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November 23, 2022
By abbypotts, Conneautville, Pennsylvania
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abbypotts, Conneautville, Pennsylvania
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Author's note:

This is fake.

It was a normal day for Mariyah. Well, as normal as it could get. She woke up in her king bed in her silky pajamas. It was her first day of 8th grade. She put on her black leggings and crew neck and went downstairs.

“Good morning honey!” Mariyah’s mom said as she got downstairs. There was breakfast on the table and Mariyah ran to her seat. On her way there was a slippery puddle on the floor. Mariyah ran right through a puddle and almost fell, but of course, she spun around gracefully and landed right in her seat. She was so lucky that the chair was there.

   She ate her food and went to school. Her best friend Charlie was taking her. Charlie and Mariyah had been best friends since they were little. Charlie always comments on how lucky Mariyah is. When Mariyah was young, she was put up for adoption because, as her birth mom says, “there’s something wrong with her hands” What was wrong with her hands? On the bright side, Mariyah got adopted by the richest people in all of Maplewood Lane. Mariyah wasn’t very popular, but she didn’t want to be. She was friends with everyone but she didn’t hang out with everyone. Charlie was the only one. And they were both perfectly happy. Mariyah arrives at school and everything goes perfect. Just like every day.

    Sometimes she arrives and sees kids dropping books and getting bullied. As weird as it sounds, Mariyah wonders what that’s like. Charlie was probably the most unlucky boy in the world. Except when he was around Mariyah. They were like 2 peas in a pod. 

   “Good morning Charlie Grayson!” Mariyah said after the first period. She had 3 classes with Charlie which was the perfect amount for her.

   “Mariyah June, do not call me my last name!” Charlie joked, “ Is my mom taking us home today?” He asked. They always go over to Mariyah’s house because Charlie’s mom goes straight to work after she drops him off.

   “Sorry Charlie, my mom’s taking me home. You know, first-day-pickup type thing.” Mariyah said. Charlie nodded and the 2 walked to science together. School went by pretty quick. Nobody really changed over the summer besides Lorianna. She used to be emo. Charlie and Mariyah giggled about that as they left school. Both of their mom’s were talking to each other so Charlie and Mariyah also started a conversation.

   “When I get home do you want to come over?” Mariyah asked him.

   “Sure! We can work on the spell together.” Charlie said. The spell. Charlie always said there was a reason for Mariyah’s luck. So he called it the spell. So far they found out that Mariyah can transfer these powers through her hands. Mariyah agreed to the plan and they each left the school. Charlie was on his way home. He almost arrived at the house when something horrible happened. A truck wasn’t paying attention to where it was going and Charlie’s mom took a sharp swerve. Leaving Charlie to get hit head-on by the truck.

    Mariyah was in her bedroom during the incident. Testing her “miracle”. She didn’t know about Charlie yet and she was wondering how this special power of hers really worked. She found a ladybug crawling on her floor. Subject number 1. She smashed the ladybug with her hand then immediately after she zapped it with her finger and it was back to crawling again. Then she got up to go to the kitchen and accidentally closed the door on her dress causing it to rip. This would always happen. Mariyah would give a little of her power to someone (or something) and something unlucky would happen to her in return. When she got downstairs Mariyah’s mom was on the couch crying. Mariyah ran over to comfort her and she said,

   “Mar, Charlie has been in a car accident and he is fighting for his life in the hospital.”  Mariyah’s face dropped and a long silence filled the room.

   “Take me to him.” She said, and that’s just what Mariyah’s mom did. They arrived at the hospital to find out Charlie was in a coma. The good news however, is that he could hear what everyone was saying. Mariyah raced to his bedside.

  “Charlie, it’s me, Mariyah, I’ve practiced the spell on a squashed ladybug and it came back to life. I ripped my dress right after though. I think I can give my spell to you! But I don't know what bad luck will come my way.” Mariyah said. She knew Charlie could hear her. She knew Charlie wouldn’t want her to do this. Just then a doctor came into the room.

   “I’m sorry, were you saying something about a spell?” The doctor asked. He had black hair and reddish eyes. Mariyah jumped at the sight of him. He wasn’t ugly, just, different. Mariyah nodded.

   “Something like that, it’s probably nothing.” She said, the doctor looked at her suspiciously, “It is something to me, tell me.” The doctor asked. Mariyah didn’t want to sound weird. She thought the doctor was weird for wondering about an 8th grade girl who claims to have a magic power she doesn’t know how to use. She eyed Charlie one more time then asked, “Why? I’m sorry, but why do you want to know?” The doctor looked at her in surprise.

   “Have you ever heard of the legend of Maybelline Hawks?” The doctor asked. Mariyah shook her head. “Well then, let me tell you. Maybelline always had a good heart for everyone. She would always put others before herself. Legend has it that she lived right here on Maplewood Lane! Anyways, Maybelline was a kind princess. Her mother died when she was young, and her father, rather quickly, found a new woman. May always tried to be her best in front of her step mother. But she hated May. She always called May, “Luck” because that’s just what May was, lucky. One day, her step mother got into a horrible car crash. May placed her hand on her step mothers grave and cried for hours. Just then her hands were shining a bright yellow and May’s step mom was up and walking again. May however, was completely drained. She begged for her step mother to call an ambulance or something to save her. But her step mother laughed in May’s face, and left. Some say, May sold her soul to the devil. Others say that where May died a bunch of flowers grew. And one was given to her great granddaughter. The daughter accidently ate the flower. And all the other flowers died.” The doctor said as he was jotting stuff down in his notebook.

   Mariyah wondered what his point was. Was she Maybelline Hawks great granddaughter? Then she said,

“Why is that story important?” and the doctor responded, “if we could get our hands on her great granddaughter then we could use her as an experiment. Soon the whole world could be perfect if everyone had her power.” Mariyah looked at Charlie. If she wanted to save his life, she would have to make sure he had a pure and kind heart. And that this devil-looking doctor man wasn't in the room when she was doing it.

    “Well, there is nothing wrong with my hands, I am certainly not powerful. Sorry doctor but if you think it’s me, you got the wrong girl!” Mariyah quickly said. She read the doctor's badge name. Doctor Damien. She wished Charlie was okay because now she felt like she was being hunted. She left the doctors office. Doctor Damien then made a phone call.

     “Hi dad!” a girl said on the phone. “Hi honey. Remember when I promised you that you would be the luckiest girl in the world? And you should be princess Maybelline Hawks great granddaughter? Well I think I found the girl who really is. She looks about your age. She is best friends with Charlie Grayson. I need you to become her best friend and find out if she has the miracle or not.” Lorianna stared at the phone dumbstruck of what her father had told her. She knew what she had to do. The story goes that Maybelline had sold her soul to the devil. Now the story will go: Mariyah sold her soul to the devil's daughter. Damien hung up the phone and left the hospital for the night. Little did he know, Charlie was still perfectly conscious. All he had to do was find a way to tell Mariyah.

A few days later, Lorianna met up with Mariyah at school. They each had all the same classes together. Mariyah found it odd that Lorianna would want to talk to her, but without Charlie, she was glad someone was there for her.

   “Hey Mariyah! I heard about Charlie and I just want to say I feel so bad for you. I was thinking that while Charlie heals me and you could be friends!” Lorianna said to Mariyah. Since Lorianna used to be emo, her hair was always in her face. Now Mariyah could see her eyes and they looked familiar. Sort of reddish. Mariyah couldn’t remember where she saw them though. Lorianna and Mariyah didn’t have much in common and Mariyah could tell Lorianna was trying her best to find something they shared.

    “Do you want to come over tomorrow? We can watch a movie I have called “Maybelline”. You know, the one from the legend of the girl with the glowing hands?” Lorianna asked. Mariyah had no idea it was a movie. She agreed to go to Lorianna’s tomorrow after school. Mariyah liked having Lorianna by her side. She wasn’t better than Charlie but she wasn’t being picky. Speaking of which, she wanted to visit him after school. She wondered what he would think of Lorianna. The rest of the day went by and Lorianna kept talking about Maybelline. She was asking Mariyah many questions like if she has a favorite flower or if weird things happen at all. What did she mean by weird? Mariyah told her that she was adopted. She didn’t tell her about her hands because she didn’t want to scare her away.

     At the same time, Mariyah could tell Lorianna was very interested in Maybelline’s legend. If she found out Mariyah could be an heir, then she could tell everyone. If any doctors or scientists found out, they could force her to give them her power. Plus Lorianna might want to stay Mariyah’s friend for a very long time if she found out and Mariyah only wanted her around until Charlie came out from the coma. After school Mariyah went to visit Charlie.

     “Charlie! We have so much to catch up on! You’re never going to guess who my new friend is ! Lorianna Damien! She’s not that bad. She has a huge obsession with the legend of Maybelline. Once you come free of the coma, I have to tell you a huge secret. I can’t say here though because I think doctor Damien is hunting me.” Just then it hit Mariyah like a bolt of lightning.  Lorianna Damien. Doctor Damien. Reddish eyes. Being hunted. She looked down at Charlie. “I have to get you out of this coma as soon as possible. You know more than I do, don’t you?” If Charlie could smile he would. She was right, he knew much more.

      Mariyah whispered into Charlie’s ear, “ I am going to give you a little of my power. Just enough for you to talk. Something might happen to me in return however.” Charlie didn’t want her to do this but they needed to get out of there fast and Charlie had valuable information to tell her.  Mariyah placed her hand on his head and focused. His hand was glowing.

   “I can speak now, stop.” Charlie whispered. Then Charlie told her everything he heard. Nothing unlucky happened to Mariyah though. But they knew better. Something bad had to have happened. Some time later Mariyah left the hospital and doctor Damien wrote in his notebook. He had seen everything Mariyah did and heard the conversation. That was what was unlucky for Mariyah. Very lucky for him though. Mariyah went home. She needed to know how she could make her power grow so that she never lost it. She also needed to find a way to tell Lrianna she couldn’t go over. Mariyah pulled up her laptop and searched Maybelline's legend movie. Sure enough there was a movie about it. Mariyah spent the rest of the evening watching the movie then going back and finding important details. She learned that was an evil man that was more powerful than Maybelline. He could swap places with people and generate bad luck. His name was “Sparrow Damien Grayson” Mariyah immediately panicked at that. Doctor Damien, Lorianna Damien, Charlie Grayson. But Charlie wasn’t evil. Maybe he wasn’t an heir of Sparrows. Doctor Damien and Lorianana had to be though.

    Doctor Damien burst through Charlie's hospital door. Charlie was terrified. He was hoping he didn’t know Charlie could talk.

“Hello nephew. It seems you have paired with Mariyah. Why? You could turn against her. Even out her miracle powers with your dark and unlucky. I know you can speak.” Doctor Damien said. Just then he used his evil powers to bring Charlie up and moving again.

“Uncle Damien, I don’t want to hurt her.  She is my best friend. I want to get rid of my powers and be normal. Give them to Lorianna! She already has the swap body power and your power to bring the sleeping back to life! I don’t want this evil magic!” Charlie argued. Doctor Damien wouldn’t allow that because Charlie was their only hope to steal Mariyahs powers.

    “Has she learned her other abilities yet? Or does she think she can just heal people like Maybelline did?” He asked Charlie. Charlie said she doesn’t know yet. Then he did the unthinkable. He shot doctor Damien with his unlucky banana peel power and ran out of there. Right before he left he blew his unlucky burnt-toast smoke in the air causing the room to fill with gray smoke. He rushed to go find Mariyah.

    “Lorianna, I need you to swap places with me.” Doctor Damien said. He wasn’t about to let Charlie and Mariyah off the hook that easily. Now for the hard part, Charlie had to confess to Mariyah about his powers. He knocked on Mariyahs front door and her mom answered.

     “Charlie! I am so happy you are doing okay! Mariyah is in her room but she won’t let me in. I’m guessing she's dealing with grief over you.She keeps saying ‘I could be anyone and not her real mom’ so good luck.”

“Thank you Mrs. June” Charlie said he went upstairs to Mariyahs room and peeked under the door. There was ice, water, and fire everywhere. She must have found out about her other powers.

    “Mariyah, it’s me Charlie. Please let me in. I have a lot of explaining to do.” He said to her, Mariyuah knew that if Charlie was secretly Doctor Damien then she was ready to battle. She really hoped it wasn’t though. She wasn’t exactly excited to see Charlie either though. She opened the door. Charlie's eyes lit up when he saw her. She looked just like Maybelline. She was wearing a flower petal dress and a matching flower crown. Her medium length hair grew very long and it formed a braid.

   “Mariyah! How did you do that? Listen, you probably know by now that Doctor Damien is my uncle and I have bad magic powers. But I want to use them for good! I want to help you defeat Lorianna and uncle Damien as a team! Please tell me how you look so… pretty.”  After a while Charlie also had a superhero suit. Only his looked like a devil costume, even though he wasn’t. Mariyah learned all of her super abilities. She could shoot ice, fire, and control water. She could heal the broken things and people. The only thing Mariyah didn’t know yet, was that she could turn an evil heart pure. That was her miracle. 

    The two arrived at school the next day, in their normal clothes. Mariyahs hair was still very long but it was held tightly in a braid. Mariyah accidentally froze Charlie's hair so his dirty blonde hair was fluffy around his head. Lorianna walked up to them. Really Doctor Damien but they didn’t know that. Lorianna pretended she didn’t know anything. 

     “Charlie! I’m so glad to see you’re back! That car accident must have been terrible for you! Oh hey Mariyah! I’m guessing you don’t want to come over and watch the movie, since Charlie’s back.” Mariyah and Charlie tried hard to ignore her. Just then, Charlie and Mariyah had to separate and go to different classes. Mariyah wished they didn’t have too, especially with Lrianna who was acting very suspicious. Charlie and Lorianna had the same class together. Before they arrived, Lorianna pulled Charlie into the janitor's closet.

     “Nephew, its me! Uncle Damien! We need to body swap. Your trick wasn’t cute yesterday. Mariyah doesn’t know anything about how these powers of hers work so she’ll probably end up freezing you! Bye bye!” Damien swapped bodies and now he was Charlie and Charlie was Lorianna. Just then, Damien, who is Charlie, crashed his foot in the middle of the hallway. All of the teachers and their classes ran out to see what the commotion was and Damien snapped twice and brought everyone in the building to the rooftop.

“Charlie, what are you doing?” Mariyah asked, confused.

    “ Lorianna is trying to hurt you Mariyah, freeze her!” Damien screamed as Charlie. Mariyah looked at Lorianna.

     “ He’s lying Mariyah! I am Charlie! He body swapped places with me! Freeze him!” Charlie yelled as Lorianna. Just then the real Lorianna who was body swapped into Damien came out. Mariyah transformed into her battle outfit and her hands started to glow.

      “ Nobody moves or everyone gets frozen! Now who is who?” Mariyah asked. All three people slowly backed up, scared of whatever Mariyah was about to do. Then Lorianna dressed as Damien spoke.

      “ Charlie is the real Charlie. Lorianna is the real Lorianna. And I am the real Damien.” Damien, who was dressed as Charlie said,

      “Freeze Lorianna! She’s trying to hurt you!” Mariyah froze Lorianna. Charlie was frozen. Leaving Mariyah to deal with Damien and the real Lorianna by herself. People in her school tried to step in and stop and Mariyah froze all of them as well.

      “Okay Charlie, just like we practiced. Let’s take down Damien and Lorianna once and for all! She yelled. Charlie didn’t move. He snapped twice and Damien went to his original form and Lorianna went to hers. Charlie was now frozen in his own body. Mariyah looked around. Tears rolling down her face.

      “You lied!” Mariyah yelled. She blasted fire at Charlie in hopes to unfreeze him. Damien caught the fire and launched it back at her. She blasted ice at the fire and it turned to smoke. 

      “Just come with us! You can change the world Mariyah1 Don’t waste all your power on this battle! Give your power to the world Mariyah June!” Damien yelled. Mariyah knew she couldn’t do that. She saw Charlie's superhero outfit. It was a devil. Charlie might not be like them but his outfit wouldn’t change. She  knew Damien would keep the power for himself.  Mariyah came up with a plan.

      “If I give you my power, you have to give me Charlie.” She said, Damien smiled. He called for Lorianna to bring the ice block over. She did.

      “Come here child, let me place my hand on your head. Lorianna! Make sure she doesn’t run.” Mariyah was nervous. She stepped up to him. Charlie couldn’t move, but he could see and hear everything that was going on. Whatever plan she had wasn't going to work. Charlie was trying every power he had to unfreeze himself. Then he remembered his unlucky burnt toast power. Nobody likes burnt toast, that’s why it was unlucky. The smoke just might be hot enough to melt the ice. Slowly, the ice start melting. Mariyah took another step to Damien. Lorianna stayed close by so she didn’t run. Mariyah planned to heal Damien, but she wasn’t sure she could get past Lorianna.

    Damien slowly lifted his hand to put on Mariyah’s head. His smile grew wider. Lorianna was so close to her she could feel her breath run down her back. Mariyah also knew Charlie was still being frozen to death because of her. Think Mariyah, think! She told herself. When she was ready to give up and lose the battle, the ice broke free. Charlie grabbed hold of Damiens arm and knocked it down. Mariyah turned and battled Lorianna. An ice and fire war. Finally, Mariyah froze Lorianna. Then she burned a small hole through the ice. She placed her hand on Lorianna’s head and focused. She healed Lorianna. She unfroze her and sent her away. Away to a peaceful place.

    “My daughter! You killed my daughter!” Damien cried! Charlie spun around and watched Lorianna’s spirit float away. As he did, Damien set Charlie on fire. Charlie fell to the ground in flames.

    “No!” Mariyah yelled. She knew it was a trap and that if she rushed to save him Damien would steal her powers. Damien slowly started rolling Charlie all the way to the edge of the rooftop. Damien didn’t roll Charlie off the edge just yet though.

     “It will take Charlie awhile before he actually starts burning since he is an heir of the devil. But you might as well give up Mariyah. You lost your best friend and your partner in crime. Without him you can’t defeat me.” Damien said. It’s a trap. Don’t listen. Don’t give in. Mariyah told herself.  She launched an ice ball at Damien and threw back at her. She dodged it, but barely.

     “Don’t waste your precious power on me! I don’t want to hurt you Mariyah, but you’ve left me no choice.” Mariyah could see Damien build up a huge ball of fire. She ran to the edge of the rooftop. She saw Charlie but she didn’t have time to help save him. She didn’t know how much time he had left before he burned though.

     “ If you throw that at me, I'll jump. And I'll kick Charlie down with me. Then you’ll have no chance at changing Charlie’s mindset to be like you and my powers will be gone.” Mariyah warned. Damien knew she was right and he lowered the fireball. Mariyah came back to the middle of the rooftop. Charlie knew he was seconds away from burning to death. He slowly rolled closer to Damien and while Damien and Mariyah were battling she shot Charlie with an ice ball. She spared him some time. Damien was not happy about that.

     “Get out of here you stupid boy!” He yelled. He kicked Charlie off the edge of the rooftop. Mariyah screamed and shot one last ice ball at Charlie before he fell. She couldn’t believe Charlie was gone. Damien slowly walked up to Mariyah.

     “It’s just you and me, kid. You can’t escape. You have to give me your powers!” He demanded. 

     “ No, I don’t lose. And I won’t lose a battle to the devil either, even if he killed my best friend! I’m sick of you telling me to hand over my powers and that there is nothing I can do! Trust me, you’d be surprised. I am sick ofLorianna and you! Now, if you want my powers, you’re gonna have to reach for the stars!” Damien looked confused.

     “Reach for the stars? What do you me-” Just then Mariyah threw her hands above her head and all of her powers rushed into the sky like a bolt of lightning. A crash of thunder came down and it looked like a magic dust had swept through the city.The frozen students and teachers unfroze and ran from the scene.  Damien collapsed on the floor and Charlie, somehow still alive. Flew to the top of the rooftop.

     “Charlie! You’re still alive! How?” Mariyah asked. She ran over to him and made sure he was alright.

     “You shot that ice ball right at my heart and I’m pretty sure I’ll never get burned again.” Charlie laughed. The lighting bolt of power came back down and hit Mariyah. She had her powers back and she could feel that she had them for good and no matter what she wouldn’t lose them. Charlie and Mariyah walked over to Damien.

      “This isn’t over yet Mariyah June!” He whispered. “You’re right.”Mariyah said. She placed her hand over Damiens head and focused. She slowly removed all of the evil in Damien’s head and took away his powers. She gave them to Charlie and he burned them. Then Mariyah watched as Damien turned into dust and floated into the sky. He was made out of pure evil.

     A few months go by and soon Charlie and Mariyah become Miracle Girl and Unlucky boy. There wasn’t any evil that they knew of that was harming them but they were still always on the lookout. Mariyah was no longer the “Luckiest girl in the world” and bad things would happen to her all the time. She was lucky to have her best friend by her side no matter what though. And that was all that mattered to her.

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