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By Anonymous

   "Always look both ways beforecrossing the road," my mother says. "That way you always knowwhat is coming your way."

I am 18 years old, and for themost part have made good decisions. Just like any other teen I am facedwith many choices, like whether or not to drink, do drugs, et cetera.When faced with these decisions, I think of my mother's words ofwisdom.

"Get back on your horse and ride" are myfather's words of wisdom. I have heard them over and over and amthankful I have.

My father and I are the ones in my family wholike to ride horses; he trains and shoes them. He taught me how to ride,barrel race, and train colts. Every time I fell off, my father would askif I were okay, then say, "Get back on your horse andride."

These few words of wisdom have been helpful inother areas of my life, too. If I receive a bad grade, I don't give up,I just keep trying until I improve. When I broke my wrist I "gotback on my horse and rode" in a barrel race with my cast. I endedup taking fourth place. I never gave up even though it hurt, and thatpaid off.

I rarely give up in any situation, and have myfather to thank for that. If it weren't for his words, I would havegiven up many times.

If you are trying to make a decision,look both ways before crossing the road, and if you make the wrongdecision, get back on your horse and ride.

Thanks, Mom and Dad,for your words of wisdom.

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i love this so much!