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National Baseball Hall of Fame

March 17, 2008
By Anonymous

The National Baseball Hall of Fame sits in the middle of Cooperstown, NY. The entire town is baseball. Every building that is still standing represents some form of baseball memorabilia. Looking for a parking spot somewhat near the Hall of Fame was a ridiculous dream because cars lined both sides of the streets. The walk through the town to the Hall of Fame was a long one; we walked by stores that portrayed all thirty teams in their store windows. As we neared the Hall of Fame, Double Day Field came into view and there were two teams going at it. One team in cherry red uniforms were in the field while the team up to bat were in dingy white uniforms. After seeing an inning's worth of the American past-time, we finished our walk to the Hall of Fame.

When we arrived at the Hall of Fame, we had to pay the fee to see the glory of players who had played throughout the years. Once inside, we could view all the different floors and galleries that were open to the public. One gallery showed the current uniform of all thirty MLB teams inside a locker room setting. There was a metal locker for each team that had some type of information about the history of the uniform. As we walked through the different areas of the Hall of Fame, we were able to see galleries about Honus Wagner, George Herman Ruth, Willy Mays, and Jackie Robinson. The walls covered in all the historical artifacts of the game showed how the game had evolved through time and through the change of the American culture.

As we continued to walk through each gallery, we saw that all the World Series Championship rings were shown in a glass case. The sparkling diamonds gave the appearance that only the best get a chance at wearing these rings. Each ring had its own characteristics and displayed the winning teams logo somewhere on the ring.

As we moved into The Hall, we were able to see all the prestigious members that were chosen to be in the Hall of Fame. The great names that have played for decades and waited their turn to get their call. The showing of these players is like the showing of all the great Presidents of the United States. The first class of the Hall of Fame was celebrated by being the first thing you see as you enter The Hall. The molded faces of each Hall of Famer placed on the wall of its appropriate decade for which that player was elected. This was the last image of the Hall of Fame that everyone remembers because it is what the Hall of Fame is about, the players that have revolutionized the game years and will continue to do the same in the years to come.

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