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A Yankee Story

April 12, 2008
By Anonymous

Cindy had always loved playing and watching baseball. She didn't like softball, just baseball. Cindy loved watching the New York Yankees ever since she was a very small little girl. She saw several different teams win the World Series. She had come to know the coach, Joe Torre, and his strategy. Cindy was now in college and had tried out for the baseball team there. She thought that if the coaches knew anything, they would let her play on the team with the boys.

Cindy walked over to the board where the team was posted. She went down the list in alphabetical order, but she didn't see her name. She bent her head in shame, when the coach came up behind her and said that he would like to see her in his office. She walked in, hoping that the coach would tell her that she was actually on the team. "Cindy, you're a great player," the coach said. He continued talking, "I hope you understand why you're not on the team. I just can't let you play with the other boys. Do you know what people would think of our team? They just wouldn't respect us."

"Yeah, sure. I understand," Cindy said in disappointment.

"Okay, then. I hope to see you at some of our games," coach concluded the conversation. Cindy politely nodded her head and left the room. Wasn't it bad enough that the coach hadn't let her on the team? No, it wasn't. He had to explain to her that he was being sexist.

The baseball team wound up losing 75% of their games. Cindy thought that it was because they didn't have her on the team. She was probably right. The coach was fired, and they brought in a new coach. This coach claimed that he would take their team and conform it so that they would win the NCAA Baseball Championship. He also said that he would let anyone on the team that knew how to play good baseball. Cindy saw this as her chance.

She ran hard at practice, and she hit every pitch thrown at her. She even overheard the coaches talking about her. Cindy walked to the athletic office the next week, to check out who was on the team. She looked at the list and saw her name! She would be on the team all season. She was ecstatic and ran into the baseball center to thank the coach. She went in, briefly talked to the coach, and came out with a smile on her face. Not only was she on the team, but the coach said that she would probably be starting short stop as well.

Cindy went to every practice and every game. She was treated fairly and respected by every player, team, and coach. She played all game, every game. Cindy had never been happier. Their team had eighty-nine wins and only fifty-five loses. They were in the playoffs! They would definitely win the championship that year, especially with Cindy on their team.

They practiced hard and made it past the first three rounds of the playoffs, and they were in the semi-finals. They played hard that game, and they won. They were in the finals at last! Cindy couldn't have been happier to get the attention of the press and the other schools. Everyone agreed that the team had made it to the championship because of Cindy.

However, the team didn't get a chance to play. At the end of the other semi-final game, there had been a big fight between the two teams. The NCAA had disqualified both teams from playing, and they had canceled the championship. Cindy was very disapointed, along with the rest of her team. They would never get to show what they could do.

A couple weeks later, another announcer came from the NCAA board. They had decided to cancel baseball season for a couple of years, due to lack of funding from several schools. That broke Cindy's heart. She wouldn't ever be able fulfill her dream of playing for the New York Yankees.

Two years later, Cindy was watching the MLB draft, knowing that she wouldn't be drafted. She still loved baseball, even though she couldn't play it for school. It was the New York Yankee's third round draft pick. Cindy, to her surprise, saw her name next to the Yankee's logo. She had made it! She would start out low, only playing in the minor leagues. But then, she would definitely work her way up to the actual team.

Even the announcers sounded surprised. One of them said, "Cindy? A woman on the Yankees? There a hard core baseball team, and I, quite frankly, don't think they made a very conscious decision."

Another one of the announcers didn't sound very surprised. He said, "She only played one year in college, right before they canceled the championship. She was on the championship team, and was probably the reason the team made it so far that season. She's an excellent player, and I have to disagree with you. I think that they made a fantastic choice, and this girl will help the Yankees a ton."

Then, Cindy's phone rang. "Hello?" Cindy stumbled a bit, because she was still surprised.

"Hello Cindy. This is Joe Torre, the general manager of the New York Yankees. I just called to say welcome to the team. You're going to skip the minors and start playing on our practice team, okay?" Cindy didn't get a chance to answer. Joe Torre? He was her role model. "Good. I'm going to need to meet with the rookies on Monday at eight A.M. I'll see you then."

Cindy hung up the phone, in shock. She would finally playon the Yankees.

"Okay, the Yankees are down, three to zero, in the 2013 World Series, here in New York. They need to win this game to win the championship. It's the Cindy Jones' turn at bat. There's two outs, with three men on base. Here's the signal, the release, and she hit it! The balls going, it's going farther. Folks, it's a home run! The Yankees have won the World Series!" The announcer stared, watching Cindy run the bases, fulfilling her dream of winning the World Series for the Yankees.

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loved this piece. power to the women !

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this is so cool.....i love the name Sally. i liked it. :-) great job.

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