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Last Football Season

January 23, 2008
By Anonymous

It was during the summer and fall of 2007. My last remaining football season of my life was about to flash threw the eyes of not only my self but too my fellow senior football players. Where some of the best memories and worst memories of my life would develop during this coming football season.

During the off season coach as usual asked us to lift weights during this time so we would bulk up for this coming season. Some of us took this to heart, being the majority of the seniors and some of the under classman. How ever there were still people who didn’t lift at all over the off season. I however was one of the players who did lift in the off season and was prepared for the season to start.
Summer had gone by fast this year between work, friends and other thing I liked to do that kept me busy. The last football season of my life finally had finally come and I was as really excited. The first week of practice was all about going over plays and conditioning wearing only our helmets. After a week of the dog days it was finally time for pads. I consider the first real day of practice. This day for me this day is like Christmas morning, because it’s a chance to show the coaches what you have done in the off season and to show that your football material. After about three to for weeks of full contact practices it was time for our first game. Wittenberg would be the team we play away. It was for sure a game that we would remember for the rest of you life. The game was evenly matched thought the whole game. During the fourth quarter it was all tied up, up until the end forcing us to go into over time to declare a winner. Both teams would have a set of downs in attempt to try and score a touch down. Pines would defend first and Wittenberg would be on offense. With in the first play they had scored a touch down but they had missed the kick for an extra point. By know most of our team had lost hope of winning this game however we didn’t give up. It was know our time to be on offense. With in three downs we had retaliated with a touch down but like they did we had missed the field goal. It was once again all tied up and we had to go into double over time. Our hearts along with our fans were beating hard and we were very nervous. It was now our turn to start on offense again. With in the first couple of downs we had scored a touch down. We went for the extra point and the kick was no good. Once again we would be on defense. This was now our chance to shine and win the game. Wittenberg ran the ball up the middle; the line backers had pursued the ball me being one of them I tackled the running back my helmet hit the ball and popped out of his hands. The ball was rolling around on the ground and was picked up by Pine’s player Kurt Punzel. We had just one the game in double overtime fumble recovery game and the players and crowd went wild. This was a game that our team would remember for the rest of our lives. At the end of the game my step dad met me at the end of the field and gave me a hug telling me how proud he was of me. Our next game was against three lakes where we had suffered a humiliating loss against them last year. How ever not this year this year we had came out with a victory that had made us feel a heck of a lot better because of last years game, we know had one two games and we thought we were unstoppable. Unfortunately this would be our last win for the season. It seemed that after our loss against park falls on home coming our team had given up including me. Though not everyone had given up, a few strong leaders Shane, Ben, Josh, and Mark had not given up once threw the season even when times were tough they still didn’t give up. A lot of the time I would go to Shane or Ben to get pumped up and get that fire in me before the game and during the game. Our last game was against Philips. This game I call the mud ball game because it was the muddiest game I have ever played in. It had rained driving there on the bus and during part of the game. It was one of the closest games we had played this year and we wanted to win this game bad because for must of us it would be our last game we would ever play for the rest of our lives. Unfortunately in the forth quarter we just didn’t have what it takes to win the game and we lost our last game. I remember walking back to the locker room that night. It was one of the saddest moments through all of the football seasons that I have played. After nine years of playing football it was now come to an end. All I have left are all of the fun times and memories I had playing with the guys.

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Heart aching for the football player. It always hurts when you stop doing what you love. Great job! You got me into a zone, where I didn't want to stop reliving memories...