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My Dad

September 5, 2008
By Anonymous

My dad has always been there for me. He’s always there when I’m sad and he knows how to make me laugh. He is caring, hard-working, and fun. I love all these things about it. It makes him who I love and who he is to me, so; consequently, he is my hero.
My dad is a very caring person. This is one of the reason he is a hero to me. When I asked him why did he want to have kids he said, “I think families are important and he wanted to pass on his legacy to a new generation”. He knows what’s important for our family he says he “works hard to provide a good balanced life for my family”. I think he does this very well.
And I agree he does work very hard. We just recently moved into a new home on account of him working so hard! He’s worked hard to get where he is. When he knows what he wants he works very hard to get it. He likes to problem-solve and helping people, that’s what led him to his current job. He mentions that he “takes responsibilities very seriously”. Even though he’s hard-working he always finds time to wind down and have some fun.
My dad is loves to have fun and knows how to do it. First of all he rides motorcycles to help him wind down. He loves to ride bikes because he “loves excitement and freedom”. Also, he swims when he can. He does it because “it’s good healthy exercise and it gives (him) time to re-center”. He also makes tons of jokes. Even though, I personally think, they aren’t all that funny as he thinks. I think a great sense of humor is very important.

My dad is my hero because he is caring, hard-working, and very fun. He’s caring because he loves his family. And he’s hard-working because he works hard to get where he’s at. Also, of course, he’s very fun. He knows how to have a good time. Only second to being my hero he’s my dad.

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