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Culture in a Theme Park?

October 8, 2008
By Nikki Chapman SILVER, Heath, Texas
Nikki Chapman SILVER, Heath, Texas
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Culture derives from a variety of aspects in life and dwells in numerous regions all over the world. Culture identifies groups of people along with the country or region they originate from. A region’s technology, language, architecture, food, clothing, and rituals all mold a group of people into a perspective viewed by others around the world. The summer of my sophomore year I became enriched with more cultures than I had ever encountered over my entire lifetime in a place where many would not expect- Disney World, Orlando, Florida.

Each theme park of Disney World gives a bit of flavor from different cultures around the world, but the park where I became acquainted with numerous cultures took place in Epcot, the more scientific, worldly-based theme park. Half of Epcot stages as twelve distinct countries from around the world, some of which are Morocco, Germany, Mexico, and Japan. As I ventured from one country to the next by walking no more than a block, the appearance and surroundings of each country dramatically changed. Music, the architecture of buildings, food, clothing, artwork, languages, and people showcased each country’s culture due to the difference in styles and manners. For example, if I wanted to purchase a souvenir in Norway, I would have bought a hand-made troll, but if I purchased a souvenir in Germany, I would have bought a handcrafted mug or cuckoo-clock. For lunch, if my taste buds craved Latin cuisine, I took a short stroll on down to Mexico, or if I preferred fish and chips and beer (if I was over the drinking age of course), I wandered along the pathway to England. Also, a gospel choir performed live in the USA, while belly dancers entertained visitors in Morocco daily. To make visits to each country even more enriched with culture, Disney World also hires people from foreign countries to work in the shops and restaurants of the country the employees are native to.

Culture possesses much significance for people around the world and especially the country we live in today. Without culture, America could not obtain ideas from other regions of the world and would have limitations with advancing in technology, fashion, and other aspects. America continues to become more sophisticated and adaptive to a variety of cultures as more immigrants from different countries choose to settle it. If culture did not exist, then countries and regions would lose their identity and I would not have been able to become diversified on my trip to Disney World.

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