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By Anonymous

   The Meet by A. W., New City, NY

Today was the day of the big meet. It was Clarkstown versus Tappan Zee. It was also my first meet. I woke up that morning feeling a little bit queasy. As the day went on, it got worse. I had trouble concentrating on my classes. All I could think about was swimming the 200-yard freestyle. The race seemed so long, and I knew I would do badly. Somehow I made it through eighth period.

As the bus pulled up to the pool, the butterflies in my stomach got more and more restless. I was really nervous. I can't do this, I thought to myself, as I got off the bus. I got more and more nervous as I changed and did my warm up.

Finally the meet started. OH NO, my race is next, I can't do

this, I can't believe she put me in the 200 hundred varsity free, I panicked. As I climbed up onto the starting block I could barely stand. I put on my goggles and took a deep breath. My heart was pounding so loudly. I could barely hear in the background:

"200-yard freestyle," stated the judge, "Mr. Starter."

"Swimmers, take your mark."

Everything was a blur. I remember hearing the loud bang of the gun, and the feel of the cold water on my body as I entered the pool. I remember the feel of my goggles around my neck, as I struggled to see how far I was from the wall. Most of all I remember kicking and pulling as hard as I could for the

eight laps (which seemed to last forever). And how good it felt when I got out of the water, knowing I had finished the race. I heard the rest of my team cheering for me even though I had come in last, and I realized that it didn't matter what place I came in, as long as I tried my hardest. I was very proud of myself for doing what I had thought was impossible. I smiled as I thought of doing better in future races, and not being as nervous as I was for this race.

After this race I realized that I was destined to be last in this race and many to follow. But there is still hope that perhaps in the future I will come in fifth, or maybe fourth.

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