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How My life turns, up side down

October 9, 2007
By Anonymous

How My life turns, up side down

Chapter One
My life

Don' t you ever wish that life was easier, well I have. For my life is far, from normal. See, I have this ability and this talent is to make water appear from nowhere! In addition, this happens in the worst of times. I have grown-up, in two different countries, speak, two different languages. The reason is simple! My parents are divorced, and It’s has been that way sents, I was, two years old. My parents have got joint kids rights over us meaning that they take taking care of us one year and the other the other year. my mom is a nurse at L.B.H. just incase your wondering that means land based hospital which in addition to a hospital it is a school for pre-12. I go there when I am with my mom. It is hard to keep friends. Well for at least longer then a year that is, my dad is a super hero, well use to be any way…Now on to my family, I have two siblings no that is seven years older. Embellish one sixteen mouths younger. The older one is my brother and the younger one is my sister. Now to tell you about them my little sister in my opinion is a spoiled little brat. I blame myself for that the reason is because when we where growing up. I let her have way in everything so I will say it again; I am the one responsible for that. By the way, her name is Shri. She is five feet and five inches tall. She is very out spoken Shri is so, dogmatic it dives me crazy! When she makes up her mind, no one can change it not even if it is totally, wrong. I think she was born into the wrong family, for she would make a great princess. She has dirty blond hair a bony nose. That nose just dives me up the wall for it tender that if any one touches it or brushes it starts to bleed! Boy, it is annoying. My little sissy and me fight like there is no tomorrow Now my brother looks just like my little sister, that he is taller and chores he is a boy my brother job in the family is to be the peacekeeper. By the way, his name is Allen and Allen is twenty-four years old. He work at a well-known tire co. called sills tire plus. There is a bunch in every mayor town is in the country he lives in. and some time his peace making skill do get him very far because, well, sometimes, shri and I get into frights. She pushes your button so bad that some how some way ice cold water comes out of no where and landed right on top of her head. She was first in shock then she then she did one those screams it was it is scrams and shock scearm that make them look funny so then of chore I laved. What is that wrong or something? It was funny of corsces thought now everything around use selected. The first time my powers showed there true colors. I was lucky at my dad’s house. Therefore, dad being dad did not care what we do as long as we do not kill each other. Just giggled and blows it off like nothing happen. Yah my dad is the kind of person that every on of your short lived friend would love to hang with, if it where not for my sister and my fighting. When we were at my moms it happen and boy did she freak out!

note form writer there is more to come

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