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Inspiration Embodied

January 28, 2009
By hissymcr BRONZE, Liberty, South Carolina
hissymcr BRONZE, Liberty, South Carolina
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There are some people in the world that change it forever for someone else, someone who is inspiring and influential all for the betterment of others. What better example is there than a teacher? There is one teacher who inspired me so much that I have decided to go into teaching myself, and that teacher is Mrs. Jean Toole.
An instructor of the dramatic and vocal arts, Mrs. Toole has been touching her students' lives for many years in many ways. Her wonderful and engaging approach to teaching captures the ever-elusive attention of the high-school student and helps focus that attention on important life lessons that come disguised as everyday lesson plans. The amazing thing is that these everyday lesson plans are only 'everyday' for those in her classes. The assignments are truly unique and creative and truly help to expand the minds of the students involved. A fantastic example is a project that we are working on at the moment in my own Drama 3 class. It is a mock audition, in which we are preparing for an actual 'audition' with a guest adjudicator. In this audition, each student will perform their slate, or introduction, and two contrasting monologues. I have become so involved in this project, working on it every day at any possible moment. It is obvious what life lesson lies behind this assignment: dedication and diligence. Mrs. Toole stresses to her students the importance of self-discipline with every assignment. So, even if the student has no interest in a life of theater, they are still able to take away a very strong value that will affect them in any career field that they choose to enter. This is the kind of teacher I want to be. Personally, I am torn between two choices of what to teach: English and Drama. But, I may not have to choose, thanks again to valuable information from Mrs. Toole. Every English teacher is qualified to teach Drama. Therefore, I can have both of my passions in my life, and be able to pass on this passion to my students in the future. Before taking Mrs. Toole's classes, I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life, even though I knew I had the potential of doing anything I wanted. But what was it that I really wanted? I have always loved dramatic and language arts, being a stage actress since fifth grade and a creative writer for an even longer period of time.
Therefore, I have Mrs. Toole to thank in helping make a major life decision for me by her marvelous teaching alone in a subject that I love. I don't believe I will ever be able to thank her enough through words, but I will be able to attempt it through continuing to spread the contagious love of learning that she has instilled in me. I can only hope that I may measure up to be half of the teacher that she is.

The author's comments:
Mrs. Toole is the most amazing teacher I have ever (and most likely will ever) have. Words can only begin to describe how wonderful a teacher she is.

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