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Varsity Letter

June 9, 2009
By emb1991 SILVER, Panorama City, California
emb1991 SILVER, Panorama City, California
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Your varsity letter is more than a patch,
It is a testimony to every bloodstain and scratch.
Long hours at practice with much sweat and pain,
Life lessons and friendships are part of the gain.
You devote time and money to achieve your best,
Constantly trying to rise above the rest.
Your family, coaches and teammates offer support.
They recognize the passion you have for your sport.
Practice after practice an game after game,
Pride of a victory or a loss followed by shame.
Again and again you've given your all,
Whether making a tackle or running the ball.
After your final game, the time has come.
Your varsity career is now over and done.
You leave with memories and a varsity letter,
Things you will always have to remember.

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