can you undo the clips?” I asked and he did. I turned back to him as my bra slid off my arms. Hajji stared at my breasts for a moment, but then noticed I was trying to get my pants off. He slid them off me and I blushed. It was one thing to be topless, but Hajji was going to have to take my underwear off next. He smiled at me.
“Don’t be embarrassed, Hope.” He said and I nodded. He took a hold of my underwear and slid them off. Hajji turned on the water and then he left. I slowly walked into the shower and felt the water. I turned it to a comfortable position and slowly moved into the water. It felt warm and comfy on my hurting body, and it also healed most of my cuts. I took the bar of soap and scrubbed every part of me. When I was fully covered in soap I washed it off and saw a bruised and scared version of my old body. I washed my hair and then turned off the water. I got out of the shower and used the towel Hajji had left for me. I looked at myself in his mirror and gasped as I dropped my towel. My face looked normal except for a scar above my left eye that was small, but the rest of my body was unbelievably ruined. It was covered in bruises and scars. My stomach was the worst and so were my arms, since the hunter’s power streams had burned them. They were both black with odd colors around them. I turned around and looked at my back. There was a huge cut from one side of the middle of my back and to the other side. It was ugly and I knew it would not heal for a while. I also knew I had to work on my powers. As my life starts coming closer to an end more people will try to kill me. I have to rest for a day or two and then I will leave Hajji’s house for the last time.
A knock came at the door and I quickly pulled my towel back up. “Yea?” I whispered and Hajji came in. He shut the door behind him and walked over to me.
“How bad is your body?” He asked.
“It will heal.” I whispered and he looked sad.
“Is it that bad?” I looked away and he put his hand on my arm. “You shouldn’t go to school tomorrow. You’re too hurt.” He said and I nodded. “I’ll help the kids in the morning, you should just sleep.”
“No! I have to help the kids! That’s my payment for staying with you without paying you! That’s the only way I can pay you back right now!” I whispered in as close to a yell as I could get to.
“You don’t have to pay me anything, Hope. We all want you here.” He said and then he turned sly. “We’re dating. That’s payment enough.” I blushed and nodded. He smiled as he walked so close to me that we were touching. He put his arms around me and I laid my head on his chest. His soul called to mine, but I couldn’t tell what it truly wanted from my beaten heart. “Your mattress is covered in blood. You can sleep with me tonight.” He said and I quietly nodded. He let go of me and took my hand in his. He led me out of the bathroom and to his bedroom. He handed me a set of clothes and smiled. “I wiped away the blood on the stairs, but I have to make sure it’s dry. I’ll be back in a minute.” He walked out and I dropped my towel. I unfolded the pile of clothes and laid them on the bed. I put on the underwear and tank top. Hajji came in while I was slowly pulling my pajama pants up my body. He came to me in the dark room and took my hand.
“Thanks for everything Hajji.” I whispered and I felt him walk closer to me. His lips lightly touched mine and I fell under a spell by his soul. He put his arms around my waist as he kissed me more. His tongue moved in my mouth and I quickly put my arms around his neck. But he stopped quickly even though neither of us wanted to.
“We will finish this once you’re healthier.” He whispered and I nodded. He put his hand in mine and led me to his bed. We got under the sheets and I lay next to him. He faced me as I faced him. It only took a few minutes for us to finally sleep for the night.

I woke up at about 2 and just listened. The room was quiet and I could feel Hajji’s arms around me and his body against my back. Two quiet breathing creatures made the only sound in the room. I opened my eyes to see Jamie and Tis staring at me.
“What are you two doing up this early?” I whispered and Hajji’s grip tightened around me, but he didn’t wake up.
“We can’t sleep upstairs.” Jamie whispered.
“It’s too empty without you up there.” Tis whispered in addition. I smiled at them and slightly pulled up the covers on the side that was open beside me.
“Come on in.” I whispered and Tis quickly crawled to my side. He lay next to me as Jamie slid in next to him. I slid the covers up closer to them and smiled. “Now you two should try to get some sleep.” I whispered as I looked up at their faces again, but they were already asleep. I lay back down and slept also.

The doorbell ringing woke everyone. Hajji’s grip came off of me and I started to sit up but my cut on my back stung. I grabbed my back and Hajji quickly pulled me back down to his side. “I’ll get it. Just stay here.” He said and I nodded. Hajji got out of the bed and left the room. I didn’t hear anything because the front door was too far away, but then I heard Hajji walking back to the room. When he came in Miss Fall followed him. She stared at me with respect and sorrow. I quickly slid myself out of the bed without too much pain and slowly walked over to Miss Fall.
“Miss Fall, what are you doing here?” I asked politely.
“I wanted to make sure you were okay. I only saw half that battle last night, but I could hear the rest.” She said and then her eyes changed to gratitude. “I want to also thank you for what you did. I heard your conversation with the Hunter and I know you put your life at more risk to protect us. I may be a low rank and defenseless vampire, Hope, but if I can do anything for you don’t hesitate to ask.”
I smiled at her. “Miss Fall, you owe me nothing. I wanted to keep you safe because I knew if I had to die last night Hajji, Jamie, and Tis would still be safe and kept well by you.” I put my hand on her shoulder. “I cannot thank you enough for taking that burden off of me, Miss Fall.”
“I would have done it regardless of if you had asked me to or not.” She said and then looked sad again. “I was best friends with your mother and father, so I would do anything for their daughter.”
“I bet they’re happy to know that I will be in your care during my surgery.” I said quietly and she looked sad, but I quickly smiled at her. “And I intend to pay you back for everything you did for me, my parents, and my brother after the surgery is successful.”
Miss Fall nodded. “Also, I was told to inform you that your guardian is coming to get you for the surgery in a few days.”
My eyes widened and my heart sped. “My g-guardian?”
She nodded and then smiled. “Well I should go. The kids have to go to school soon.” She said and then left. I shook my head and then slowly turned to the kids.
“Go pick out your clothes Tis. Jamie, come with me.” I said and Tis ran upstairs as Jamie joined me at my side. “I will fix your room and door today, but until then I don’t want you going into your room. So, I’ll get the clothes you want out of your room.” She nodded and then she slowly followed me to the stairs. I slowly went up them and Jamie held my hand. When we got to the top I stopped. “What do you want me to get?”
“My dark jean skirt and my red Hollister shirt.” She said and I nodded.
“Stay here, I’ll be right back.” I said and then I went to Jamie’s room. The door was in shambles and the room was fine except for the large bloodstain on the wooden floor. I went around the blood and then my body froze.
Come with me Hope! Please! A young boy’s voice echoed in my head. It stung me because I knew the voice. I quickly went to Jamie’s closet and to get the clothes. I quickly left the room and gave the pile to Jamie. She went to Tis’s room and I started down the stairs but stopped. He’s gone Hope! He’s dead! Please! We have to go before the hunters get here! The boy’s voice rang in my ears and I grabbed the sides of my head. I quickly sat down on the stairs and squeezed my eyelids shut. Hajji heard a thud come from the stairs and I heard him come to me.
“Hope? Are you okay?” He whispered.
Hope! Come on! Come on! Please!
“Get out of my head!” I whispered and Hajji’s hand went on my leg as a tear ran down my cheek. Hajji’s hands went to my shoulders and I opened my eyes as the voice stopped. I saw him looking at me in a concerned way. I brushed the tear away and looked at my knees. “Sorry. I’m okay.” I whispered.
“What happened?” He asked.
“Nothing. My head just hurt.” I lied as I stood. Hajji followed me into the kitchen as I put poptarts into the toaster. Hajji sat at the table as I packed the two lunch boxes for the kids. The poptarts popped up and I put them on plates. The two kids came down to eat and sat on either side of their father as I handed them their poptarts and lunchboxes. I sat down in the remaining seat as the three of them looked at me. I put my elbow on the table and rested my forehead against my hand.
“Are you sure you’re okay?” Hajji asked me.
“What happened to you Hope?” Jamie asked and I looked up.
“Don’t worry, Jamie. My head just hurts.”
“But when I found you on the stairs you said, ‘Get out of my head’. What was that about?” Hajji asked.
“I just remembered something from a long time ago and it made my head hurt, that’s all.”
“What made you think of it?”
“The…uh…blood upstairs.” I whispered.
“What did it make you think of?” Tis asked in a childish way.
I smiled at him. “It reminded of my best friend as a child actually,” I said, “I was about your age when I met him.”
“But how does that relate with the blood?” Jamie asked.
“My friend was the vampire who took me away from the surgery table when my brother passed away.” I whispered and Hajji looked at me sadly.
“May he rest in peace.” Hajji said and I nodded.
“Miss Fall’s probably waiting at the bus stop for you with her kids. You two should hurry up.” I said and they got up. No food remained as they put on their shoes and then got their bags. I stood and so did Hajji. I went to the front door and opened it to see Ruby. She smiled at me.
“I was just about to knock, but why are you up? Miss Fall gave me a report on last night. The king was very impressed to hear about your bravery and knows you are on our side, since you killed a Hunter to save our half-breeds.” She said as the kids came to my side. Tis ran to Ruby and smiled.
“Hey Ruby! Guess what!” He said happily.
“What is it young one?” She asked kindly.
“Hope is gonna be my new mommy!” He gushed and Ruby froze with shock.
“Go along guys, Ruby and I need to talk.” She said and they left. Ruby turned grim and opened her mouth but I beat her to the quick. “Don’t yell until you’re inside.” I said and she walked in. I shut the door and her hands turned to fists flailing in the air.
“What the hell was that about?” She hissed, “You’re going to be their mother! Since when? And what were you thinking?”
I sighed as Hajji came over to us. “What the hell are you screaming about?”
“Ruby, they’re kids. They can have fantasies can’t they?” I asked and she frowned. She put her hands on her hips.
“Well what will happen if those kids say something once Yuuki’s here? He will kill them like he did before!” She yelled.
“Don’t worry, I plan to leave the minute he gets here. I won’t let him anywhere near Hajji or the kids.” I whispered and Hajji took my hand in his as he joined me at my side. Ruby slapped his hand away from me and he backed up.
“Can’t you see she’s going to have to leave you? Why are you being so nice to her?” Ruby yelled.
“Because I know she’s leaving to protect us, Ruby. She wouldn’t leave unless she had to.” He said firmly and she frowned.
“I’ll leave the city by nightfall,” I whispered, “I will go find Yuuki so he can’t find me,” I put my hand on Ruby’s shoulder and smiled, “I won’t be coming back for a while, but I’ll miss you while I’m gone. Keep in touch though.” I said and her eyes filled with tears of anger. She hugged me tightly even though she was mad.
“Why do you have to be so good about goodbyes?”
“I’m used to them, that’s all. But this one will be hard.” I said and let go of her. “Because this time I may not come back.”
“You’ll come back, Hope. I know you will.”
I nodded and smiled. “Well I have to pack. I’ll see you at the surgery, okay?”
“Yea.” She whispered and then left quickly. I turned to Hajji and saw his sorrow. Hajji took my hand and led me to the living room. He set me on the couch and sat next to me.
“Who is Yuuki?” He asked.
“He is my guardian that was chosen by the king. He was my best friend as a child and helped me get through my brother’s death since I had helped him get over his loss of his parents a few years before.”
“So what’s so bad about him?”
“He hates humans even though he is the commander of the army for vampires. He has wanted to marry me for a while and will stop at nothing to have me as his wife.”
“He sounds like an ass hole.”
I nodded and Hajji slowly slid me down on the couch so that he was lying on top of me. He pushed the hair that had fallen in my face away. “I won’t give you up so easily, Hope. I’m not going to let you marry some ass hole while I love you.”
“But you’re a regular human.”
“Not fully. I am a half vampire and am the son of the queen’s sister,” He said, “I can do something to get you to stay.”
“But Yuuki will kill you!” I protested.
“You said he hates humans, right? Well the kids and I are partial vampires so by law he cannot kill us.” He said and I smiled. Hajji kissed me as I kissed back. We kept with that until the doorbell rang.

I started to get up but Hajji already had. “Stay here.” He said and I nodded. He opened the door and I heard deep voices.
“Are you Mr. Satashi?” A man asked.
“I am Officer Sataru. We couldn’t get a hold of you by phone, so I came here personally because there is an emergency at your child’s school.” The man said and I ran to the door.
“What happened to Josh and Jamie?” I asked and he looked at me.
“Who are you?”
“I’m their mother. Now what happened to them?”
“Well Mrs. Satashi, an unnatural force has been inflicted on the school and we are doing all we can to try to save the kids. But a man that is controlling the unnatural force has taken your son, Josh, as a hostage and is threatening to kill him if we do not let him leave the school,” He said, “We need you two there so we can try to get the child out of there.” My heart stopped and tears warned to run down my face.
“What type of unnatural man is this person?”
“He is an unknown type of unnatural being. We have never seen something like this.” The officer replied.
“Then lets go.” I said and Hajji took my hand in his. We went to the officer’s car and he drove to the school. Outside of the school there was a surrounding of police cars and in the air were news choppers. I quickly got out of the car and froze. I let go of Hajji’s hand and grabbed the sides of my head. My mind was filled with the sad pleads of saving by many young souls. The children were all scared and they called to me. I opened my eyes and looked at the school itself. A gold shimmering barrier went around the school and made the school look blurry. The gold stopped my heart and I leaned over.
“Mrs. Sataru!” The officer yelled and then both he and Hajji came over to me. I quickly stood normally and looked at them.
“Officer, do you see anything around the school?” I asked.
“Yes, I can see the gold like barrier, but I’ve never had an encounter with a gold power user. I’ve never even seen anything like it.”
“Officer, no one other than me will be able to get through this barrier right now. I am this type of power user and will get that barrier down, but I need your forces to be ready at a moments notice, okay?” I asked as he nodded.
He called his policeman to let me through them but when I started to walk off Hajji grabbed my arm. “Let me come with you, Hope.”
“I can’t Hajji. I need to be by myself because I can’t protect you in there.” I said and then ran away. I went into the barrier and immediately was electrocuted. I gasped but kept myself from falling on the ground. I quickly stood as everything outside of the barrier disappeared. I quickly went to the front of the school and opened the front door. No light was in the school and the halls were still. “Hello?” I yelled but all that answered was my echo. I closed my eyes and focused on Tis’s soul. I finally found it upstairs in the gym. I went to the first door I saw and tried to open it, but it was locked. I took a few steps back and pointed my hands at the door. Gold streams flew at it and it swung open. I saw a group of children in the back of the room crying as they saw me. I took a step into the room and heard something moving through the air. I quickly grabbed at the thing that was flying at the side of my head and squeezed it. I looked over to see a scared looking teacher staring back at me.
“Stay away from the children!” She hissed but I let go of the broom in my hands and turned to her. I stuck my hand out to her and she looked confused.
“Don’t worry. I’m helping the police force and am here to get you out. But I need your help. Can you trust me?” I asked and the lady nodded. She shook my hand cautiously. “Now, I need you to send a message to all the other teachers in the school to tell them to take their classes to the front of the school and to stay quiet through the halls. If they are upstairs, tell them to all go to the west staircase and to stay away from the gym because the man that is here is staying there.”
“But what about the child he has as a hostage?” She asked.
A young girl in the class ran through the darkness to us. “He’s my brother! Please! You have to save him!” The girl yelled and I recognized her voice.
“Jamie?” I asked and she moved closer to me. In the darkness I could make out her facial features. “Jamie, it’s me. Hope.”
Jamie hugged me as she cried. “Hope! You came for us!”
“Who are you anyways?” The teacher asked.
“I am Jamie and Josh’s soon-to-be mother.” I said and the teacher smiled. She ran to her computer and sent a message to the other teachers. She came back after a few minutes and looked at me as Jamie went back to the other students.
“They are all coming now.” She said and I nodded.
“Follow me with your class outside.”
“Come on kids.” She said and they were as quiet as church mice as I lead them outside. We waited a moment until all the teachers showed up with us. I brought them all to the same part of the barrier.
“What are you going to do? The barrier won’t let us out.” The principal said as he joined my side. I smiled.
“I can open it for a few seconds, so I need all the teachers to help get the children out in that time.” I said and he nodded. He went to the teachers and told them what to do. They all got behind the kids and I breathed in as I closed my eyes. I pointed my hands at the barrier and then opened my eyes. A thick gold streak flowed in the air until it hit the barrier and then it turned an odd black color. I focused on the barrier and a small piece of the barrier disappeared. “Go!” I yelled and a storm of people flew past me. The barrier started to try to close on me again as they went through and I fought it to stay up. When the teachers got through I put down my hands and the barrier re-appeared. I ran back to the school and opened the door. I ran up the stairs to the right of the door and went up to the second floor of the school. I ran to the gym and opened the door. I looked around the large room and saw Tis in the middle of it, tied to a chair.
“Hope!” He cried through tears as I went to the back of the chair and started to untie his hands but was stopped when a stream of gold hit my side. I yelled as I slid across the waxed floor with a screeching sound. I quickly stood up and looked at my side. Blood poured out of my side and it hurt like hell. I grabbed my side as a man walked over towards me. He clapped and the lights of the room turned on. He was next to Tis’s chair and I saw his face finally. He had deep brown, shaggy hair that fell around his face in a skater style and fit his face perfectly. His gold eyes shimmered as his pale skin shined. He had on a pair of jeans and a black short sleeve shirt on. He smiled at me as he leaned on the chair Tis was in.
“It’s been a while, Hope.” He said and my heart skipped a beat. His hand went on Tis’s head. “It seems since last time we met you have become very fond of this boy here. Also the same for his sister and their father.” He took his hands off of Tis and walked closer to me. “You’re a soul slayer. Why are you associating with half-breeds like this young boy? Shouldn’t you be on an operation table getting ready to become a vampire’s slave?” He asked and then laughed, “Well I guess you don’t have to become their slave. You may in fact end up like me and Dad.”
“Brother.” I whispered.
“That’s right, Hope. I was your brother, well until I died so long ago,” He said with a smile, “But now I have become the opposite of a soul slayer. I have become a soul seeker,” He explained, “That means I take the souls of innocent children to keep from dying. Also, I am now supposed to kill the last soul slayer because you will kill me if I don’t kill you first.”
“Why do you want his soul? Of all children, why him?”
He chuckled. “For two reasons, one he is the son of a ‘hirugami’ and two you love him. I get the benefit of a semi-perfect soul and I get to see you suffer.”
Tears beckoned to pour down my face but I kept them at bay. “Why do you want to make me suffer? I thought you loved me! You’re my beloved brother and that boy is your best friend’s son!” I yelled, “Has dying made you hate the ones you loved?”
He smiled. “It has. I hate you because you keep me from living and I hate Hajji because I cannot have his precious soul.”
Tears started down my cheeks but I quickly brushed them away. “Even if you are my brother and I love you, you are dead. You shouldn’t be alive anymore. Your time is gone. And I will never let you hurt Tis! I love him as much as I used to love you, but as far as I’m concerned you are not my brother anymore! Now you are just Rei the soul seeker I must kill!” I said firmly and he laughed. I threw a stream of gold towards him and he jumped out of the way. I ran as fast as I could to Tis as he threw a stream towards me. I dogged it but still ran towards Tis. I undid his hands and he was free. I quickly picked him up and held him like a baby. I ran towards the windows as a stream was thrown at me. It hit my back but I kept running. I hit the glass window with my shoulder and jumped through the frame. The ground was far away and I knew if I just fell like this and tried to stand I would break both of my legs. I quickly put a gold barrier around Tis and I as we went towards the ground. When we hit the ground the Barrier slowly set us down and then it diapered. My brother stood at the frame of the window and smiled. I put down Tis as I noticed the barrier around the school was gone. “Tis run to the group and go to your dad. Make sure he doesn’t come to help me.” I ordered. He nodded and ran like a bullet. My brother jumped from the window as I heard gunshots, but they were deflected from my brother by a dim gold barrier around him. He stood a few feet from me and threw six streams at me. I held up a barrier and they disappeared when they touched it. I quickly formed a gold gun and pointed it at my brother. He did the same as I started shooting gold bullets at him. He dogged them and bullets were fired at me. I dogged them except for the one that hit my shoulder. I fell to the ground and the area went silent as I cried out. My brother laughed in the quietness as he walked towards me. He came towards me and kicked my side. His boot hit my stomach hard and I coughed. He pulled his foot back to kick me again but when it got close enough I grabbed it and pulled him off his feet. He fell as I stood and jumped on top of him. I pinned him down and he struggled as I formed a dagger in my right hand. I jabbed it into his heart and he let out a scream. I quickly came off him as blood poured from his heart. He was breathing hard like me and it hurt too. I made a bow and arrow with my gold aura and pointed the arrow at my weak brother as he ran towards me. He knocked the bow out of my hand and shoved me to the ground. I struggled as he kept me down.
“Hope!” I heard Hajji yell from the side and I looked over. He was running towards me and I quickly pushed my brother off of me.
“Get away, Hajji!” I yelled as I watched my brother quickly get off the ground.
“Why is Rei alive?”
“He’s turned into a soul seeker and wants to kill Tis!” I yelled as I picked up the bow and arrow. I shot my brother square between the eyes and he feel over. My brother pulled it out and laughed.
“A measly arrow can’t kill the dead!” He laughed and then turned to Hajji, “So this is whom your soul calls to? You love Hajji now?” He asked and I hissed.
“Touch him and I’ll kill you, soul seeker!” I yelled as I ran towards him. He moved his hands to his face to block the punch he thought I was going to throw, but I lifted my right foot and the dagger in his heart pushed further in. He hollered of pain and then ran at me. He grabbed my neck with both hands and squeezed before I could stop him. I started chocking as I felt power flow through my veins, but my brother was ahead of me. He took one hand off my neck and pointed it at my stomach. I felt something pierce my stomach badly. I screamed and then kicked him away. I looked at my stomach to see a spear that went straight through my stomach and out my back. My legs shook from the lack of blood since blood covered below the rod and onto the ground to form a puddle. “S***.” I gasped as I took a hold of the daggered rod and pulled it out. I cried as it came out bloody and I saw the hole in my body. I quickly threw the daggered rod at my brother and towards a spot below his heart. I quickly followed the rod as it flew through the air. I moved at the speed of a skilled soul slayer and was proud. I pulled the daggered rod out and a black glowing thing I knew only I could see came out. It was the soul of the dead man in front of me. My brother screamed and did like most un-mortal beings. He vanished and so did his manipulated soul as I fell to my knees.
“Hope!” Hajji yelled as I put my hands on the ground in front of me. He ran to me and sat down next to me. I was breathing hard and shaking.
“Hope!” Jamie and Tis yelled as they ran towards us, but the officer from before stopped them. “Let go of me!” Jamie yelled, “I have to go to her!”
“Young girl, your mother needs to go to the hospital.” He said as he walked towards me. He tugged on Hajji’s shirt and Hajji stood. The officer knelt beside me. “Mrs. Sataru, you were very brave today. Everyone here owes you very much because you saved all of these kids.” He said kindly. I didn’t look at him.
“Get all the children away. I can’t let them see my stomach or they will be frightened.” I whispered.
“Mommy!” Tis yelled as he ran to me but Hajji stopped him.
“Tis she can’t even get up. She needs to go with the officers so she can get help from the hospital.” Hajji said as Jamie joined.
“But I want to go with her!” Jamie yelled.
“The three of you may come with her, but go to the group until her wounds are covered. It is her wish for you not to see her yet.” The officer said and I heard Hajji lead the two kids away. A siren went off and I heard the tires close to me. I slightly looked up and saw two men with a stretcher coming towards me. The two of them and the officer helped me stand and got me into the stretcher. They quickly covered my stomach because I could hear them wanting to throw up from the sight of it. The two men picked the stretcher up and put it into the back of the car. The officer called Hajji and he came to me with the kids in tow. The three of them and the officer got into the ambulance and the car drove off. Hajji was sitting on a bench next to the officer and the kids were beside him.
“You two can come near me. It’s alright.” I said and they quickly came to the side of the stretcher. I put my hand on Jamie’s and she looked at me. “You did really well during the evacuation, Jamie. I saw you helping calm down the younger kids.” She smiled as she slightly squeezed my hand. I let go of her hand and held Tis’s hand. “Tis, you were very brave when I had to jump out the window and you did just as I told you to. Thank you.” I said quietly and he cried. I put my hand on his cheek and he looked at me. “Did that man hurt you before I got there?”
He shook his head. “He just said you would be coming for me soon,” He whispered, “But was he really your brother you told us that story about? The one who was daddy’s best friend?”
I nodded. “His soul had been manipulated and he was forced to do what happened today. Otherwise he would have never harmed you.”
“But you were forced to kill your own brother! That’s evil! Whoever manipulated his soul is evil!” Jamie said and I smiled.
“Don’t worry too much about it, Jamie,” I said, “I’ll deal with it.” I smiled at them as they sat back down. The officer cleared his throat and I looked at him.
“Miss Sataru, how bad is your injuries?” He asked me.
“My shoulder still has a bullet in it. My side and back are bleeding. But my stomach is wrecked. It may not be able to fix.”
“No! Hope can’t die! Please officer! They have to fix her stomach!” Jamie cried.
I looked at her sadly. “Don’t worry, Jamie. It will heal if they cannot repair it.”
“What immortal type of being are you anyways?” The officer asked.
“I am a soul slayer, the last of my kind to be exact.”
“Yes, the man at the school today was the only other soul slayer when he was alive.” I explained.
“And he was your brother?” The officer asked and I nodded, “Then why did he attack you and the school?”
“He knew I would do anything to save those children and his soul was being tampered with to think he hated those he loved.”
The car stopped with a squeal and the doors opened. I was hauled away as Hajji held back the kids. I was taken off the stretcher and put in a soft, white bed. The nurses and paramedics pulled me quickly down the white halls of the hospital as people moved out of the way. They quickly brought me to a white room and started yelling. Many beeping machines were in the room and made it seem extremely cluttered. A man in all white came in the door and no one spoke. He came to my side and smiled.
“Hello. I will be your emergency surgeon. Now, tell me where you are injured.” The man said kindly as the nurses and paramedics left as other doctors came in.
“There’s a bullet in my left shoulder, my right side and back are bleeding, and there is a hole going through my stomach.” I said quietly and the man pulled away the covers. His eyes widened and he quickly looked at a machine by my bed. He put a clear, formed cup around my mouth and nose.
“Breathe in slowly and close you eyes. The anesthesia will act very quickly.” He said and I did as told. Before I knew it the beeping of the machines was gone and my mind drifted into uncertainty and darkness.

The author's comments:
this is not finished

I woke up to the sound of a bird. I opened my eyes to see I was now in a white room with a window. A bird was sitting on the edge of the window and singing. I looked at my body to see a white pair of sheets over me while in a sitting up position in a soft bed. My shoulder was wrapped up and I was in a gown. “Hello?” I asked the room and a nurse quickly opened the door.
“Miss? Are you awake?” The nurse asked as she walked in. She saw me and her kind face brightened. She was a beautiful, petit brunet who seemed nice. “Well good morning! Are you feeling okay?”
I nodded. “But where are the people who came with me to the hospital?” I asked.
“They went home after your surgeries at about 10 last night. They said they would be coming back early, so I presume they are in the lobby downstairs waiting to hear from the doctor about your condition,” She replied kindly, “If you want I can bring you down to see them. How does that sound?”
“I’d love to,” I said, “I think I gave the kids a scare.”
“Are those two yours?” She asked and I nodded. “So you were the lady who saved the school of children yesterday, right? I must thank you for that. My niece was at that school.”
“I just wanted to help, you don’t need to thank me.” I said kindly and she smiled. She ran out of the room and quickly came back with a wheelchair. I looked at her oddly.
“The doctor said that because of your stomach injury you wouldn’t be able to walk for a day or two.” She explained and called for someone. A man came in and helped me into the wheelchair. The nurse pushed me out of the room and down the hall. We went into a waiting room and she looked around but quickly pushed me to the side so I couldn’t be seen. I didn’t know why she had, but didn’t say anything of it. She ran to Hajji and the kids to talk to them. She took the hand of each kid and Hajji followed her. She brought them to me and the two kids started crying. Tis was the first to get to me and he crawled into my lap as he hugged me.
“Hope!” He cried into my gown and I hugged him with one arm, as I felt better to see he was well.
“Come here Jamie. I want to say hello to you too.” I said as she quickly came to my side and I hugged her. Hajji smiled as I looked at him and so did the nurse. He turned to her and looked serious.
“So how bad are her wounds?” Hajji asked and the kids turned to the nurse too.
“Her shoulder, back, and side should heal soon, but her stomach…”
“What about it? Was it punctured?” He asked and she nodded, “Is there anything to do about it?
“The doctor tired all he could to fix it, but it isn’t fully going to recover,” She explained, “Also, two ribs were broken so those will take a while to heal.”
I stared at the nurse. “Wait, so how long will I be here?”
“About a month or so.”
“But I’m leaving the country tomorrow!” I protested.
“You are in no condition to even leave the hospital. Leaving the country is out of the question,” The nurse replied and the kids started crying, “Miss Rory!” Someone called from the front desk and the nurse left.
“But if you don’t go you will die!” Tis cried as he snuggled my gown. I put both of my arms around him and he looked at me.
“It’s okay Tis.”
“No it isn’t! We’ll lose you!” Jamie protested and I looked at her with nothing but sorrow to show.
“Jamie, please. I know it’s hard to think of, but you were ok without me before. You two have your father and Miss Fall.”
“But we don’t have you!” Tis protested to me.
“Let’s not think about this right now. Just focus on today and our time together.” I said and they nodded. The nurse came back to me and seemed shaken.
“Miss, there is someone here to see you.” She said quietly.
“Mr. Hantaru.” She said as she blushed and I looked at the ground. “He insists on seeing you right now.”
I nodded. “Bring him back.” I whispered and looked at Hajji. “You three should go. A vampire is coming.”
“Who is he?” Hajji asked.
“My guardian.” I whispered as the kids got off of me.
“Kids go out to the car with Miss Fall and she will drive you to school. I will stay with Hope.” Hajji said and they left. Then he turned to me. “I’m not going to give up.” He whispered as the nurse came back with a handsome man behind her. She was blushing because of the tall, handsome man with black hair and brown eyes.
“Hello Hope.” Yuuki said kindly and the nurse took a hold of my wheelchair, but Yuuki put his hand on her shoulder. “Miss, I’ll take Hope to her room. You should go see your other patients.” He said and she nodded. She left and Yuuki took a hold of the wheelchair. He noticed Hajji for the first time and frowned. “Who are you?”
“Yuuki, this is Hajji. He was my brother’s best friend and is just staying with me for the day. Please be kind to him.” I said and Yuuki nodded. He pushed me to my room and Hajji shut the door. Yuuki helped me back into the bed from before.
“I came into town late last night to come get you but when I went to Ruby she told me you were in the hospital,” He said, “She’s going to come visit tonight after her classes and will be bringing your stuff with her.”
“Are we still going tomorrow?” I asked and he nodded.
“But she’s injured! She can’t leave!” Hajji protested and Yuuki stared at him.
“Be quiet half-breed!” He barked and then turned to me. “Why was your brother friends with such a rude half-breed and why are you following the trend?”
“We can’t read his soul, Yuuki. He’s just like you,” I said and Hajji looked shocked, “Soul slayers are attracted to those we can’t read.”
Yuuki nodded and moved on. “On the news I heard it was a magic user that attacked you, whom was it?”
“My brother. He was manipulated and came back to life as a soul seeker. He tried to kill a child I am fond of and me, but I killed him.”
“Considering your wounds it looks like death didn’t take any of your brother’s fighting skills,” He smirked, “But who manipulated him?”
“I don’t know. I couldn’t read his soul. Whoever it was is very strong.”
Yuuki put his hand on my cheek and smiled. “Could you ask the half-breed to leave us for a while?” He asked.
“Hajji, please give us 5 minutes.” I said and he nodded. He left and Yuuki helped me stand even thought I was not supposed to. He wrapped his arms around my waist and pulled us together with no gap. His eyes turned red and he smiled.
“I’ll heal all the wound, just endure the pain for a little while.” He whispered and then I felt his soft hair against my shoulder at the same time as the sizzle of his bite. He started drinking and pulled me tighter to him. I held onto his shoulders as the door opened. Hajji came in and stared at us.
“What the hell are you doing to Hope?” Hajji yelled.
“Hajji! Stop! He’s not hurting me! He’s fixing my wounds!” I explained, “Now please close the door and lock it.” He did as Yuuki’s fangs came out of my neck and he licked the mark.
“Almost done.” Yuuki whispered through heavy breaths and then his teeth went back in. I tensed and then looked at the ceiling. It kept me distracted until Yuuki’s fangs came out of my neck. I lay onto the bed and Yuuki stared at me like Hajji.
“So why didn’t this guy get the effects of your blood like the other?” Hajji asked me curiously as he walked over to my bed. He sat next to my head and brushed the hair that had fallen in my face away.
“Yuuki and you cannot be affected by my blood as far as I know. Your type can’t be harmed by it like the rest.” I explained.
“That is why she is supposed to marry me. No one else can,” He said and then smiled, “Well except for a half breed like you.”
“Yuuki, stop it. Now.” I ordered and he frowned. “Sorry Hajji. He thinks he’s the best thing in the world. He really didn’t mean that.”
“But I’m sure he did. He’s just like the rest of the royals.” Hajji said as he looked at Yuuki who stared him down.
“What’s that supposed to mean half breed?”
“That all royals are arrogant asses. That’s all.” Hajji said and Yuuki started around the bed to attack him. I quickly sat up and stood in front of Hajji.
“Don’t touch him.” I hissed and Yuuki looked shocked.
“Why the hell are you defending a half breed?”
“Because Hajji is right! You’re an ass Yuuki and you’re just getting all defensive because you know he is a threat to our marriage.”
“But he isn’t royal! He can’t save you!”
“He’s really not even a half breed, Yuuki. He’s actually the queen’s forbidden son! So he is more royal than you are, but he doesn’t want to have that title! If he takes a title he will end up just like you! An egotistic man craving for power!” I yelled, “The only reason you want to marry me is so you can become powerful! You don’t even love me Yuuki! We were just friends and you decided to use that friendship to take advantage of my power! But now I know what love feels like!”
“Oh? And who do you love now?” He asked with a smirk.
“Who do you think genius? I’ve pretty much spelled it out for you!” I yelled and then calmed down. I put my hands on my hips and tilted to the right slightly. “I’m in love with Hajji. If you or anyone has a problem with that you’ll have to deal with me.” I said firmly and Yuuki laughed.
“You’re just like your brother, aren’t you? Stubborn and on your death bed.”
“Are you saying I’m going to die like my brother?” I asked and he smiled.
“Well facts are facts, Hope.” He laughed and I frowned. I slapped the side of his face and he turned back to me in anger.
“I’m not heartless like you, Yuuki. I would never say you would die like your parents, but you think it’s okay to say I’m going to die like my brother? What happened to my best friend? Where did the Yu Han I started to fall in love with go?” He frowned but said nothing. I went over to the other side of the bed and looked at the floor. “Thank you for your assistance today Sir Hantaru. I look forward to us meeting soon.”
“Now don’t get like that.” He said sympathetically as he came near me.
“I will have Satashi and Ruby drive me to my surgery. So your duties in this town are finished,” I whispered and then looked at Hajji, “Let’s get out of here.” I said and he nodded. He came to me and I took his hand. We walked out of the room and I told the nurse I was transferring hospitals. She let me go with a little help of my powers and we got out. Hajji had a car outside that wasn’t the one Miss Fall had taken and we got in it. We were quiet the whole way and when we went inside.
“You want something to eat?” Hajji asked me when he shut the front door behind us. I shook my head and he looked confused.
“First I want to get out of this stupid dress thing.” I said and he nodded. I went upstairs and changed into a pair of checkered pajama pants and a black tank top. I went downstairs to see Hajji sitting on the couch looking at the vase I had fixed. When I reached the last step Hajji looked up at me and I smiled. I went over to him and sat.
“When did you do this?” He asked curiously.
“Before that Hunter came here.” I said and he smiled.
“A lot has been happening lately.”
“That’s because my surgery’s coming soon.” I said and he nodded. He looked at his hands but was shocked when I put my cold hand against his warm face. I put my fingers against his cheek and turned his head gently to face me. “Hajji, I meant what I said about loving you. I really did.” I said and he smiled. I kissed him and he kissed back. He leaned me over on the couch and talked between heavy breaths.
“Now we can finish what we’ve started.” He said and I knew it was time for me to die now because I had finally found peace and love.
Hajji kissed my neck, then moved to the small part of my breast at the top of my tank top and kissed it. He looked to my eyes and I could feel his soul become engulfed in purple of lust. He kissed my lips again and moved his tongue. I kissed back as he slid my shirt off and kissed me more.

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on Oct. 22 2011 at 1:30 pm
headoverheels44 SILVER, Dickerson, Maryland
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Thank you everyone for the great ratings! I am happy people actually like my writing, since it is my whole world :)

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Favorite Quote:
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I really enjoyed reading this. I look forward to reading more of your work. ^_^

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"Everything's a triangle." ~ My mother

"Write what you love, write what you care about, because sometimes, it's the easiest way to be heard."

I like the idea of this, though I spotted a few grammatical errors and some run-on sentences, but those are pretty easy to fix. I liked some of your descriptions, and the story itself is very interesting. Good job :)