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Dear Grandpa

August 26, 2018
By Nicole-00 SILVER, Hicksville, Ohio
Nicole-00 SILVER, Hicksville, Ohio
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Death is a strange thing. It makes me feel uncomfortable thinking about it. I’ve only been to one funeral that I can remember. It was my grandpa’s. We called him “Red.” I never knew why never cared. After his death, I learned that we called him that because of his hair. I was about nine years old when he died. He was diagnosed with lung cancer even though he never smoked a day in his life. I didn’t understand what was going on at the time. My family didn’t want to get me involved. When he died, I didn’t even know. Not until we went to his funeral. So, I never got to say goodbye. It hurts me to this day, thinking that if I was just a little older, I could have talked to him in his last hours. As time has gone on, I have learned so much about him. So much I wish I knew before.

When my grandpa was alive, he knew many people, did so many things. He lived a happy life. He had nothing to regret when he passed. When my grandma and grandpa were younger, they had a summer home in North Carolina. Chris Daughtry lived near them. They would go to his house and watch him sing as a teen. On the fifth season of American Idol, Daughtry was in fourth place. Later, Chris went on to make his own band: Daughtry. 

My grandpa flew planes for fun. Later in life, I learned that he not only flown by himself,  he also was a pilot for others. One person he flew was Jim Davis. Jim Davis is the author of the Garfield comics. Later, I was shown an autograph picture that Jim Davis had given my grandpa. 

There are many other stories about my grandpa that I have learned. Many more that I want to learn in the future. I can say I’d love to have experiences like him. His life was full of happiness, new experiences, and love. His life is something you only see in books or movies. I’m so sorry that I never got to fully know him. I wish I could’ve been a bit older before he passed. 

Dear Grandpa, 

I think about you a lot. More than I can count honestly. I wish I could’ve got the chance to grow up more with you. I wish you could’ve have seen me grow up. See me at my dance recitals, my volleyball games, my choir concerts, even my high school graduation, and my acceptance to college. We all miss you. I love you forever and always. 


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