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A Teacher of Inspiration

April 11, 2009
By Phoenix22 PLATINUM, Danbury, Connecticut
Phoenix22 PLATINUM, Danbury, Connecticut
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When you walk into her classroom you see beautiful photographs, inspirational quotes, and creative student projects. Just by viewing her classroom you can notice that Mrs. Kennedy is not just your ordinary English teacher. She is a teacher of inspiration and an extraordinary writer, but most importantly she is a friend and family member to many of her students.

Even though Mrs. Kennedy has only been teaching for six years, she is a well experienced and incredible teacher. She recalls the proudest moment of her teaching career when one of her students did not know that she could become a writer until Mrs. Kennedy was her teacher. Of course, she has had students who are not very fond of writing. In order to make it easier for these students, she chooses topics that students can not just relate too, but that they do not find painful or difficult to write about.

To me, Mrs. Kennedy is one of the most inspirational and fun teachers. She is best all around from her compassion to her creative ways of teaching. Mrs. Kennedy is the teacher who made my interest in writing grow into more than just a hobby. Through her teaching, I became interested in journalism and now write for the school newspaper thanks to her. She has also made me interested in attempting to publish my work and turn writing not just into a hobby of mine, but possibly a career as well. Through the easiest to most difficult times Mrs. Kennedy has always supported me in more than just a few ways. I recall last year when she wrote an extraordinary letter of recommendation to a summer writing camp I was interested in attending and that letter is what made me get accepted.

On top of being a teacher, she has a family and is an amazing and uniquely talented writer. Surprisingly, she has not had any of her work published, but I strongly believe in the future she will be one of America’s top writers whether it is a poet or even something more advanced, such as a novelist. Mrs. Kennedy is sure to fly high to the stars and make others think deeply about life and the world through her persuasive and creative writing.
“You can rest now, my angel, you
Can be still
And let my love smooth your jagged edges
Soothe you with the song
That rises from my heart and goes deep into yours
Deeper than all your wounds, deeper than
Your pain and your fear”

-Short passage from the poem, Love Song (God’s Lullaby) By Mrs. Kennedy

On the first day of school when you walk into her classroom and see a shirt with the saying Killa Kennedy you would think that it was going to be a long… year. “Don’t be scared, that is just from the staff vs. student basketball game.” The only time you may think of the saying Killa Kennedy is on April 1 when she gives a pop quiz. April Fools (Probably her favorite holiday)!

The author's comments:
In honor of Mrs. Kennedy who is like family to everyone at school. We love you Mrs. Kennedy

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this is a truly heartfelt article. mrs kennedy kind of remings me of my english teacher :)