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Spring Break

May 28, 2008
By Anonymous

With a sudden jerk downward it all ended. Over the intercom the pilot said, “Welcome to your destination- the local time is 8:30 pm and the weather outside is 40 degrees”. Just 6 hours earlier I had driven past the yellow beaches of Acapulco, Mexico on the way to the Airport. As I de-boarded the plane I remembered how 10 days prior I felt the heat surround me when the Stewardess opened the air-port, letting in the warm humid air of sunny Mexico. Now all I felt was the cold drafts traveling throughout the terminals at Chicago’s O’Hare International. As went through security, the people were tired and grumpy not like the waiters and servers I had grown accustomed to in Mexico.
Before coming back to school I stopped for pizza. What I really wanted was tacos from my favorite restaurant in Mexico. There, all the good restaurants had views of the sea; most were open aired- you could sit and eat with the smells of good foods and the blue sea swirling together to create the tropical ambiance; the hustle and bustle of the streets and music from distant clubs provided a sound track not found at my boarding school in Indiana.
The next day I ran into friends who I had traveled with in Mexico, but talking in a hallway or classroom was not the same way we talked and laughed in the comfort of a restaurant or on the warm beach. It was apparent in all our faces that we all longed to be back in Acapulco.

My senior year 15 of my friends traveled to Acapulco, Mexico, to vacation during our spring break. It was the best time I had in my 18 years, but coming back to school was hard. It was hard to once again have to follow rules, wear a uniform, and get a haircut after letting completely loose south of the border. When I got back though, I looked for the light at the end of the tunnel and was able to muster up the courage to finish high school strong. For all you juniors planning a great spring break for next year, remember to keep the finish line in mind.

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