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April 1, 2008
By Anonymous

Hockey is probably one of my favorite things in the world I’ve been playing it for a long time, since I was three or four years old. Hockey is a fast moving game that takes a lot of practice and effort. Hockey is also fun and enjoyable.
It all started the first year I actually played on a team, I was six years old. I was playing House the average or normal league. Then when I turned nine I and my dad decided we’re going to tryout for a travel team and see what happens. We tried out for one or two and I didn’t make it. I got discouraged because I thought I was going to show up and be on the team. But my Dad told me there’s always the spring bud. So that was my goal that I had to reach, be on a travel hockey team. The next year I went to a lot of tryouts, three I didn’t make but at one, Lakeland, the Coach saw something in me and I made it to the last cut. I didn’t make it now I felt angry and upset and I felt like I’ll never achieve my goal of making a travel hockey team.

The next year I turned eleven I started to get better and better as years went by. By now I was one of the best in the house league but again I made it to the last cut of two tryouts this time but both said no. I became sad but promised myself that I would make a travel team. The next year I was on the Troy lightning house, I had a breakout year fifty goals and over thirty assists so in the spring I was invited by my old coach to come to a fun skate for his son’s travel team. I didn’t feel like going so I stayed home, but then I went because my friend from House was going too. So I went and did pretty good even though it wasn’t a tryout after the practice the coach, Coach Mike, caught and asked to come tryout for his spring team.
I did go tryout and I made it after the first tryout! I was thrilled and I achieved my goal of making that travel hockey team. In the fall I got cut from coach Mike’s Macomb team but I went to a new team, Summit Plastics. That year my level of play really went up and I was now a stand out player at that level. Then I felt I became an even better player after that season I went to a better team, the Fraser Falcons which is were I’m at now.

So my journey was long and discouraging but I did it, I got discouraged but held my head high and achieved my goal, I can’t believe it.

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