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Cupcake Fiasco

December 11, 2011
By LadyJulia SILVER, Petaluma, California
LadyJulia SILVER, Petaluma, California
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It was just a regular January day, the 11th actually, and Jillian, Markie and I just got out of Spanish class. We had decided earlier that day that we would walk to Starbucks from school. I called my mom, asked if I could go and we were on our way.

On this particular Tuesday it seemed like everyone was walking to the G & G area. When we got to Starbucks, luckily, we beat the crowd. We got in line. Our other friends, Jessica, Molly, Lexi and Allie joined us in line. Jillian, Markie, Lexi and I all ordered smoothies and a red velvet cupcake. When they gave us our order they said they ran out of red velvet cupcakes. So, Markie had to get a lemon one.

When the three of us got outside we said bye to Molly, Jessica, and Allie. Right as Jillian, Markie, and me were about to walk towards the Elementary School, a couple of eighth grade boys started messing with Jillian and me. First a boy named Kody grabbed Jillian’s red velvet cupcake. As I held her smoothie she tried to jump, kick, and yell at Kody to give the cupcake back. The boys played Monkey in the Middle and catch with her uneaten cupcake. Finally a couple eighth grade girls persuaded the boys to give Jillian back her cupcake. Just when we thought the boys had had their fun, it happened again.

Foolishly when I took one of my hands off my cupcake to put my backpack on, the two boys struck again. But this time with my cupcake. I would not have anything to do with this, so I did what I do best. I basically attacked the kid.

First I asked Jillian and Markie to hold my backpack and smoothie. Then I went straight for the eighth grader. By now the boys figured out I was too short to grab the cupcake out of their hands so they held it up in the air out of reach. After I stepped on the one with my cupcake’s feet, he was on the move. Running through the parking lot, I was screaming my head off. I had to get that $3.50 cupcake back.

Right as everyone thought I was going to give up, I took a shortcut, ending up in front of the eighth grader. He turned around and headed back the way we started. Finally I caught up with him. Then I jumped on his back, with my left hand I held on to his shirt and with my right hand I grabbed the cupcake. It was amazing!

Then nonchalantly the three of us started walking towards the elementary school eating our cupcakes. Jillian didn’t eat the frosting on hers because the boys had handled it pretty badly with their grubby hands. I tried to enjoy mine too, but actually, it was disgusting! Markie, who had a fit about having to get the lemon one, got the best tasting cupcake. It was a tasty way to end the day.

The author's comments:
I wrote this a little over a year ago, and believe me, I will never forget this.

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