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Myrtle Beach

February 26, 2008
By Anonymous

My heart was racing. My lungs stopped functioning. In just a half an hour my Dad and I would arrive at our condo in Myrtle Beach. My body ached all over I had not moved an inch since we left Battle Creek thirteen hours ago.

Myrtle Beach has always been my favorite place to go and relax. The peacefulness that comes from this beautiful place brings joy to my heart. There is the most enjoyable activities to do here with all the restaurants, and the beautiful beach that has in fact put Myrtle Beach on the map. After the fourth time I visited this beautiful place I promised myself that this is where I will be put to rest. The ride was so grueling, boring and tiring I felt no need to stay awake. (Magic 3)

When I woke up and found that I was lying in a soft bed I knew I had made it, I had survived the thirteen and a half hour drive. As if my mind was a computer it just turned off and left me empty not having to worry about a single thing. (Figurative Language)

Apart from being a place for us to relax my Dad and I insist on staying active, and without a doubt the best place to stay active and burn off extra energy is to play at our private tennis courts. On the court the intensity is off the charts, with every passing second I need to be aware of my opponents movement to anticipate where the ball will land. We kept on playing until our muscles gave out and we could swing our rackets no more. (Specific details for effect)

There was no way my Dad and I were going to miss out on going to the beach. With the sand so warm and soft, this is exactly how I picture paradise. Lying in the sand comforts my mind and leaves me feeling regenerated. So if I come here on vacation I have to relax at the beach, relax by the pool and relax at night when I say goodnight to this beautiful place. (Repetition for effect)

My body was so exhausted I could hardly move a muscle. With every stride I took toward my bedroom I felt weakened by the desperation of wanting to lay down. I had a great day with my dad, but I could take no more. When I tucked myself into bed I fell asleep knowing that when I woke up we could do it all over again. (Expanded moment)

Kaboom! Crack! I shot up in bed nearly tumbling to the floor. (Hyphenated Modifiers) I was unsure of what that noise was, but my Dad came running into my room to calm me down and invited me to watch the fireworks. I was so tired that I had forgotten that the annual fireworks show was on. The colors were beautiful, one shot up after the other. I saw green , then blue, then yellow spiral through the air and create a colorful explosion.

My heart was racing. My lungs stopped functioning. In just a half an hour my Dad and I would arrive back home and back to school. (Full Circle Ending) I am happy to be back home, though I do miss Myrtle Beach. Either way I am grateful for the time we spent there, and I'm ready to take on the challenge of school.

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