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My Time

March 18, 2008
By Anonymous

I am great
. I stand tall and strong.
No one can compare to me.
Body language is fierce.
Tension is thick with sweat.
Eyes burn with intensity
. No one compares to me.
Muscles are tight and numb.
Pain is nothing.
Darkness surrounds the field.
Lights burn out the crowd
. The only voice is your own, screaming inside of you.
Coaches no longer matter.
It's just you and your team against the enemy.
No one can compare to me.
Bodies slam to the ground and screech in pain.
Poise and control are key.
Your body is your temple but on the field it is your weapon.
Strength is shown through the eyes.
Intimidation comes natural.
No one compares to me because I own the field and everyone knows it.

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