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My American Roommate

November 17, 2015
By Elaineshao PLATINUM, Shanghai, Other
Elaineshao PLATINUM, Shanghai, Other
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“DONG!” my cellphone rang. “Ah yes!” I said happily, “Another email form Jordan.” I ran to my phone and opened it and while reading the hearty words, my mind flies back to this summer when I was in a summer camp called Explo.

Jordan was my roommate in this summer camp , she is a black girl from a small town near Boston. Her character was lively, sociable and sometimes a bit wild. I can still remember the dorm we shared: my part was always neat and tidy but hers was usually a mess. Though Jordan had her own closet, she never put clothes in it. Her dirty clothes were always scattered on the floor. She was very friendly to me and although I am very careful and sometimes a bit shy, we were good friends.

Once we were on a field trip at an amusement park and there was a small water park there. Jordan and I went to play there. I was very careful of getting wet so I rolled up my pants and sleeves while walking slowly away from the fountains. But Jordan didn’t care, she ran in and out of the fountain several times and was soon dripping wet. When she saw me still at the edge of the pond, she pushed me towards the fountains. I tried to stop her and said that I didn’t want to get wet. But Jordan just laughed and filled her bottle with water and poured it on my shirt. I was wet all over as well and we started chasing each other in the fountain.

Jordan and I also liked to exchange clothes. But Jordan had a very strange habit. She loved to cut out shapes on the back of her T-shirts. So when I wore her clothes, my back was always exposed. This made me very uncomfortable.

Jordan and I had lots of fun together. When the summer came to an end, we exchanged presents and email addresses. I’ll remember her, the careless and wild girl ---- my first roommate!

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