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The Best Teacher Ever

February 27, 2009
By Anonymous

Some teachers are not so understanding, and some can be nice, once in a while. I know many people who do not like to go to school, partly because the teachers do not make learning fun. I know one teacher who does. Her name is Mrs. Katie Bein. She has inspired my classmates and me to work our hardest, and have fun. Mrs. Bein also assigns us amazing projects that everyone enjoys.

Just recently, we have started to read The Westing Game by Ellen Raskin. To go along with this book about a game 16 heirs play to find a murderer, Mrs. Bein has included some fun activities. We get to play the game ourselves, putting together clues to unlock the answer to our own mystery. Also, we are following three stocks each on the stock market and competing to see who could make the most money, if we really did buy the stocks.

Not only does Mrs. Bein just help us by assigning fun assignments, but she also helps us achieve our goals as best as she can. She is one teacher who actually takes time to help students, and not just with schoolwork, either. For example, Mrs. Bein is helping me out right now because I am writing a book. She is going to help me get it edited, and this I thank her for.

Overall, I can say that Mrs. Bein is the greatest teacher I have ever had, and she deserves to be recognized for her efforts more than anyone. She is an absolutely great teacher that I will never forget.

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