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Don't Get Fired

October 28, 2021
By ttqco, Fond Du Lac, Wisconsin
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ttqco, Fond Du Lac, Wisconsin
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It’s December 16th. I listen to the satisfying sound the snow makes as it crunches under my boots as I trudge my way to work. I ready myself for another day of doing nothing on task at my job, and slacking off the entire time. I arrive at my job after a long walk in the cold, cold dark. I push open the doors and they emit a slight creak and I’m hit with a blast of warm air. It feels very nice on my icy skin. I walk past all of the empty cubicles, listening to the slight click that the old lights give when they are turned on. I get to my cubicle and sit down in my chair, I lean back and prepare my desk for the day. I straighten my keyboard, raise my monitor, and re-align the pictures on my desk. I then power on my computer and my monitor whirrs to life with a flash and a flicker. I look at the time, it is currently 5:30AM. My day has begun, I open my email and I begin reading. My boss would like to see me at 7:00AM.

7:00AM rolls around and I have gotten nothing done, I start making my way to my bosses office. I walk to the elevator, I press the slightly lit up arrow, and the door opens with a chime. I get in and the old elevator creaks, I press the number 60 and the doors close. The voice assistant on the elevator chimes in floor 1, floor 2, floor 3… I reach floor 60 and the doors open. I walk down the long hallway until I see my boss's nameplate, Carmen Buckingsworth I read. I walk in slowly and she offers me a chair, I sit in it and she begins talking,
“Mr.Beckett, I see you have been enjoying your breaks lately,” I respond, 

“Erm, I don’t know what your talking about,”

“Yes, you do. I have warned you about this many times and it has gone on far too long enough” she barks.
“Where are you going with this?” I respond shakily.
“I’m going to have to fire you.” She responds in a monotone voice.

I leave the office hastily, my head hanging. I make my way all the way back to my cubicle where I pack up my things and make my way outside. I leave the office with my things and begin the long trudge back to my apartment building. On my way there, I slipped and hit my head. I lay on the ground and looked at all of the bystanders passing by. I slowly get up, my old body saying no but me knowing that I must get going again before I get frostbite. I finally make it back to my apartment, fiddle with my keys for a little bit and then I finally manage to get the keys in and open the door. I set my box down on my counter and I fell onto the couch, I let out a depressed sigh and faded away to sleep.

I wake up, and I check the clock at 3:30AM. I shakily stand up and begin brewing a cup of coffee. While I do this I think about how much time I have to get a new job before the police come for me. With the new dictator I have to get a job within a certain amount of time before I get taken to jail. I remember back when I was just a child and the world was great! We were not suffering from overpopulation and we could freely live our life changing jobs without the stress of being taken away from your family because you can't be in the workforce and you aren't helpful enough to the world. I disagree with the new dictator, he is the worst that we have ever had. Ding Ding Ding! My coffee maker chimes as it finishes brewing my warm cup of coffee. I get the creamer out of my fridge and pour in a generous amount, I sit down on my couch and turn the TV on. While sipping on my coffee I feel my phone buzz in my pocket. I turn on my phone to see that I have received an email from the government. They are letting me know that I have two weeks to find a job before I get sent to jail for execution. I begin to worry and I start searching online for new jobs.

While searching online I begin to worry because it seems like all of the jobs in my general area are already filled up. Most of the people that have a job are staying there as long as possible due to the new rules. After not being able to find a new job I go for a walk. While on my walk I notice my friend John walking in the cold too. He notices me and runs towards me, his feet crunching under the snow.
“What's up Frank?!” he says in a lively voice.
“Hey man, how are you doing? It’s been awhile,” I respond with a raspy voice.

“I’m a really good man, I just got a new job and I’m being paid a lot more than I was being paid before. I'm really happy with how things are going for me” He says in a bubbly tone.
“I wish I could say the same, anyways I’m going to finish my walk, nice seeing you man”,

“Nice seeing you too, see you around!”

I begin walking again, walking past all of the nice lit up restaurants seeing people sip their tea and eat eggs and pancakes. My stomach growls as I remember that I haven't eaten a spec of food in almost two days. I also don't have enough money to eat any food because my last job only paid enough for small portions of food and my small apartment. I walk for another two hours thinking about what I’m going to do, and then I realise what I should do. I smile as I know that I have a plan. I run back to my apartment and hop on my computer as fast as I can, I boot it up and open the job page ready to see the list of places that I could apply to. I remembered while walking that there was one place that was accepting volunteers, that should count as a job, right? I think to myself with great joy. I may be spared from the evil grasps of the government that thinks they own me, but little do they know, they don’t.

The next day I arrive at the local restaurant and I get ready to do some volunteer table cleaning. While I’m doing my cleaning I get lots of tips and meet some very nice people. I enjoy my time doing my new job and I realise that I’m making pretty good money from my new job two. This new job persists for the next two weeks and I realise that I'm making even more money than I was making at my old boring job, and I ended up enjoying this one even more. At the end of the second week I was tired, only thirty minutes away from finally finishing my work day when all of a sudden 3 men in dark suits burst into the store requesting my name. I raise my hands in the air, they slowly approach me and put my hands in cuffs, I get walked over to the car and taken away.

I wake up the next morning in a jail cell, it has no windows and I have no clue where I am. I also have no remembrance of where I was prior to entering the jail cell. A small note is sitting at the foot of my rough bed, it reads: execution date: 5 days from the time this note is read. A small chime goes and I look up to see a speaker at the top of my cell, it says, “execution timer started.” I begin to panic because I have no clue where I am, and how I'm going to escape. I make a plan while sitting on my rough mattress, when they deliver the food to me I’m going to run past the guard and make a dash for it. I have a history of pick-pocketing from when I was a child, so I should also be able to grab the guard's keycard. I will catch the guard off guard when I run out. As the guard begins to open my door I ready myself to dash, the door finally creaks open and I make a run for it. Just as I expected the guard that is at the door has a look of surprise in his eyes and as I run past him and take his keycard right off of his shirt. I sprint at top speed down the long concrete wall, I run up the stairs and I tape a sharp turn around the corner. To my demise I am met by two fully armed guards facing the opposite direction of me. I know that it is not going to be long before the guard I just ran past catches up to me so I decide to take a mad dash right past the two guards. They yell at me, “GET BACK HERE!” And I keep running anyway. I make it towards the exit where the lady at the front desk tells me to stop! I ran past the spinning doors and I made it to the courtyard. There are many guards past me and I know that I'm going to have to act fast or else my chance to escape is going to come to an abrupt end. I see a huge fence of barbed wire, as I approach them I feel the adrenaline rushing through my veins. I know that if I escape then I'm a fugitive, but atleast i will be free. I ended up being very lucky because a jail guard was just coming into the jail with a new criminal and the gates opened. I got to run right through them when they opened. I kept running and running until I couldn't anymore. I couldn't see anything in sight, all I could see was barren, but green land. I kept walking and walking until I got to a stream. I got a big drink of water, and while I was drinking the water I heard sirens. They were getting closer and closer until it felt like they were right behind me. Right as I was standing up I noticed a little beeping device on my waist. I just realised, they have had a tracker on me this entire time. I turn around, and see, to my demise, 3 SWAT trucks, ready to take me to my eternal home.

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