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Cindy Melendez the Heroine of My Life

October 31, 2007
By Anonymous

To me a hero or a heroine is a person who is always willing to do anything for anybody at any given moment. I can’t say I had a lot of heroes or heroines in my life but I can say I’ve had a lot of great people who really care about me. The one person I can say was a great example of a heroine to me and others was my grandmother.
My grandmother was the greatest in my life from day one she has had my back with anything. She was always there to give me or anybody else the shirt off her back. When my mom was too stressed out to do anything with me my grandmother was always there to lift my mom back up and to take me off her hands for awhile. There could be someone on the street who my grandmother didn’t know who needs money or a ride she would be that person to help those people out.

Overall my grandmother was a great person who loved to help everyone. She never wanted to see anyone hurt or suffering. Till that one day when she was hurt

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