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Math teacher

September 29, 2009
By panco27149ko BRONZE, Bangkok, Other
panco27149ko BRONZE, Bangkok, Other
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In grade 8, I studied at Saint Gabriel School, a Thai catholic’s school, and the first day of the school was electrifying for me. I met up with my friends, shared our experiences and laughed inside of the classroom. Abruptly, I stopped laughing when I saw a weird man coming inside the classroom. He looked young but I didn’t like the way he walked in, I didn’t get a good impression from him based on his appearance. “Hello! my name is Suwat and I will be your math teacher this year.” His voice sounded like a robot and it infuriated me a lot. After his introduction he started to teach on the topic of Trigonometry, and the only thing that I thought was “What the heck am I doing right now?” The way he taught was so tedious. While he was writing something on the board, I smelt the marker that he used and it made me befuddled. I heard squeaking sounds whilst he was writing an equation on the board; my ears were in pain as he explained the problems with his robotic voice. While he was teaching I was thinking to myself “Why do I have to study all of this? Do I need it for my future?” So, I decided not to pay attention and refused to do the homework he assigned for me. It seemed to me that what I chose to do wasn’t a good idea as my grade went down rapidly and my GPA decreased.

However, by accident, my friends and I had a chance to meet him outside the school on the weekend and I couldn’t believe my eyes, he looked totally different. The way he dressed was so cool; he wore a t-shirt and jeans just like us. Moreover, he talked with me as we were friends, he didn’t make any annoying robot sounds. Furthermore, he asked, “Ko! Do you want to play a game with me, and if you beat me I'll give you 100 baht?” I was shocked for a while, but eventually I played the game with him at the game center. We had a lot of excitement with the math teacher, and we didn’t realize before that he liked to play video games. Then, he told me that he saw me not paying attention in his class, so he asked me to change because math skills are very important for me in the future.

After the day I met him outside the school, I did what he had asked me to do. I went on to enjoyed math class and I always did my homework and paid attention in class. My grade was improved and now I realized that math skills are important for my future in order to achieve what I want to be, a businessman. Also, I now feel that I shouldn’t have a bad attitude towards the teacher because I know that teachers want their students to be successful in the future. Now that I’m not judging people on their appearance anymore, I’ve become more mature!

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