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Nominate Mr. E

January 23, 2009
By Anonymous

Have you ever had a teacher who rocks and makes it so you can’t wait to get to that period? That’s why I am writing about a teacher who makes math fun. He is serious and hardworking and also one of the funniest teachers alive Mr. Eiguren.
When I first started the year I thought my math teacher was going to suck and they usually do suck. I was worried that he was going to make math period seem like its going to take forever. And then I figured out that I was going to have my brother’s old Math teacher Mr. Eiguren. Mr. Eiguren is about 6 feet tall and wears green-and-black framed glasses. He’s Basque and has black hair. And in my class my friend Diana Roman says his eyes are green but I don’t know because I don’t look at other guy’s eyes. Anyway I had heard so many stories about how funny Mr. Eiguren was from my brother. Sometimes he would even come home chuckling. I was really excited to have my “bro’s” old Math teacher.
Mr. Eiguren is the best teacher because he seems to make everyone have a good time. He makes the most boring of all classes seem like a funfest. But at the same time he helps the all the student’s as best as he can. And he is so funny I bust up laughing every time I am in his class. But he serious when he needs to be to get the class under control it shocks me with how good of a teacher he is. I can’t believe my mind when I am in his class. And Mr. Eiguren is always willing to help a student succeed and ready to teach.
Mr. Eiguren is an awesome teacher I’ve always usually struggled in math and never been able to get a good grade. And Mr. Eiguren isn’t one of those teachers who give’s some bullsh** story about how you can do it and watches you fall between the cracks. He is hard working and helps all the students succeed as much as possible and when he says you can do it he means it. I have noticed much better he has helped me succeed this quarter. And he has definitely helped me a lot and even though I was a tough student for him to help. But he keeps on trying and it’s paid off. That is why I think Mr. Eiguren deserves the best teacher award.
He is a truly hardworking teacher so please give it up for Mr. E. And nominate him for the best teacher award.

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