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The End is Near...

September 17, 2021
By Palakh BRONZE, New Delhi, Other
Palakh BRONZE, New Delhi, Other
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Every day you know less and less about more and more..

Shouldn’t it be a subordinating conjunction?”, he said and I nodded quietly, smiling internally at my deliberate attempt to make a mistake. “Yes, you are right!”, I said smiling. I was proud of my children. They were not only understanding all the concepts but also pointing out my mistake, confidently. They had all grown internally and I couldn’t have been happier. No, I am not a mother, if that’s what you thought. I am actually an 18-year-old, who firmly believes that her actions can change the world around her(I know this is dramatic, but believe me, I believe this firmly and this is the moto of my life). I am actually a Tutor who is teaching underprivileged children, everything from English to their rights, making them aware of their power in the world. I have always been a firm believer of equality and lack of right of education based on privileges has always been an issue that I thought I needed to address. And as a tutor, I provide free, quality tutoring to underprivileged children to help them come out of their web of poverty and rise and actually make a mark on this world, with no privileges attached! I believe in the moto of creating an enlightened youth through education and awareness and mastering English and honing one’s talents and skills.And as I write these words, I believe you can also help in making this change happen! It won’t happen overnight, but one step at a time can definitely make the change happen! The end to illiteracy and privileges is near.

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Palakh, the writer of this piece is an 18-year-old Youth Changemaker, Tutor, Poet and Environmentalist from India. She believes that small steps can make a change in the world and through this piece, she tries to persuade others how they can also help in this noble cause.

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