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   Have you ever known someone socool that you just can't wait until the next time you can be around them? Someonewho is awesome as a friend, but at the same time is so much more? For me, TanyaBourne is that someone.

Tanya and her husband have nine kids: three oftheir own, two adopted, and four foster kids. Regardless of all the changes inher life, Tanya has always been there for me. Of all the people I know, she isone of the kindest, most understanding, and most forgiving.

A year ago Icontracted a disease that left me ill for two months. Tanya put up with all mywhims and nursed me back to health. When my dad died two years ago, Tanya put anunderstanding arm around me and gave me advice about what I would have asked mydad. When I broke one of her favorite tea cups, she forgave me. These may soundlike small things, but when you're the one receiving these generosities, theymean the world.

One day Tanya and I were in her home eating ice cream whenI accidentally bumped her arm, smearing ice cream on her nose. Being thefun-loving person she is, Tanya shoved my cone into my face. Of course, it turnedinto an all-out war. After we cleaned up the mess, we both sat down, right in themiddle of a blob of ice cream that had been hidden on the seat of herchair.

Some people look for heroes in movie stars. Others look forheroes in athletes. I find my heroes in people who stick by me through thick andthin. Tanya's inspiration and solid faith have kept me encouraged all theseyears. I pray that one day I can be as great a hero to someone as Tanya has beento me.

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i love this so much!