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Why You Should Play Paint Ball

March 27, 2008
By Anonymous

I could not wait until the next round because it was so much fun! In the next round I was up on a hill hidden behind a bunker and I was shooting down then people were shooting at me like craze, so I stayed down then bullets started raining all over my bunker then one landed right by me. So I turn around and saw nothing so then I look agin because there flying over my bunker from the trees direction then I see him I think nothing of it. Then they start hitting the back of my bunker that is when I realized that he was shooting at me. He hit me in the ankle I raised my hands saying I was hit. I realized that I wasn’t but had raised my hands so I forfeited, so I had to go down. While I was going down I slipped and fell some people got a laugh out of it I know I did. We lost that round.

On the next round the two teams were on hills across from each other the way to win was is the person who gets to the flag first wins. They had the advantage because their hill was not as step as ours so they won that one easy.

On the next round it was back to normal we had one side they had one side team that lives wins team that gets all the way out loses. Any way i ran out of co2 so I had to go to the safety zone to refill my tank, so i raise m hands to forfeit that round wand when I stood up he shoot me in the back of the head two times. “So make sure you put your hands up high so if you ever have to forfeit.”

The next round it was the same thing i was hiding behind a bunker when a ricochet flew past my face so did not think of it as a threat so kept playing then another came flying out of the trees so I thought I was being flanked so i ran up the hill. I saw one of my team mates. But i did not know that he was so I shot at him because he was giving me a signal with his hand witch looked like a gun so I shot and hit his gun luckily so he was not out. Then some one started shooting at us in a bush we shoot in their and hit him and got him out. Then two more came we got them. Then we started walking down the hill one kid jumped out and started shooting at us he hit my team mate he got shot in the stomach so he was out I got hit in the arm so I wasn’t so I shoot back. Because it is two shots in the arm/leg but one in the head/body.” then I ran down hid be hind a tree and turned around it and shoot a kid in the neck. Then another which freed up my other players and we shot the last player and won. Finally on the last game we won.

And that’s why I think you should try paint ball it is a very fun sport.
But it is also a little expensive so be ready if you want a good gun to pay a lot.
But over all it is worth the cash.

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