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January 17, 2011
By HarperEphrath SILVER, Sterling, Virginia
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HarperEphrath SILVER, Sterling, Virginia
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Trent starts on his journey looking for the sword of legend called Trilogy. He is in the Harabine Desert, searching, and searching, and searching still more. He doesn’t have a map, or a friend to call on, or anything, because he in his typical dumb manner thought this was going to be a quick trip. The only thing he brought was water. Now he is stuck in the middle of a literally steaming desert, he is a few miles out. Started walking a while ago, his mode of transportation died because of the heat. It was amazing, it was so hot in the car, and the car fell out on him. I was floating along in the car one second the next its display screen had blinked out on me, and the car stopped hovering; there was a big thump, and puff of sand, as the car hit the ground.
Well, what in the world?! Trent thought to himself. He jumps out of his car as his butt gets shocked. He rubs his butt. He looks back at the car and glares menacingly. Then he goes to the front of the car and kicks it, hard. The car then proceeds to explode in his face. His head gets thrown back, his body lifts off the ground, catapulted into an unseen wall. Everything goes black.

“… is he dead?” a very girly, very female voice says,”I’m not sure because I saw him hit that wall and I thought he was so I had you… Resmodine drag him in here to see if he was but as you left, his body miraculously healed. His clothes stayed virtually incinerated. But, his body healed that’s why I called you back in here… See what I mean? You might want to check his pulse though…”
Trent still fakes like he is asleep. Breathe in; breathe out, breath in, he starts as extremely frigid fingers touch his throat, checking his pulse. His eyes fly open with wild rage. He growls with feral guttural wrath. His eyes dilate, changing color from ice blue to cat yellow. They flip back in an instant as he calms. His eyes take in everything. He examines his state first. He is wearing basically nothing you can almost see parts of his package and he is shirtless. Obviously his shirt, one of his favorites too, was vaporized in the lithium car explosion. No injuries though he has an auto heal function in his body, that is what the girl is talking about. Although there is char and soot all over his body. Trent is surprised they didn’t clean him off or at least the spots they could see. Maybe they were afraid to hurt him or wake him, well they certainly did that alright.
Then there are two people standing over him, a male probably 6’4” and really buff-bulky, wearing a loose-fitting tan shirt that says “Sugar Dunes” glaring at him. Trent would have chuckled after getting the joke, if the man wasn’t staring daggers at Trent. Then the female she is quite gorgeous. With an elegant face perfect lips not thin, but not too thick, graceful cheek bones, eyes that were bright as a star, with silky black long hair, bangs almost covering her eyes, she was the most beautiful person he had ever seen. It looks like he is in a house made of sand; the house is only one room and has a ladder going down to somewhere else.
Hopefully that hole in the ground is the exit, if I’m lucky. Says his mind, he quickly tries to sit up, and almost craps his shredded pants from being shocked so bad, as well he almost loses consciousness. A wave of dizziness rolls over him like a steam roller. He moans in pain. His vision is swimming and spinning.
“Oh my gosh I am so sorry. Let me turn off the electricity, but turn on force field. But first, let me introduce myself, my name is Zinca. And this is master chief Resmodine.” She introduces herself and the male with open-hand gestures.
She hits the switch. And goes for the next switch, Trent make a small leap for the man-hole… and freezes mid-air. His eyes flick around looking for what caused him to stop. Either it’s a freezing spell, which is impossible because he is not cold or getting there at all, I don’t even know why I suggested that spell. Anyways it could be a time-stop spell, glyph-runes start floating around me. Looks like a time-stop spell, didn’t know those were still used because they are so draining.
“And what do you think you’re doing, hm?” the voice of the man booms, he whips his hand around in a half circle. My time-frozen body swivels around to face him.
“Getting out of here, that’s for sure!” he snarled. As I remember it, testing my barriers, tensing all my muscles; the male is stronger than initially thought, about the only thing I can move is from my neck up.
He glances over and then chuckles. The female is standing frozen, hand over her mouth with an expression of pure surprise. Resmodine’s face keeps changing color getting paler by the second. In about three minutes he’s going to drop the spell due to lack of strength. Like I said time-stop spells are hard to deal with. They are seriously hardcore. This has spell has run its course and I’m becoming impatient.
Trent pushes his barriers to their full extent. The spell shatters, and Resmodine collapses. His leap finishes in the wrong direction so he rebound off the table he was lying on earlier, flip backwards into the manhole. His fall lasts for a good five seconds, then he grab the wall with my claws and slide down to a stop. At this point I’m half way down… -or so he thought. I jump from wall to wall. I reach the bottom.
There is a hole in the roof to let in enough light to shine on a sword… as well as a plaque down at the bottom where the sword was attached to the ground. The sword from end to end is magnificent. The pommel is an almost fully opened rose, the grip is textured silver, and the guard… the guard is just stunning, it has two short, curling, structures, like coiling DNA, stemming from a ball that is imprinted with a simple Celtic cross in the middle. The plaque was sterling silver, gleaming in the light. The plaque seemed to smile at me. As soon as I took a step in its direction the jet black letters just seemed to sink into the silver imprinted deep into it. The plaque says as follows:

Trent goes into full lupine form. This consists of him going from buff, tan, and tall to.... well, gruesome, black-furred, talons plus fangs, oh and very slobbery big wolfy thing. Trent-wolf then proceeds to trot off to get Trilogy. *BOOM* an explosion goes off five-feet from wolfy, Trent is thrown in the air again, to the left, then another mine goes off on his left, now he is on a crash course towards the sword going to smash face first into the sword. Trent flips over the sword while grabbing it at the same time, bounces off the rock with plaque attached to it, soaring straight up. Straight through the hole in the roof of the room, Trent comes out of the top and straddles the hole to tower over it.
Trent looks around, to observe his surroundings, since, more likely than not, a fight will end up breaking out right her on the spot so he takes in to account the fact that there are thirty feet high straight drops from the mountains above. There is also rain clouds forming above, Trent smells magick. He sees green in the distance, so he changes back to human form; which turns him back into tall, dark, and handsome; with his clothes fully repaired. Starting a nice little trek towards the green area; which looks like it consists of big, tall, and leafy trees; shrubs that hold fruit so ripe it could almost explode; rabbits and hares alike, little foxes playing hide-and-go-seek; all of this seeming like a demi-paradise after a very long, very hard day. Then suddenly a bunch of mages materialize in front of him, throwing him out of his mindless thought process, about twenty yards from him. There’s a group of about thirty of them, ranging from tall to buff to short or spindly, the mages took aggressive stances, should be a simple fight since that’s what their here for quite obviously.
“Hey, look I don’t want a fight, I’ve had a horrible day and I don’t want to take it out on ya’ll!” I shout to the mass with a cocky smile on my face. The group of mages, with smug looks upon their faces that won’t be there if it comes right down to it, are now spreading out into a semi-circle around me, Windows-Formation, four rows.
“Yes you do if you have that sword, Trilogy, in your possession; you obviously want problems quite seriously I don’t mind causing problems for YOU!” he smirks his cocky smile matching mine perfectly.
“You will mind once I maim you. What’s your name again? Retardo maybe, or was it Ricardo… OH! I got it your name is Retardo Ricardo! Is that it, I think that’s what it was…hm? Nice recovery by the way, that time spell was too much a freeze spell would have worked soooooo much better.” his smirk gets bigger. Someone in the group sniggers, trying to hold it in quite seriously knowing how volatile that person’s leader could be. Resmodine’s head looks like it’s about to explode. It is just that red, ha.
“Brangouz, shut… your… Mouth! Prepare to die; your mine, Trent!” Resmodine bellows as he charges toward Trent recklessly.
He is throwing fireballs the whole way, and Trent dodging all that he tosses, with his hands behind his back. As soon as Resmodine gets close enough… ah, right there! He receives a death kick to the face although he doesn’t die. Trent slices the left arm off, as well as the right leg, with his hand. Resmodine tumbles into the sand, writhing in pain. He screams and wails and hollers a lot more than necessary.
How did he know my name? I think to myself, hm, this problem will have to wait…
“Are we done here?! Because I’m starting to get agitated with your guy’s stupidity! Seriously are ya’ll done yet?!” I shout at them,”Can I go now?! Thank you!”
The mages stand there a moment longer. Then materialize into thin air. All except one, the female from the sand room. I wonder why she stayed…
“Hey! Why did you stay I told all the mages to get to stepping!” I call out to her as she falls to her knees. I jog towards her,”Hey! What’s the matter, why did you-“I start as if there is a demon around me and this woman.
Trent brings Trilogy out slowly, glancing to and fro. Then Resmodine starts laughing, death-wheeze laughing, but laughing all the same. Trent rushes over to Resmodine and shoves his sword into the ground right next to Resmodine’s throat. Resmodine stops laughing for a little bit. Trent extends a talon to its full extent which is about a foot and a half, sticking the claw right on Resmodine’s wind pipe. Towering over him Trent crouches down into his face. Extending his fangs and hissing in his face, spittle, and drool flying off his fangs a tiny bit.
“This can go one of two ways! I can slit your throat and you can die easy… or-” Trent growls in Resmodine’s face. “I can rip you to pieces with my teeth… slowly! Now what do you know, Resmodine?”
“You think you intimidate me, I am the face of darkness. Look up… and you shall see… Trent” Resmodine rasps; then breathes his last breath.
Trent hears a big thump; sand jumps onto his very sweaty back. Jaws snap near the back of Trent’s head. He rolls forward and crouches, with a shocked expression on his face. Lethirblagha, a big jaguar-like behemoth, it’s like a tiger but with purple and black stripes and has sabers for teeth, bones of reinforced calcium, eyes that glow yellow.
Trent’s mind flashes back to when he was at the raw age of twelve. It was the middle of night and the moon was full. His dad was teaching him sword-play, as was his mom shouting out definitions to words; trying to distract him from the swords. Then a flash of darkness, and Trent’s mom cut off midsentence, and squeals. Something flies in front of the moon, distracting him. Landing behind his father Trent calls out to his father. Just as he was sliced in half, “Lethirblagha” his father whispers eyes wide open, as his intestines fall out of his bloody body. Trent looks horror in the face as the beast stares at him and growls; Trent drops his sword with simple and pure terror in his heart. He never did find his mother again, he presumed her dead never to be thought of again, until now.
The behemoth paws at Trent roaring like a lion, tiger, and panther combined. Thinking of this, Trent, with the fire and rage of righteous wrath burning deep in his eyes leaps up into the air, pointing the sword tip down stabbing the Lethirblagha in the top of its skull, impaling the brain and coming out oozing black blood through the neck. It tries to whine but it can’t speak. Trent goes fully Lupine for the first time ever giving himself fully to the wolf within, extends his talons, clawing everything, the Lethirblagha’s eyes, neck, and back, black blood oozing in some places, spurting in most other places. Then he roars, not howls like a wolf, but roars like no other, proceeding to grab its jaws and wrench them apart, dislocating the bottom half from the top, at the same time snapping the Lethirblagha’s neck with his feet. Trent takes control again over the wolf body, which provides quite the challenge for having only done such things once, and flips back to normal human form. Knowing it was going to create a vacuum of about fifty yards, he grabs Zinca, who is still unconscious, and tosses her over Trent’s shoulder and bolts towards the greenery. As a sand storm stirs up, disappearing into the distance of green, verdant hills. Continuing on to face and live the four trials of this precious sword, this dangerous sword of Trilogy.

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